The History Of Tragic Downfalls English Literature Essay

Every tragic event that happened was because of the determination they made. A prognostication was told in the land of Thebes that the unborn kid of King Laius and Queen Jocosta will kill his male parent and marry and bear kids with his female parent. This prognostication doomed Oedipus from the start. Every determination Oedipuis chose made the prognostication more existent. Oedipus made four determinations that doomed him everlastingly. His first error was that when he found out about the prognostication ; he fled his state believing that the prognostication was about his ‘adopted parents. ‘ He did non cognize he was adopted which besides sealed his destiny. While he was flying he was at a intersection and encountered a alien. The alien would non allow him go through so Oedipus killed him. The first portion of the prognostication was fulfilled ; he killed his male parent. King Laius. He had blood on his manus that he could ne’er rinse off. His 2nd error was traveling to Thebes where he became King, because he solved a conundrum that was given to him by a sphinx. By Oedipus taking the thrown he had to marry the widow Queen Jocasta. He fulfilled the 2nd prognostication and married his female parent and dullard kids with her. Following these awful errors, his land encountered a pestilence that would merely stop if the liquidator of King Laius was banned from the land. That led to his 3rd determination when he irrationally decided to utilize executing or expatriate as a penalty for the liquidator of King Laius, without believing about who it may be. Once he accepted that he was the liquidator he came up with his concluding determination which was to blind and censor himself from the land of Thebes. Oedipus was a good individual at bosom, but bad things followed him no affair what. He survived being abandoned as newborn babe, but he could n’t get away his destiny. His biggest error was seeking to avoid the prognostication from going world. He planned to populate a pleasant life but his destiny was destined already.

Oedipus short pique was one of his biggest defect. The wrangle he got into with King Laius could hold been avoided if he explained what he was running from. His choler got the best of him and reacted by killing the King of Thebes. This led to the slaying of King Laius. Another incident when his short pique got in the manner of a state of affairs was when he called upon the prophesier Tireseas to state him about the prognostication. He loses his pique because in the beginning of his conversation with Tiresesa ; the prophesier would non state him of the prognostication. He became so angry that he accuses Tiresesa of the slaying of King Laius when he says,

Indeed I am angry I shall non keep back a jot of what I think. For I would hold you know of what I think. For I would hold you know I think you were complotter of the title and the actor of the title save in so far as for the existent violent death. Had you had eyes I would hold said entirely you murdered him ( Damrosch 511 ) .

When Tiresesa tells him that he was the liquidator of King Laius, Oedipus taunts Tiresesa of his sightlessness by stating, “ I has no strength for you because you are blind in head and ears every bit good as in your eyes ” ( 512 ) . He showed that he was chesty and stuck in denial. Bing face with the truth led him to go paranoiac.

Oedipus paranoia takes consequence when he accuses Creon of confederacy. When Oedipus hears the truth signifier Tiresesa he accuses Creon of provender Tiresesa false information, because he believed that Creon wanted his money and throne. He said

Have you so much audacious dare that you venture in my house although you are proved obviously the liquidator of that adult male, and though you tired, openly highway robbery of my Crown? / What cowardliness or what stupidity that made you put a secret plan like this against me ( 516 ) .

He was seeking to happen anything to turn out that he was guiltless and it was all planned by Creon. His paranoia got so bad that he wanted to kill Creon alternatively of ostracizing him. His paranoia even led him to believe that his ain countryman was against him. As the truth came out, Oedipus became more and more paranoiacs.

In the other manus, Antigone ‘s calamity was sad. In Antigone ‘s eyes she does non see herself as beautiful and that plays apart in her ruin. Antigone has a sister that is idolized by work forces, male childs, and citizens. Antigone is scraggy and withdrawn. Antigone had a difficult clip obeying regulations. Antigone was seen as a individual who rose entirely to withstand the male monarch ‘s order. Antigone ‘s calamity remainders in her refusal to give up to her ain desire. Her responsibility to her household overruled the responsibility to her state. When her brother died the male monarch told everyone that he was non to be buried and if anyone buried him he or she would be put to decease. She buries her brother even though it meant decease. So she loses all hope and gives up in life when her genuinely beauty exerts.

The chief intent of both narratives is that they portion qualities that do them eager to alter their fate ; they try to be person they are non and because of it they both end up destructing themselves. Oedipus was a proud individual, moral but besides cursed. When he finds out that he killed his male parent and married his female parent and bare childs with his ain female parent his whole temper alterations. He non merely loses his pride as a adult male, he has besides lost his ethical motives, even though it was n’t his ain mistake. Since he was cursed as a kid, there was no manner he could hold evaded such a awful expletive and his life will finally stop up how it occurred finally taking to his death. As in the instance with Antigone she ever been hard, terrorising Ismene as a kid, Antigone wanted to be merely every bit beautiful as Ismene. She would ever take a firm stand on the satisfaction of her desires, declining to understand her bounds and religion. Her minute of abasement occurs when she has lost all hope, and she ends up giving up in life by her burying her brother and killing herself in gaol.

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