A Lesson Before Dying English Literature Essay

Wheaˆ‹naˆ‹ It aˆ‹was aˆ‹quiet once more, Bear, Grope, and aˆ‹Brother were all dowaˆ‹n on the floor, and merely aˆ‹Jefferson was standing. He aˆ‹wanted to run, butaˆ‹ aˆ‹he couldnt tally. aˆ‹ aˆ‹He couldaˆ‹ntaˆ‹ even thaˆ‹ink. He couldnt aˆ‹rememberaˆ‹ aaˆ‹ thing he had done all twenty-four hours.

The Writer does n’t stating us straight whether Jefferson is guilty or guiltless. Alternatively, he provides the prosecuting officer ‘s and the defence lawyer ‘s versions of the narrative. This creates uncertainties about Jefferson ‘s artlessness.

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This pick makes it easier to see the subject that we seldom know without uncertainty whether person is guiltless or guilty, but alternatively must trust on evideaˆ‹nce.



page 5

“ Old aˆ‹Grope got aˆ‹the bottle out ofaˆ‹ the shaˆ‹elf, but aˆ‹he did non saˆ‹et it on the counter. He could see the boaˆ‹yaˆ‹s had been drinkiaˆ‹ng. ” “ Bear had baˆ‹een drinkaˆ‹ing, aaˆ‹nd his eyes were calendered, he walkaˆ‹aˆ‹ed falteringly, grinniaˆ‹ng all taˆ‹he taˆ‹ime as he continued around the aˆ‹counter. “ Go back, ” aˆ‹ Grope told hiaˆ‹m. ” Anaˆ‹d “ He did n’t cognize what to make. He waaˆ‹s standing by the spirits aˆ‹shelf, and saˆ‹uddaˆ‹enly realiaˆ‹zed he needaˆ‹ed aˆ‹a drink and neaˆ‹eded it badaˆ‹ly. ”

Jefferson ‘s friends were drunk. It affected their consciousness to their state of affairs which would hold been easy to forestall. Alcohol is clearly has an impact on the black community. Jefferson is unable to construct a solid defence because he was intoxicated and can non retrieve the twenty-four hours of the slaying. Grant is unable to halt contending Griffin because he is intoxicated, and he evades holding a serious conversation with Vivian by imbibing. Alcohol is a subject, most of the imbibing is done to get away world.


Page 5

“ A caˆ‹ornered aˆ‹animal aˆ‹likesaˆ‹ to strikeaˆ‹ rapidly outaˆ‹ of fright, a traitaˆ‹ inheraˆ‹ited fromaˆ‹ his ascendants in aˆ‹the deepest jungle of blackesaˆ‹t Aaˆ‹frica-yes, yes, that he can do- but to planaˆ‹ ? aˆ‹ To Plan, genaˆ‹tlemen of theaˆ‹ jury? aˆ‹No, aˆ‹gentlemen, this skull holaˆ‹ds no aˆ‹plans. Whaaˆ‹t you see here is a thingaˆ‹ that acts aˆ‹oaˆ‹n commaˆ‹and. ”

Jefferson defense mechanism lawyer provinces that Jefferson could non hold murdered Alcee Grope , because he is excessively stupid. The comparing of a human to an animate being here is agencies by which white people dehumanise black people. Racism is a large subject in the novel it affects how the characters act and how they are treated. This subject affects the whole narrative.


Jefferson ‘s defence lawyer, 8

“ I ‘m aˆ‹the instructor, aˆ‹ ” I said. “ And I taˆ‹eaaˆ‹ch what thaˆ‹e white folks aaˆ‹round heraˆ‹e state me to teach-reading, writinaˆ‹g, aˆ‹and ‘rithmetic. They ne’er told me hoaˆ‹w toaˆ‹ maintain a blacaˆ‹k male child out of aˆ‹a liquoraˆ‹ saˆ‹tore. ”

Grant is speaking to his aunt and is being loath to her petition of learning Jefferson. This transition reveals why Grant is hesitating to learn Jefferson. Even though Grant has a high degree of academic accomplishment, he feels unsuitable because his is ain instruction has been based on get the hanging the instructions of white America. Grant knows that he would be assisting to distribute its instructions.

Word picture

Grant, 13

“ Theaˆ‹re waˆ‹as ever intelligence comiaˆ‹ng back to aˆ‹theaˆ‹ quarteaˆ‹r abouaˆ‹t person aˆ‹who haˆ‹aaˆ‹d been killeaˆ‹d or sent aˆ‹to prison for killing somaˆ‹eone else: Snowbaˆ‹all, stabbed to decease at a cabaret in Portaˆ‹ aˆ‹Allen ; Claudee, killed by a adult female in New Orlaˆ‹eans ; Smitty, sent to the saˆ‹tate peaˆ‹nitentiary at Angolaˆ‹a for manslaughaˆ‹ter. And there weraˆ‹e others who didaˆ‹ non travel anyaˆ‹where but merely dieaˆ‹d sloaˆ‹wer. ”

Sing his pupils chop wood reminded him of himself and former schoolmates. He reflects on the destinies of his schoolmates, who all died immature age. He is remembers his former instructor Matthew Antoine ‘s stating most of his pupils would decease immature despite his best attempts. Grant ‘s schoolmates that stayed in in deep South are unable to populate life to its fuaˆ‹llest because of legal and economic barriers embedded in racism. This point to a powerful combination of poorness and racial subjugation that African Americans faced in the 40 ‘s


Grant, 62

“ I can’aˆ‹taˆ‹ state you anything about liaˆ‹fe, ” he aˆ‹said “ Whaaˆ‹t do I know about lifeaˆ‹ ? I stayed here. Yoaˆ‹u haveaˆ‹ to travel off to cognize about life. aˆ‹ There ‘s aˆ‹no life here. Thaˆ‹ere’saˆ‹ nil but ignoaˆ‹rance here.aˆ‹ aˆ‹You want aˆ‹to know about life? Well, aˆ‹it ‘s tooaˆ‹ aˆ‹late. Forgaˆ‹et itaˆ‹ . Just gaˆ‹o on and beaˆ‹ the niggaˆ‹er you were born to be, aˆ‹but forget about aˆ‹life. ” aˆ‹

Grant is speaking to his former instructor. There are similarities between his statement that “ theraˆ‹e ‘s no liaˆ‹fe ” in Baaˆ‹yonne and Grant ‘s observation on how his schoolmates are deceasing easy by populating hapless. Both believe that the chance to populate life to its fullest is an of import constituent of human self-respect. This explains why Grant is loath to learn Jefferson ; he believes that self-respect is unachievable without chance since Jefferson is on decease row.

Word picture

Matthew Antoine 65

“ Anythingaˆ‹ Iaˆ‹ ought to taˆ‹ake toaˆ‹ him? ” Graaˆ‹nt, “ Food, I suppose. aˆ‹Maaˆ‹ybeaˆ‹ someaˆ‹ clean apparels. aˆ‹ I caaˆ‹ n’t thaˆ‹ink of anything else. ” “ I was believing more aboaˆ‹ut the bible, ” Revaˆ‹erend Aaˆ‹mbrose

Reverend Ambrose asks Grant what he should convey when sing Jefferson. Grant ‘s conversation shows Grant ‘s beliefs about self-respect. He suggests comfortss ; clean apparels and nutrient. While the Reverend believes that Bible are more of import to assisting the doomed inmate. It is non until the terminal that he is able to admit the importance of faith.


Grant, 101

I rubbaˆ‹ed my aˆ‹fistaˆ‹ withaˆ‹ my left manus, and aˆ‹graduaˆ‹ally begaˆ‹an aˆ‹to relax. aˆ‹ “ That laˆ‹ady yaˆ‹ou radius of, aˆ‹boy caaˆ‹aˆ‹res a batch aˆ‹about you, ” I said toaˆ‹ him. aˆ‹ “ She ‘s waitingaˆ‹ at that scaˆ‹hool right nowaˆ‹ foaˆ‹r me to convey aˆ‹her intelligence abouaˆ‹t a turn you. That ‘s aaˆ‹ aˆ‹lady yoaˆ‹u radius of, boy. That ‘s a lady. Becaˆ‹ause it ‘s she who keaˆ‹eps me coming aˆ‹here. Not aˆ‹your nannan, non aˆ‹my aˆ‹ant. Vivian. If I didn’taˆ‹ have Viviaaˆ‹n, I wouldn’taˆ‹ be inaˆ‹ this aˆ‹damn holeaˆ‹ . ”

After Jefferson insults Grant ‘s girlfriend Vivian, Grant tells Jefferson that he continues to see the Jefferson in prison non because he feels obliged to his aunt or Miss Emma, but because Vivian encouraged him to. Love has great influence. Vivian ‘s love transforms Grant with simple suggestion. Allow became more dedicated to his occupation and held a Christmas pageant for the kids, something he usually would n’t make. Jefferson easy opened up to Grand because he showed Jefferson kindness and love. Power of love to transform people is a subject in this book.


Grant 130

He jusaˆ‹t sat aˆ‹there aˆ‹looking at me. ‘aˆ‹Go on and shriek, Jefferson. aˆ‹Go oaˆ‹n and aˆ‹scream foraˆ‹ Guidry, aˆ‹if that’saˆ‹ what aˆ‹you want. ‘

Weaˆ‹ looaˆ‹ked at each other, and I could see iaˆ‹n those large reddened aˆ‹eyes thaaˆ‹t he was non traveling to shout. He was full of aaˆ‹nger – and who coulaˆ‹d fault him? – But he aˆ‹was no sap. He needed me, and aˆ‹he waaˆ‹nted meaˆ‹ hereaˆ‹ , if merely to aˆ‹insult me. ”

Jefferson feels self-pity, and he wants everyone else to experience his commiseration. As Grant is seeking to hold a meaningful conversation, Jefferson is n’t being concerted. Having ne’er experience much kindness in his life, he finds it difficult to swear Grant and abuses Grant to maintain distance. Jefferson threatens to shout but Grant knew he was n’t traveling. In the terminal, he decides that he wants Allow around to aim his hatred and choler towards.

Word picture

Page 130

“ Easteaˆ‹r was when they nailed Him to taˆ‹he crosaˆ‹s. And He nevaˆ‹er said a mumblingaˆ‹ word. ”

Grant and Jefferson are speaking about Christmas, and Jefferson refers to Christ. The transition sets up the word picture of Jefferson as a Christ figure. Like Jesus, Jefferson ‘s religious purification concludes in his executing. Death is portion of the immature Jefferson ‘s development into a symbol of innoceaˆ‹nce and moral pureness.


Jefferson, 139

“ Hoaˆ‹w do people come up with aaˆ‹ day of the month aaˆ‹nd clip aˆ‹to take lifeaˆ‹ from anotheaˆ‹r adult male? Who madaˆ‹e them Godaˆ‹ ? ” “ Tweaˆ‹lve white work forces aˆ‹say a black adult male a must dieaˆ‹ , and anotheraˆ‹ aˆ‹white maˆ‹anaˆ‹ aˆ‹sets taˆ‹he dateaˆ‹ and clip witaˆ‹hout confer withing one blaˆ‹ack individual. aˆ‹ Jusaˆ‹tice? ”

Grant ‘s relationship with Jefferson has changed his attitude toward capaˆ‹ital penalty. In the beginning of the narrative Grand was uninterested when watching Jefferson ‘s test. But now, nevertheless, he is disturbed when hearing that a day of the month has been set for Jefferson ‘s decease, believing that no 1 has the right to kill another. He finds it upsetting that white people can make up one’s mind the destiny of black people.

Fictional character

Grant, 157

“ It wasaˆ‹ theaˆ‹ kindaˆ‹ of aˆ‹ ‘here ‘ youraˆ‹ maˆ‹otheraˆ‹ or your aˆ‹big sisteraˆ‹ or aˆ‹your aˆ‹graˆ‹eat-aunt aˆ‹or your gaˆ‹randmother would hold said. aˆ‹ It was theaˆ‹ kaˆ‹ind of ‘here ‘ taˆ‹hat asked the inquiry, aˆ‹ When will allaˆ‹ this terminal? When will aˆ‹a adult male non haveaˆ‹ to fight toaˆ‹ have aˆ‹money to aˆ‹get what haˆ‹e needs ‘here ‘ ? When willaˆ‹ a adult male be able to laˆ‹ive withouaˆ‹t haviaˆ‹ng to killaˆ‹ another adult male aˆ‹ ‘heraˆ‹e ‘ ? ”

Grant is inquiring for so he can purchase a wireless for Jefferson. Grant believes that black work forces struggle financially and kill other work forces, particularly in the Deep South. Men suffer more because of racism, and adult females pointlessly try to minimise it. This transition besides shows Grant as holding a sexist position.

Word picture

Grant, 174

“ Jefferaˆ‹son, ” aˆ‹ I said eventually, I want to be your friend I want you aˆ‹to inquire aˆ‹me quaˆ‹estions I want you to saaˆ‹y anything that comes to your aˆ‹mind, anytaˆ‹hing you want to aˆ‹say to me. I do n’t caaˆ‹aˆ‹re what I tis say it. I ‘ll maintain it to myseaˆ‹lf if you wantaˆ‹ I ‘ll speak about itaˆ‹ toaˆ‹ other peoaˆ‹ple if you want. aˆ‹ Will you do that for me? “ aˆ‹He nodded his heaaˆ‹d.

After giving Jefferson a wireless his attitude started to alter ; he became easier to near. Jefferson was able to reconnection with the outside universe. When sentences to imprison he was filled with choler and hatred, but that hatred started to off because the wireless was the most expensive gift he had of all time received. With this Grant to additions Jefferson ‘s trust.

Word picture

Grant 185

I aˆ‹teach becauseaˆ‹ it is theaˆ‹ merely thinaˆ‹g aˆ‹an aˆ‹educatedaˆ‹ aˆ‹blackaˆ‹ adult male can make aˆ‹in theaˆ‹ Southaˆ‹ today. I don’taˆ‹ like it ; I hate it. aˆ‹ aˆ‹I do n’t likeaˆ‹ populating here Iaˆ‹ waaˆ‹nt to run aaˆ‹way. “ Thataˆ‹ is non aˆ‹a heaˆ‹ro. A hero does foaˆ‹r others. He would make aˆ‹anaˆ‹ything for peopleaˆ‹ he loves, because aˆ‹he knows aˆ‹it aˆ‹would do theaˆ‹ir livesaˆ‹ better. aˆ‹I am non aˆ‹that sort oaˆ‹f persoaˆ‹n, but aˆ‹aˆ‹I want you toaˆ‹ be. You could aˆ‹give somethingaˆ‹ to her, to me, to those kids in theaˆ‹ qaˆ‹uarter. You caˆ‹ould giveaˆ‹ something I neveaˆ‹r could… The waˆ‹hite peopleaˆ‹ out there are stating you do n’t haaˆ‹ve it-aˆ‹that you’aˆ‹re a aˆ‹hog, aˆ‹ non a adult male. Buaˆ‹t aˆ‹I know aˆ‹they areaˆ‹ wroaˆ‹ng. ”

Grant is speaking to Jefferson about the potency he sees in him. Allow understands now even with Jefferson ‘s deficiency of instruction, he can excel him by confronting his destiny with bravery and self-respect. Grant knows he can non expose the same bravery because he us excessively selfish.It is merely one time Grant has realized this, that he can truly believe in Jefferson ‘s possible to be a hero. By exposing bravery, and love for others he can turn out white people incorrect. Removing the justification for holding slaves and suppressing black people.

Fictional character

Grant, 191

You aˆ‹think aˆ‹you educated? ” “ I went to college ” “ Toaˆ‹ Teach reading, authorship, and, arithmetaˆ‹ic, Reverend. ” “ Whaaˆ‹t did you learnaˆ‹ about your ain peoaˆ‹ple? Whaˆ‹aˆ‹at did you laˆ‹earn her – heraˆ‹ ’round at that place? ” aˆ‹I did n’t answeraˆ‹ him. “ No, aˆ‹you notaˆ‹ educated, boy, ” he aˆ‹said, saˆ‹haking his aˆ‹head. “ You faaˆ‹r from being educated. You learned your reading, aˆ‹writing, aaˆ‹nd ‘rithmetic, but youaˆ‹ do n’t aˆ‹know aˆ‹nothing. Yoaˆ‹u do n’t even cognize yourselaˆ‹f. Well? ” “ You’aˆ‹re doiaˆ‹ng the speaking, Reverend. ” aˆ‹ “ And educateaˆ‹d, male child, ” aˆ‹he said, beating his thorax. “ I ‘m the 1 that ‘s eduaˆ‹cated. I know people like you look down aˆ‹on people likeaˆ‹ me, but ” – he toucheaˆ‹d his thorax once more – “ I ‘m the 1 that ‘s educated. ” A She beenaˆ‹ lying every twenty-four hours of her aˆ‹life, youraˆ‹ aunt in there.T chapeaus how you got through that university. I ve seen her custodies bleed paˆ‹icking cotton.

Reverend Ambrose is stating Grant that he is really more educated than him. Grant may hold a college grade, but the Reverend is educated through experience. He understands himself, his people and their agonies. While Grant does non. Reverend Ambrose Tells Grant what Tante Lou, Grants aunt went through to pay for his college. Besides how her articulatio genuss scarred from praying for Grant. Grant does n’t cognize about any of this. This transition reveals the Reverends idea and why he feels the Bible would be more good to Jefferson instead than comfortss.

Word picture

Page 215

“ it look like thaˆ‹e Godhead merely work aˆ‹for wite folaˆ‹kaˆ‹s cause of all time sens one wasn nothin but a litlaˆ‹e male child I been on my on haulaˆ‹in H2O to the fiel oaˆ‹n thaˆ‹at ol H2O cart humor all them dimaˆ‹e buaˆ‹keaˆ‹ts an that dipaˆ‹per merely hittiaˆ‹n an old doaˆ‹rthy merely traˆ‹ottin and troaˆ‹ttin an aˆ‹me up theiraˆ‹ hittiaˆ‹n her humor thaˆ‹at rope… ”

Jefferson is reading his journal to Grant. In his diary reveals sophisticated contemplations about whether God prefers white people to black people. Jefferson has gone from eschewing every out to showing his deep ideas and experiencing. In making it helped him to accomplish some self-respect before his decease.

Word picture

Jefferson, 227

“ The miaˆ‹nister did non aˆ‹sleep at all that dark, anaˆ‹d at twenty-four hours interruption he got upaˆ‹ knelt beside his beaˆ‹d to aˆ‹say his aˆ‹prayers, so he went to the kitcaˆ‹hen the warm H2O for his bath. His married woman, aˆ‹ Mrs. Becky, came into the kitchen to repair him a bowl ofaˆ‹ Dioscorea trifida for his breakfast. aˆ‹When heaˆ‹ finished hisaˆ‹ bath, haˆ‹e sat down ataˆ‹ the tabular array to eaˆ‹at. ”

The Author narrates the narrative in 3rd individual, from experiences of assorted people on the twenty-four hours of Jefferson ‘s executing. Rather than from Grant ‘s position for the bulk of the book. These characters do non look elsewhere in the novel. By concentrating on characters that are disjoint from the narrative, the writer reveals that Jefferson has become a hero in the eyes of the people in the one-fourth.

Fictional character

Page 237

I am aˆ‹not with you this minute becaˆ‹ause- becaaˆ‹useaˆ‹ I would non hold been able to standaˆ‹ . I would noaˆ‹t hold been able to walk with you aˆ‹those last aˆ‹fewaˆ‹ stairss. I would hold embarrassed aˆ‹you. Baˆ‹ut the old maaˆ‹n will non. Heaˆ‹ will be staˆ‹rong.

Grant expresses sorrow and shame that he was unable to walk with Jefferson to the electric chair, acknowledging that Reverend Ambrose is really braver than him. By non depicting the minute of executing The Author places the reader in the same place as Grant, unable to accomplish the closing that would come with straight witnessing the executing. This deficiency of closing suggests that Jefferson ‘s household and Grant will ne’er to the full heal from the experience.

Word picture


I waˆ‹anted to travel I wanted to travel to- God, whaˆ‹at does a personaˆ‹ bash who knowsaˆ‹ there is onlaˆ‹y oneaˆ‹ hr to laˆ‹ive? And “ He is withaˆ‹ Reverend Ambrose, beaˆ‹cause Revaˆ‹erend Ambraˆ‹ose believes. aˆ‹ Do you aˆ‹believe, Jefferson? aˆ‹ Is he aˆ‹with you Jefferson? aˆ‹ Have I done aˆ‹anythinaˆ‹gaˆ‹ to makeaˆ‹ you non beliaˆ‹eve? aˆ‹If I have paˆ‹lease forgive me for aˆ‹being a foaˆ‹ol.

Grant ‘s credence of faith at the terminal shows he understands its importance in people ‘s lives. Grant ‘s struggle with Reverend Ambrose was due to his obstinacy. By admiting that he may be incorrect that Grant is able resolutenesss the issue of faith with the Reverend. By seeing faith ‘s importance in for others he shows consideration and empathy, which were the aˆ‹qualities that he tried to learn Jefferson.

Fictional character

Grant, 249

“ Donaˆ‹’t tellaˆ‹ me to beaˆ‹lieve. Don’taˆ‹ tell me aˆ‹to belieaˆ‹ve in the aˆ‹same Godaˆ‹ or Torahs taˆ‹hat menaˆ‹ believe in aˆ‹aˆ‹who commiaˆ‹t these aˆ‹murdeaˆ‹rs. Don’taˆ‹ state me to baˆ‹elieve that aˆ‹God canaˆ‹aˆ‹ bless this state aˆ‹and that work forces aˆ‹are judgedaˆ‹ by their peaˆ‹ersaˆ‹ . Who amongaˆ‹ his peersaˆ‹ judged him? aˆ‹Waˆ‹as Iaˆ‹ there? Was the aˆ‹ministeraˆ‹ at that place? Was aˆ‹Haaˆ‹rry Williaaˆ‹ms there? aˆ‹Was Farrell aˆ‹Jarreau? aˆ‹ Waˆ‹as my aunt? aˆ‹Was Vivaˆ‹ian? aˆ‹No, his peaˆ‹ers did aˆ‹not justice himaˆ‹aˆ‹aˆ‹ , and I will notaˆ‹ belieaˆ‹ve. ”

Grant delaies outside the schoolhouse for intelligence of Jefferson ‘s executing, Grant is intelligibly angry. From what he has experienced he has concluded that there must non be a God, because God would non let unfairnesss like Jefferson ‘s executing. The people closes to Jefferson had no say. Jefferson ‘s destiny was decided below the belt by white people. With this experience begun to understand his people a better. Grant is now being educated.

Fictional character

Grant 251

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