I Am a Healthy Life Essay

Human health is the most important value in life. His you can neither buy nor purchase for any money, you need to protect it and
protect, improve and strengthen. Personally, I believe that lead an active and a healthy lifestyle is wonderful! Yet it’s not just that the folk say
the wisdom that it is not necessary to be beautiful, because the main thing in life health.

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Many will consider what I say complete nonsense, but I I am constantly amazed at how teenagers are absolutely calm standing near schools with a bottle of beer or a cigarette in their hands. They believe that this cool, cool and fashionable. But when you ask them: “Why do you smoke?” In response, they say: “It’s not right to smoke, but healthy people don’t die I want to”. This is so funny and ridiculous. Is it right to consider yourself cool with a cigarette in your mouth? Unfortunately, many people do not follow the simplest rules. healthy lifestyle.

Some become victims of immobility, causing premature aging, others lean on food with almost inevitable in these cases, the development of obesity, vascular sclerosis, and some – diabetes, others do not know how to relax, distract from industrial and domestic worries, always restless, nervous, suffer insomnia, which ultimately leads to numerous diseases of the internal organs. But the most interesting thing is that we all, all people on the planet know, but resort to a poor lifestyle, freely or do not freely, thoughtlessly waste their health, believing that it is
inexhaustibly. Its price is known after it is lost.

For me, a healthy lifestyle is

  1. proper nutrition, all in moderation!
  2. Strong family, successful work.
  3. Good hygiene.
  4. Refusal of any bad habits, because “I am only on holidays”
    may lead to “I am every day.”
  5. Optimum motor mode (running, swimming, dancing, tennis).

We ourselves are the creators of our health, for which in our time it is necessary fight!

Based on this, it is necessary to observe some norms: the regime of the day – labor, rest, sleep – in accordance with the daily biorhythm; motor activity, including classes in accessible sports, jogging, walking in the air, wise use hardening methods. You need to live happily and enthusiastically, then everything is negative, and also diseases will leave you, even people with the worst disease (cancer), from who have not yet come up with a cure, convince themselves that they healthy and will live, and they really get well! And those guys who “feel sorry for dying healthy” are such fools.

And most importantly, laughter – soul health, the ability to look at oneself from the side and from a certain with irony, treat your failures – it saves you from nervousness. Excessive seriousness is harmful in all matters. Learn to enjoy life – good weather, meeting an interesting person, success in work. At meetings parting with close and dear people, we wish them good and good health, as it is the key to a full and happy life. Each of us is able to cultivate the ability to enjoy life. AND There is always a reason for joy. Remember! If there is health, then there will be everything.