The Characteristic Of Nonverbal Communication English Language Essay

What is gestural communicating. Gestural communicating is all messages sent by 1s except for words in a communicating. These messages are for illustration, tone of voice, facial message, oculus contact, spacial message and many more. Gestural communicating normally conveys more significance than verbal communicating. Harmonizing to Dr. Albert Mehrabian, gestural communicating is 93 % of overall day-to-day communicating. This statistic shows that gestural communicating is really of import in our day-to-day life. When we speak, we normally non merely speak with word, gestural message convey more messages than speaking. Therefore, we can reason that verbal and gestural work at the same time in communicating. In the undermentioned paper will be demoing the importance of gestural communicating based on illustration and the types of gestural communicating.

Characteristic of gestural communicating

There are about five features of gestural communicating:

Gestural communicating occur invariably

In every day-to-day life, we have to do communicating. Eye contact, smiling, frown, or wholly disregard person, you are really pass oning something. For case, when you holding conversation with person, you are non merely stating it, it will be include your tone of voice, organic structure linguistic communication and facial look. Gestural communicating can convey a message through both verbal and with right organic structure signals. The manner you listen, look, and respond in a conversation, do other individual cognize how you care about the conversation.

Gestural communicating depends on the context

Your direct oculus contact to a alien can intend wholly different from the direct oculus contact with your friend. When you talk to your friend, your relaxed tone of voice, oculus contect, and position uncover how much you value for this relationship. These go on because gestural communicating is interpret within the context of your friendly relationship and is complemented by insouciant and personal conversation.

Gestural communicating is more credible than verbal communicating

See this conversation between a female parent and her girl sing her girl ‘s hubby:

“ What ‘s incorrect with you and Chad? ” asks Jess ‘s female parent.

( Stare and frown ) “ Whatever, I ‘m non upset, why should I be? ” respond Jess.

“ you seem to be in funk, and you are avoiding speaking to me. So what ‘s incorrect? Did you and Chad have a battle? ” asks Jess ‘s female parent.

“ I said nil is incorrect! Leave me entirely! Everything is all right! ” ( Seiler, W.J. & A ; Beall, M.L. , 2011 )

Throughout the conversation, we can experience that Jess is disquieted and directing a message that she has a battle with her hubby. Gestural message is more hard to be control comparison to verbal message because gestural cues represent our emotion which is more hard to command. Beside this, “ nonverbal is frequently suggest as unwilled and subconsciously generated ” ( Seiler, W. J. & A ; Beall, M. L. , 2011 ) .

Gestural communicating is a primary agencies of look

We are easy able to observe emotion like choler, defeat, unhappiness, or anxiousness without people stating it because gestural cues are so powerful. Almost all our feeling can be expressed through our gestural behaviour.

Gestural communicating is related to civilization

Different civilization contributes different position in gestural behaviour. For illustration, the forming of an O with index finger and pollex, which means All right or good work in America, may hold abuse significance in other state ( Seiler, W.J. & A ; Beall, M.L. , 2011 ) . Still some unconditioned behaviour such as smile is a cosmopolitan gestural cue giving people a mark of friendly feeling.

Function of gestural communicating

Gestural communicating adds our exchanges by complementing, reiterating, modulating and replacing for our words. Sometimes, we even use it to lead on others ( Seiler, W.J. & A ; Beall, M.L. , 2011 ) . Table 1 shows the map every bit good as importance of gestural communicating.

Table 1





To finish, depict, or accents a verbal message

When you stating “ I ‘m happy to run into you ” with a welcoming smiling and a warm handshaking.


Express a message that are indistinguishable significance to verbal one

A gesture of your caput and manus to repeat your verbal “ Lashkar-e-Taiba ‘s travel. ”


Controls flow of communicating

Shaking your caput left and right to bespeak that you have no involvement on the thing.


Replace verbal message with gestural cues

Signal “ OK ” with a manus gesture.


Nonverbal cue that intentionally mislead to make false feeling

When playing cards, one will demoing the ‘poker face ‘ to dissemble their facial look, non uncovering how good or bad their manus is.

The channels of gestural messages

The BASIC of gestural communicating consists of facial look, organic structure linguistic communication, oculus contact, spacial message, touch message, tone of voice, silence and artefacts. Following are detail that explains each gestural cue that related to the importance of gestural communicating in our day-to-day life.

Facial message

Facial motions are able to make at least eight emotions: happy, surprise, choler, fright, sad, disgust, disdain, and involvement ( Ekman, Friesen, Ellsworth, 1972 ) . These emotion are cosmopolitan irrespective any civilization. Of overall organic structure gesture, facial look conveys the most information and is dependable when decode. But from clip to clip, human had learned to hide our existent feeling from others. There is some technique on facial direction. You will dissemble yourself when your friend receives a scholarship and you do n’t, even though you think you deserve it. When you visit a distant relation ‘s funeral, you will be look wholly regretful as you losing person tonight. But alternatively you non truly experience the unhappiness because you are non near to him. These sorts of actions are required as to hold a polite interaction with other people.

Body linguistic communication

Body linguistic communication is frequently refer as kinesics which means ‘any motion of face or organic structure communicate a message ‘ ( Seiler, W.J. & A ; Beall, M.L. , 2011, p.122 ) . Body messages consist of organic structure motion and general visual aspect of organic structure. Table 2 shows the feature of organic structure motion and its illustration.

Table 2





Body gesture straight interpret into words or phrases

The OK mark, the thumb-up for ‘good occupation ‘ , and V for triumph.


Accent, reinforce or stress a verbal message

When mentioning to left, your manus demoing to way of left.


Monitor, control, co-ordinate or keep the speech production of other single

Eye contact, nodding of caput, looking at wrist watch.

Affect shows

Body motion that express emotion

Slumping, leaping up and down


Gesture that satisfy some personal demand

Rubing, smoke, smoothing hair

Eye contact

Eye message sometime known as oculesics, which means ‘study of oculus behaviour ‘ ( Seiler, W.J. & A ; Beall, M.L. , 2011, p.122 ) . Harmonizing to some research workers, during interactions, people spent about 45 % of clip looking to each other eyes ( Janik & A ; et Al. , 1978 ) . Eye contact is an of import type of gestural communicating. The manner you look at person can pass on many things, including involvement, fondness, ill will, or attractive force. Eye contact is of import in keeping the flow of conversation and observes for other individual ‘s response.

Spatial message

Proxemicss is ‘study of the usage of infinite and of distance between persons when they are pass oning ‘ ( Seiler, W.J. & A ; Beall, M.L. , 2011, p.130 ) . Harmonizing to Edward T. Hall ‘s four distance zone, relationship between people can be classify into four group viz. intimate infinite, personal infinite, societal infinite, and public infinite. Each zone have different distance maintained. Another facet in proxemics is territoriality, a genitive reaction to an country or peculiar objects. Basically we are normally in three types of districts: primary districts, secondary districts, and public districts ( Altman, 1975 ) .

Tone of voice

The term paralinguistic communication refer to vocal but gestural facet of address. It is based on how you say something, non what you say. Paralanguage includes the rate ( velocity ) , volume ( volume ) , and beat of voice. If u talking the same word, but differ in velocity or volume or beat, will convey different significance to people who perceive it.


Silence is besides a portion of gestural communicating. Silence allow talker to believe, form his or her address or even to catch attending from people in a seminar. Sometimes, silence is necessary in some state of affairs for illustration in funeral and in a address. Silence can be usage to forestall some certain subject from come uping or to forestall person stating something that he or she might repent.


Artifacts are personal adornments or ownerships that communicate information about us. For illustration, colour, vesture, jewellery and ornament of infinite. Different civilization has different reading on colour. Take black colour as illustration, in Thailand means old ages ; in parts of Malaysia means bravery ; in much of Europe, decease ( DeVito, J. A. , 2011, p.143 ) . How do you respond to people who have body piercings and tattoos? Based on the artefacts on a individual, it will direct different message to us. Take this illustration, a individual wears a suit to interview and a individual have oning jumper and denims to interview sent different message.

Touch message

Touching is one of the most crude and sensitive ways of associating with others. Touching is referred as either haptic communicating or haptics. Haptics means tactile or touch, communicating ; one of the most basic signifier of communicating ( Seiler, W.J. & A ; Beall, M.L. , 2011, p.128 ) . Touch drama important function in promoting, showing attention, demoing support and is frequently more powerful than words. Touch divided into five class viz. , functional-professional, social-polite, friendship-warmth, love-intimacy, and sexual arousal.Table 3 shows the class of touch and the several illustrations.

Table 3




A physician touches a patient during physical scrutiny.


Two people shake manus or snog in their civilization to recognize other people.


Two work forces or two adult females meet at airdrome, clinch, and walk off with their weaponries around each other.


Two people hug, caress, embracing and buss.

Sexual rousing

Sexual touch behaviour includes arousal and intercourse.

( Seiler, W.J. & A ; Beall, M.L. , 2011, p.129 ) .


Gestural communicating encompasses everything that we communicate to others without utilizing words. Gestural message is more of import than verbal message because it convey more significance than verbal does. Try to conceive of a individual speaking with a monotony voice and stating that he is happy because he found back his lost thing. It is non what we say but how we say it with our tone of voice, organic structure motion, usage of infinite, touch, and visual aspect, all which competent communicators understand. Nonverbal cues are really utile to our day-to-day life to heighten and present our emotion to other people. Still, gestural message should be working at the same time with verbal message as they worked best with each other.

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