Teacher and student drown


This reappraisal discusses on The Star ‘s intelligence article rubric, Teacher and Student Drown, Four Missing after Dragon Boat Mishap ( 2010 ) . The intent of this reappraisal is to understand clearly how the author writes and explicate the incident that had happened through the author ‘s point of position and research by besides holding my ain sentiment towards the article. The article been written clearly of demoing how the calamity incident happened, what had causes it and who were involved throughout the whole incident but extra information could be included in the article to give the article a more complete understanding towards its reader.


Harmonizing to The Star ( 2010 ) , it reports about the capsized of the firedrake boat that had happened in Georgetown, Penang to the school squad of Chung Ling High School with 18 people in it, killing the life of a instructor, a pupil and four other pupils are still losing. The author of the article wrote clearly on the incident that causes the boat to turtle by explicating how it happened. However, inside informations such as the incident location in Macallum Street Ghaut on whether is it the same location as the topographic point of competition is non clearly explain. Besides, issue on the alteration of locale and life jackets non used by certain pupils.

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In The Star, the author described clearly of how the firedrake boat bad luck that causes the decease of the instructor and the pupil. With the clear description of how the incident happened that make readers able to visualize how an incident likely occur. For illustration, The Star ( 2010 ) wrote that strong moving ridges hit the boat when they were holding developing fixing for a boat race competition in July, that causes them to lose control that crashed into a towboat and they were hit twice by the strong moving ridges before all were thrown out of the boat. Furthermore, the article include the names of the 4 pupils who are losing so that the populace is cognizant who are these pupils and who are the people in the boat.

On the other manus, in the article it reports that the calamity happened at Macallum Street Ghaut but it states the firedrake boat competition locale is at Bandar Sri Pinang ( The Star, 2010 ) . Therefore, is Macallum Street Ghaut the same location as Bandar Sri Pinang? Peoples will be inquiring whether these both locations are the same, therefore if it ‘s the same will the pupil ‘s safety for competitions in the close hereafter be affected as what had happened to the instructor and the pupil. In my sentiment, the author should include these facts about the location that the locale was changed last twelvemonth from Teluk Bahang to Bandar Sri Pinang fishermen ‘s breakwater where the incident happened less than 1km off from it ( Lian, 2010 ) .

Furthermore, throughout the old ages the competition has ever been held at Teluk Bahang, but why the authorization changed the locale to Bandar Sri Pinang? Peoples will be funny to cognize as last twelvemonth during Pesta Pulau Pinang a inquiry was besides raised by Wanita MCA main Tan Cheng Liang, on the issue of why the authorization changed the locale without first seeking advice from those who are familiar with such competitions as a participant from last twelvemonth ‘s race was injured ( The Star, 2009 ) . Adding to it, the article did mentioned Macallum Street Ghaut where they were holding developing with farther inside informations from Penang Dragon Boat Web Site ( 2010 ) , states that they been holding preparation at that place for few old ages base on their ain determination under the attention of their personal nine.

In add-on, the article written on the issue of life jackets that some of them was pulled without it. The ground behind it of them non have oning life jacket could hold excess account as non merely merely saying the Numberss of them non have oning but should bespeak why they are non. From Bernama.com, Kuah Zi Xun, one of the subsisters in the calamity mentioned that life jackets was non plenty for all of them and they believe it was merely a preparation session hence most of them did non have on them ( Ariffin, 2010 ) . The ground of the school squad non have oning life jacket has been known, but how authorization is taking this issue earnestly. The populace are concern for the safety of people in the hereafter who may prosecute competitions in the sea or excursion. For blink of an eye, Wanita MCA Tan Cheng Liang states that safety step of the participant ‘s safety have to be taken with proper ordinances and Torahs ( The Star, 2010 ) . Furthermore, school direction is requested to describe activities they are holding to security governments so that pupil ‘s safety is able to be monitored said by State Education Director Ibrahim Mohammad ( Lian, 2010 ) .


In short, the author was good explain on how the incident happened that causes the capsized of Chung Ling High School ‘s firedrake boat. On the contrary, certain issue are non included for farther apprehension is of the locations of the incident happened and the location that the competition will be holding on whether is it the same location. Besides, why the locale has to be changed when all these old ages the same location has be used to carry on the competition. Last, life jacket has been a necessary point for safety step but pupils were saved has been reported non have oning the life jacket and the respond of the authorization ‘s sing it. Overall, the incident that killed the instructor and the pupil with losing pupils due to boat bad luck is a waking call towards the authorization of the danger on holding activities in the unfastened sea and therefore they need to take this issue earnestly by guaranting the safety of the people through a proper safety step.

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