The Possibility Of Something Better English Literature Essay

The assurance Clara Barton possessed non merely opened many doors for her personally in Fieldss of instruction, patent decision maker, nursing, human-centered interrupting these barriers individual handedly opened chances to new callings for adult females that were once out-of-bounds to her gender.

Whatever obstruction in her way, she overcame, her ends, she succeeded. A momentous adult female in history dedicated to her soldiers and refused to accept salary for her dedication and service to the United States of America. Her existent life narrative of get the better ofing shyness to transcending her personal highest outlooks, Clara Barton was and still is an astonishing, inspirational adult female in our history.

“ Clarissa Harlow Barton was born December 25, 1821, in North Oxford, Massachusetts. ” ( Blackwell 54 ) The writer Blackwell, mentioned in Portrait of Clara Barton, that Clara was stricken with shyness and to assist her overcome that, her female parent encouraged her to go an pedagogue. Born on Christmas twenty-four hours to two older brothers named David and Stephen named after his male parent along with two sisters named Sally and Dorothy were born from parents Sarah and her Captain male parent Stephen Barton. Family values and beliefs instilled into the youngest member of the household. Her female parent taught her how to cook and run up, her sisters taught her how to read before the immature age of four, and her older brothers taught her math and how to sit, balance, nurse animate beings and an adept sharpshooter. She besides learned that difficult work and “ difficult thought ” would gain her regard ( Pryor 12-13 ) . Her male parent was instrumental in puting fire to Clara Barton ‘s passion to help in the military and to nurse, as her male parent a veteran Captain in the Indian war taught her the necessity of geographics specifically on a battleground. The lessons she experienced transpired in all of her accomplishments in her life her male parent base on balls on in 1862. ( Oates 41 )

Author Blackwell in her book Portrait of Clara Barton stated Clara Barton was a good pupil yet ne’er made a individual friend due to her shyness. Her utmost shyness affected every facet of her life. Her concerned parents sent her away to get oning school to coerce her to interact with other misss her age yet instantly backfired as it really manifested her shyness and her parents had to retreat her from school. Not until age eleven, her older brother David fell off the roof, was near decease, did Clara remain by his side for three uninterrupted old ages, and finally nursed him good. Clara ‘s two sisters were already instructors, which she felt she might seek to learn herself. For that ground, at the age of 17, she excessively became a instructor like her sisters and finally opened the first free public school in New Jersey where she lived and quickly filled with pupils in two hebdomads. Womans did non keep really many high respected places during her clip accordingly passed over as the principal of the school to a adult male twice her salary. Clara became profoundly defeated. ( Pryor 45-53 ) .

Traveling onto her following legendary accomplishment was procuring a place with the United States Patent office as a clerk reexamining patent applications after traveling to Washington D.C. Her wage was a milepost as it was every bit same as a adult male ‘s salary, really rare at that clip and now. Clara Barton keeping this high place did non set good politically as writer Schmidt stated in “ One Vision Followed by Thousands. Therefore, her place ended during the 15th president James Buchanan term. That did non halt Clara Barton deep truster of God because after Abraham Lincoln won the election she returned to her same place at the Patent office. ( Oates 95 ) .

Harmonizing to the writer LaFantasie, of America ‘s Civil War, Clara Barton pursued her passion of being a nurse and became an independent nurse throughout many wars she assisted.

Her end was to aid soldiers many of who were her former pupils. She knew she would necessitate an copiousness of supplies due to the fact the United States Army had no more supplies for the attention of the hurt due to the fact the supplies had been lost. For that ground Clara Barton began roll uping median commissariats, and cutting up towels and sheets for the Union Army. Clara Barton was the first to witness combat foremost manus behind the front lines of 16 conflicts and her moniker “ the angel of the battleground ” originated in 1862. Almost near decease, herself Clara Barton struck by a slug miraculously pierced her arm but killed the hurt adult male she was be givening. ( Oates 85 ) . Clara Barton made influential friendly relationship with senators and leaders of the war that propelled her through many doors that closed for adult females prior to her. ( LaFantasie 68 )

After the war ended in 1865, Clara Barton worked for the War Department assisting to convey together losing soldiers and their households or at least happen out more about those who were losing. No longer shy, Clara Barton had become a great talker and provided readers to who of all time wanted to listen to her experiences in war. The War Department place required abroad work in Europe and this is where Clara Barton introduced to the International Red Cross, as the writer Bloodworth written in his book titled “ Complicated Kindness. ” Returning to the United States, she petitioned for an American subdivision and the legendary organisation named The American Red Cross Society so founded in 1881. Clara Barton as the organisation ‘s first president volunteered for 22 old ages. Clara Barton supervised the alleviation work made specifically for the victims of the catastrophes, states the 6th edition of the Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia. Unfortunately, her presidential term ended over an internal feud of mismanaged claims although during her full reign as president she ne’er accepted a salary utilizing her ain money to help victims of demand, retiring at the age of 83.

After go forthing the Red Cross, Clara Barton continued being active in educating others with her experience. Unionizing nurses and became a well-known popular writer of several books every bit good as a series of lifes that were non all published before her decease, yet were donated to a historic museum states the writer Pryor in her book titled “ Letterss from Robert E. Lee. ” Clara Barton was the “ most adorned American adult female, ” to have an “ Iron Cross, ” ( Oates 54 ) the “ Cross of Imperial Russia and the International Red Cross Medal. ” ( Oates 54 )

Clara Barton was beloved friends with Susan B. Anthony besides known in history for her battle for adult females ‘s rights. What they both had in common was nursing which rapidly bonded the two of them. Clara Barton even hosted Susan B. Anthony ‘s eighty-fourth birthday in her place. Clara Barton last old ages of life spent in her hometown of Glen Echo, Maryland. Ironically, she passed off from troubles of pneumonia on April 12, 1912 at age 90 surrounded by friends.

To reason I feel amounts up her changeless battle to stop adult females ‘s rights and was in support of African Americans was a quotation mark from Clara Barton, “ I have an about complete neglect of case in point, and a religion in the possibility of something better. It irritates me to be told how things have ever been done. I defy the dictatorship of case in point. I go for anything new that might better the yesteryear. The door that cipher else will travel in at, seems ever to swing unfastened widely for me. I may be compelled to confront danger, but ne’er fear it, and while our soldiers can stand and contend, I can stand and feed and nurse them. ” Clara Barton ( Oates 54 )

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