The Transition From High School To College English Language Essay


Imagine yourself being in one topographic point throughout your life. In this certain topographic point you have a household, a place, friends and besides deeds that you have dedicated yourself to and possibly even a auto. You feel secure in this abode and more than probably hold established a insistent rut of managing things. As a consequence alteration does non happen on a regular basis in this place and if things do go on to alter the passage is minimum. After a certain period of clip this will all alteration. Now you are traveling to be removed from your topographic point called place, your loved 1s and your workss, merely to be put into a new environment packed with alteration. Let ‘s merely state the old topographic point was called high school and the new environment is called college, in this instance UC Riverside.

Switching from high school to college can be scaring and hard to acquire used to. At the college degree many things in your life will alter. One thing that will alter dramatically will be 1s eating wonts and the measure of physical activities and exercising one gets. The biggest myth traveling into college is that you will undergo the ill-famed “ Freshman Fifteen. ” Most associate the term “ Freshman 15 ” with the phenomenon of how college pupils gain weight their first semester go toing a college or university.

Some of the obvious causes of obtaining the ill-famed “ freshers 15 ” are the new sense of freedom gained in college ; the drastic alteration of one ‘s eating behaviour from high school to college, and the uncontrolled consumption of intoxicant. Without pa and ma acquiring the nutrient and fixing your repasts, and with speedy entree to micro-cook burritos, Burgers and pizza, it becomes truly easy to bury merely how much Calories you have consumed. When one suffers unhealthy weight addition its extra effects tend to be deficiency of assurance, depression and all clip low position of one. Most significantly an unhealthy life will hold permanent life clip effects such as fleshiness, bosom jobs and significantly high blood force per unit area. Though there are battalions of ways of work outing this job, it is for certain that one must take some signifier of inaugural towards breaking their wellness. However, there is the unhealthy option of going anorectic and endure even greater wellness jobs. All of these solutions are sensible replies to contending the fresher 15, but there is a better solution. Concentrating on temperateness and consciousness of bad wonts is perchance the best manner to work out this job.

The Problem: Why Us?

Harmonizing to Freshman 15, “ College freshers seem to be the most susceptible to deriving weight their first semester ( or twelvemonth ) at college, largely attributed ” to alter of diet and exercising wonts. ” Twelve out of 12 freshers misss at the University of California Riverside have heard about this pestilence which creeps up on pupils, before coming to college. The myth must be popular among pupils if twelve out of 12 misss from around the province of California and Colorado have heard of the term Freshman 15. A follow up inquiry that I asked the pupils existences surveyed was whether or non they have gained a certain sum of weight while go toing the University of California Riverside: eight out of 12 said yes. Over 60 per centum responded yes, so evidently this shows to be a job that needs to be resolved. This epidemic is present for many grounds. The issue of seting on the freshers fifteen needs a solution that will contend it. In order to hold found a solution to this job an interview with Carlos Tapia had to be conducted, a fresher at UCR and dining hall worker, along with a study of 12 freshers misss proceeded. A executable reply to this job is one that is rather hard. It involves seeing one ‘s negative wonts, detecting the negative effects of them ; maintain path of one ‘s dietetic behaviour and besides one ‘s battle of exercisings. In world it all comes down to doing good picks. Then by puting ends and limitations, one would stop up in a regular analysis of their actions. Though this is non the lone reply to this job, it may merely be what ‘s right for you.

Planing Wages Off

Time to be honest ; most of you have been doing hapless picks at the dining halls, huh? I ‘m pretty certain you find it rather difficult to defy soothing, calorific nutrient when you have cravings and it ‘s laid out in forepart of you. All of us see this feeling. A great manner to avoid this allurement that ‘ll do weight deriving issues is to be after in front and be good cognizant of what these dining halls have in shop for you before go toing them for a repast. For illustration, UCR posts their hebdomadal bill of fare of the dining halls, parks, and other eating houses on hypertext transfer protocol: // . Geting beforehand warnings of each twenty-four hours ‘s bill of fare is of import when populating on campus and seeking to shave down some weight because you will be able to place and evidently be better prepared to do healthier picks. The ability to cognize what you ‘re traveling to eat in front of clip, makes it easier for you to project out the image and olfactory property of rich flesh outing nutrients drifting throughout the cafeteria and at the same clip eases your enticements to give in to nutrient that causes you to hold love grips.

Who is to blameaˆ¦

First twelvemonth pupils continue to derive weight, why does this maintain persisting? It ‘s obvious that the passage of eating wonts to another is basically the cause of it. Most that experience the fresher 15 tend to fault the nutrient that is given out on college campuses for their weight additions. The 12 pupils surveyed mentioned that the nutrient given at the dining halls and Highlander Union Building ( HUB ) country is n’t that healthy and the 1s that taste good are most decidedly high in fat, cholesterin, and salt. “ There must be a manner that we can eat healthy on campus ” said one of the concerned pupils that were surveyed. Harmonizing to Carlos Tapia, cook at Aberdeen Inverness Dining Hall, him and other cooks are non ordered to use extra flavorers in the nutrient given out to pupils that good perchance be calorific or salty. Tapia besides goes onto clarify that he and others that work at dining halls are demanded to do nutrient which provides for assorted groups of persons and is besides a tough undertaking to delight everyone. He besides goes onto reference that the healthy nutrient they lay out habitually goes uneaten. Carlos said that “ When pupils are given the pick between beefburgers and a healthy poulet salad covered in vegetables, the pick that the pupil will undoubting do would be the french friess. ” When questioned what would be best when eating on campus to keep healthy eating wonts, he suggested that it is cardinal to take little parts and doing smart determinations. He goes onto province that, “ At college there are plentifulness of sweets to travel around, whereas at place, your parents merely fix you up one sweet and assist supervise your feeding. ” When you look at the state of affairs given it all comes down to temperateness and doing smart determinations. When eating on campus it is critical to look into your eating wonts and avoid all negative impacting enticements at all cost. Though the route to eating healthy on campus is a tough one, it is possible, but one has to look at their eating behaviours before they begin puting incriminations on others factors which come into drama when populating a healthy life style.

Avoid Multi-Tasking

Have you of all time found yourself during late dark survey Sessionss eating off at french friess and other types of debris nutrient? Could it be possible that you have set your eating wonts to auto-pilot while in your residence hall without even recognizing it? If the fresher 15 weight has crept on although you ‘ve stated, “ I do non eat that much! ” ” you have been perchance falling victim to careless eating. If you have, relax you ‘re non entirely. Whether you are analyzing, stressed, or puting back and watching a film, it is easy to exchange you are eating wonts to auto-pilot. When you are focused on other things, it becomes hard to supervise how much or what you ‘re eating. Best thing to make is to divide feeding from other activities that can perchance take you to this unmonitored manner of feeding.

Bye-Bye, Bottle

With freedom comes great duty, and your picks on how you spend your trim clip could perchance be impacting you physically without you even detecting it in. Carlos Tapia discusses about prosecuting in merriment activities in order to lose weight, nevertheless college pupils around the state appear to prize merriment activities that merely subvert the construct of being healthy and losing inches. Out of the 12 subjects that where interviewed earlier and mentioned that they ‘ve suffered some weight addition, seven of them besides admitted to the ingestion of intoxicant on a hebdomadal or monthly footing. Sadly it seems that a batch of college fresher are non good at doing good picks when it comes to their wellness and autumn into the enticement of devouring intoxicant at parties where their imbibing age is non of a concern and merely makes all the more merriment for them as they get a new sense of freedom. If you ne’er drank beer before coming to college, and have now started, most likely that ingestion of intoxicant may be the cause of that extra weight you ‘ve piled on. From the expressions of the Beer Calories Chart on the mean bottle of beer has approximately 200 Calories! Having a consumed several beers could hold led you to take in every bit many Calories as a full repast. All this intoxicant adds many empty Calories, and leads to purchasing flesh outing fast nutrient such as Burgers. There are infinite grounds to restrict and even extinguish alcoholic drinks from your life. One ‘s wellness is the chief concern. Freshman at any college whether it be UC Riverside or Loma Linda University are traveling to happen it to be important to extinguish imbibing from their lives if they ‘re seeking to contend the Freshman Fifteen.

Get Moving

Not being active could perchance be the incrimination and job for your weight addition. If you played in athleticss in high school or did some signifier of exercising and you are non now, your digestive system may be decelerating down which could take to steady weight addition. Students need to do the attempt to seek to acquire in some signifier of exercising in their life to antagonize this weight deriving issue. Many can make this by merely integrating about 30 to 45 proceedingss of equal activity into their docket every twenty-four hours, even if it is merely speed walking around the campus or nearby park, the exercising will lend to your end of losing inches off of your organic structure. Six people were interviewed at the UCR ‘s Recreation centre on possible ways of shaving off inches to battle the fresher 15. All six topics did activities on campus which include: running, the well renowned AB Attack group exercise which focuses on chanting and sculpting UCR pupils ‘ organic structures, weight-lifting, intramural athleticss and biking. These activities which the topics suggested, will intensify one ‘s respiratory and cardiovascular systems, and aid pupils develop a better involvement for exerting. Estella Duarte, one of the individual ‘s that where surveyed about exercising, suggest that “ the best thing to make when exerting is to non concentrate on exerting to lose weight, alternatively merely loosen up and bask the exercising so to do it merriment. After a period of clip, non merely will you detect your gained assurance but weight loss as good. ” Estella ‘s advice comes from her infinite old ages of exerting and engagement in her high schools Physical Education and Health categories, in which she informed pupils about healthy feeding and the necessity of exercising in one ‘s life. As a kid, Estella was overweight, so she ‘s gained cognition from personal experience in this country and understands what it is to be unhealthy. At the terminal of each twenty-four hours it is good to compose down how good one Ate and exercised that twenty-four hours, by evaluation their eating wont that twenty-four hours on a graduated table of 1-5 and how good they exercised from 1-5. In making so, one can see their ain errors and do corrections so that to do losing weight easier.

Estella believes that “ losing lbs begins in one ‘s head and goes on from there. A individual can non merely advert that they will or desire to eat healthy, but the minute they are provided with good alimentary nutrient, reaches out ” for the more unhealthy nutrient. ” When one admits to one ‘s ego that they need to shave some inches off and acknowledge that they do non exert or hold healthy eating wonts, one can get down to detect that doing the needed changes will break their life. By seeing yourself in a different position and visible radiation, you can make what is best for yourself. Harmonizing to over 75 per centum of the people I surveyed, they said that “ aˆ¦this manner of extinguishing the first-year 15 from our lives would be effectual because it will do us more cognizant of our weight deriving issue and be able to supervise things. ” They when onto reference that it would supply them a ocular position of their enterprises and it in a manner push them to make better each twenty-four hours of their lives. The solution at manus is built to be stress free, so that it makes anyone who uses this solution feel at easiness about shaving inches off their organic structure within their ain clip frame.

Once using this reply, losing weight will turn out to be more obvious with each passing twenty-four hours. A better self-image and assurance will be gained, merely by being concerned for one ‘s actions. The ill-famed “ freshers 15 ” , which most autumn victim to, could be a thing of the base on balls or does non hold to turn out to be world. The freshers fifteen is a job for many first twelvemonth pupils across America. This weight deriving issue needs a solution that will outdo battle it. By put to deathing the solution stated above one will get down to non merely transport out healthy life physically but mentally.

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