Themes In The Novel Pride And Prejudice English Literature Essay

The essay is an in depth analysis of subjects in the fresh Pride and Prejudice. Subjects are by and large the cardinal thoughts of a piece or art be it a book, pulling, movie or verse forms. Normally subjects are developed through assorted ways among them through characters. The fresh Pride and Prejudice was written by Austen Jane back in 1813. By and large, the narrative is told of a Bennet Elizabeth traveling through a figure of issues in life for case instruction, matrimony among others. The major manner used by the writer is narrative technique of free indirect address. Through the assorted ways of showing her thoughts, readers are able to place several subjects including love repute, category, and environment playing a portion in kid upbringing, matrimony to advert but a few ( Pat 121 ) .

Subject of love

Austen Jane has been hailed to hold written the most cherish literature in respects to love ; this can be seen in the wooing of Elizabeth and Darcy. For the two to recognize their love, there were legion things that blocked such desires. The subject of love is depicted to be manus in manus with matrimony. It is deserving observing that at the gap of the novel, the writer says, “ It is a truth universally acknowledged that a individual adult male in ownership of a good luck must be in privation of a married woman ” ( Austen Chapter 1 ) . It is deserving observing that during the times of the writer matrimony was an issue in the society and it is deemed this is what influenced her to compose it up in this novel.

It is apparent that one of the faltering block was characters ‘ ain qualities, for case, Elizabeth was proud doing her misjudge Darcy as being unfriendly while the ulterior misjudges the former for coming from a hapless background. Apparently, the writer makes the reader understand that for persons to recognize and capture love, so there is demand for both spouses to come out of the wrapping consequence of societal category ( Tanvir par. 4 ) . Austen through Elizabeth and Darcy every bit good as other characters make it apparent that true love is what dictates the separation of persons and the society suppressing all the prevailing barriers.

Additionally, readers besides become cognizant of bogus love. This is where characters engage in a matrimony relationship for the interest of wealth. This is exemplified by what Lucas Charlotte said of their matrimony with Mr. Collin, “ I am non romantic you know, I ne’er was, I ask merely a comfy place, and sing Mr. Collin ‘ character, connexions and state of affairs in life, I am convinced that my opportunity of felicity with him is as fairaˆ¦ ” ( Austen Chapter 22 )

Subject of category and economic inequality

In the novel, the line between those who have and those who have non are clearly drawn. This is a clear contemplation of what was go oning in England at the clip. Although the Bennet in-between category household, they perchance mingled with their counter-parts in upper category. However, it is apparent that they felt inferior and were so treated as such. The issue of category consciousness is shown when Mr. Collins takes most of his clip fawning those in the upper class- Lady Catherine. Similarly, Darcy is of the sentiment that his line of descent of self-respect to him, on the same line Miss Bingley hates those that are non socially acceptable to her ( Pat 45 ) . Persons besides strive to mount the societal ladder as shown by Wickham who is ready to travel in making excess ordinary things to get societal category. However, the novel in a compendious mode proves that through matrimony, love every bit good as felicity brought approximately by it breaks the ironss of societal category.

There are clear groundss that economic inequality confronting adult females at the clip forced them to get married spouses that were unwanted so to talk so that they could derive fiscal security. A typical illustration of such matrimony was between Collin and Lucas Charlotte who was ready to even mess with her ain life but be with a rich adult male who could carry through her fiscal demands. This is condemned by the writer. It is besides fiscal inequality that makes Mrs. Bennet to set up suers to her girls and one of her girls, Elizabeth says of her sister Jane, “ If Jane should decease, it would be comfort to cognize that it was all in chase of Mr. Bingley ” ( Austen Chapter 7 ) .

Subject of morality and repute

In the novel the writers makes it really clear that the repute particularly of a adult female count a batch. There are certain ways adult females are to transport themselves and if they go astray so they are bound to ostracism/exclusion. This is summarized Mary, “ Loss of virtuousness in a female is unretrievable ; that one false measure involves her in eternal ruin ; that her repute is no less brittle than it is beautiful ; and that she can non be excessively much guarded in her behaviour towards the undeserving of the other sex ” ( Austen Chapter 47 )

This is exemplified by assorted female characters. For case, when Mrs. Bennet behaved in an ill-manner towards Darcy and Bingleys, likewise, the scenario where Elizabeth went to Netherfield and run into Miss Bingley and her friend in a soiled skirt tarnished her repute. The measure taken by Lydia to run off with Wickham so walks off without acquiring married topographic points her in an sick place in the society ( Lombardi par. 2 ) . This might besides negatively impact on her sisters as it threatens their pursuit of happening hubbies and might stay single for the remainder of their lives.

Subject of rational pride

The book revolves about pride as the characters of the [ people is built along this. This is so marked in the novel where Darcy alienates himself from other people due to plume. This is seen where he acted so snobbishly with batch degree Fahrenheits high quality when they encountered for the first clip on the ball with Benet taking to them being turned off. In his loving of Elizabeth, Darcy acted so proudly to a point whereby, Elizabeth was disgusted due to his behaviour taking her to contemn him so much. We see him corrupting Elizabeth household so much even after suggesting to her for matrimony. However, to guarantee that he wins her love back and get married her, Darcy had to look at her life one time once more and alter her intense pride to guarantee that he makes her happy ( Catherine, 2005 ) .

In add-on, there is the rational pride that is portrayed by Mr. Benet to Mary who is the sister that he likes mocking about. In the fresh Benet makes jeer of Mary by speaking to her and stating, “ what say you Mary? For you are a immature lady of deep contemplation I know, and read great books, and makes infusions. ” At this point, Mary felt that that was a jeer and felt that she should state something but held her breath knowing that it was non the right clip to state it. Out of his pride, he ne’er let Mary to set her thoughts to react to him, but suggested that they should travel back to Mr. Bigley.

Catherine De Bough is seen to be so proud of her hob due to the societal position that she is in. she is seen to establish her pride in the wealth and the privileges that the wealth bring along with doing her overestimation her ability. Her pride show that she is capable of d0oing anything. Harmonizing to the novel, her pride is shown through the statement that she makes. She says, “ There are few people in England, I suppose, who have more true enjoyment of music than me, or a better natural gustatory sensation. If I had of all time learnt, I should hold been a great proficient. ” That mere pride is non supported by any facet of her life. Otherwise, no affair the wealth that she has and privileges that the wealth bring along her manner, it does non intend that she is capable of making everything.

Her pride is able to float her to believe that her feelings are the lone of import 1. She talks impolitely with small or no witting that she is making so. She said that, “ I have told Miss Bennet several times, that she will ne’er play truly good, unless she patterns more ; and though Mrs. Collins has no instrument, she is really welcome, as I have frequently told her, to come to Rosings every twenty-four hours, and play on the piano strong suit in Mrs. Jenison ‘s room. She would be in cipher ‘s manner, you know, in that portion of the house, ” ( Austen, chapter 35 ) . This showa the degree that the Mrs. Catherine had due to the position she had to an extent of the pride being so rooted in her that even by doing insensible statement she does non recognize she is ill-mannered.

Subject of bias

Prejudice has besides been really rampant in this book where several people undermine others largely due to their instruction and economic position. Harmonizing to the novel, Elizabeth had some bias issues to cover with. Darcy who economically was stable but was invariably hurt by the issue of his bias by sabotaging her household loved her. It took clip for Elizabeth to get the better of her lover ‘s biass that were ever followed with haughtiness and snobbism. Elizabeth is portrayed to be really caring and she was hated the things that Darcy said about her household that seemed to be so deprecating ( Catherine, 2005 ) .

The undermentioned conversation show the degree at which bias has been heighted by particularly Darcy in the manner he gives his respects towards Jane Bennet harmonizing to Austen chapter 8, he says ;

“ ” I have an inordinate respect for Jane Bennet, she is truly a really sweet miss, and I wish with all my bosom she were good settled. But with such a male parent and female parent, and such low connexions, I am afraid there is no opportunity of it. ”

“ I think I have heard you say, that their uncle is an lawyer in Meryton. ”

“ Yes ; and they have another, who lives someplace close Cheapside. ”

“ That is capital, ” added her sister, and they both laughed heartily.

“ If they had uncles plenty to make full all Cheapside, ” cried Bingley, “ it would non do them one jot less agreeable. ”

“ But it must really materially decrease their opportunity of get marrieding work forces of any consideration in the universe, ” replied Darcy.

This conversation shows the degree of the bias that Darcy had for the lower category people. Harmonizing to him, the thought of life in Cheapside and Meryton was because of lower status of the economic position. They truly keep them with really low respect.


The novel has assorted subjects harmonizing to the manner assorted readers are able to circulate the thought that the author had in head. Depending with the manner the secret plan has been developed and the conversation that the characters have involved in, the above subjects, which are love and matrimony, pride, bias, societal category, and economic inequality and repute are the most conspicuous through the novel. They may be intertwined but extracts have been critically examined to acquire the different significance, therefore diverse subjects developed.

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