Essay on Why I Want to Be a Nurse

A nurse is a person trained to take care of the sick. For one to become a nurse, a person needs to enroll in a nursing school and graduate. Some of the special virtues nurses have include caring, patience, kindness, to mention but a few. Besides wearing a uniform, a nurse can easily be identified through action, talk, walk etc. When a need arises, a nurse will not waver but work as if it is a normal thing in life, thus showing the gift of heart. True nurses are not driven by financial motives, but by compassion for mankind.

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There are several factors that contributed to my desire to be a nurse. One, nurses are life savers, and l want to be among those impacting patient’s life positively. In so doing, l will not only know the patient well, but I will also get to know his or her family too. Most of the nurses are qualified in many fields, when they come across a situation that needs for instance, a first aid, they will not hesitate to lend a hand.

Nursing jobs are available in variety of locations and sector; a nurse can work in a public health or community health settings. Nursing has higher demand than supply, so it is a reliable career. A nurse can work as a full-time or part-time. One can also work whichever shift he or she wants such as morning, evening or night, because patients need care around the clock.

In the United States there are numerous opportunities awaiting nursing graduates.

A student willing to further their studies can apply for a grant or loan from the government. Nursing involves multiple specialties. One can decide to be a general nurse or specialize in one field. If l like working with children, l can decide to be a pediatric nurse; if l want to dealing with reproduction , fertility nurses; if l am interested in the legal system, a nurse advocate; to recommend what to eat on obese people, a consultant; if teaching is more my style, l can be an educator. Other fields include infusion nurses, estheticians nurses, anesthetists nurses etc.

In life, it is good to have a vision of climbing the ladder as in people should not simply be satisfied with stasis. Nurses generally have good benefits but travelling nurses have even better benefits, such as housing, travelling, and medical allowances. They also earn more, depending on where they have been posted.

Introduction of new technology has made nursing job easy. Since it is not easy for a nurse to monitor a patient 24 hours a day, in big hospitals, computerized monitors are used. Sensors are attached to patients to read pulse rate, temperature, blood pressure etc. if something goes wrong, the sensor will send an alert to the nurse in charge immediately in so doing an action will be taken right away.

Use of smart pumps to intercept errors such as reduce errors on wrong dose, wrong rate, and pump setting errors, reduction of adverse drug event rate. Smart pumps are cost effective. Use of iPad, iPod and mobile phones to record patient’s vital signs instead of paper charts. Data recorded on the above handheld device automatically upload to hospital wide system allowing other nurses, doctors and managers monitor health of a patient.

No good thing comes without a challenge. Nursing also has ups and down. Meeting different people from different cultures and background and working with people with different cases all contribute to learning more and expanding one’s brain on how to tackle issues.
Not all problems dealt with in hospital involve medicine.

There are family members and coworkers. To handle such situation, change the negative energy positively by being kind in talk and action. If a coworker refuses to help me, l have learnt not to be resentful, but willing to offer help for example if his or her patients’ beep is making sound and they are not around, l should go and fix the drip. After all it is not my life l am dealing with but a patient’s life.

I would like to be a role model to upcoming nurses not only through what l say but through my deeds. One truth will always stand; despite high-tech technology, nurses will still care for the patient.