A Beautiful Mind Biography Of John Nash English Literature Essay

The small cognition I have about schizophrenic disorder, through my classs and from academic literatures, and hearing the accomplishment of Dr. John Nash, is my chief ground for taking this book. Outlook of person enduring from schizophrenic disorder are by and large non assuring, they tend to populate their life in a really helter-skelter mode with relentless symptoms. Literatures have shown that merely a little figure of schizophrenic sick persons survive the impact of the unwellness and merely a smaller figure of the subsisters regain lucidity. With this back land cognition about the unwellness, I was amazed and astonished with the accomplishment of John Nash as told by Sylvia Nasar in “ A Beautiful Mind ” , a life of John Forbes Nash. I think that Sylvia Nasar explained the patterned advance of Dr. Nash ‘s unwellness in a manner that a ballad individual would be able to understand the lay waste toing consequence of the disease. Dr. Nash behaviours, visual aspect and interactions fits the stereotyped behaviours of a scientist, particularly that of a mathematician. His co-workers have ever regarded him as Wyrd, different and bizarre. ( Cite Sylvia ) He had won the acknowledgment, regard and had reached the vertex of his profession by his late mid-twentiess. He was respected all over the universe, traveled extensively giving talks at assorted universities, taught, met and mesmerized celebrated mathematicians of his twenty-four hours with his work. ( Cite Sylvia )

Dr. Nash ‘s Illness and Treatment Experience

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In her book Sylvia Nasar studies that Dr. Nash foremost unwellness proclaimed itself on the afternoon of January 20th, 1959 in the sofa of the mathematics section of Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT ) . ( Cite Sylvia ) His co-workers confused the seeable mark of his unwellness thought that he was partaking in a private gag at their disbursal, his usual bizarre behaviour, non recognizing that he was exhibiting episode of paranoid schizophrenic disorder. He had a grandiose belief that he was a messianic figure of great but secret importance. ( Cite Sylvia ) He began to see encrypted messages in newspaper narratives. He was involuntarily committed to the McLean Hospital, a private infirmary for affluent patients affiliated with the Harvard Medical School in Boston. This was the beginning of his legion hospitalizations. He received injections of Thorazine, but the chief interventions offered were psychotherapy, group therapy, and reding. ( Cite Sylvia ) Thorazine was merely regarded as an initial assistance in fixing the manner for psychotherapeutics. Dr. Nash initial hospitalization was brief, for approximately 50days, plenty for him to react to the medicines and therapy.

Dr. Nash hated being in the mental infirmary because of the influence that medicine and the environment which prevented him from making his work. It did non take long for him to get worse and was hospitalized once more this clip to a populace funded psychiatric infirmary. This clip for six hebdomads, five yearss a hebdomad, Nash was injected with insulin to bring on a comatose province without his permission. It was believed so that hungering the encephalon of sugar would kill the faulty encephalon cells. ( Cite Sylvia ) For person who receives insulin, if blood-sugar degrees dropped excessively low, the individual would endure self-generated ictuss, sometimes seize with teething their linguas and on occasion interrupting castanetss. Nash described the intervention as anguish. I believe that insulin intervention when Dr. Nash was hospitalized was province of the art intervention for schizophrenic disorder. I believe that his friends and household would n’t hold agreed for him to have this intervention if they feel that it would hold an inauspicious consequence on his wellness. Some intervention of schizophrenic disorder at that clip was really barbarous and the great concern was that those interventions would make something to his encephalon power. Doctors who raised the thought of electroshock therapy were successfully thwarted by Nash ‘s friends, household and co-workers. ( Cite Sylvia ) Together they managed to convert them of the duty of protecting Nash ‘s gray affair for the good of humanity.

In fixing for this paper, I discovered that the intervention options available to Dr. Nash were antipsychotic drugs, which were still new to the market, electroconvulsive therapy ( ECT ) , insulin coma, and leukotomy. The optimum intervention was believed to be chlorpromazine, although many head-shrinkers still looked to ECT for its benefits. It was an easy determination for them to travel with insulin. When he was released from the infirmary, he was much improved. His ideas were under control and he was able to one time once more work on a scientific paper. For the following 30 old ages he would do a series of impermanent recoveries, return to his place, oversight and so be forced back into a mental infirmary. Dr. Nash was non really compliant with his medicines regiment.

The writer documented in item the old ages taking up to Mr. Nash ‘s schizophrenic disorder, including his male parent ‘s decease, the birth of an illicit boy, his apprehension for indecent exposure, his matrimony and deficiency of acknowledgment which through literatures and assorted surveies might be beginnings of great emphasis, factors that have been known to trip this unwellness if the individual is genetically predisposed. Psychiatrists who treat people enduring from schizophrenic disorder explain what they believe people experience, they believed that they imagine bids from unobserved voices, lose capacity to experience or to believe logically. Some people feel that those closest to them avoid or disregard them, or pretend that they did n’t detect what they did and be embarrassed by their behaviour. ( Cite Sylvia )

Interaction of civilization, attempt to accept or defy, intervention reflecting cultural values.

Mr. Nash ne’er felt or agreed that he was ill. At the intelligence conference denoting his Nobel, he insinuated that he had made some irrational picks in the past and stating that people know what they know. The closest he came to accept his unwellness as narrated by Sylvia Nasar was the few times that he mentioned the likely cause of his mental unwellness, when he blamed it on the statement he had with one of his coevalss about Quantum theory. Mr. Nash claimed that the statement was perchance overreaching and psychologically destabilizing. ( Cite Sylvia )

Was something missed when he was turning up in Bluefield, West Virginia? John Nash was a lone, lonely small male child who stayed indoors to read when others were outside playing. He had no close friends. He talked a batch, daydreamed, and had problem following waies, though he was reported to hold carried out scientific experiments in his room at age 12. He was considered clannish and uneven by his equals in college. Obviously huge bulk of people who have these unusual and lone dispositions ne’er succumb to severe mental unwellness. ( Cite Sylvia )

John Nash cultural values were brooding in the manner his psychosis was displayed. He imagined he had a cardinal function in battling menaces to universe peace that powers from outer infinite were pass oning with him through the New York Times. He thought that his span spouse could read his head, and he noticed that work forces were have oning ruddy neckties in an attempt to direct him signals about a crypto-communist party. In a missive ( written in four colourss of ink ) he complained that infinite foreigners were destroying his calling. He believed that he was to go Emperor of Antarctica and that Life magazine ‘s cover exposure of Pope John 23 was truly one of him, his favourite premier figure. He referred to himself as the “ Prince of Peace ” and “ The Left Foot of God. ” In one of his legion unintelligible missive to famous and some universe leaders he stated “ If all the atomic powers of the security council of the United Nations did an action, and they were numbered 0, 1,2,3,4 so one would be able to state cipher did it, everybody did it, all did itaˆ¦ ” This correlative with the manner I think a mathematician will see the universe around them and John ‘s believe of high quality to anyone else. His unwellness was cognitively constructed in the context of a scientist, particularly a high ranking universe renowned college professor.

Parlances of hurt defined as the ways in which persons “ express, experience, and header with feelings of hurt ” In the early phases of Mr. Nash unwellness, I believed the effects of his schizophrenic disorder were an ancestor to his behavioural alteration. When the alterations were ignored this caused a negative impact on his life and wellness. Due to the unsettling and fickle nature of his status, normal responsibilities were hard. Hallucinations and psychotic beliefs stopped him from normal activities like working / instruction, eating, shopping or taking attention of himself. He began to demo marks of utmost paranoia his married woman described his behaviour as fickle, as he began talking of characters, conceive ofing in his head that some of his co-workers were seting him in danger. ( Cite Sylvia ) He believed that all work forces who wore ruddy ties were portion of a communist confederacy against him. He wrote letters to legion mathematicians kicking that his calling was being ruined by foreigners from outer infinite. He rejected an attractive occupation offer from the University of Chicago. He wrote back thanking them for the offer, explicating that he could non accept it because he was about to be crowned Emperor of Antarctica. These fickle behaviours fit good into what Castillo explained as cultural based parlances. Research mathematicians in Princeton are competitory, ill-mannered, introspective, cranky and non trained to demo conventional societal graces. That is the civilization that Dr. Nash lived, knows and used to stand out in before his unwellness.

John Nash unwellness had all the five principal symptoms found in people with psychosis psychotic beliefs, hallucinations, negative symptoms, disorganized address, and disorganized behaviour.

The most common psychotic beliefs in schizophrenic disorder are those of persecution ( person is following, descrying upon, or seeking to harm them ) ; ( Cite Sylvia ) John Nash had many such psychotic beliefs, such as those about infinite foreigners and feared he was being spied on and hunted down. He believed that he was a messianic figure of great but secret importance being a spiritual figure. ( Cite Sylvia )

A hallucination is a esthesis that the individual merely imagines which can affect any of the five senses, hallucinated sounds being the most common in schizophrenic disorder. ( Cite DSM ) At one clip, John Nash heard voices “ like telepathic phone calls. ” Illusions that messages were being sent to him through telecasting or newspapers. He began to believe that a great many things that he saw, a telephone figure, a Canis familiaris joging along the side walk, a Hebrew missive, a place of birth, a sentence in the New York Times had a concealed significance. ( Cite Sylvia )

One of the negative symptoms shown by Dr. Nash was a deficiency of will. Dr. Nash was unable to work for many old ages because his attending was so preoccupied by his psychotic beliefs that he could non make any math or dressed ore to make his research work in mathematics. When badly psychotic, Dr. Nash ‘s behaviour was on occasion disorganized-for illustration, adding salt and Piper nigrum to his tea. For a period of clip while shacking at Princeton, he was seen as the Phantom of Fine Hall, a tongueless figure who scribbled unusual equations on chalkboards in the mathematics edifice and searched uneasily for secret messages in Numberss. ( Cite Sylvia ) He would travel into eating house ‘s au naturel pess, he was unkempt with long black hair to his shoulders and shaggy black face fungus. He had a fixed look a dead regard. ( Cite Sylvia ) Pg 285 After vacating his M.I.T. station, an unpopular move that was strongly disapproved by his co-workers, he went to Europe, rolling from metropolis to metropolis and he even tried to give up his United States citizenship. His married woman and co-workers began to have post cards with uneven messages, many refering Numberss. ( Cite Sylvia )

Person enduring from psychosis may go highly aroused, prosecuting in frantic activity that frequently does non look goal-oriented. ( Cite DSM ) Dr. Nash was reported to hold stayed up on legion darks without sleep composing unintelligible equations and pacing up and down the hallway of the flat.

Harmonizing to Castillo, civilization affects the clinical world of mental unwellness through civilization based diagnosing. John Nash ‘s head-shrinker because they were from the same civilization agreed on the nature of his unwellness and causes, though due to John ‘s psychosis, he ne’er believed that he was ill. The manner an unwellness is treated is besides dependent on the civilization where the client resides. The civilization based intervention refers to allow intervention for an unwellness as defined by the cultural significance system or clinical paradigm. The intervention doctrine at McLean was no 1 can be societal and brainsick at the same clip. ( Cite Sylvia ) New patients no affair their diagnosing were subjected to the surroundings therapy, an intensive five-day- a- hebdomad depth psychology intervention. Chlorpromazine was merely regarded as an initial assistance in fixing the manner for psychotherapeutics. Freudianism was in trend at McLean. Cite Sylvia Pg 259

Equally absurd as it now seems, Dr. Nash ‘s head-shrinkers thought that Mrs. Nash ‘s gestation was portion of the job and hoped that he would better after the babe ‘s birth. ( Cite Sylvia ) Psychoanalysis was in trend and the acclaimed agencies of handling schizophrenic disorder at that clip. Thingss were explained by foetus enviousness it was ever assumed to be the female parent ‘s mistake. When Alicia consulted a head-shrinker for advise when John Nash ‘s unwellness was acquiring out of manus and Alicia was get downing to experience overwhelm, the head-shrinker was more interested about her upbringing, her matrimony, her sex life than on offering practical advice on how to get by. It was a Freudian clip. Cite SylviaPg. 250.

Dr. Nash ‘s narrative is the calamity of any individual with schizophrenic disorder. Incurable, crippling and highly hard to handle, schizophrenia dramas terrorizing fast ones on its victims. For Dr. Nash every bit tragic as one might see his instance, his early academic accomplishment, mastermind and the web of household and friends who valued that mastermind, wrapping themselves protectively around him and supplying him with a safe oasis while he was ill. ( Cite Sylvia ) There were the former co-workers who tried to acquire him work. The sister who made heartbreaking picks about his intervention, the loyal married woman who stood by him when she no longer was his married woman, Princeton university decision makers, together they made sure that Nash did non weave up, as so many victims of schizophrenic disorder do, a patient in a province infirmary, a homeless nomad or a self-destruction. ( Cite Sylvia ) Dr. Nash was afforded greater compassion, understanding and forbearance from his co-workers, household and particularly his married woman Alicia. She was more disquieted about Dr. Nash and their hereafter together and her immediate overpowering inherent aptitude was to forestall the university community from abandoning or burying him. ( Cite Sylvia )

Internalized stigma

It was reported that even as Dr. Nash thoughts became more influential no 1 connected the Nash game theory to Dr. Nash that was inquiring the Princeton evidences. Most of the immature mathematicians and economic expert who made usage of his thoughts merely assumed that he was dead. Member of his profession who knew otherwise but were cognizant of his tragic unwellness, sometimes treated him as if he were. Cite Sylvia ( Pg 20 ) . Harmonizing to Kleinman, ( 1988 ) , the manner mental unwellness have significance is through cultural significance, intending how the unwellness is projected onto the individual by the environing society, which so construction the individual ‘s experience of agony. The person is forced to populate with the significance imposed by the civilization. An illustration of this was when in 1989 a proposal to put Nash on the ballot of the econometric society as a possible chap of the society was treated by society functionaries as a extremely romantic but basically frivolous gesture and rejected. ( Cite Sylvia ) They viewed him as a mentally sick individual that is worthless but failed to retrieve his part to their profession even though he ne’er studied economic sciences.

John was reportedly to hold complained bitterly from clip to clip of his inability to concentrate and to retrieve mathematics which he attributed to floor interventions. He sometimes told others that his implemented idling made him experience ashamed of himself, worthless. ( Cite Sylvia ) John must hold felt less of a adult male because he was unable to supply for his household. He now depended on Alicia to supply for the household in a society where this was non the norm. He was raised in an epoch where the adult male was the bread victor. He grew in this environment and he was even dubious of his ability to suit into the function of a supplier before the oncoming of his unwellness after his male parent ‘s decease.

Gender race class/privileges/ entree to insurance/money.

I imagine that Dr. Nash must hold felt less of a adult male because he was unable to supply for his household. Alicia, the married woman and the female parent of a little kid, now has to supply for her household in a society where this was non the norm. Dr. Nash was lucky to hold the support of co-workers, friends, some of who were his schoolmates at assorted universities that he attended and household supports ( female parent, sisters and a devoted married woman ) . He had entree to the best psychiatric infirmary arranged by MIT psychiatric service in audience with the president of the university, who had earlier sharply recruited him to fall in the module. ( Cite Sylvia ) As a module member he had entree to this installation and the household at clip had the agencies to supplement the cost of his hospitalization.

Race and category were reflected in this memoir when word got out that Dr. Nash had been hospitalized at an overcrowded, underfunded and short-handed province establishment. His friends and some of his co-workers were shocked that Dr. Nash a legendary figure / mathematician was incarcerated at a province infirmary ill-famed for its overcrowding and aggressive medical interventions. They felt that he did non belong at that place and it is a national involvement that everything possible be done to convey Dr. Nash back to his original productive ego. Cite Sylvia

Use in the encompass of the construct of recovery subdivision.

The support of Nash ‘s married woman Alicia and the few close friends he had were paramount to his recovery and life with schizophrenic disorder. Alicia early credence of Dr. Nash ‘s unwellness instead than denying that it existed and to understand the life experiences of a individual with schizophrenic disorder played a polar function in Dr. Nash recovery or remittal. Harmonizing to the writer, Dr. Nash recovered bit by bit with the transition of clip. Encouraged by his married woman, Alicia, Dr. Nash worked in a scene where his eccentricities were accepted. Alicia Nash believed that Dr. Nash should populate at place and remain within Princeton ‘s mathematics community even when he was non working good. In a topographic point like Princeton, if Dr. Nash acts unusual, he would be among a twosome of twelve that does that every twenty-four hours and would suit the civilization compared to populating in Roanoke, Va. , where Nash ‘s female parent and sister lived where he might be ostracized and stigmatized. This is seen as a positive route to recovery because the attention provided at a community degree, with active household and community engagement contributes significantly to assisting the individual regain assurance in society ( WHO, 2008 ) . Nash ‘s journey from insanity to saneness was merely made possible because of the unconditioned support of his married woman, Alicia, his findings to be good, his rejection and hate of being institutionalized, his passion for his work and the hope of deriving his pre-sickness societal norms. ( Cite Sylvia ) In fact without Alicia, Nash would non hold survived to see the recovery that he has. This was apparent as Nash ‘s schizophrenic disorder progressed, his societal web got smaller and Alicia became the most of import individual in his life.



For patients, enduring from schizophrenic disorder, is a equilibrating act between a true being in the present, and the isolated flights from psychotic beliefs inflicted by the head and ideas filled with paranoid tormenters. It is a battle to be in charge of their ain feelings, sentiments and mind, soiled with periods when they wander into a psychotic fanciful universe at times alluringly comfy piece at other times smothering in their terrorization impotence. Not many people enduring from this unwellness will hold a happy stoping like John Nash. A batch of people enduring from this unwellness are inquiring around undiagnosed and bit by bit go paralytic by the caprices of their psychotic beliefs. A batch has changed within health care since Dr. John Nash fell badly, peculiarly in the field of psychopathology. The twenty-first century has heralded considerable progresss in schizophrenia research and these have contributed to refinement in modern anti-psychotic drugs.

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