Working in Groups Description of this Guide

In this usher we shall see by and large how groups are formed and the different type of groups you may be faced with at university. We spend more clip looking at the group undertaking and how to develop an effectual squad. The other subdivisions look at the different signifiers of survey groups that you may meet at university. All group work extends your inter-personal accomplishments and this usher will assist you place what these accomplishments are.

Learning Results

1. Recognize how groups form and map.

2. Associate your cognition of groups to team undertakings and other survey groups.

3. Identify the inter-personal accomplishments developed through group work.

4. Measure your developing inter-personal accomplishments.


1.0 About groups and squads

1.1 How do groups map as squads?

1.2 How do persons go squad participants?

1.3 The importance of land regulations

2.0 Undertaking squads

Get to cognize yourself and the persons that make up your squad

Establish your squad ‘s profile

2.2 Develop a squad spirit

2.3 Understand the undertaking and develop a program

Keep the squad

Thingss that worry you about squad work

3.0 Study groups

3.1 In category

3.2 Peer acquisition groups

3.2.1 Helping a friend – coaching

3.2.2 Private survey groups

3.2.3 Peer assisted larning

3.3 Avoid plagiarizing from each other ( collusion )

4.0 Reflect on your developing accomplishments


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Working in Groups

One of our major beginnings of wellbeing is our relationship with our household, friends, co-workers and coachs. Within each of these relationships we have different outlooks and different functions. Knowing how to work efficaciously within these different groupings is hence an of import inter-personal accomplishment we need to develop and go on developing throughout our lives. Working with groups of people at university can be rather varied and understanding how we and others function in these groups can salvage us a batch of fuss subsequently.


Undertaking Teams

Get to cognize yourself and the persons that make up your squad

Develop a squad spirit

Understand the undertaking and develop a program

Keep the squad


Survey Groups

In category

Peer larning groups

Avoid plagiarizing from each other


Reflect on your developing accomplishments

1.0 About Groups and Teams

The footings ‘groups ‘ and ‘teams ‘ are by and large used interchangeably. However, there are differences, and a squad can be regarded as a group of people who come together for a defined undertaking. It may intend that they so disband one time the undertaking is complete. For the intents of this usher hence, we see groups as the more generic term and squads as undertaking particular. In order for squads to work good, they need to understand how people work in groups.

1.1 How do Groups Function as Teams?

Groups are really frequently formed merely for a peculiar undertaking and may non hold worked together earlier, so you might experience a small awkward with each other. Since you will likely be working within a clip bound, it is of import hence to understand a small about how groups function in order to be an effectual operation squad every bit shortly as possible. John Adair ( 1986 ) developed a authoritative theoretical account of how teams map.

Specifying the undertaking

Making a program

Allocating work & A ; resources

Controlling quality & A ; pacing of work

Checking public presentation against program

Adjusting program

Achieve undertaking

Build squad



Attending to personal problems/issues

Valuing persons

Recognizing & A ; utilizing single abilities

Training/helping the person

Puting criterions

Keeping subject

Building squad spirit

Encouraging, motivation, giving sense of intent

Appointing functions

Guaranting communicating within the group

Depending on the type of group it is, you may desire to concentrate on personal development ( leading development, outward bound activities etc ) where taking attention of single demands are paramount. In most university classs nevertheless, you will likely come together for some academic undertaking – so you will necessitate to concentrate on accomplishing the undertaking. In order to make that efficaciously you will necessitate to bear in head how you develop the group and take attention of persons within that group. You will necessitate to place squad functions that allow all these facets of group work to go on ( Section 2.1 trades with this ) .

Each of the three countries identified by Adair demands to be addressed if your squad is to work efficaciously and harmoniously. Just conceive of these scenarios:

Scenario 1

You are working with a great group – they are all your friends. You frequently meet at the saloon as it gives a good informal ambiance and you can bask the work. It is good because no-one in the group nags or bosses anyone else about. You have done some reading around for this undertaking and written a few things down and you hope that it will be utile. You assume everyone else is making that excessively, after all, they all turn up and look engaged.

Assume it is now 2 hebdomads before your concluding deadline.

Jot down some thoughts

How might such a squad appear during the undertaking presentation if they do n’t alter?

What are the dangers for persons working in a group like this?

Take stock – what does the group demand to make NOW?

What would you hold learned about group work from such a group?

Scenario 2

You are working with a group of people – they are all your friends. However, a twosome of them have become truly autocratic and they tell everyone else what to make, constantly seting and shirking with things and even commanding what you are making. They have told you to make something you have got no expertness or involvement in. There is really small squad spirit, and you merely seem like a group of persons holding to make this material. You ne’er expected these friends of yours to be like this. You ‘ll be glad when it is all over.

Assume it is now 2 hebdomads before your deadline.

Jot down some thoughts

How might such a squad appear during the undertaking presentation if they do n’t alter?

What are the dangers for persons working in a group like this?

How will you all be experiencing right now? Who will make those last infinitesimal undertakings if you all feel fed up?

Take stock – what does the group demand to make NOW?

What would you hold learned about group work from such a group?

Scenario 3

You are working with some people you know and some you do n’t cognize. Thingss are traveling good, you have even developed land regulations, appointed a group coordinator and have regular meetings. However, as clip goes on jobs arise as two group members are n’t ‘pulling their weight ‘ – 1 has even stopped coming to meetings and has n’t produced anything yet. The group is acquiring annoyed as they see all their difficult work being compromised by the those who are n’t lending efficaciously.

2 hebdomads to travel – what would you make from the following?




Find out if individual X has a echt ground for non making the work

He/she may be badly, have household jobs or are merely happening life force per unit areas hard at present. Depending on the reply, as a group you could give that individual support or you may necessitate to promote him/her to seek aid. Your ground?

Ignore individual X and make his/her work yourselves

It is the lone manner to finish the undertaking. The coach is merely giving one grade for the completed undertaking, so we have to. This is non ideal and it will merely do bitterness. Your ground?

Assuming there are no extenuating fortunes so reach individual X and say you need them to make their portion – refer to land regulations and what they have to make to finish the undertaking. Make this in composing – electronic mail or missive -from the whole group – guarantee a day of the month for reply/action- retain a transcript.

Person X realises the group is serious. Keep a record of your communicating – you may necessitate to state what you will make if you get no/little response. Your ground?

Report individual X to your coach if you get no response ) explicating which portion of the undertaking individual X is responsible for.

This should be a last resort, but may be necessary in utmost instances. If you do this, you should state individual X and give him/her a opportunity to set things right. It should wholly be crystalline and ‘business wish ‘ . Your ground?

Some of your ideasaˆ¦

NOW think what an ideal group would be for you and the following clip you are in a squad undertaking, believe how you achieve it.

1.2 How do persons go squad participants?

When we come together as persons to organize a squad we either come non cognizing anyone and experiencing instead dying, or we know some, but come with a luggage of information about them from old brushs that could impact squad public presentation. So, as each new squad is formed in order to finish a undertaking, all persons within the squad demand to be witting of how squads by and large develop, and how persons become less defensive or reserved and get down to travel through a series of phases towards a well working squad.

Teams by and large go through 4 phases:

Forming ( orientation )

You are all enthusiastic and have positive outlooks, yet you are a bit dying about what is go oning and inquire if you can carry through your function and acquire on with the others. This should be an energetic period, concentrating on what you have to make.

Ramping ( dissatisfaction/conflict )

Team members become disgruntled as they adjust to how the squad operates. You may happen a disagreement between your outlooks and the world. This is coupled with the fact that you are likely holding to larn new things and experience unsure of your ability. This might go worse if you think others are settling in better than you. At this phase you might see statements and sub-groups organizing. This phase needs to be carefully managed.

Norming ( resolution/cooperation )

You and others are get downing to settle down and the squad should hold resolved some of its differences and made accommodations. At this point you will experience more valued, there will be a clearer and more methodical manner of working that you have all agreed to. Respect, harmoniousness and trust are developing, giving you all a sense of ego regard.

Performing ( productiveness )

You and your squad members feel confident, work good together, can openly state what you think, you like being a member of the squad and you can see the undertaking being achieved by joint attempt.

In order for you and your squad to develop through these phases you need to set land regulations in topographic point at the ‘forming ‘ phase. This will give you a mechanism to cover with some of the troubles you will confront in the ‘storming ‘ stage. Remember, as a squad you may happen yourself circling the ‘storming’- ‘norming ‘ phases a few times – but do seek to travel on!

1.3 The importance of land regulations

Land regulations are critical if you want to set up an effectual working group. Land regulations will be the footing for a strong working relationship based on: trust, honestness and an consciousness of the outlooks of each other. Social groups besides have land regulations, but these tend to hold developed over clip and are really frequently un-spoken regulations. However, if a group member violates these ‘rules ‘ they are frequently made to experience acutely cognizant of it. In a squad, where persons come together with people they do n’t cognize, and have to get down working as a squad, doing land regulations explicit is really of import. When any member of the group feels things are traveling incorrect, he/she could mention to the land regulations to remind everyone of their understanding. Be honest with the group and state what is of import for you when working with them.

As a squad develop about 4 or 5 land regulations – some illustrations are:

take duty for your ain acquisition, actions and reactions

speak for yourself

be honest and open

List 3 more that are or would be of import to you when working with a group?




2.0 Undertaking Teams

You may state that you do n’t necessitate to cognize about how squads and groups work because you know most of the people you intend working with, and you may hold intentionally selected each other. However, do n’t presume anything, you still have to work at being a squad ( see the scenarios above ) . Do n’t bury, you may hold a squad where some of you already know each other while others are new. This will do the ‘newbies ‘ feel vulnerable – retrieve the persons ‘ demands in squads.

A checklist of things you need to make:

Get to cognize yourself and the persons that make up your squad – set land regulations.

Develop a squad spirit – return clip to be a squad.

Understand the undertaking and develop a program – analyse the undertaking and acquire organised.

Keep the squad – reflect on your ain part and how the squad is working as you go through the forming-storming-norming-peforming phases – you will necessitate to utilize the land regulations here ( see Section 1.2 above ) .

2.1 Get to cognize yourself and the persons that make up your


Set land regulations ( see Section 1.3 above ) .

From the Adair theoretical account above we can see that a squad needs to take attention of the undertaking, the group kineticss and its persons. Since a squad is made up of persons with their ain features, each individual will lend to the squad in different ways and develop different functions within the squad.

Expression at the diagram below – on the whole what sort of individual do you believe you are. In the infinites provided topographic point a:

1 – really me

2 – sometimes me

3 – seldom me

Action Person

I have to acquire on with things. I am extravert & A ; may look a spot autocratic.

Peoples Person

I am cognizant of how people are making in the squad. I enjoy being with people and think I can pass on good.


I have to work things out foremost. I am introvert & A ; prefer to work entirely first before I act. I ‘m non such a good communicator


Read this subdivision if you are presently working on a group undertaking.

Now look at the squad roles below. From your choice above of the sort of individual you think you are, which function would accommodate you

1 – ‘ideal function for me ‘

2 – ‘an All right function for me ‘

3 – ‘ this is non a function for me ‘


Creates common purpose |provides communicating and vision | clarifies objectives | makes certain everybody is involved, committed and motivated |coordinates the attempts of the squad | ensures that determinations are made and the squad makes advancement.

You may hold preferred the ‘action ‘ or the ‘people individual ‘ from above. So is this for you? Discuss with other squad members how you see your function and their function in the squad. Think how an ‘action individual ‘ or ‘people individual ‘ might develop this function. How make your perceptual experiences compare with other squad members?

For me

For squad mate 1

For squad mate 2

For squad mate 3


Collects and analyses information | listens to what is being said and tickers what is traveling on | is sometimes quiet before lending thoughts | thinks through the job | sees solutions, anticipates jobs.

You will likely hold preferred the ‘thinker ‘ from above. So is this for you? Discuss with other squad members how you see your function and their function in the squad. Think how an action individual or people individual might acquire on with this sort of individual – can you see the jobs that might happen for the squad? How make your perceptual experiences compare with other squad members?

For me

For squad mate 1

For squad mate 2

For squad mate 3


Privations to win and strives for consequences |wants to come on towards the end rapidly |becomes impatient with holds | challenges premises and proposes betterments | has tonss of enthusiasm | inquiries complacence.

You may hold preferred the ‘action individual ‘ or ‘thinker ‘ from above. So is this for you? Discuss with other squad members how you see your function and their function in the squad. Think how this function might differ with an ‘action individual ‘ or a ‘thinker ‘ – can you see the jobs that might happen? How make your perceptual experiences compare with other squad members?

For me

For squad mate 1

For squad mate 2

For squad mate 3


Is concerned that everybody is suiting in |contributes tempers and physiques Bridgess around the squad |works to develop a squad spirit |is keen to acquire everyone to hold |watches out for feelings and attitudes |eases tenseness and Fosters a positive spirit.

You may hold preferred the ”people individual ‘ from above. So is this for you? Discuss with other squad members how you see your function and their function in the squad. Think how this function might differ with an ‘action individual ‘ or a ‘thinker ‘ – can you see the jobs that might happen? How make your perceptual experiences compare with other squad members?

For me

For squad mate 1

For squad mate 2

For squad mate 3


Always wants to be active |is prepared to acquire involved to assist others |wants to see advancement and attachment to programs |gets bored with excessively much treatment |hates clip blowing |works hard to complete the undertaking.

You may hold preferred the ”action individual ‘ , ‘thinker ‘ or ‘people individual ‘ from above. So is this for you? Discuss with other squad members how you see your function and their function in the squad. Think how this function might differ with different types of people in this function – can you see the differences that might happen?

For me

For squad mate 1

For squad mate 2

For squad mate 3

Now compare your perceptual experiences and see what the profile is for your squad. Are you able to cover all functions? Will some of you have to accommodate?

If you want to look more carefully at the functions that would accommodate you better see this on-line questionnaire at the University of Exeter.

hypertext transfer protocol: //

When you have established the individual profile of the squad, allocate undertakings that work to the strengths of persons. It may non be such a good thought to hold a individual look intoing the all right item if they are an action individual or anticipate person to maintain the squad together if they are more of a ‘thinker ‘ . Decide how you can outdo usage those in your squad.

You can besides finish the Belbin squad functions ‘ questionnaire. You can happen this online at:

2.2 Develop a squad spirit

If you are to work together efficaciously and bask the procedure, it is of import to develop a squad spirit. Look at the list, click where you are as a squad.

What can you make to go a teamaˆ¦ .

What can you make to avoid going a squad…

We ‘ve got to cognize each other

We have done/intend to make something socially together

We feel confident plenty to unwrap some personal information about ourselves

As a squad we have identified our strengths and failings.

We have identified our penchants about how we like to work with others

We guarantee all members feel portion of the squad

We all feel free plenty to show our feelings.

We realise that planning is of import, so we have done that and taken all points of position on board.

All members feel supported by the squad.

We ‘ve non got to cognize each other, but we do chew the fat a small about other things and experience that is adequate

We ‘ve ne’er met up socially as we have nil in common

We do n’t experience confident plenty to unwrap ourselves

We ‘ve non looked at the strengths and failings and see no point in it.

We are rather happy to let an person to rule if he/she wants to.

Some members of the group tend to except other members – but that is merely how things are.

We avoid showing our feelings, as things could travel incorrect, so we keep it formal and impersonal.

Person in the group normally takes control and says what has to be done – we are rather happy with that. If non, we merely acquire on with what our undertaking is and so put it wholly at the terminal – it normally works out OK.

We do n’t necessitate to experience supported by squad members, we have our other friends for that.

2.3 Understand the undertaking and develop a program

As a squad, analyse the undertaking you have to make. Make certain you ALL understand what needs to be done, the clip frame, the procedure ( how to make it ) and the merchandise ( what you have to manus in ) . Do n’t bury portion of the undertaking set by your coachs may be reflecting on your attempts as a squad – so do n’t bury to maintain notes.

Once you have analysed the undertaking set, guarantee all have countries to work on and that you all agree on what needs to be done. Make a program for these so you can clearly see all the parts. If you have been asked to reflect on your group processes, this could be portion of your grounds. You can ever set your program as you develop. Your contriver may include:

rubric for undertaking

list of squad members

clear statement of what the end is, what has to be done and who does what

deadline for passing in:

list of sub undertakings ( with names )

clip frame for undertakings ( your mileposts )

presentation format ( how should the group fix stuff )

2.4 Maintain the squad

Make sure you have processs for pass oning, look intoing the work is done, pressing out jobs ( with undertakings or people ) . Check your timing, guarantee you are all on the job towards the program. You may desire to put up sub groups. Get everyone ‘s electronic mail reference and place good meeting times and topographic points. It is of import to be watchful to how the squad is acquiring along. You will likely hold to make some care work along the manner. The undermentioned checklist identifies some of the common things that can travel incorrect in squads. Identify the 1s that are traveling on in your team/ or have gone incorrect in other squads you have worked with. How would you set these things right?

Tick what might be traveling incorrect in your squad and believe how to rectify it.

What might be traveling incorrect


Not clear uping what your undertaking or aim is

Not look intoing on advancement

Not look intoing on clip

Not clear uping or entering what has been decided

Not clear uping who is traveling to make what

Not clear uping what has to be done by when

Not set uping processs for managing meetings

Not maintaining to hold processs

Not listening to each other

Leting persons to rule and others to retreat

Not compromising persons wants for the interest of the squad

Not recognizing the feelings of members of the squad

Not lending every bit to the advancement of the squad

2.4.1 Thingss that worry you about squad work

Below are a series of statements that pupils frequently make about group work. From this usher, and your ain experience, you can now reply these yourself. It may good to discourse these when you are in the ‘forming ‘ phase of your squad to aerate them right from the start – twosome this with your land regulations.

Annoying things

Puting them right

There are ever free-riders in a squad and their Markss are boosted by those who do the work

See scenario 3 in subdivision 1.1 above.

Teams decelerate me down and that irritates me

I have trouble with this topic and I ‘m afraid I ‘ll maintain the others back

Sometimes team members wo n’t finish their undertakings ( at all, or on clip! )

Sometimes squads do n’t split the work up reasonably

Sometimes you get pupils who merely do n’t care about their classs, but I do

These statements have been inspired by the University of Delaware at: hypertext transfer protocol: //

This is an first-class site and you may desire to see it to see what their position is of these issues.

3.0 Study Groups

It may look to you, and really frequently to others in Higher Education that acquisition is a lone procedure that happens between you, your coach and the books you read. There will be lone parts to larning where you truly necessitate to work through cardinal constructs. However, really frequently the PROCESS of larning and developing a deeper apprehension of your capable happens when you discuss it with others. Bruffee ( 1999 ) , for illustration, argues that effectual acquisition is closely connected with what is called ‘acculturation ‘ ; that is, the extent to which you become familiar with, and portion of, the whole civilization of acquisition and thought, reading and authorship, speech production and hearing, that you ‘ve stepped into when analyzing at university.

Your topic will hold its ain vocabulary, looks, countries of argument and its ain attacks to larning and learning. As you become familiar with your peculiar academic civilization, you will besides follow its ways of thought and bring forth work that is recognised by that portion of the academic community to which you belong. To make this efficaciously, you need to work with others and in add-on to the squad undertaking there are many other paths to collaborative acquisition.

3.1 In category

The acquisition and learning environment set up by your coachs can besides be an ideal topographic point for group interactions. Take advantage of this and go engaged every bit much as possible. This will assist you use the linguistic communication of your subject, explore and measure its cardinal issues and develop a deeper apprehension. Check the scenarios below and if you select ‘do n’t make this ‘ inquire yourself why and how this impacts on your acquisition at university.

Synergistic activities with fellow pupils and coachs

Make this

Do n’t make


Seminars & A ; tutorials

I am normally prepared for categories so I am able to take part. I come with thoughts and I am prepared to actively take part.

Laboratory/field work

Bing active in category and take parting agencies you are taking duty for your ain learning – see Bing an Independent Learner Guide, Section 1.1 for more information on this.

3.2 Peer acquisition groups

Apart from these learning scenarios, you may besides desire to run into up with fellow pupils as a survey group. You can make this in several ways: ( a ) assisting a friend, ( B ) a private survey group, or ( degree Celsius ) being portion of a equal assisted learning strategy. Let us look at how these larning groups can assist your surveies and develop your interpersonal accomplishments.

3.2.1. assisting a friend: coaching

When you help a friend you are either a protagonist, adviser and/or a incentive, or all three. These are accomplishments you are developing and they form the footing of ‘coaching ‘ , which is going an interesting tool for personal development. If you surf the Web, you will happen many topographic points that now offer training preparation for executives. So, why non develop your ain attack to coaching!

Basically as a coaching brace you decide what the focal point of your coaching will be, e.g. assist me better the construction of my essays, discuss a hard construct, assist me construe my coachs remarks on an assignment, maintain me motivated, merely be a friend etc. One of the cardinal premises of a coaching brace nevertheless is personal development and to make that you will necessitate to hold on how you give each other feedback. It is of import hence to understand the rules of giving and having feedback. Take a expression at the Bing an Independent Learner Guide, subdivision 3.3 on utilizing feedback to help your larning – possibly you can accommodate it when working with others. If you have n’t done so already, now would be a good clip to look at the subdivision on feedback.

Regard feedback as a ‘gift ‘ and seek non to be defensive or coy when it is given. Listen to what your friend says and perchance take notes so you can mention to them. With your friend, it may be deserving traveling through the feedback points, developing an action program of how you could better some facet of your work ( when appropriate ) . If you do n’t hold with some facets of feedback, merely state why non. You do n’t hold to accept all the feedback you are given, but do stay open to what you hear.

Some of the rules of giving good feedback are:


Reason why

Be descriptive instead than evaluative

[ study what you see, instead than an sentiment ]

If you merely province what you see, it prevents the receiving system from being defensive

Be specific instead than general

A instead obscure remark is really hard to utilize. If you take a concrete illustration of an issue it is much easier to cover with

Be honest, but sensitive

You are non at that place to give feedback to demo how much you know – ever think of the demands of the receiving system. If it is excessively insensitive, it can be destructive

Be constructive

This means covering with issues that the receiving system can make something about

Let receiver arouse some feedback

Ask the receiving system what they would wish feedback on

Be seasonably

For feedback to be of usage, it has to come at the right clip

Feedback must be clear

It may be good for the receiving system to observe down and perchance paraphrase it in their ain manner

If you are at all engaged in equal appraisal, so understanding how to give good feedback will be a really valuable tool. It will besides assist you understand the feedback given to you by your coach.

Now reflect on how an activity like this can better your classs, let you to bask acquisition and develop your interpersonal accomplishments – utilize the infinite below.

3.2.2 private survey groups

When you study together in a group you are honing your collaborative instead than your competitory accomplishments. You can utilize these groups to discourse what is needed in an assignment, as a readying for tests, dry run for unwritten presentations and of class acquiring to clasps with hard subjects. Hearing what others say, and what you say yourself, builds your assurance in being an active participant ( or independent scholar ) in your academic community.

3.2.3 equal assisted acquisition

This may sound really similar to the group larning above, except this is normally set up by your coachs and will affect some preparation if you are traveling to be a peer wise man. This is still rather new, and merely a few coachs have set up such strategies. But, if you are interested after reading this, you may desire to propose acquiring such a strategy for your surveies. So what is it?

Peer assisted larning strategies cover a assortment of agreements. However, one reasonably common one involves 2nd twelvemonth pupils assisting first twelvemonth pupils. Second twelvemonth pupils would hold merely gone through what first twelvemonth pupils are now traveling, or about to travel, through and they are at that place to back up little groups of first twelvemonth pupils. These ‘older ‘ pupils ( or ‘near equals ‘ ) will be trained as ‘mentors ‘ or ‘facilitators ‘ . This means that they will cognize how to make a supportive acquisition environment that allows the group to research certain facets of the course of study they are happening hard. These ‘mentors ‘ voluntary to make this and give up approximately 2 hours of their clip each hebdomad ( over designated hebdomads ) to assist. It is of import to gain that equal wise mans are non at that place to learn, but to offer support for others in deriving an apprehension of the topic.

As a equal wise man you gain developing in leading with regard to mentoring and facilitation. These are valuable accomplishments and through such a strategy the equal wise man has some extra critical grounds towards their personal bank of inter-personal accomplishments.

Check with your coachs if you are interested in puting up something like this.

Avoid plagiarizing from each other ( collusion ) .

When working together or with a friend on an assignment, there is ever the danger of stoping up with the same piece of work and you may be accused of ‘colluding ‘ or plagiarizing each other ‘s work. This is easy detected by your coach and you will acquire marked down for it. So how can you work together and manus in different pieces of work? Passing in work that closely resembles a friend ‘s or is in greater portion taken from a friend ‘s work can represent collusion. If you are involved in group work cheque with your School if they have any policy on collusion for assessed work.


Discourse what you need to make for the assignment ( task analysis ) .

If a squad undertaking, you will stand in split the undertakings for squad members

Pool cognition you know that is relevant to the undertaking ( brainstorming )

If a squad undertaking, you may hold sub-groups making this

Share resources

If a squad undertaking, all your work will finally be portion of a whole – but ideally the squad should be able to place single parts should this be necessary. Check with your coach.

Help each other on parts you find hard

If a squad undertaking, this will be of import as there will likely be an overall squad grade every bit good as single Markss. However, if single pieces of work have to be handed in as portion of the undertaking, clear up that ‘working together ‘ on these undertakings does non represent collusion in this instance.


Make your ain research ( do notes, maintain record of where your notes come from so you can mention and cite subsequently ) .

Interpret the assignment in your ain manner.

If a squad undertaking, the squad needs to place the how the bomber undertakings relate to the whole, but all parts to stand in undertakings should be free from any sort of plagiarism.

Write up the work yourself and manus it in.

If you are working with a friend, do brainstorm and clear up issues, but guarantee that you write up the work yourself and do n’t conspire with each other on the concluding merchandise.

If a squad undertaking, all work should travel back to the squad where it will be assembled to bring forth a concluding undertaking merchandise that is so handed in. Make look into with your coach how he/she wishes the merchandise to be handed in.

If you are disquieted about and/or require more information on referencing and ways of avoiding plagiarism see the Referencing Your Work Guide, particularly Section 3.3.

4.0 Reflect on Your Developing Skills

A Quality in Higher Education ( QHE ) study ( 1993 ) reported on a study from employers who ranked the qualities sought after in alumnuss ; the top 10 being: effectual communicating, squad work, job work outing ability, analytic accomplishments, flexibleness and adaptability, self assurance and direction, determination devising accomplishments, independent opinion, numeracy, logical statement. So it is of import to reflect on these accomplishments that you are developing at university and enter how you are developing them – be that in your ain notebook, on a system produced by your coachs e.g. ‘personal development be aftering papers ‘ or a ‘progress file ‘ – there are tonss of different names for such paperss, see the Being an Independent Learner Guide, particularly Section 3.2.

For now, reflect on the accomplishments you can develop/ are developing by making squad undertaking work. Click the accomplishments you are reasonably confident you are developing and others that need a little more work.

Use a graduated table of 1 – 4 where 1 = non confident and needs developing and 4 = confident of my ability sing this accomplishment.

Degree of assurance


I can retain a clear thought of the squad ‘s end.


I work to maintain my activities aligned with the squad ‘s end.


I know and understand my function within the squad and look into out any countries of ambiguity that could take to misinterpretations.


I understand that planning is an indispensable portion of squad activity and actively make this.


I can prioritize my undertakings and do n’t acquire distracted.


I can pass on with fellow squad members candidly.


I can cover with inter-personal issues as they arise in the squad.


I understand that struggles are a normal portion of working together an trade with them openly.


I can accept my function in a squad – sometimes as leader and sometimes as a group participant.


I remain unfastened to thoughts during job resolution.


I see errors as a acquisition chance and learn from the feedback I am given.


I respect others in the squad and back up them.


I deliver what I have agreed to make, on clip and to the best of my ability.

For those accomplishments that need developing, see how you can make this. If you have a personal recording system or a personal development contriver, so usage that to enter how you are developing these accomplishments.

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