The Relationship Between Man And Woman English Literature Essay

Thesis: Developing a healthy relationship between a adult male and a adult female is a ambitious enterprise. The measure from a relationship to a committedness of matrimony base on ballss several phases. A adult male marries a adult female for who she is and non for who she seeking to be.

Audience: Fellow pupils and Dr. Janssens

Purpose: To exemplify the possible challenging factors for a adult female and a adult male in a relationship ; to foster and keep all the manner to the communion table.

Everyone heard the narrative about the prince who marries the town maiden. Or the fine-looking eligible unmarried man who could hold any miss he wants, however who falls in love with an ordinary adult female who is hard to cover with. At the nuptials, the cat feels like luckiest cat in the existence. Meanwhile, his household is starting alkalizers wondering, “ Why her? ” Then the guess starts: “ Is it the cookery? Is it the sex? Did she brainwash him? ” What they are deceasing to make is draw the cat aside and inquire him blunt, “ Why are you get marrieding such a bitch? ”

Four old ages ago, after my 36th birthday party one time once more I ask myself a inquiry, “ Why are you still individual? ” I was ne’er a sort of adult females that would chaise a adult male and push him into a committedness. Nevertheless, I have ever wondered, “ What is that one thing ( or possibly more ) that barricading me from happening my psyche mate? So, one twenty-four hours, I was in a book shop and I could non take away my eyes from a rubric that said, “ Why Man Marry Bitch? ” I have to acknowledge that I have ne’er thought about any married adult female being cruel or darn, alternatively I ever have thought that they were most fortuned adult female in the universe. So, with wonder of “ what is behind this book rubric ” , I brought the book.

S. Argon is the writer of the US national best seller “ Why Man Love Bitches ” and “ Why Man Marry Bitches. The writer has contributed to more than 30 magazines, including Cosmopolitan and Esquire. Her books have been featured on prime-time situation comedies every bit good as on The O’Reilly Factor, Fox Magazine, and the View and are published in more than 20 linguistic communications.

In “ Why Man Marry Bitches ” S. Argon is non giving another “ how to bring a adult male ” advise. This book captured my attending non by it remotely proposing that I am uncomplete until I find my “ better half. ” This book challenges convention, broaden our apprehension of why some relationships do n’t come on, and overhaul the manner we think, about how adult male chooses his psyche mate. The writer encourages adult female who feel like weaklings to develop a sense of independency.

When the writer uses the word “ bitch ” , the adult female she is depicting is non barbarous or mean. Throughout the book the writer uses “ bitch ” in a “ bantering ” ( Argon 12 ) manner. As the writer claims, this term “ purpose to be satirical ” ( 53 ) However, content of the book is faraway from existent significance of this word, so I think the rubric of the book has to be magnetic for all types of adult female, including married and individual. In my sentiment, married adult female would “ remain off ” from this book as title offends her even in the context of the book “ bitch ” described as a strong, secure, independent adult female. Therefore, the rubric of the book might drop down the figure of readers that are concerned about the book screen. Furthermore, readers of this book might be adult male every bit good as adult female in order to understand both sides of struggles in relationships.

The secret plan of this book is following. As a physiatrist and relationship expert, the writer inquiries 100s of adult male and adult female in order to work out each and every facet of relationship, go forthing nil unresolved. Throughout the book, the writer draws several decisions, attached with graphs of studies that she researched over the past 10 old ages. Every other page includes “ Relationship Principle # ” harmonizing to consequences of study and different positions on a peculiar state of affairs in relationship between adult male and adult female.

The writer claims that when adult female thinks that she “ need to necessitate a adult male ” ( 25 ) she is incorrect. I agree with the writer as I think adult female should hold sense of independency where she can see and comprehend things with broader head. For illustration, in the film “ Closer ” Natalie Portman asks Judie Law, why he is frantically in love with the lensman ( played by Julia Roberts ) “ It is because she is successful? ” “ No. He said it is because she does n’t necessitate him. “ ( 78 )

Another interesting fact from the book says, “ There is nil more at a loss to a adult male than something he had to wait for, work for, or fight a small spot to acquire. ” ( 40 ) Who would reason with that? Not me. I believe that work forces are natural-born rivals. When a adult male is in chase manner, he gets the same feeling he gets when he ‘s playing a slot machine in a casino. He can lose 10 times in a row, but he ‘ll still be on the border of his place thought, “ I ‘m about winning. ” Every clip he thinks he is losing, all adult females have to make is “ dulcify the pot. ” If his adult female asks him to repair something, she makes him experience like a victor. If she convince him he had a great thought, he is victor.

In decision, “ Why Man Marry Bitch ” disputing adult female and adult male to look beyond their capableness of job work outing in relationship and do an attempt to understand, to esteem 1s sentiment, to open new challenges, to wish and to love, but to ever maintain that “ satiny drapes ” between two genders. No affair how equal and powerful each gender can be, there are ever “ break-points ” when 1 could make non more than other and so one could necessitate no more from other, nevertheless, still could love and care for each other. Finally, “ Why Man Marry Bitches? Possibly adult male marry adult female because aˆ¦

Once upon a clip there was a princess. Along came a prince who asked her if she would wish to sit on his white Equus caballus. She said, “ I ‘d wish to take a drive on your Equus caballus, but I cant right now because I ‘m a small busy acquiring my ain Equus caballus. Go sit away into the sundown without me, and I ‘ll catch up to you a small later. ” Suddenly, the prince is dumbfounded. He is ne’er heard anything like this before. Something chinks inside him, and it starts a fire within him that he ca n’t set out, because she does n’t necessitate him. And so he says, “ I have to be with her for the remainder of my life. “ ( 225 )

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