Technology Blessing Or Curse

We live in the age of engineering. We commute by cars and aeroplanes and communicate by electronic mails and Mobiles. The media and the Internet provide us the latest information from all over the universe. Movies filled with high-tech particular effects entertain us. Air conditioners and room warmers maintain our life comfy despite climatic incommodiousnesss. The list goes on. Technology has transformed about every facet of our lives. Of class, a few of us may hold concerns about the pollution and environmental jobs that engineering has led to. But overall most people feel that engineering has benefited us vastly.


In the mid-20th century, people have gained control engineering sufficient to go forth the Earth ‘s ambiance and infinite for the first clip. The engineering used to cognize the techniques or methods of organisation to work out the job by the method of right and function the intent. Technology affect the individual and the possibility of other sorts of animate beings to accommodate to the natural environment. Human species has begun utilizing the engineering that makes it simple natural tools. Discovery of prehistoric culture, the ability to command fire increased nutrient beginnings and the innovation of the wheel helped worlds to go and research your milieus. However, non all engineering has been used for peaceable intents to develop arms and destructive power has evolved over the centuries, from nines to atomic arms. Technology besides has an impact on society and the environment in many ways.. In many societies, engineering has helped convey a more developed economic system and let the amusement show class.Many technological procedures produce unwanted byproducts, known as pollution, anddeplete natural resources, harm the Earth and its milieus. different usage of engineering influence the values of society and new engineering frequently increases the new ethical inquiries. Example: study

The construct of efficiency in footings of human productiveness, a term originally used merely for machines, and dispute the traditional norms.Philosophical a treatment about current and future usage of engineering in our society, with dissensions about the engineering improves the human status or worsens the state of affairs. So engineering is non a approval or a expletive, is both. We can non find whether one of them. We live between engineerings. Travel by auto and aircraft and to pass on via telephone and electronic mail and telephone. The media and the Internet make us the latest information from around the universe. Movies packed with high-tech particular effects to entertain us. Air conditioners and warmers to maintain our lives good, but climatic disadvantages. Technology has changed virtually all face in our lives. Some of us may hold jobs with pollution and environmental jobs as the engineering lead. But in general most people feel that engineering has benefited us more. The engineering is now so cardinal to human life. No 1 can deny the benefits of engineering. But most people can non see another hand.Technology has two faces. Despite the brush, there are many jobs caused by engineering. For illustration, in the yesteryear, you seldom see people with spectacless, now about all adolescent spectacless. The ground is that many adolescents are utilizing computing machines for a long clip, to the extent that destroy their ain eyes. Furthermore, people today rely on engineering excessively. Most people complain when they could non utilize computing machine for the particular twenty-four hours with adolescents. Peoples complain when the computing machine accident and non salvage the file you worked on. Worlds rely on so much engineering that no 1 would last if there is no technologyin the universe. In my sentiment, engineering is a approval or a expletive, is both. What does alteration in attitude is how they use it. We can non coward on atomic arms for the harm it produces, which teaches that the epidemic. Everything is better as the engineering used to make everything. What will remain in our consciousness, it ‘s what we do with it either bless or cuss our environment, and as a consequence of our ain lives


Questionnaire Consequences

The questionnaire was an interesting manner to take a extremum at the sentiments of the people in order to compare them to the findings of my research. I tried to maintain the sample representative and balanced for illustration I made certain that of the 20 given the questionnaire 10 were male and 10 were female.

Q1 ) How many people use engineering?

A- 8-15

B- 15-25

C- 25-40

D- 40 +

This tells me that the bulk of the sample group asked believe the people in 15-25 is the most range usage engineering in broad scope.

Q2 ) Most of people believe the engineering is blessing?

A- Agree

B- Strongly hold

C- Disagree

D- Strongly differ

E- Neutral

Most of them answer of the engineering is blessing by strongly hold it ‘s refer the engineering is really of import in the life

Q3 ) can we avoid the bad side consequence of engineering?

A- can

B- Ca n’t

C- May be

Here we see that the bulk feel that the engineering may avoided the bad side consequence.

Q4 ) Age appropriate individual so that he could maintain up with the development of engineering & A ; hellip ; ..

A- 10-15

B- 15-25

C- 25-30

D- 30+

We see here the most suited age which the individual could maintain up with engineering is 10-15 so the ratio lessening when the age grows up.

Q5 ) Technology double-edged blade

A- Agree

B- Strongly hold

C- Neutral

D- Disagree

E- Strongly differ

Most of people see the Technology double-edged blade and no one disagree.

Part II

Causes: –

To be cognize the method of organisation to work out the job in right manner: –

By the mid twentieth century, worlds had achieved domination of engineering sufficient to go forth the ambiance of the Earth for the first clip and infinite. Technology used for know the techniques or method of organisation to work out the job by the right method and function some intent. Technologies are impacting human every bit good as other carnal sorts ability to accommodate to their natural environments. The human species began to utilize engineering by transition the natural things into simple tools like

a- How green goods afire by a simple manner

b- Wheel help the human in travel

c- Make a coat by simple manner

The purpose of the engineering when it began is good. The people want by simple tools make something assist them in day-to-day life. So, we invite a batch of something to assist us and us it daily. Now, these things we ca n’t life without it. Like

a- Electricity

b- Air-condition

c- Less of H2O

And a batch of things we use it and ca n’t conceive of our life without it. So, the engineering helps us in our life to be more easily.When a engineering has been used by communities to vie to develop themselves. Therefore, the engineering has two faces are the face of good and the other face is evil. And with that despite the good start that was designed to ease people ‘s lives. For illustration, when he invented dynamite was to open the mines know, and Fe and other minerals, but after so used in World War This is how the beginning but the terminal is bad. So he makes Nobel PRIZE to encouragepeople to do a good invite which help the universe and people.

Effectss: –

1- The good consequence

( Blessing )

Technology improves our goodness of life. By use the engineering we have of import finds. In our life we depend in engineering in everything in our life. When you think about the engineering you found yourself use it every minute. So, it is of import in our life and the life will be different without it. The engineering enters in all Fieldss like pharmaceutics, medical specialty and technology. It ‘s hard to see field without engineering. In medical specialty it is do a large different. Now we can handle the patient without make meeting. It saves our clip and attempt and more and more in this field. The engineering makes our life easier. And the large invite which convert the impossible to possible. It is the cyberspace which can link and pass on with people who are stat mis off from us. It ‘s merely one of the many illustrations we could give it to verify the fact that the engineering is a approval.

All media depend on the engineering. Now we know what ‘s happen in any part in universe by the media. It ‘s easy now but in the past it ‘s like hard to conceive of it. But the engineerings make a large Event in our life when something invite like

a- Computer

b- Internet

c- Cell phone

These innovations change a human life in 20th century. But the of import innovations in the yesteryear



We see it everyplace, in autos, trucks, aeroplanes, ships, auto insides, playthings and more. Life will ne’er be the same without wheels. They range from wooden carts and passenger cars, a simple device, but it provides over clip developed. With so many utilizations and applications, is still portion of the human race, and one of the first stairss of civilisation. Can you conceive of that he does non take a cab to the hotel? alternatively of this state of affairs, a few stat mis with dozenss of pockets? Or did he acquire an hr ‘s walk to the promenade?

2. Tools

Peoples are left pollex, which led to the development of tools. Simple instruments such as the usage of crisp stones into knives and lances cut. Large stone as a used cock has become a watercourse. We have our houses, animate beings, trapped in our suites built and better our manner of life with tools. Interestingly, some mammals and birds use a assortment of tools.

3. Sanitation

System in which waste collected and disposed of at the same clip is more than someplace utile. Old people saw it and were among the first to contrive system. Today we seldom think of the web pipes beneath our pess and do certain that our waste stays out of our eyes and nose! I ‘m glad to cognize that we are non stool on the floor. Well, most of the clip.

4. Roadss

Dirt waies taken by huntsmans were from vehicles, but it was invented after the innovation of the wheel, there is a existent demand for better roads. Dirt trodden way now, wood, rock and brick streets. For convenience of usage, to transport paths, the universe is a success. Today is the anchor of the economic system and society. See purchasing a life without the route. We lived in the houses at random. Transported goods slowed. There will be more accidents

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