The Scarlet Letter Consequence Of Sin English Literature Essay

After reading Nathaniel ‘s Hawthorne ‘s The Scarlet Letter, we are shown that the effect of wickedness is the subject for the book. This subject was explored by Hawthorne through four different degrees of wickedness. Although each degree was displayed every bit through the novel, the wickedness of adult male ‘s inhumaneness to adult male outranked all else. The primary characters are each of one or more of the undermentioned degrees of wickedness: wickedness of retribution, the wickedness of lip service, and sing of criminal conversation.

First of all, in the beginning of the novel, we know that Hester Prynne is guilty of criminal conversation. Besides we are told that one of her penalties for this wickedness was to function a prison term. Second, she had a babe that was formed out of lecherousness and non out of love. The name Pearl was given to this kid, significance of great wealth. Third, Hester was made to wear a vermilion missive upon her thorax. This was done so all of the townsfolk to cognize that she was one who met with the black work forces in the wood. Last, she was forced to stand in humbleness while the townsfolk mocked and made merriment of her. No affair how hard the magistrates tried to do Hester Prynne uncover her confederate, she kept his name unknown.

As I know everyone guessed throughout the novel, Hester Prynne was non the lone one perpetrating the wickedness of criminal conversation. However, Arthur Dimmesdale did non squeal this wickedness until it was excessively late ; he was evolved in criminal conversation excessively. Dimmesdale while non stating of his wickedness, continued his ministry. However, his guilty scruples drove him to a manic-depressive province of head. Besides, Dimmesdale became really badly, seemingly because the vermilion missive upon Hester ‘s bosom apparently burned through his thorax weakening his bosom. When he realized what was go oning to him, he tried to allow everyone cognize without merely coming out and stating it. For illustration, in his discourses, and in another effort, he went to the scaffold, in the dead of the dark, and screamed out at the top of his lungs, trusting all would elicit from their slumber and happen him at that place. Then, coming upon Hester and roll, he held their custodies, and all three were united on the scaffold. No 1 except Roger Chillingworth found them at that place, and he was non traveling to state on the footing that he was involved in it excessively.

In malice of all the efforts to expose himself, Dimmesdale merely became physically and mentally worse, for he still had n’t candidly confessed to being Hester ‘s confederate. By lead oning himself and the townsfolk, he was guilty of the wickedness of lip service. At the Election Day Parade, while everyone was gathered in the town centre, Dimmesdale, one time once more, took the manus of Hester and Pearl and Confessed to Adultery. When this was eventually done, he passed off for he was excessively ill and found no ground to populate.

Dimmesdale was n’t the lone one guilty of being a dissembler. Roger Chillingworth, really Mr. Prynne, was besides a dissembler with his secret individuality. Chillingworth was an atrocious adult male, who was guilty of a far worse wickedness than either Hester or Dimmesdale. He was guilty of retribution. Ever since Chillingworth found Hester standing in public humiliation on the scaffold, he has been out to acquire retaliation on the adult male who betrayed him. Chillingworth devoted the remainder of his short life to work outing this enigma.

For the following seven old ages he was Dimmesdale, seeking, but non but non with his bosom in it, to assist Dimmesdale get the better of his illness. During this whole clip, Chillingworth ‘s visual aspect cryptic changed for the worse. He had grown old and average, and looked a batch like the Satan. Soon Arthur Dimmesdale passed off, He himself besides passed on, He excessively felt that he had no ground to travel on life, the enigma had been solved everlastingly more.

Finally, the worst wickedness in this book appears to be the communal wickedness of adult male ‘s inhumaneness to adult male. Whenever Hester came into the town, she would be bound to be stared at and looked upon as an castaway. For illustration, they mocked her for walking excessively proud but, in world she merely had her caput up plenty to watch where she was traveling. Peoples had a inclination to run at the sight of this hapless adult female, and were certain to maintain distance at assemblages. Whenever she would travel to the church for service, the discourse would merely go on to be approximately adultery. To do money for her and her girl, she made beautiful vesture for the married womans of the magistrates, nevertheless, she was paid nil compared to what she should hold been. It was genuinely astonishing how much difference was shown when show to her compared to Dimmesdale. Although he was guilty of lip service, Dimmesdale was treated as a saint. Chillingworth was besides high looked upon for being a great doctor, while being guilty of retribution. Therefore reasoning that when the community Judgess a individual, they excessively are perpetrating a wickedness of inhumaneness to adult male.

While reading this fantastic novel, you may reason that it is better ( non easier ) to squeal your wickedness instead than to hide it, even though you may fall out of graces with the community, it is easier on your psyche. All throughout the novel, the character are made to digest the effects of their wickednesss. Therefore reasoning that the subject of The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, is the Consequences of wickedness.

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