Varieties of Love in the Poetry of Browning, Poe and Causley


The emotion love has a great power in it. The perceptual experience that love is merely when two people are together and happy is incorrect, all four verse forms discussed in this essay have one similar subject. The verse forms are picturing the subject of how love can pervert the head and turn those so called beautiful emotions into an ‘evil’ thought. Robert Browning was known for his soliloquies, the play and thrill he had for his readers was exciting and flooring. His soliloquy ‘Porphyria ‘s Lover’ came as a daze to the people for it had a talker who was narrating his slaying offense as if he should be rewarded for his barbarous title. The talker non merely kills the hapless miss but plays with the cadavers all dark. Browning did non intent to mask the people but instead he was foregrounding the issue of the modern society of Victoria. Victorians would happen the miss to be immoral and traveling against the norms of the society as when the verse form as published there were dismaying intelligence about the cocottes and single adult females. I find the talker of the verse form to be a sociopath and ill – minded individual with no morale. Another verse form of Robert Browning will be explored in the essay, ‘My Last Duchess’ a Duke stating the narrative of his former dead married woman who is now nil but a picture. The subject of the verse form is yet once more the extreme of love which as I said earlier can be evil. The of import factor in this verse form is that the Duke is non in love with his married woman but instead in love with his ain image. Narcissism is non a approval ; nevertheless is a expletive. The 3rd verse form is the cryptic slaying of an 18 twelvemonth old miss, working as a domestic retainer. ‘The Ballad of Charlotte Dymond’ a verse form that does non necessitate much account. Charles Causleyhas written the verse form in a flow that catches the full attending of the reader and for a while the reader finds himself to be moving as a investigator. A investigator who is work outing the slaying offense of Charlotte Dymond by utilizing the secret deep lines of Mathew the lover and slayer as the chief beginning. Mathew kills his darling Charlotte because she is in love with person else and he can’t base that. The repeat of two things can be seen by in all three verse forms mentioned above, ( I ) egotistic insanity, ( two ) love in its evil signifier, ( three ) and 3rd the necrophilism. Necrophilia is the sexual fond regard of a individual with cadavers of the dead 1s. The talker of the last verse form ‘Annabel Lee’ is a good illustration to understand the term necrophilism. The immature love of childhood has brought him to populate with such desperation that he now finds his love to be in the cadavers of Annabel Lee. The lone one thing that can said to be different about this verse form is that the talker is non the slayer of the miss.


The talker from the verse form Porphyria ‘s Lover by Robert Browning is the craziest because he narrates the calamity with such a unagitated tone as if the slaying and the cadavers were delighting him. The province of necrophilism is good explained in his instance, the remainder three lovers are no uncertainty insane but the slayer of Porphyria is proud of what he did which makes him the most brainsick lover every bit good as slayer.


  1. Porphyria ‘s Lover
  1. Describe the talker:The talker of the verse form has a really intense personality. His confession of slaying Porphyria is without any sorrow or compunction. The manner he uses for narrating his title is converting for him to believe he did the right thing ; he controlled the state of affairs by capturing the minute. The creepy point is that what he finds as a capturing minute is dead girls’ cadavers. The talker did non desire to lose his lover so he killed her but there is another side of the calamity. The talker was non merely insane but selfish. His self-love was non with his image but with the sexual relation he experienced with the miss. ‘Playing with her cadavers all night’ ( Editors ) , would person out of hatred do such a thing? He did non envy or detest his love but had met the Satan of love inside him.
  2. Describe the victim:Porphyria is a immature miss who went against the societal imposts of her society to be with her lover. She had no thought what she feared from her household and society was finally given to her by her really ain lover. As the talker writes about her she entered the bungalow all moisture and took her apparels off which can misdirect the reader to judge the character of Porphyria. But she was making it for her love, her strength and insanity can be witnessed by her actions but she certainly did non anticipate to be strangled by the talker.
  3. Describe their relationship:Porphyria and the talker are in an intense degree of love. The scene of gender in the verse form explains the deepness of their relationship and fond regard to each other. They both are frantically in love and will take every measure to continue this love.
  4. Describe the slaying:The lover kills the love of his life without experiencing any compunction because he is convinced that this was the lone manner to maintain her safe with him. He strangles her and plays with her cadavers all dark. The slaying is non merely a slaying but a homicide instance committed by a psychotic ill individual.
  1. My Last Duchess
  1. Describe the talker:The Duke is full of himself. In other words the Duke be defined as a satisfied narcist. He loves nil but his ain image ; he got his married woman murdered because she did non praise him as he wanted her excessively. The duke claims the Duchess to be a adult females of low character because she was non fulfilling the egotistic image of the Duke, he felt left out.
  2. Describe the victim:The Duchess seems to be a sweet beautiful lady with no incorrect purposes. However, the Duke does non visualize her with so pureness. For the Duke the victim is an unfaithful married woman because she failed to idolize him. The characters explained by the Duke chalk out a coquettish image of the Duchess ; nevertheless, the calamity lies under the self-love of the Duke ( Editors. ) .
  3. Describe their relationship:The Duke and former Duchess are married and portion a relationship that lacks the emotion of love with one another. The Duke is in love with his ain image there is no manner he could hold been pleased.
  4. Describe the slaying:The Duke got his married woman murdered and confesses it by stating ‘I gave bids ; so all smilings stopped together.’ He hated the Duchess for she was non delighting him by loving his egotistic personality.
  1. The Ballad of Charlotte Dymond
  1. Describe the talker:Mathew a crippled by manus lover who found insanity to be his last resort when he found about his darling Charlotte’s love for person else. He with his razor cut her pharynx. His love drew him to insanity ( Michael ) .
  2. Describe the victim:Charlotte is a immature working miss. The verse form has excessively many spreads in it so the character of the victim has non been sketched with excessively many inside informations. The narrative told by Mathew portrays Charlotte to be unfaithful as she falls in love with person else.
  3. Describe their relationship:The relationship of Mathew and Charlotte is really complex. The storyteller makes it seem like both were in love with one another, whereas, I find it to be a nonreversible love narrative.
  4. Describe the slaying:The slaying of Charlotte was committed by cutting her pharynx, which means the slayer was really unprompted. To look person in the eyes and cut their pharynx is non what a lover could make but a individual overwhelmed with insanity can so perpetrate such a offense for he does non experience much of his actions.
  1. Annabel Lee
  1. Describe the talker:The talker is a huffy lover. To turn out the universe that his love was non merely a teenage crush he sleeps with the cadavers of his darling Annabel Lee every dark in the grave, where she lays. Annabel Lee and the talker were in love when they were kids but subsequently on Annabel got ill and died. The love of the talker did non let him to travel on ( Poe ) .
  2. Describe the victim:Annabel cubic decimeter Lee was a victim of illness non slaying. She died before she could hold experienced the existent emotions of love. Her early age decease does non go forth the readers with much character description.
  3. Describe their relationship:The talker and Annabel Lee are lovers. Both were really immature when they felt the emotions of love and fondness for one another. The decease of Annabel Lee left the talker with a lifetime wretchedness.
  4. Describe the slaying:Annabel Lee died by illness as the talker narrates, the clouds were responsible for her decease.


Love does non give an person the right of taking someone’s life. Love is known to be pure. Indeed the construct of forfeit is presented by those who have defined the term love. But sacrifice by killing the individual you love was decidedly non something the philosophers were speaking about. All three slayings and the brainsick Annabel Lee lover need no penalty for their insanity because the going of their loved one’s is their wretchedness to populate with for the remainder of their life. Love is a self-generated emotional motion toward a being who gives us satisfaction. This emotional entreaty can be applied to a individual, object or even an thought. Love is non an emotion in itself ; it is a complex emotional experience which includes several emotions. This is possibly the most complex of all emotional experiences. There are frequently, for illustration, joy, attractive force or desire, fondness, esteem, attachment, etc. The experience of love includes both frequently choler or bitterness and a sense of exposure. Therefore, the dead lovers of the four verse forms are non in love with a individual but with two elements: foremost an thought that they find to be lovable and 2nd love with oneself.

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