The Arguments Of The Poem Say Yes English Literature Essay

In the narrative Say Yes by Tobias Wolff, a twosomes statement reveals a deeper inquiry about their relationship. Why does Anne inquire her hubby a inquiry, when she already knows the reply? She asks her hubby, what she thought was an emotional inquiry, trusting to trip an emotional response. Alternatively, she received an reply with a more logical attack to the state of affairs that may hold take her to recognize her ain insecurity about their relationship.

The statement is the portion of the narrative that reveals the inquiry. Although the storyteller claims that they merely stumbled upon this topic, it appears that Anne wanted to set herself in such a state of affairs. When the twosome got on the subject of interracial matrimonies and the hubby says, “ with all things considered it ‘s a bad thought, ” ( p.74 ) he left himself broad unfastened for such a inquiry. The married woman merely had to utilize that to her advantage, which she did. They exchanged their statements, and it is obvious that she is traveling to inquire such a inquiry, when she gets cut. He tries to stop the statement when he says he will complete the dishes, but she says, “ That ‘s all right, I ‘ll dry ” ( p.75 ) . By non go forthing the subject entirely the reader knows she has more in head so merely discoursing interracial marriages.What did Anne truly have in head when she resumed the statement? She had started this statement, and was now to the point where her true motivation was to surface. She asks, “ Say that I ‘m black, but still me, and we fall in love. Will you marry me? ” ( p.76 ) . This is the inquiry that made the statement have significance. She did non care if he was racialist or if he felt these matrimonies were a bad thought, she merely wanted to cognize the extent of his love for her. She wanted to cognize if one thing was different about her would he still love her. She knew he did non O.K. of interracial matrimonies, so she used that to prove the bounds of his love. She seemed to calculate that if he truly loved her like he claims, so he would of said something along the lines of yes I ‘ll get married you because there are no boundaries to our love. This can be compared to any individual that has of all time been in a relationship and asked the inquiry, would you still love me if I were mangled in a auto accident, or if I gained a 100 lbs. Worlds have natural insecurities and trust issues that cause them to inquire such inquiries. She was merely moving on human nature.

The hubby has his ain position on the twosome ‘s relationship, and the inquiry that his married woman asked. He thought of himself as a great hubby, because he was so considerate. He was certain that he was a thoughtful adult male, but it seemed like he forced that on himself, so that if he of all time did something wrong he could it utilize that to turn out to himself he was a good hubby. He besides believes that he did non desire anything in return, but after he came to her deliverance with the Band-Aid, he thought, “ It would be a nice gesture on her portion non to get down up that conversation once more, as he was tired of it ” ( p.75 ) . This shows that he is truly non every bit considerate as he appears. The inquiry on his portion is, if he was as considerate a individual would he non hold spared her feelings by instantly replying yes when she asked him to get married her. It is non like she was every traveling to turn black, and he would be faced with that determination. It seems that his consideration for her feelings does genuinely be.

The statement ends, and the married woman goes to read a magazine. The hubby is in the kitchen cleansing. He cleans it to the point where it “ looks new, the manner it looked when they were foremost shown the house, before they had of all time lived here. ” This implied that it was a start of reclamation in their relationship. It seems that by making this he is seeking to take back what he had done, he was seeking to get down over. The hubby so went outside to take out the refuse. While making this he has a figure of ideas go through his caput,

He felt ashamed that he had allow his married woman acquire him into

a battle. In another 30 old ages or so they would be

dead. What would all that stuff affair so? He thought

about the old ages that they had spent together, and how

near they were, and how good they knew each other. ( p.77 )

After these ideas go through his head he gets a warm tingly experiencing indoors. This is the point that he realizes that he was incorrect about the whole state of affairs. He seems to eventually understand what she was inquiring.

With his new found apprehension he goes back in the house. He notices that she is in the bathroom and bases outside the door, and calls her name. He apologies to her, and says that he will do it up to her, but she wants to cognize “ How? ” This throws him off, non merely because it was an unexpected response, but besides her voice seems unusual to him. This shows that she has changed, whether it is because she is hurt or she sees him otherwise after his reply. He so whispers into the door “ I ‘ll get married you, ” but her response is “ We ‘ll see ” ( p.77 ) . She so tells him to travel to bed and turn off the visible radiations. Then as he lies there he hears a motion across the room, but saw nil.

He is bosom pounded the manner it had on their first dark

together, the manner it still did when he woke at a noise

in the darkness and waited to hear it once more – the sound

of person traveling through the house, a alien ( p.78 )

The hubby refers to his married woman as a alien, but why? After he starts over by cleaning the kitchen, and so recognizing his true feelings of love for her, he has gone through a transmutation. He sees her as a alien, because he is now a different individual, which causes him to comprehend things in a different manner. This interruption through in their relationship will likely do them to go closer to one another.

The twosome ‘s statement reveals a deeper inquiry about their relationship. The married woman asked her hubby a inquiry that was intended for an emotional response, but received a more thought out attack to the quandary. Although the married woman did non acquire the response she wanted right off the chiropteran ; she allowed her hubby ‘s reply to maturate in his head, which so did stop up giving her the reply that she wanted.

Relationships in general are complicated and ever altering. Couples need to be in tuned with one another, and larn how to read each other ‘s actions. Merely when person thinks that they could non possible get know person any longer they find out something surprisingly new about that individual, which may or may non be a good thing.

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