A Book Report On Go Ask Alice English Literature Essay

Alice is the chief character. She is the author of the diary. Alice is 15 old ages old and dies when she merely turned 17. Her name is non known, her name is non mentioned in the book, so the gave her the name Alice. She is really diffident, and non self-assured. Particularly in the beginning of the narrative, she is non really happy with her weight and it takes a long clip to happen new friends when they move to another metropolis. After she meets a batch of people and did a batch of things, she learned really much. She is truly turning up during the narrative. She gets a batch of life-experience which gives her more assurance. Drugs make her feel like she ‘s got a topographic point in the universe. In the terminal everything is traveling good, she eventually got what she wants and she eventually turned her back to drugs. But than she dies at the age of 17.

Quotation marks and illustrations:

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I do n’t cognize why I have to be so insecure and frightened. I have n’t even known Fawn really long and yet I ‘m about covetous of all her other friends. I think they ‘re prettier and smarter and that no 1 truly wants me around which is reasonably stupid since they keep ask foring me over there all the clip. I guess I ‘m merely a dork. I merely hope none of them has heard all the icky narratives that went around about me.

B ) Chris is a really good friend of Alice. Together, the move to San Francisco, and get down a new life. Chris is a nice miss, but she besides uses a batch of drugs.

Joel is a pupil at the university where Alice ‘s male parent plant. She met him at the library, and after their meeting, they are really close friens. Joel is a really nice cat, he works difficult, but besides wants to be with Alice. He is really faithful to Alice. Even when she uses a batch of drugs.

degree Celsius ) – Tim and Alexandria ( Alice ‘s brother and sister )

– Alice ‘s parents

– Alice ‘s grand-parents


– Ted

– Roger

– A twosome of people at Alice ‘s school



5. Message

While reading the book you can larn more about drugs and drug dependence. You besides can larn that you ne’er should utilize drugs.

I think the author, Alice, has written this narrative because she was composing a diary about her drug dependence. I think the editors have made a book of Alice ‘s diary, to demo everyone the unsafe of drugs.

The concealed message is conveyed to the reader, because Alice, a drug nut herself tells about her experiences with drugs. The most experiences are tragic. And it shows that you ne’er should utilize drugs.

Quotation marks:

The refuse that goes with drugs makes the monetary value excessively blasted high for anyone to pay.

After you ‘ve had it, there is n’t even life without drugs. It ‘s a goad, colourless, unresolved bare being.

When I go into reding I ‘m truly traveling to seek to do childs see that acquiring into drugs merely is n’t deserving the bull crap!

Bacilluss: YOUR Opinion:

1. Which character ( s ) did you like?

Joel and Chris

Joel: A pupil of the school where Alice ‘ s male parent works. Alice can swear him, she can state him everything and he is really faithful.

Chris: Chris, is a really good friend of Alice. She ‘s a nice miss. She wants to back up Alice. The misss van trust each other and travel together to San Francisco.

Quotation marks and illustrations:

Joel: I met a male child in the library today. His name is Joel Reems and he ; s a fresher. We studied together, so he walked me over to daddy ‘s office. Daddy was so busy, so we sat on the front stairss of his edifice and waited for him. I decided to non feign to Joel, but merely to state the truth about myself and allow him take it or go forth it ( good about all the truth ) . I told him I was merely 16 and merely had library privileges because of my pa.

He ‘ s truly a really sweet cat, because he merely laughed and said that it was wholly right because he had n’t planned to inquire me to get married him this semester anyhow. When pa came out, he sat on the stairss for a piece and the three of us talked like we had known each other ever. It was great! Before Joel left he asked me when I ‘d be analyzing once more and I said that I spent my full waking hours analyzing, which seemed to delight him.

Chris: Chris feels a small guilty but I ‘m delighted that we turned on once more, we belong to the universe! The universe belongs to us!

2. Which character did you dislike?

Richie and a twosome of people of Alice ‘ s school.

Richie used Alice, and do her usage more drugs. He was non good for Alice.

I besides disliked a twosome of people of Alice ‘s school. The people threw drugs in her bag and in her nutrient. These are the kids who bullied her.

Examples and quotation marks:

Richie: Richie and I ne’er go anyplace. It ‘s about a ritual for him to pick me up, pass a few proceedingss with my parents and so hotfoot over to the flat he portions with Ted. I truly wish we could be together stoned every dark, but he merely allow me come over when he restocks my acerb supply and gives me adequate grass and shot to last me until I see him once more.

Peoples of Alice ‘s school: I was walking place from the shop and a carload of childs pulled up beside me and began shouting things like: “ good, if it is n’t easy put, Mary Pure. ”

“ No, it ‘s Miss Fink Mouth. ”

“ Miss super Fink Mouth. Miss Double Triple Fink Mouth. ”

“ I wonder what would go on if we stashed some crap in her old adult male ‘s auto? ”

“ Would n’t that be great holding her male parent, the professor, picked up? ”

Then they called me every rotten name in the book and roared of express joying hysterically, go forthing me some emotionally crushed and battered and beaten. I think they ‘re merely endangering me, seeking to drive me brainsick. But who knows?

3. What did you experience when you read the narrative?

It was really beautiful, but besides exciting to read Alice ‘s first drug-experience.

Beautiful: She describes it, as something fantastic, a beautiful experience.

But I felt besides excited, because I knew that, this first experience was the ground for her whole drug dependence.

Examples and quotation marks:

My whole organic structure was tense at every musculus and a feeling of eldritch apprehensiveness swept over me, strangled me, suffocated me. When I opened my eyes, I realized that it was merely Bill who had put his arm around my shoulder. “ Lucky you ” , he was stating in a slow-motioned record on the incorrect velocity voice, “ but do n’t worry, I ‘ll baby-sit you. This will be a good trip. Come on, relax, bask it. “ He caressed my face and cervix tenderly, and said, “ Honestly, I wo n’t allow anything bad go on to you. ” Suddenly he seemed to be reiterating himself over and over like a slow-motioned echo chamber. I started express joying, wildly hysterically. It struck me as the funniest, most absurd thing I had of all time heard. Then I noticed the unusual shifting forms on the ceiling. Bill pulled me down and my caput rested in his lap as I watched the form alteration to twirling colorss, great Fieldss of reds, blues and yellows. I tried to portion the beauty with the others, but my words came out boggy, wet and dripping or savoring of coloring material. I pulled myself up and began walking, experiencing a rebuff iciness which crept inside every bit good as outside my organic structure. I wanted to state Bill, but all I could make was laugh.

Soon whole trains of idea started to look between each word. I had found the perfect and true and original linguistic communication, used by Adam and Eve, but when I tried to explicate, the words I used had small to make with my thought. I was losing it, it was stealing out of my appreciation, this fantastic and invaluable and true thing which must be saved for descendants. I felt awful and eventually I could n’t speak at all and slumped back onto the floor, closed my eyes and the music began to absorb me physically. I could smell it and touch it and experience it every bit good hear it. Never had anything of all time been so beautiful. It was a portion of every individual instrument, literally a portion. Each note had a character, form and color all its really remainder of the mark so that I could see its relationship to the whole composing, before the net note sounded. My head possessed the wisdom of the ages and there were no words adequate to depict them…

4. What is your favorite portion?

My favorite portion of the book, is the portion where Alice met Joel and she felt in love with him. This is about the lone happy thing in Alice ‘s life. Joel supports her. And ne’er allow her down.

5. What do you believe about the subject?

Yes, I know a spot more about drugs dependence now. I new a batch about drug dependence before reading the book. But now I saw this subject through the eyes of a drug nut. And while reading this book, I know that I ne’er will utilize drugs.

The author made the message clear by stating that you can easy go an nut and that it may go your decease. And that it ‘s non ever a nice experience when you use drugs.

I think this message is really of import. Particularly because more people are utilizing drugs. Drugs are n’t good for your wellness and you can acquire addicted. So less people should utilize drugs.

6. Questions to the author.

-What do you believe of the people who edit you diary? Do n’t you believe your privateness is violated, now the whole universe can read through your feelings and memories?

-That concluding overdose, was it by chance, or knowing?

-What would you make when you were still alive?

-I would wish to cognize this reply because Alice did n’t redact her diary herself. She ne’er knew that her journal has become a book.

-I would wish to cognize this reply because, when you read the portion of the concluding overdose, you do n’t cognize if it was by chance or knowing.

-I would wish to cognize this reply because, Alice is now dead. But I wonder when she was still alive, would she travel further with her drug dependence or would she travel seeking for aid and get down a new life.

Degree centigrades: THE SUMMARY


Page 1-19

At the 16th of September Alice starts composing her journal. Her fellow Roger has broken up with her. She felt like her whole universe collapsed. But so everything seems to be better, she and her parents would travel to another metropolis. She decided to get down a new happy life. She wanted to alter. And she wanted to lose lbs and started a died.

Alice is a spot afraid to travel and is n’t certain if this is the right determination.

At the 4th of January they moved. She thinks the house is beautiful. She did n’t like her first school twenty-four hours. No 1 had spoken to her. But a few yearss subsequently she found a miserably, cipher friend named Gerta.

Then she met a Judaic miss, Beth. Who she thinks is truly nice and she can swear her.

Page 20-39

In the summer Beth has to travel on a Judaic summer cantonment. Alice goes in the summer to her grandparents. Jill asked Alice to travel to an Autograph party. The people at Jill ‘s party had done something in her drink. This became her first drug experience.

Alice went on a day of the month with Bill. He introduces her gunman and velocity. She had used it.

Her grandfather has had a small bosom onslaught.

Jill invited Alice to a party. But she uses her grandparents as alibi.

Bill called her to travel on a day of the month. Her grandma insists her to travel out. But she merely want to pamper sit when he wants a trip. But when she was at Bill ‘s house she decided to travel on a last trip.

She is n’t no longer a virgin any longer. She ‘s afraid that she ‘s pregnant. She wanted to travel place. But her ma and pa idea that she should wait until following hebdomad to come place. Roger came by with his parents to see Alice and her grandparents. Roger kissed her.

Alice eventually goes to her place. Roger wrote her a missive inquiring her if she was all right. But she had n’t got the energy to reply him.

She got to see the physician. He gave her kiping pills.

Her period started. So she was n’t pregnant. Now she can throw away her dormant pills.

Beth came back from cantonment. But she ‘s barely the same individual.

Roger is decidedly traveling to the military school.

Page 40-59

He went with Chris to the town to imbibe some java. Chris gave Alice a ruddy confect type thing. And told her to utilize it so she would experience better.

Chris is traveling to seek that Alice gets a occupation with her. Alice got the occupation.

She had to take Dexies to remain high at school and at work and on day of the months and to make her prep. Chris and Alice are ready to cut out. Chris has a friend in San Francisco who could assist them acquire a occupation.

She smoked pot for the first clip. And she thought that is was even greater than she expected.

Richie gave Alice some articulations to smoke when she ‘s entirely.

Alice and Chris are believing about discontinuing their occupations. Alice ‘s deeply in love with Richie and she wanted to pass as much clip with him as she can. Alice and Chris sold drugs for acquiring some money. Richie merely lets Alice semen over to restock her acid supply.She ‘s forcing at high school. She even sold drug to the childs on the grade school.

She found Richie and Ted in their flat doing love to each other.

Chris and Alice decided it ‘s impossible to alter while they ‘re hereso they ‘re traveling to cut out and travel to San Francisco.

Alice decided that she has got to turn Richie in to the constabulary.

Alice was mousing off in the center of the dark to Salt lake metropolis and San Francisco.

It ‘s difficult for Chris and Alice to happen a occupation. Alice took a occupation in some icky small lingerie shop.

Alice is acquiring more homesick every twenty-four hours. She thought of traveling place, when she was n’t so afraid of Richie.

She quitted her Job and was looking for a more interesting one.

She got a occupation, by a Mario Mellani store. She likes her new occupation.

Mr. Mellani invited her to travel to his place. She liked it. Shelia invited Chris and Alice to a party. At Shelia ‘s party Alice smelled something, it was a joint. One of the work forces passed her a joint. Shelia has parties about every dark. And Chris and Alice are ever invited. They about ever utilizing her topographic point as a clang tablet. Rod, Shelia ‘s current fellow introduced them to heroin. At first they were a small afraid. But they did utilize it. Then Alice realized that Rod and Shelia had taken bends ravishing Chris and Alice and handling them sadistically and viciously.

Chris and Alice decided to go forth this screwed up scene.

They decided that they possibly should get down a store near to Berkeley.

Page 60- 79

They found a new place, near to Berkeley. They made a store of the half portion of the flat. The salesroom looks endearing. They ‘re making good concern.

Alice is believing a batch about traveling place. She wanted to travel place about Christmas.

Alice called her female parent. She was so glad to hear something from Alice. And Alice told her that they did be back on the first plane. She ‘s glad to be place once more and see her ma, pa, grandparents, brother and sister. Alice wanted to be certain that Richie and Ted dropped out.

Alice felt grown-up.

Her ma and that were be aftering a New-years party. It was truly fun.

Alice started school once more. Joe came to her inquiring if she was keeping. She was about forgotten that so short a clip ago she was a thruster.

Alice ‘s household and Chris spent the weekend in the mountains. It was truly great.

Lane insisted Alice to acquire him a new contact. He made her promise to acquire at least a lit for tonight. George took Alice on a day of the month, but it was all ruined because Joe and Lane were in her caput tonight.

She had used drugs once more.

Lane was hit.

Alice ‘s ma and pa sent her to a headshrinker.

Lane was sent to a lock-in, dry-out school.

Alice got high and left place with some other childs.

When she ‘s in some town, she ca n’t happen any of the childs she came with. She went to a church. The people helped her. She got a shower, apparels and nutrient. She met Doris in the physician ‘s waiting room. She said that Alice could come portion her tablet. Doris had a whole can of pot.

Page 80-89

Doris went truly low. Alice and Doris ran out of pot and money. They were hungry. Alice caught a cold. She was really ill. Alice and Doris wanted to cut out of that asinine assed topographic point. They wanted to travel to a mass meeting in Southern California.

They got a drive. But the truck driver threaded them severely. So they took another drive.

The mass meeting in Southern California itself was great. Acid, liquor and pot every bit free as the air.

Alice had to hold sex, if she did n’t, her supply would be cut off.

Alice talked to and old priest who truly understood immature people. He called her ma and pa. The still loved her and came to acquire her. If Alice is out of school she wants to assist people like her.

Page 90-109

Alice started a new journal. Alice thought that drugs were n’t deserving the bull crap.

Her grandparents came to see her. They looked much older. She wanted to do her grandparents proud once more.

She had to travel back to school once more.

While Alice was lying on her bed, be aftering her female parent ‘s birthday, she got a kind of atrocious flash back, that she would instead bury.

Jan asked Alice to travel to a party, but she said: ” no thanks. ”

Alice ‘s grandfather had had a shot. Her grandfather is making worse. He ‘s in a coma.

Than her grandfather died.

Person had put a joint into Alice ‘s bag. She was scared.

Alice met Joel at the school library. He walked every twenty-four hours with her to her pa ‘s office.

Joel came over to Alice ‘s place. It became a antic eventide.

Her pa is seeking to acquire Joel a scholarship.

Page 110-129

Jan came over and wanted to pamper sit. But she was truly stoned. So Alice called her parents.

Jan told something to everyone at school. So everyone looked and laughed at her. Alice acted like she was ill, so she did n’t had to travel to school.

Alice met Marcie in the supermarket. She asked Alice to travel to a party. But Alice said: ” No thank you. ”

At the 16th of June, Alice ‘s grandma died in her slumber.

Joel gave her Alice a batch of strength and offered her to travel to the funeral.

When Joel left, he kissed her on the lips for the really first clip.

Alice was one twenty-four hours walking on the street when some cat she even did n’t cognize catch her and kissed her. It was really mortifying. She was really scared.

Her female parent wanted to drive her to the university to see Joel. And Alice told him everything. But he understood her.

Then she went in some sort of infirmary gaol. Her custodies were wholly damaged.

Alice found out how she got the acid. Her pa says that person put it on the cocoa covered peanuts. She thought that she had worms all over her. So when she tried to set them off, she had hurt herself.

Alice got a bundle of letters from Joel.

Alice had to travel to a young person centre, a brainsick house. She was scared.

Page 130-149

At the young person centre were a batch of brainsick people.

She got to speak to Dr. Miller. He told her that no 1 could assist her in the young person centre. She foremost had to acknowledge that she had a job.

When they were in the diversion room. Alice asked Babbie to speak in her room. But Babbie thought that Alice wanted sex with her.

After school she had group therapy. But she did n’t said much.

Her ma and pa came to see her.

She had a session with physician Miller. She told him about her societal work programs. He said that she must speak to other childs about their backgrounds.

They went swimming with everyone. In the coach Alice was sitting following to Margie. She asked Alice to travel with her and take off.

Alice ‘s ma and pa came to see her once more and brought a missive from Joel.

Alice could eventually travel to place. She was happy to be at her house once more.

Her pa had to travel to work at someplace else. But they ‘re non traveling through Chicago after all. They ‘re doing staff alterations at the university and her Dad has got to acquire back.

Page 150-159

Alice met Fawn at the shop and she invited Alice to come over and travel swimming in their pool.

Alice ‘s old piano instructor asked her to be a solist at her outstanding pupil narration.

She got another missive from Joel. He ca n’t wait to see her.

Alice went to a party of Fawn. It was great.

Frank asked Alice out. But she said that she was excessively busy with household things.

Joel was sing her at her place. He kissed her once more.

She had to travel to school once more. But she ‘s scared.

She decided non maintaining a diary anymore. Alice died three hebdomads after she decided non maintaining a diary anymore. Her parents found her dead.

If it was an inadvertent overdose or a premeditated overdose, no 1 knows.


I expected that everything would came good with Alice. I expected that she would make anything to remain off from the drugs.

The book did n’t stop the manner I had expected. Alice died alternatively of everything would be good.

I would hold liked it to stop in a different manner. I would hold liked it that Alice was still alive. And that she good live her life further without drugs.

Overall sentiment:

I liked the book, because while reading this book I know a batch more about drugs. I besides liked the book because you can see everything through the eyes of a drug nut.

And usually you merely hear narratives about drugs from people who have ne’er used drugs.

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