Why Dont I Believe In God English Literature Essay

I do n’t believe in God, but I have an enviousness for person who does. I can see how that would be a deeply soothing experience. What I ‘m stating is, is that God does n’t be. I ‘m non stating that religion does n’t be. I know faith exists. But, faith or belief does n’t do something true. The being of God is non subjective. He ‘s either at that place or he is n’t.

As an atheist, I see nil incorrect with believing in God. If it helps you in some manner, so travel for it and bask. I merely wish that you would n’t kill people who do n’t believe in the same God as you.

Which by the manner, Historians have cataloged 3700 supernatural existences of which 2870 could be considered Deities. You ‘re about an atheist. I do n’t accept 2,870 Gods, and you do n’t accept 2,869.

I used to believe in God.

I loved Jesus. He was my hero. He was cooler than any film stars or athlete, or God. God was all powerful, all knowing. Jesus was a adult male ; he had to work for what he got. He was a bad buttocks with a program to salvage the universe from enticement and wickedness. He was like Han Solo. But he was my hero because he was sort. And He was sort to everyone. He did n’t give in to peer force per unit area or inhuman treatment. He loved you. I wanted to be merely like him.

When I was about 10 old ages old I confessed to my parents that I had been molested by my uncle. My male parent ‘s brother. It tore my household apart. I told them merely a few yearss before Christmas. Because of this, at the petition of my parents my Uncle was non arrested until after Christmas.

So there I am at my household ‘s Christmas dinner. I was sitting in the life room. Ten pess off from my maltreater, pulling the crucifixion. When uncle comes over and asks “ why do you believe in God ” . But my Mom yelled across the room “ Doug ” in a tone that I knew meant shut up. It was a simple inquiry, why did she acquire so upset? If my religion in God is strong and I believe it does n’t count what other people think.

Ohaˆ¦.Hang on. There is no God. He knows it and someplace deep inside she knows it excessively. I started believing about it and the more I asked inquiries the more I knew it was true. If God existed why would this awful thing have happened to me? Within the hr, I was an atheist.

Then I thought if God is n’t existent so, Santa must non be either. Of class, but who cares. The gifts kept coming. But so did my new found godlessness. The gifts of Science, Nature, and Truth. The beauty of things like development. Development of workss animate beings and even us, with imaginativeness, free will, love and humor.A I no longer needed a ground to existence, merely a ground to populate. And love, wit, imaginativeness, free will, fun, music, weed, beer and Burgers are all good adequate grounds to populate.

But populating an honorable life requires truth. That ‘s the 2nd thing I learned that twenty-four hours, that the truth, nevertheless uncomfortable, in the terminal leads to release and pride.

So the inquiry “ Why do n’t you believe in God? ” what does that truly intend. When person asks that I think they are truly oppugning their ain beliefs. In a manner they ‘re inquiring “ why are you so enlightened? “ Why have n’t you been brainwashed like all of us? ” “ How daring you question my God and state me the Eden that I ‘ve worked my whole life to acquire to is n’t existent, fuck you! ” Honestly, if merely one cat believed in God the remainder of the universe would believe he ‘s a moonstruck. But because it ‘s accepted around the universe. And why is it accepted all over the universe? That ‘s obvious. It ‘s an attractive program. Believe in Him and you will populate everlastingly.

“ Do unto othersaˆ¦ ” is good plenty. I live by that. Forgiveness is about surely the greatest virtuousness there is. But that ‘s what it is. It ‘s a virtuousness. Not merely a Christian virtuousness. No 1 is the proprietor of being good. I ‘m good. I do n’t believe I ‘ll be rewarded for it in Eden. My wages is right here and right now. It ‘s that cognizing that I ever seek to make the right thing. There ‘s peace in understanding that I ‘ve merely got one life to populate, here and now, and I ‘m responsible. But that ‘s where faith lost its manner. When it became a rock to throw at people. “ Do this or you ‘ll fire for infinity. ”

You wo n’t fire in snake pit. But be nice anyhow.

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