The Difference Between The Perceptions Of Life English Literature Essay

In these two legendary novels, The Foreigner by Camus and Madame Bovary by Flaubert, the chief characters Emma and Meursault live as foreigners in their universes where their vision of their phantasies is their ain world. Meursault is an existential philosopher and Emma is a dreamer. In both Emma ‘s and Meursault ‘s sentiment of life they do non care about existent love in their lives. In the terminal it takes criminal conversation, condemnable activity and being belittled by society for both characters to recognize their function in the societal order of the times they lived in. The purpose of both Camus and Flaubert seems to be to educate the readers and arouse feelings of daze at the supporters ‘ adversity. The writers achieve this chiefly via the usage of duologue and the ideas of the supporters.

The Outsider is a narrative which revolves around a adult male named Meursault who, in a het minute, shoots and kills another adult male on a beach. The events taking up to the shot, and Meursault ‘s subsequent legal test and captivity, are a platform for Camus to research issues of significance and nonsense in life.

Madame Bovary is the narrative of Emma Bovary, an unhappily married adult female who seeks flight through out relationships with other work forces. Ultimately, Madame Bovary ‘s injudiciousnesss and her compulsion with Romance lead to her ruin, which non merely appeases the defenders of morality, but shows us Flaubert ‘s position of the universe was n’t one of naif optimism. Flaubert ‘s extramarital heroine, the writer ‘s alter-ego of kinds, was happy in her evildoings, her actions apparently justified by her dull and exanimate matrimony.

When we foremost run into Meursault he is at his female parent ‘s funeral. The storyteller describes him as a individual whose Stoic and cold. This is likely because his female parent is decease has n’t sunk in yet. The first clip we get to cognize about his sentiments on life is his response to the wire. “ Maman died today. Or yesterday possibly, I do n’t knowaˆ¦.That does n’t intend anything. Possibly it was yesterday. ” From the start we see his emotional indifference and withdrawal to people and his inactive disaffection from the remainder of society.


Emma ‘s narrative begins when she is 13, at her convent where she has fallen in love with the mystical, aesthetic ambiance of the spiritual life style. The instructions of the nuns she does n’t look to hold the coveted consequence on her. She is n’t into substance like God or faith. Alternatively, she falls for the romantic facets of it ; with the nun ‘s relationship with God being “ betrothed ” and being his “ heavenly lover ” . An old lady with an blue background introduces Emma to woo novels therefore taking her to a whole new universe of swoony romantic dreams. Her childhood itself was filled with this feeling of life after the convent.

Meursault is more like a witness of his life than anything else and it reflects on Camus ‘s metaphysical point of view as an absurdist. Meursault is a degage and deathlike honest adult male. He refuses to lie about himself to salvage his life. He is a simple and independent individual who does n’t accept God or any of society ‘s expression for felicity. “ aˆ¦..I was certain about me, about everything, surer than he could of all time be, sure of my life and sure of the decease I had waiting for meaˆ¦ . ” shows that he is perfectly certain about his life.


“ Like a crewman in hurt, she kept scanning the purdah of her life with dying eyes, striving to spy some faraway white canvas in the mists of the skyline. ” Emma infinitely hopes that her life would acquire better, After all since her life so far has n’t been excessively great so far. Throughout the narrative Emma begins to believe that she will get down to come in the better half of her life which is shown in “ She ever assured herself that her following trip would convey her profound cloud nine, but afterward she would hold to acknowledge that she had felt nil extraordinary. ”

The concluding brush with the chaplain forces him to joint his thoughts on life and decease. He is faithful to his beliefs, though they are limited. “ aˆ¦aˆ¦ … I opened myself to the soft indifference of the universe. Finding it so much life myself – so like a brother, truly – I felt that I had been happy and that I was happy once more. For everything to be consummated, for me to experience less entirely, I had merely to wish that at that place be a big crowd of witnesss the twenty-four hours of my executing and that they greet me with calls of hatred. ” shows the confrontation with decease causes Meursault to open up his bosom to the indifference of the existence. The lone thing that could do his decease happy is to keep his beliefs and put a criterion for those to come.


Emma is in such bad status she goes to the church looking for the same comfort she had received in her life when she had been at the convent. She goes to the priest but “ She fixed her pleading eyes upon the priest. ‘Yes, ‘ she said, ‘you solace all sorrows. ‘ ” is unsuccessful. We have to experience sorry for Emma as she tries to do things right in her life ; unluckily her environment and the people around her are wholly unhelpful.

Meursault walks through life mostly incognizant of the consequence of his actions on others. At the terminal of the novel, Meursault reaches an emotional consciousness which contents him- that the universe is “ gently indifferent. ” . When Meursault realizes this, he does non desire to decease, nor does he desire to kill himself. This means he recognizes that all promise of value remainders in life itself. The Stranger would reprobate this, and at one point, the novel ‘s hero straight accuses a chaplain of “ populating like a dead adult male. ” Refuting the “ no atheists on fox holes ” claim, this character challenges the societal concept of faith even before his ain decease, declining to “ blow any last proceedingss on God. ”


Madam Bovary feels stuck inside an unhappy matrimony, a restrictive society, and a humdrum mundane modus operandi, and she ‘s willing make to about anything to get away. She dreams of flying her old life and happening a new 1 that ‘s more exciting and full of alien possibility. However, every clip she tries to alter her life, it cycles back someway into the same old, same old. “ She was now enduring merely through her love, and she felt her psyche stealing off in the memory of it, merely as a hurt adult male, as he lies deceasing, experience his life fluxing out through the hemorrhage cut. ” shows how she begins to steal farther into depression as she believes that her life has no farther significance and commits suicide.

Although Emma and Meursault are opposite personalities, they are both aliens to society because of passion and emotions. Emma needs these to last, and Meursault does non hold these, or, if he does, he hides from them. Emma ‘s society was like Meursault and Meursault ‘s society was like Emma. They should hold been switched and they would hold fit in absolutely into the society around them. They are likewise in more than one manner, nevertheless. Emma looks for earthly objects to counterbalance for her disaffection, as does Meursault. Meursault tries to counterbalance with sex, nutrient, and vino. Emma tries to counterbalance with material points she buys from Lheurex every bit good as animal pleasances. They both try to utilize sex to counterbalance for their disaffection from the society they live in. The two must experience that it will convey them closer to the society that they are alienated from because it is the one thing all people have in common. Although they are alienated, they both besides seem to do friends really easy, Emma because of her beauty and Meursault because of his agreeableness. Both are aliens to society who have different jobs with passion that alienate them from the universe.

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