The Benefits Of Social Networking Programs English Language Essay

Get ready for a closeup: your following occupation interview might be on webcam. Looking to salvage clip and money, companies are turning to video-chat package as a inexpensive, low-hassle manner to vet occupation campaigners. That means a turning figure of people looking for work are run intoing their prospective new foremans non at the office but in the comfort of their ain place.

Naturally, the passage from in-person to online is n’t without its hiccoughs. Fuzzy transmittals, dropped calls ( particularly on wireless webs ) and unusual breaks are all par for the class. Tip No. 1: Get your Canis familiaris out of barking scope before you start the interview. ( We ‘ll return to the arrows in a spot. )

What ‘s the draw? Largely money. Last twelvemonth, as executives at on-line retail merchant looked to cut disbursals, they noticed how much the steadfast spent on travel. In HR entirely, it easy cost $ 1,000 a dad to wing out occupation campaigners and set them up for the dark. The house had used Skype internally, so about six months ago, recruiters started seeking it for interviews.

Their sentiment: a picture nexus does a reasonably good occupation of replacing an in the flesh meeting – and in a manner that a phone call ca n’t. “ If you see facial looks and organic structure linguistic communication, you have a different sense of what a individual is stating, ” says recruiting director Christa Foley. Now, alternatively of winging out 20 finalists for a occupation, the company foremost screens with Skype and so brings in merely the best two or three campaigners.

Job searchers are skiping on board excessively. Last spring, after Stephen Bhadran got laid away, he rapidly realized there were more gaps for computing machine coders in Dallas, Atlanta and Los Angeles than in South Florida, where he lived. So he cast a broad net – and got a bite from the University of California, Los Angeles. The university wanted to interview him but would n’t pay the airfare. “ I was laid away and running out of financess, ” says Bhadran. “ I could n’t wing on my ain dime. ” He suggested questioning by Skype. He got his petition – and the occupation.

Thingss do n’t ever run swimmingly. Bobby Fitzgerald, a restauranter who has been questioning occupation campaigners by Skype since March, has had his portion of amusements. For case: the campaigner who leaned frontward while he spoke, giving Fitzgerald an intimate position of his olfactory organ. Another, a college senior, did n’t trouble oneself cleaning up his residence hall room before the interview ; the muss was distressingly seeable in the background.

And so there was the Canis familiaris that would n’t halt barking. Fitzgerald cut the interview short and said he ‘d hold to reschedule. Make the break influence his determination? “ Well, ” he says, “ a large portion of direction is managing jobs as they arise. ”

Still, webcam interviews are wholly worth it, he says. Fitzgerald runs eating houses in four provinces and likes to engage from the state ‘s top culinary and cordial reception schools. It ‘s rare that he, the occupation campaigner and the occupation are all in the same clip zone. And the benefit of video-interviewing for him is n’t merely saved money – it ‘s besides saved clip. “ More than one time, I ‘ve flown person in and within an hr, I realize it ‘s non a tantrum, ” he says. “ But I ‘m stuck with that individual for six more hours. ”

So what should you make if you ‘re asked to interview by Skype – or even weather plenty to propose it yourself?

First off, recognize that we perceive people otherwise through a camera than we do in individual. Bill McGowan, a former intelligence ground tackle who now trains people to travel on Television, starts his list of arrows with lighting: whether you ‘re sitting in your kitchen or an office borrowed from a friend, make certain there ‘s no bright visible radiation ( like from a window ) behind you. That will merely darken your face. When your interviewer is speaking, it ‘s all right to look at his image on the screen, but when you answer, look at the camera. That ‘s how to do “ oculus contact. ” Avoid have oning forms and the colour white, since we notice white musca volitanss on a screen foremost – you want your interviewer drawn to your dentitions and eyes, non to your shirt. And do n’t bury that what ‘s buttocks you is seeable excessively. “ It ‘s best to set away the Mad Men saloon, ” says McGowan.

Following, think about bordering. Siting flush with a field white wall will do you look like you ‘re in a constabulary batting order, so angle your articulatio genuss to the corner of your computing machine screen, and so turn your caput somewhat back to look at the camera. Sit tall in your chair, but non excessively near to the camera: the first three buttons of your shirt should be seeable, or else you risk looking like a drifting caput, advocates Priscilla Shanks, a manager for broadcast journalists and public talkers. Most of import, do a dry tally with a friend to look into your colour, sound and facial looks – impersonal frequently comes off as glum onscreen.

After all that, do n’t bury that this is still a occupation interview. Even though you ‘re non run intoing face to face, frock as though you are. When you “ walk in, ” have your resume ready – this clip, as an e-mail fond regard. And do n’t bury to make all the standard homework work. Are you ready to speak about your greatest failing? “ This adds another bed, but people will still anticipate you to be prepared to hold a conversation with them, ” says calling counsellor Judith Gerberg.

Though that ‘s non to state you ca n’t admit the medium. This past summer, Deanna Reed, principal of the Marie Murphy School in suburban Chicago, started making Skype interviews and has already considered campaigners from as far off as Asia. “ The clip difference was so great, it was like 1 in the forenoon for him, ” she says about a instructor in Japan. “ I said, ‘Oh, you had to acquire on your suit in the center of the dark? ‘ And he said, ‘No, I have my pyjama on the underside. ‘ He was fun – he had a existent sense of wit. ” Even over picture, it ‘s possible to do a great first feeling.

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What is Facebook and How Does Facebook Work?

By Janeen Elite, Feb 10th,2009

I created a Facebook history for myself a few months ago and found out that one time I did, I had perfectly no thought what to make with it.

Unlike you can non “ happen ” other people with similar involvements to pass on with.A You are unable to see anyone ‘s profile unless you have a personal invitation and you can non utilize HTML or templets in any manner, form or signifier.

So you may inquire, so what is the point? A How on Earth can a site that does n’t allow you “ do anything ” be so improbably popular?

At first I thought the same thing, but fast frontward a few months subsequently and I find that I am perfectly addicted to it! I check it no less than 6 times a twenty-four hours and it is the first site I check in the forenoon when I wake up ; even before look intoing my electronic mails.

Basically, Facebook is an synergistic manner to maintain in touch with people you know. Current friends and even people you knew as far back as 20 or 30 old ages ago.

Before I explain how this is traveling to go on, we will get down with first things foremost.

The first thing you need to make when subscribing up for an history is to set your full name in your profile. If you are a married female, be certain to set your first name, followed by your inaugural name, followed by your new last name. This manner older friends every bit good as newer friends can happen you.A

Then put up a recent image of yourself ( or the image from your high school yearbook if you are non thrilled with any of your more recent exposure ) . This manner when people search for you they will cognize they have reached the right individual because they recognize your image.

The following thing to make is make full out your profile information. It is up to you how much personal information you want to include. But be warned, this will be on the cyberspace so be careful of how much you indulge.

Now that your profile is completed, it is clip to look for people you know.

Obviously the first topographic point to get down is with any household or friends that you already cognize has an account.A Seeing as one the most common inquiries people ask each other presents A is “ Are you on Facebook? ” you are likely already cognizant of at least one or two people who are registered.

So how make you happen out easy who is on Facebook?

Import Your Email Address List

The quickest manner to happen out which of your current household or friends are on Facebook is to import your email list. On your profile page there is a “ Friends ” option on the top line. When you click on that it will hold an option on the left side of the page to “ ask for friends. ” After you click on that you will see an option to Import Email Addresses. Follow the stairss needed to import your electronic mail references and Facebook will happen who on your email list presently has a Facebook history.

Find Old Friends From High School

Facebook besides has the ability to seek for people you used to cognize in high school. Find the Search For Friends button ( I found it is sometimes in different topographic points on different computing machine screens ) and you will be brought to a topographic point where you can type in the high school you attended and the twelvemonth you graduated. Or you can type in a specific individual you are looking for. You will so hold the ability to travel down the list and add those people as friends.

Search Your Friends Friends

I realize that might sound excess but holding the ability to make this is one of Facebooks greatest characteristics. Once you have hooked up with even one or two contacts you will so hold the ability to see who they are friends with. More frequently than non, the two of you will hold friends in common and Facebook gives you the option to ask for those common friends to be friends with you with merely a chink of a button ( though the other individual will hold to accept the invitation foremost ) . One of the most exciting ( and hooking ) things about Facebook is its snowball consequence. You will be amazed at how one friend will take you to three others that you have n’t talked to in old ages ; and how those three new people have another 10 people that you have n’t talked to, etc. A

Discover Who Else You Might Know

Facebook is in front of its clip in its engineering of seeking through common denominators of members. As you start to roll up more friends in your history you will get down to see that Facebook will besides get down seeking to make the “ determination ” for you.

When you go into the “ Friends ” option from your profile, Facebook will give you an automatic list of “ other friends ” you might hold in common with other people – which will take you to even more people you “ bury ” about, which so makes your friends list turn even bigger.

How and Why It Gets So Addicting

I had heard that utilizing the plan is hooking. At first I had a difficult clip believing it, but I have found, as many of my friends have besides commented, that it genuinely is.

Most of us are excessively busy to maintain up with friends every bit frequently as we would wish to. Who truly has the clip to do a clump of phone calls every twenty-four hours to catch up? And reunions with old friends are even tougher. By the clip you get a weekend where everyone can do it – you will be lucky if you see them one time every few old ages.

With Facebook you can happen out rapidly what is go oning right now! A There is a box on the chief page that says “ Jane is _________ ” where you can make full in what you are making right at this minute. It is such a boot to happen out what old and new friends are involved in on a day-to-day footing.

Who is watching what show, traveling to what concert, traveling to work, heading on holiday, is tired of seeking to calculate out new math while assisting their childs with their prep, etc… .

Facebook besides gives you the opportunity to react with a amusing remark of your ain or toA direct a speedy note of understanding.

I genuinely did n’t appreciate this characteristic until one twenty-four hours when I “ reported ” that I was traveling back to bed because I was ill with a bad cold. Suddenly I received a inundation of support that was incredibly bosom warming. A friend who lives near by offered to convey me soup, a neighbour offered to pick up my boy from school for me if I was n’t up to it, and friends I have n’t seen in about 20 old ages offered sympathy and cold redress advice to assist do me experience better. All from a individual guiltless remark! It ‘s merely one of those things that gives you a warm and fuzzed feeling.

The exposure option is another great characteristic! You have the ability to make “ albums ” of your ain and the ability to see your friends ‘ albums as good. My current friends list images of topographic points we merely came back from which are easy for me to copy and salvage on my computing machine and my older friends upload images from 20 old ages ago of topographic points and people I have wholly forgotten about! Each image gives you the option to put a remark beneath it – so the memories start winging once more as different people remark on each exposure.

Another fun thing is seeing what your current friends looked like when they were younger because friends of theirs have posted old exposures.

If you even allow every bit small as two yearss go by without logging in, you can happen yourself sitting in forepart of your computing machine for over an hr merely catching up on new remarks and exposures that have been posted.

There are other merriment options as good. You can upload amusing pictures you have found and other interesting points. You can direct practical drinks, wants and gifts to one another, articulation common practical “ fan ” nines and so much more.

So if you have n’t tried Facebook yet, give it a attempt today. It might look a small unusual and intimidating at first, but one time you get turn overing you will happen you ca n’t halt. Just do n’t state you have n’t been warned.

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Google ‘s Wave Consolidates Core Online Features in One Tool

By Juan Carlos Perez, IDG News Service, May 28th,2009

Google has released to developers an early version of a coaction and communicating tool that consolidates characteristics from e-mail, instant messaging, blogging, wikis, multimedia direction, and papers sharing.

Called Wave, the Web application is the equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife for consumer online services and perchance one of the riskiest and most ambitious enterprises Google has embarked upon in old ages.

In the plants for about two old ages, Wave has the possible to drive people off from popular Google merchandises like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Talk, Picasa, Blogger and Sites, every bit good as from similar merchandises from rivals like Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL.

However, Wave could besides fall level if people do n’t understand how it can be utile, or if they ca n’t be convinced to give up their electronic mail, blogging, IM and other single online services.

Whatever fate holds for Wave, it is a bold effort by Google to give people a new incorporate Web application for their communicating and content creative activity demands, alternatively of incorporating the company ‘s set of distinct online services.

That Wave ranks reasonably high within Google ‘s programs is evidenced by the starring function it is acquiring at the company ‘s I/O developer conference. Thursday ‘s keynote will be devoted wholly to Wave, with the two undertaking co-founders and its merchandise director on phase giving a drawn-out and elaborate demo of the tool.

“ We ‘re banking on Wave holding a really big impact, but a batch of it depends on our ability to explicate this to users. That ‘s portion of the ground why we ‘re seting this out early to developers, ” said Lars Rasmussen, Wave undertaking co-founder, in an interview.

Because Wave is conceptually adventuresome and will necessitate terminal users to wrap their caputs around it, Google wants to acquire a conversation started about the merchandise months before it ‘s available to consumers, he said.

“ It ‘s good that we get to discourse it for some clip before it ‘s ready, ” Rasmussen said.

Even after working on the merchandise for about two old ages, Rasmussen and the other members of the Wave development squad still detect new utilizations for the tool, so he ‘s really cognizant that hold oning the possibilities of Wave will non be an automatic thing for terminal users.

This is an illustration of how Google Wave could be used for event planning, with a map.

That, once more, is why Google decided to portion Wave early with developers. “ Now is a good clip for developers to get down picking up the APIs, constructing cool applications and extensions, so when we do launch subsequently this twelvemonth our users and their users can bask all these things together, ” he said.

Rasmussen and his brother Jens, the other Wave undertaking co-founder, besides learned how good it can be to a Google merchandise to hold an enthusiastic community of developers around it. They arrived at Google in 2004 when Google bought their function startup Where 2 Tech, and went to work in making what would go Google Maps, a service credited with lighting the mashup craze.

At its nucleus, Wave lets people make a papers to which multiple users can add rich text, multimedia, appliance applications and provenders, and do so at the same time in the manner in which people interact on, say, instant messaging. These “ moving ridges ” can be rolled back to see the development of the papers.

It remains to be seen whether Wave will cannibalise Gmail and other popular Google merchandises, but the civilization of invention at the company trumps those types of concerns.

“ Merely because we have a suite of really popular merchandises, we should n’t halt innovating ; quite the contrary. We should ever maintain seeking and make new, better things, ” Rasmussen said.

Wave is built on Google Web Toolkit utilizing HTML 5, the latest version of the Web ‘s markup linguistic communication, and has a set of APIs designed to allow developers widen its functionality and incorporate it with other Web services. The protocol underneath Wave is designed for “ unfastened federation ” so that the merchandise is interoperable, and Google plans to establish the Wave codification as unfastened beginning.

A sample Wave extension, for games.

Google expects to maintain Wave as a developer prevue merchandise for at least several more months. For starting motors, merely developers go toing I/O will acquire entree to Beckon on Thursday. Google will spread out entree to more developers later.

Rasmussen warns that the Wave codification will look unsmooth even to developers, so those interested should be of the adventuresome type who like to be early adoptive parents and take part in the development of a merchandise.

While Wave does n’t inherently hold a “ friends graph ” map, Google expects developers will construct integrating links for it with social-networking sites. During the keynote, the Wave squad will demo an early integrating with Twitter.

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Chirrup for Tickets

By Michelle Lefevre, Jan 19th,2010

If you ‘re a Facebook or Twitter user and you have started following administrations ( dance companies, bureaus, etc ) so you may hold noticed a figure of “ position ” updates forcing public presentations and box office contacts for peculiar shows. These updates are evidently intended to bring forth ticket gross revenues but do they and can they accomplish that peculiar end for the companies that use them?

Both Facebook and Twitter conduct the huge bulk of their concern, supplying updates about the people you are following or your “ friends ” , via a individual column update list. The newest material comes in at the top and the older stuff gets pushed down until it finally goes of the underside of the page.

Even if you use a 3rd party “ client ” to look into updates ( like Twitterific or Friend Feed ) the method of exposing updates is the same. New material on top, old material on the underside.

On either service the figure of people you follow translates straight into the sum of information you will have the following clip you log in to that service.

For illustration: If you follow merely 50 people/organisations on Twitter and each of those users makes merely 10 updates per month ( a conservative estimation at best ) so you will hold 500 messages from that service to read in a four hebdomad period. Following 500 people will ensue in a astonishing 10,000 pieces of information coming your manner.

Why would anybody be following that many people? It ‘s difficult to be certain of their motives but I have seen Twitter users that follow 1000s of people and it ‘s normally to acquire people to follow them in return. If that ‘s non the instance so I can merely conceive of they have a batch of clip on their custodies and they ne’er sleep.

Facebook is a bigger wrongdoer because it does n’t merely maintain you informed about position updates. So a 100 friends/organisations/pages/groups can ensue in literally 100s of pieces of information coming back at you from intelligence updates to exposures and pictures.

Combine Twitter and Facebook together and you ‘ve got yourself a immense heap of information to sift through and that ‘s merely from these two services.

Selling Tickets

Example clip! Let ‘s state your company is executing at Warwick Arts Centre in the West Midlands, a popular topographic point for the touring dance company in the UK.

The company is executing for one dark merely, as most dance companies do, so you put out a Facebook update and a Twitter update a few yearss beforehand allowing people know about the show.

Here ‘s what has to go on to acquire one of your followers/fans through the door.

First of all they have to see the update. Taking the information above into history this peculiar follower is traveling to hold to be a pretty light societal networking user to even stand a opportunity of seeing your update. Either that or they check their updates so often they pick up on every small piece of information that comes their manner. Since a typical dance audience is non comprised wholly of 14 twelvemonth old miss this is improbable.

Even if an person is tracking a comparatively little figure of people via Twitter or Facebook and they are off from their computing machine or phone for merely a few hours your message about your show is likely to acquire lost amidst a twosome of twelve updates that will strike hard your information from that coveted top topographic point on their intelligence provender.

Second this individual has to be in the right geographic location to make something about coming to your public presentation. Here in TheLaba„? we will go, on particular occasions, 1000s of stat mis to catch a show. Your mean Joe Public nevertheless likely wo n’t go excessively far outside their local country to acquire to a theater.

Harmonizing to those nice people at the Office of National Statistics there are 125,000 people ( give or take a few ) life in and around Warwick. How many of your followings do you believe do Warwick their place?

Third your fan demands to be in a place to really go to if the above two factors fall into topographic point. Are they making something else, can they afford it, can they be bothered?

Statistical chance is non truly our strong suit here but the opportunities of your message acquiring to the right individual at the right clip with that individual being willing to move upon that information have got to be reasonably little.

How many followers/fans your company has does n’t truly count either because the important point is how active your followers/fans are on these two specific services. The more active they are, the more information they have to treat and the more likely it is that your message gets lost in the mix.

The antonym is besides, bizarrely, true. If they are non really active so in all chance they will lose your update because they do n’t look into their histories on these services frequently plenty.

You besides run the hazard of blunting your followings or fans with information that is non relevant to them. If they do notice your updates and those updates mean nil to them at that clip they might get down concealing you ( as you can make with Facebook ) or merely go through your updates by should they of all time see them on Twitter.

Other followings may get down reposting your updates ( utilizing Re-Tweets on Twitter for illustration ) but that will probably non assist since the statistical chance job mentioned supra is merely traveling to acquire worse.

Silent Conversation

Equally far as advancing single shows is concerned it might be a good thought to merely allow the theaters themselves do that via their Twitter provender ( if they have one ) or Facebook fan page ( ditto ) . You ‘d believe that people would be smart plenty to merely follow theater ‘s they really attend! Right?

Even so you run into the same jobs mentioned supra, the same jobs that affect any other type of promotion.

How effectual Twitter, Facebook and their like are as communicating tools is problematic. Some logical thought shows that for selling tickets they are likely wholly useless merely because making the right people at the right clip is a Numberss game merely the Lottery could be proud of.

The media and the web logs love to state the narratives of how many one million millions of messages are resiling back and Forth over societal networking sites. Unfortunately the really things that make these services popular ( free and easy to utilize ) makes them about wholly useless. Too many people are speaking and excessively few people are listening.

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Friendster Deploys Industry ‘s First Highly Scalable Six-Degree Social Networking Graph Server

By Jeff Roberto, June 21th, 2007

SAN FRANCISCO, June 21, 2007 – Friendster Inc. today announced the successful deployment of its proprietary, next-generation, extremely scalable graph waiter that tracks the connexion relationships among its 45 million users around the universe. Friendster ‘s graph waiter is the first in the industry to pull off in existent clip how any two users are connected up to six grades off. Traditional societal webs merely keep path of basic first-degree connexions in the signifier of a “ friends list. ”

This powerful engineering has been deployed for the exclusive benefit of Friendster users, supplying alone user control over who can see their profiles and who can reach them through a assortment of communications characteristics. In add-on, Friendster users find information about how they are connected to another user to be both utile and entertaining.

Friendster users can exactly command entree to profile information and inbound communications based on the grades of separation linking users. Examples of the user controls that are powered by this graph waiter engineering include:

Who can see my full profile?

– My Friends

– Two Degrees

– Anyone

Who can direct me messages?

– My Friends

– Two Degrees

– One-third Degrees

– Anyone

When having a message, I besides receive an e-mail presentment for:

– My Friends

– Two Degrees

– Anyone

“ In this age of Spam and unasked electronic mails and communications, this is an first-class manner that Friendster enables our users to command who views their profiles and their inbound communications, ” said David Jones, frailty president of selling. “ Friendster offers the greatest control in the industry over who can see your profile and who can reach you. ”

Along with these alone controls available merely on Friendster, users can besides barricade specific users, allow entree by geographic part ( i.e. , by continent ) , and turn on and off a broad assortment of characteristics and presentments. Friendster users can easy command this and much more via the “ Settings ” nexus at the top right of every page of the Web site.

“ Millions of Friendster users are taking advantage of these scenes and tell us they appreciate it. Other societal webs either overly restrict sing profiles and communications to merely your friends, or they leave their users basically broad unfastened to anyone sing their profiles and submerging in messages, electronic mails, remarks and other signifiers of potentially unwanted communications, ” said Jones.

By leting friends of friends or friends of friends of friends to see a user ‘s profile and/or contact that user, more “ lost ” old friends or current friends – such as old high school or college friends, or friends they did n’t cognize were already on Friendster – can happen and reconnect with the user on Friendster. Similarly, this allows people to run into to happen an activity spouse, go friends or potentially day of the month, but with the valuable information that Friendster provides on how they are connected and whom they know.

Technology Overview

Friendster ‘s new graph waiter is extremely scalable and can pull off up to six-degree connexions globally. The technology squad at Friendster has designed, built and now deployed a system that can scale with Friendster ‘s turning user base, increasing connectivity and activity happening on the site.

“ The first-generation graph waiter was making its maximal capacity. In order to maintain these of import entree and control characteristics in topographic point for our users, we had to redesign it to back up our quickly turning user base, ” said Chander Sarna, senior frailty president of technology for Friendster. “ This took us about six months, but it would hold taken much longer had we non already acquired old ages of experience by edifice, heightening and scaling our first-generation graph waiter. ”

Since the theory is that any user can be connected to anyone else based on no more than six grades, or connexions, the Friendster graph waiter determines this and presents that information to the user onsite. Users can see how they are connected with anyone else on Friendster by logging in to Friendster, traveling to any user profile page and snaping on the “ View All ” nexus under “ how you ‘re connected ” in the upper right of the profile. How a user is connected to another user is normally determined in sub-seconds.

For Friendster ‘s 45 million registered users, the Friendster graph waiter can find how any two users are connected from about a quadrillion ( 1 X 1015 ) possible connexion waies. Since Friendster is adding over 45,000 new users per twenty-four hours, these figures indicate the immense proficient challenge that has been solved by Friendster ‘s extremely scalable graph waiter engineering.

“ The primary challenge is calculating second-degree and third-degree graphs in existent clip. While this challenge is really hard, we met it in a scalable, antiphonal manner, ” said Sarna.

“ We view this radical engineering as an plus, which provides Friendster with another competitory advantage in a quickly germinating infinite, ” said Jones. “ Friendster will go on to use this engineering to run intoing the demands of its users in on-line societal networking, and has already been approached about licencing it for usage in other non-competing industries. ”

This extremely scalable engineering is necessary since Friendster continues to turn quickly, basically duplicating its active figure of users in the last twelvemonth. Friendster has over 45 million registered users in over 75 states around the universe, and had 22.5 million monthly alone visitants in April 2007* . Friendster is now the 17th largest Web site in the universe in footings of traffic, functioning 6.4 billion page positions in April 2007* . Friendster is planetary, superior as a top 100 Web site in 17 states on four continents.

About Friendster

With more than 45 million members worldwide, Friendster is a taking planetary online societal web. Friendster is focused on assisting people stay in touch with friends and detect new people and things that are of import to them. Online grownups, 18 and up, choose Friendster to link with friends, household, school, groups, activities and involvements. Friendster prides itself in presenting a clean, user-friendly and synergistic environment where users can easy link with anyone around the universe. Friendster has a turning portfolio of patents granted to the company on societal networking, with more expected over the following several months. Headquartered in San Francisco, Calif. , Friendster is backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & A ; Byers, Benchmark Capital, DAG Ventures and single investors. For more information, visit:

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