The Personal Learning Journal English Literature Essay

First twenty-four hours of uni and started of experiencing rather excited at the idea of traveling back to my surveies. Had a good forenoon, sorted work out, well kind of, and set of for uni.

Was upset by the fact that the timetable had been changed last minute and was told “ welcome to UCLan ” which did n’t assist much as was now acquiring a spot dying about what the remainder of the twenty-four hours may convey merely to happen that my psychological science timetable was wholly messed up! Good start!

Joined my group for “ inter reding accomplishments in pattern ” and was both, really happy, and really disquieted, that Mr Gubbi ( or yoda as we named him last twelvemonth due to the fact that he could read everyone in the room like a book within 2 seconds! ) was our coach. Happy because I know him to be a wholly echt, unfastened and enthusiastic coach who loves his work and loves learning, disquieted because I know that this adult male can open many doors really easy, sometimes without you even cognizing it, due to his easy restful mode!

The group moral force was really much like last semester, about a follow on from 1010. There were a few new faces, most of whom seemed pleasant plenty but I was, and still am, a small unsure of Rebecca. I was involved with discussing or acquiring to cognize her for around 15 proceedingss, and she seemed really nice, but there is still something at that place, maybe it ‘s me? I do n’t cognize possibly something I may necessitate to work on. The group discussed boundaries, like last twelvemonth, and I think some people will, or seem to, prosecute more than others lone clip will state I suppose.

I left experiencing a spot discerning. I know I do n’t wish to speak about myself, my feelings and emotions, at that degree anyhow, are my own-locked away- “ do n’t wan na acquire hurt do we? ? ” But this twelvemonth with the videoing and the inter-group treatments I might be prized open-do n’t like the idea of that-and so what will be released? Will anything be released? Will my guard be let down? If so I know I will experience unfastened, defenceless, vulnerable and possibly even angry!

Merely being in this environment and merely discoursing what may go on, what we might make has started me believing, worrying? Possibly I will be found out, non so tough after allaˆ¦ . I hope Peter ( Gubbi ) does n’t experience he has to dissect me seeing as I ne’er responded last twelvemonth! !

Oh beloved started off positive so rushed into concern and trepidation lol Tomorrow is another twenty-four hours and I ‘m certain that I will get down off full of exhilaration so fire it all with negative ideas and concern by tiffin! Possibly that ‘s me, Possibly I catastrophize to last? See I ‘ve started believing with my encephalon once more, so non all bad! !

So good start, apathetic center and busy coating, allow ‘s hope tomorrow brings good things as on the whole I do n’t experience excessively bad about the whole experience, ca n’t wait to acquire into full swing and give 2nd twelvemonth a good spell! !


At this minute in clip I am concentrating my diary to the reding side of life strictly to let myself to turn and open before I encompass my whole universe. I can state that I am experiencing a small spot moreaˆ¦down, secluded, entirely? ? ? I do n’t cognize possibly some or all but I am cognizant that I am composing it down so there must be a feeling of them someplace ( self-awareness of debatable issues ) . I suppose I was anticipating to get down where I left off, full of expectancy and avidity, but at the minute I fell a spot level ( explain ) . The personal development group has met up and that seems a positive environment. Peers are rather unfastened ( even at this early day of the month ) . The facilitator, Sandra seems really acute and enthusiastic while staying rather direct about how this faculty can, and will, alter our manner of thought for of all time ( good or bad has n’t been offered up yet! ) .

Oh beloved another set back! Well non a reverse but the accomplishments group has had its kineticss drastically changed, no Mr Gubbi ( I really do n’t remember the coachs name, such is my letdown ) and our group has been merged with another which immediately has put me off guard and I feel somewhat uncomfortable and closed off instantly ( demands turn toing ) . I can experience my “ academic ” temper skiding. Maybe it ‘s all that ‘s traveling on around me, really it likely is! Everything from being put in sequence 2 ( which does n’t even get down boulder clay 28th Oct giving me plentifulness of clip to stall! ) for psych labs, holding to give up my occupation, or alter it ( who will pay my measures? ? ) and of class the old “ imposter syndrome ” feelings originating once more ( reference ) . I was trusting to be a spot more cheerful but I truly do n’t experience it, allow ‘s hope by following hebdomad I can kick get down myself back into cogwheel and acquire a spot more pro-activeaˆ¦.let ‘s delay and see!


Felt good and raring to travel this forenoon. Had dentist assignment this forenoon, filling- no hurting all good-?55 injuries like snake pit! ! The P.D. lesson was really interesting, new people arrived to spread out the dynamic, inquiries were asked, most people got pro-active and involved and, as stated antecedently, seems like it will be a good ( and decidedly interesting ) experiment. I wonder if the word experiment is appropriate, I see it as a kind of experiment into whether I can open up to that grade, or even the grade they are anticipating, or whether I will be cognizant plenty ( as I think I am ) to merely let myself to unwrap merely plenty to maintain me interesting, and more likely-safe. I already feel like unwraping certain things but I am truly cognizant or witting that the manner I will be viewed could alter, possible to one of negativeness, or even worse commiseration! ! ! ( Possibly this needs a closer expression personally ) .

Ahh the accomplishments category, now there is an interesting construct! Rebecca, whom I had stated earlier that there was something about her, possibly from within me, that seemed to organize a kind of barrier, possibly misgiving or merely dislike, between myself towards her, good I have sort of made up my head that I do n’t truly like her! ( INVESTIGATE WHY ) .We were asked to organize our three groups for our practical work, oh merely as we realised that for those on combined honours there was no theory faculty so looks like a self-learning survey group may hold to be formed. There were four members, two of whom I have ne’er met, losing from the group due to being somewhere else and hence the four groups of three and one group of four would hold to be made in their absence. The obvious, and in my sentiment the fairest manner to cover with this would be to hold the four losing pupils as a group ( as the possibility for break to groups if they are someplace else once more could be at least raging at most damaging to our work ) and split the others suitably but oh no Rebecca wanted to be in the four group with two of her losing friends and another immature lady who ‘s name I forget. I, and some would state confrontationally, asked her so which one of her friends she would wish to “ reject ” , and I intentionally used that word to border how it could experience to her friends if she definitively split her friends up, trusting that she would see how I would see it, but she rapidly thought about it and picked one stating “ good he ‘s the least empathetic ” ! ! I found this quite astonishing, particularly how prosaic she said it and particularly with it being a friend as she proclaimed. While composing this I have merely realised that possibly their friendly relationship is that strong that possibly she CAN acquire off with this? ? ? Or is this me merely believing the best of people? I shall endeavor to acquire to cognize her and see how she thinks, plants and positions the universe around her but at the minute the forecast does n’t look excessively good. OMG I have merely realised that I have singled a equal out for inspecyion1who the snake pit do I think I am? ? This needs to be looked into!

I need to seek out more models, I need to read more books, I need to read more diaries. My job is memory. I do n’t cognize if its age or accomplishment or whatever, my spouse can retrieve things that happened months ago- day of the months, times, memos, diaries, jurisprudence infusions, models, what I said and did at an exact moment-I ca n’t retrieve what I ‘m making for the twenty-four hours and its written down!

Unfortunately I need to complete on a negative note. With detecting what I have written about one of my equals and how I am negatively sing myself and assorted things go oning about and within my life. I conclude that a bit more self-reflection, something I am neither skilled at or if I am more honorable unwilling to make. Therefore I seem to happen myself entirely, or experience as if I am entirely, which is going unhealthy if non thought arousing. I seem to be pessimistic at the minute which is non like me, hence I shall endeavor to draw my finger out acquire a clasp and look into what my idea procedures are up to in an effort to draw myself out! ! Is that positive? ? ( All needs farther analysis ) .


Today was, in retrospect, a really interesting if non psychotherapeutic, twenty-four hours. In P.D. we began by researching the kid within. What we were similar back at 6 or 7 year. Old, where our ethical motives and belief system began and whether or non we have carried this through to our older egos. I believed that I was a happy kid, rather intelligent ( no mastermind head ) , rather popular amongst my equals, strong willed or even “ bloody minded ” and would even state that if I was right in whatever idea or determination I have made so I will lodge to my guns no affair what the effects! I was even back so a “ savior ” , that is I tried to assist anyone in problem be it household or friends. Most of my friends were male childs, where I was brought up was a really patriarchal society where the genders did non blend, sometimes even if they were household. I besides realised that it had made me really defensive. I offered up to the group that even my spouse thinks that I have approx. 6 different defense mechanisms within me with the worst one being the defense mechanism I put up to support my defense mechanisms! ! To which the coach acknowledged that back when I was turning up, work forces were emotionally shattered, that is we were told, and spent all our clip believing, that work forces should be work forces and free from emotions or “ failing ” , really astute of her, rather an empathetic response.

As with all these hourly Sessionss they are provided to arouse thought and reflecting and boy oh male child did this one start the ball turn overing! I started, over the following few hours and so yearss, holding small brassy dorsums and memories of events in my life as a kid through to my teens and I am non certain how much have been distorted with clip. Bing sick as a kid and retrieving the infirmary, Dr Ali ( his face has gone now merely to be replaced by a shadow ) , my nan sing me in infirmary ( even though I was ever told that this was unlikely ) and the “ tottie adult male ” whom I ever spoke about in childhood but have perfectly no thought who he was but knew, ever knew, he was at that place. Then there was the “ Freddie Kruger ” paedo who tried to snap me! I really had forgotten about him truly until incubus on elm street got released so I do n’t cognize if the chap really looked like him or the film, with its kid violent death, helped me eventually visualise him. I now believe, in my mind, that he did look like him. Then there was the sexual maltreatment that I ne’er told anyone about and really felt guilty about it as I got older because I really enjoyed it? Is it abuse if it ‘s enjoyed? Of class it is, I see that now, but back so I merely kept stum. 2/07/1974 happy birthday! Actually retrieve feeling bad for my pa because of what he did and still do, even thought it was me who was about strangled, and if it was n’t for auntie denim likely would hold been, and I think that is when, yes at 7 year. of age, realised that pa had a drink job that was n’t traveling to travel off.

Runing off, smoke, combat, rebelling and so urgently desiring to be loved by my male parent wholly started to attest itself from around this point in my life. Carl Jung one time described his consciousness of “ ego ” go oning when he was about 8 year. old and it felt like walking out of a mist into the lucidity of gaining “ I am ” , good this is precisely when I became cognizant of me, a existent individual, and I started to detect things around me, I ne’er to the full understood all of them, but I noticed them and how they were put in topographic point to determine things, events, people and hierarchies. To derive fondness I would be ; soft ; sort ; apprehension ; helpful ; happy and thoughtful when I was about misss, adult females and other grownups, but I would go rather ; sneaky ; cocky ; confrontational ; ruthless ; barbarous and ; detached emotionally when I was around male equals. I even began disputing my male parent ‘s authorization around the age of 8 or 9, to which I may hold lost many many conflicts but believe, whether truthfully or non, I won the war! !

Yes I think that this hebdomad ‘s P.D. lesson is the 1 to get down wake uping all the old feelings and memories, some bad but I think most good, even the bad 1s if that make sense. I tend non to brood excessively much on the past. I like to believe that things have happened for a ground, to do us what we are, so I like to believe that I go with the flow in certain state of affairss, surely within my life ‘s “ journey ” ( I fkn detest that word! ) . I say that as I am about to come in into one of the, I feel, most of import times in my life. I will be opening doors and experiencing feelings which I have repressed, or have n’t noticed or perchance even closed off. I will seek and be as honest and forthwith as I perchance can, I really am looking forward, with some trepidation, to seeing whether I can be as honest and unfastened with others as I am to myself.


I am composing a short piece today as I entered my first stage, or meeting, as a well-being wise man. My mentee was a nice immature chap, a spot dying and does n’t truly experience he fits in. What is interesting is that really rapidly, about immediately, I was empathetic towards how he was experiencing as I was one time in his place. Alternatively of me peeping on about my narrative I allowed him to open up, experience relaxed and merely allowed him to unwrap what he wanted, when he wanted, and interjected with small spots of my narrative, within geting and get bying at university. This, I feel, allowed a congruity to merely come into our meeting and it truly did let for our session to be really relaxed, unfastened and about effortless, truly enjoyed it.

One interesting portion about this meeting and something that I besides became cognizant of about running analogue with our experience was one of realization. What I mean is that I was gaining through my mentees words, ideas and looks, and the conversation we were holding was the feelings and ideas I one time had and experienced and how I was giving advice that I wish I had been given! I started to listen to what I was stating and by the terminal of the meeting, and one my manner place I truly started to believe about my place in life, where I was at that phase and where I had come from/was traveling to. I felt a monolithic moving ridge of positive alleviation fill me up and about transport me off with euphory! My spouse merely kept smiling and inquiring what was up. She evidently noticed, possibly everyone did, and did it stand out that much? I think I do have on my bosom on my arm, if I get hurt or I am happy I must convey it rather openly as people have remarked in the yesteryear that “ they could state ” I was one manner or another-unless my defense mechanisms came out, that ‘s a whole different thing-which in itself is rather interesting.

I guess what I ‘m seeking to state is that, as I stated earlier, I believe that the things put in forepart of me within my life in order for other things to be disclosed, found or experient and I am acquiring that experiencing with both the P.D. and the mentoring. I was sort of anticipating things to be stirred up within the P.D. experience, but was softly surprised with the impact the mentoring- possibly the fact that I was back ( where I feel comfy and at my best ) assisting person again- had on me immediately.

It will be interesting to happen out where this all takes me within the following few hebdomads as I am already reflecting, believing and reminiscing more at this present clip than I have done in a long piece. I have ever regarded myself, and been regarded by friends and equals, as a spot of a mind but I do n’t believe I of all time was to this extent and about the things that are suggesting themselves at this point. Interesting, intriguing and scaring but I ‘m so looking frontward to the either positive, or negative, feelings and ideas, stirred up by whatever it is I stumble across and trust it all does n’t ache or go forth me feeling defenceless excessively much.


Got to believing about myself and merely where I am, and came to the decision that I am a spot of an emotional miser. I say this, or believe it, because I am rather cognizant and unfastened to MYSELF about how I am experiencing, why I am experiencing this and how to work with it to screen it, but, and it ‘s a large but, I am fighting or instead non willing to let these feelings out when I am around anyone else. I do n’t intend with my spouse or with the childs but with my ain personal convulsion. One twenty-four hours I am really positive about things and merely concentrate on how I feel, what I should make about it so move on it in a really positive and blunt mode, the following I start to let the disagreement to deflect my ideas and feelings by get downing to inquire ; on what degree does this, or I, impact on others? This throws me out once more. I am really speedy, and I think rather good at being empathetic and congruous with everyone else ‘s state of affairss and moving consequently, demoing feelings openly and liberally, but with myself- towards others or to others I merely seem to shut up. I think, good I know it ‘s all in the “ adult male up ” syndrome that has been placed within me. As a adult male, or should I state boy, I was ever told or at least really much made cognizant that male childs do n’t shout, boys adult male up-especially within my ain household dynamic- and halt whining and merely acquire on with it. This learned, ( or is it instilled? ) behavior besides led to me non demoing any emotions in order as non to look or look weak, a endurance inherent aptitude if you like. In truth it really acted as a really good tool through most of my life so possibly the fact that I am researching this all now and the idea of seeking to alter it has made me experience a small spot frightened, less secure, at allowing my guard down and leting myself to show what is really traveling on within me emotionally? I still feel uncomfortable now when I see male friends get downing to allow people in and opening up, I can see their exposure and do n’t wish, or experience frightened about what I may unwrap, or will lookaˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦ah there ‘s another thing, how would I look? ? I am besides going more witting of the feeling within my about how I look or am perceived by others. I have ever had that yearning of being loved or belonging and have ever tried to accomplish this by being amusing or a knight in reflecting armor or a assistant and I do n’t truly cognize how I am supposed to happen the same things without these tools. Am I still seeking for credence at 46? Mmmmm


I have been reading a spot and found some fantastic definitions of who I am! I mean that I can see parts of me in many of them but with conflicting countries within each or about all so what does that intend? I am a small spot of this and a small spot of that but that got me to believing are n’t we all? Is this non what human existences are all about? I think that looking back throughout my life and the many things I have done I have needed a small spot of everything to assist me on my pursuit and with who I now am. I have been scared in state of affairss which helped to relieve any hurting about to be handed out, I have been compassionate in order to either aid or derive credence, I have been brave to queer any cases of injury or to assist others overcome frights, I have been bloody right brutal to assist with my position within hierarchy and I have besides been really barbarous and barbarous merely for the interest of being that. I have besides been really entirely and vulnerable and about childlike. The exposure has left me experiencing unfastened to assail and ridicule, which in bend allowed for me to go introspective and rely entirely on myself, which threw my ideas and feelings back to when I was a kid, entirely, scared, vulnerable and unloved. Wow. I think I will halt now, non because I am in a bad topographic point, but I am in a topographic point and I do n’t cognize if I wish to remain here at the minute.


Well started of the twenty-four hours experiencing good. Been believing tonss about my feelings, childhood, maturity, where I have done good but largely when I have been rather a obstinate small opinionative difficult adult male, so I did my guidance videodisk. Omg I can non believe the feelings this invoked within me. I, and I feel this was a great honor and privilege, sat with a friend and I was the council member if you like and he was the client. The other member of our group failed to turn up so it was merely the 2 of us and we started. This allowed my friend to truly open up. I knew at this clip of the twelvemonth, as he is antique long functioning military, he ever went inside himself and became a practical hermit for a few yearss to cover with his ain inner convulsion and hurting so I should hold at least been ready for this, ( but once more how could I assume to? ) He immediately opened right up and within seconds I could hear, no I could experience his hurting, non merely trouble but existent torment and it caught me somewhat off guard. I rapidly adjusted but by the clip we had finished I was genuinely emotional interior. I tried non to demo this to him but I thing he noticed excessively but we did non discourse it, as he was swearing plenty to allow me into his universe I did non believe it appropriate to dig any deeper for what would look like, my ain personal ends. This stayed with me, I could non agitate it, I felt like I wanted to shout but I do n’t cognize why. Why did this individual opening up trigger these really really deep emotions within me? ? Was it because he was a friend and I could see his obvious hurting? Was it because his feelings of being entirely triggered my ain? I do n’t cognize but will surely pass some clip looking at the assorted angles of this 1 because as I said, I have, non for a long clip, felt such interior angst and sorrow.


I have been sitting with the feelings from last hebdomad for the whole continuance of this hebdomad and could non shrug them off. I could so see his hurting as existent, etched in his face, ingrained on his bosom, so deep within his mind that it impacted on me really profoundly. Now I started inquiring that this could be bad for person desiring to go a council member, be professional and listen without taking to bosom every heartfelt narrative after all, wont people actively seeking reding be full of hurting? Full of echt heartache, whether it be physical or psychological? Then I brought this inquiry, good i brought to the group how I felt and how I could n’t penetrate out why I felt like this, why I could n’t allow it travel and it was presented to me that, possibly it was because what I wished to make was assist but realised, without gaining, that I could non. I really gave this some idea and realised that that was really perchance it, or it at least could be portion of it, I could n’t assist. No affair what I tried to make, apart from possibly signposting, which would hold been met by distain and possibly caused my friend to shut down whenever it came for us to speak which would be atrocious, there was no manner I could assist him in any form or signifier. I would likely be met with mockeries of derision from my lectors for stating this but I think that is portion of what it could be. What I besides looked at was the fact that he was a close friend and the possibility, particularly with me being a aid giver and really loyal towards my friends, that this made me experience far more empathy than I usually would. Here sits a friend in forepart of me opening his psyche, I want to merely state him that everything will be all right, I will assist and he will be able to acquire closureaˆ¦ but I know that this is impossible hence I feel helpless, about useless. Then which was rather a biggy and rather deep was the idea that maybe it was because of him being in the armed forces. He showed, through what he said and the manner he implied certain state of affairss and the manner of life that they are rather entirely outside their regiment, their kin or brotherhood if you like and he said that he could ne’er retroflex that. My male parent was a military adult male and his male parent before and with some idea I wondered, was I looking at him? Was I seeing my ain male parents anguish at the cards life had dealt him? I noticed that my male parent ever looked lost, the lone clip he was happy was when he was with the chaps at the saloon, although he did non hold many friends which is a trait I have replicated curiously adequate, or when he was busy entirely in the garden or edifice material, but ne’er assorted much. I remember on many occasions seeing the injury and dejection in his eyes at how things for him had turned out. Possibly this is what I could see in my friendaˆ¦ . possibly

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