A Critical Analysis Of Nathaniel Hawthorne English Literature Essay

‘Young Goodman Brown ‘ by Nathaniel Hawthorne recounts the concentrating dream of a immature adult male from Salem. In the dream, Goodman Brown comes to a specifying minute with evil and is enforced to detect the nature of immorality in the universe. The writer besides uses symbolism throughout the narrative of Young Goodman Brown. Nathaniel Hawthorne ‘s short narrative of Young Goodman Brown is a representation of the Puritan belief every bit good as adult males struggle between good and evil. Goodman ‘s religion or deficiency thereof is explored in many ways. This analysis will stress on the subject of Young Goodman Brown every bit good Hawthorne s use of symbolism throughout the narrative. Goodman Brown is dismayed by the immorality he finds, non recognizing his ain engagement. The narrative embodies the struggle between personal freedom and conventionality, and explores the frequently all right line between good and evil. Hawthorne dictates the narrative of a adult male combating interior devils and in many ways normalcy.

The outline of the narrative is sin and the consequence wickedness has on world as a whole. Sin has many branchings to it that has to be dealt with. One may believe the subject of the narrative is based on the ability that evil has the power to carry adult male to make incorrect and the falsity of adult male ‘s virtuousnesss. The event starts with Goodman Brown go forthing his married woman, ‘Faith ‘ for an nightlong undertaking. She pleads with him non to travel, but he goes against her wants and goes anyhow. Faith is the individual symbol of hope in the narrative. She is his lone redemption for his return. She represents love, as in the love among work forces and adult females and every bit good the love, religion and trueness he has in God. In hindsight, by separating Faith in the start of the narrative, he is go forthing his religion in good and God. Faith, in the beginning of the narrative, is a dedicated married woman who warns her hubby to remain with her because of a vision she had in a dream. Goodman Brown is trusting on Faith to deliver him after his visit with the Satan. It is obvious subsequently that Faith knows that something is traveling on and she does non desire her hubby out in it.

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He finds comfort in the fact that he can do it up to faith when he returns. When Goodman Brown at last comes face-to-face with the Satan, he states that the cause for him being tardily was because “ Faith kept me back awhile ” . This sincere statement has two significances since the brush with his married woman prohibited him from being prompt for his brush with the Satan, but his belief to God besides deferred his meeting. Goodman ‘s battle between good and immorality is even greater than he realized.

It was a really dark dark but Goodman Brown come to a determination that he must travel on this transition, but promises to return every bit shortly as possible. Faiths words traveled with Brown and his journey was full with guilt and fright for separating her, in the dorsum of his head. He regretted go forthing Faith the manner he did. As Goodman Brown makes his manner into the wood, he is greeted with shadows. The whole clip, Brown is accompanied on his journey by many different characters. He runs into a adult male with a staff that looks like a serpent. This adult male offers the snake staff to Brown and he Brown refuses to take it. He meets up with Goody Cloyse, who, every bit good, presents the usage of her staff to rush his walk, and he declines but walks on with her for a good spot. After awhile he breaks free and sits on a stump, denoting that he will non walk any farther. As Goodman Brown rested ; a waggon attacks and he hears familiar voices, including that of his darling married woman Faith. A air current blows to a great extent and he sees his married woman ‘s pink thread caught in a subdivision. He carries on with his journey at a faster walk, and shortly comes to a glade where a ceremonial was taking topographic point with many familiar faces ; They were the towns citizens, who were all good esteemed within his church and community. It was a Communion rite of kinds, and his beloved Faith was one of the new entrants. The two fitting eyes and he cries to her “ Faith! Faith! “ , “ look up to heaven, and defy the wicked 1. ” The undermentioned forenoon he finds himself in the wood and admirations what happened the old dark. He can non separate world from dreams. Whether the old dark events he witnessed were existent or his imaginativeness, he believes what he remembers and trusts no-one in the small town, non even his darling married woman. Goodman Brown lives the remainder of his old ages a suffering and mistrusting adult male because of that faithful dark in the forests.

When Goodman returns back to the small town he thinks he is better than the remainder and Judgess everyone outright. He comes to the expiration that he is the lone individual that is non a devil worshipper. Goodman Brown is wholly blindsided when he awakens organize his dream. As he roams the eerie streets of Salem he is unable to separate his dreams from world. He is unable to get by with the find that the potency for evil resides in everybody. What makes the experience worse is that everyone that is of import to Goodman Brown is in the dream. These people have been populating a prevarication and are complete aliens to him. The remainder of his life is ruined because of his inability to confront this truth and unrecorded with it among other things. The dream, has planted the seed of uncertainty in Brown ‘s head, which accordingly cuts him off from his fellow adult male and leaves him entirely and down. From a ethical point of view, Young Goodman Brown is tattered between something that was so existent that it left him absolutely at a loss as to whether to discredit it or non. His full universe has been stunned. Every esteemed individual he had of all time met his full life has merely been exposed for something other than what he was lead to believe they were. His married woman may or may non be implicated in something that he wants no portion of. Not merely is his faith broken but he no longer trusts the 1s around him. He ‘s caught in an emotional and unlogical quandary because he does n’t cognize who he can turn to or if he can even believe what he has seen. The fact that he ca n’t separate his dream from world is rather distressing. He does n’t desire to talk of it and be called loony for the possibility of it all being a dream. In the terminal he lived a long, alone life, no one even gave him an epitaph on his gravestone.

Goodman Brown was a adult male shattered by his ain captivation. He lived a unhappy life as an result of the guilt he felt for shiping on an evil journey in his dreams ; which resulted in his uncertainty of everyone and a deficiency of trust for persons in his community, humanity and himself. What would life be like if he ‘d hold n’t had the dream? The lone manner Goodman Brown would hold been able to salvage his religion would hold been to ne’er travel on board on the dark way.

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