A Look At Pride And Prejudice English Literature Essay

Pride and Prejudice is a fresh written in the late 1700 ‘s and early 1800 ‘s by Jane Austen. At this clip period there was besides a rise of the “ Second British Empire ” . “ Austen wrote it at a clip when there was the rise of the “ Second British Empire, ” and was one of the first writers to of all time unwrap into the composing possibilities of a subject such as Post Colonialism ” ( Brant, British Colonization ) . Pride and Prejudice nevertheless explores several other literary theories aside from Post Colonialism ( notably Feminism, Marxism and Realism ) . Post Colonialism is the wake of colonisation and is viewed as one of the most comprehensive literary theories for this novel. Post Colonialism is a critical facet of the novel as it demonstrates the significance of wealth and societal position and besides reveals societal hierarchy in which the functions of work forces dominate over that of adult females. Reading the novel while using the literary theory of Post Colonialism clearly demonstrates the importance of which first feelings are meant to reflect the Post Colonial society in which the narrative is situated in.

The first happening in which we see first feelings used to reflect the Post Colonialism society that novel takes topographic point in is during the ball at Meryton. The ball plays a important function in the novel as it brings two twosomes together, viz. Mr. Darcy and Ms. Elizabeth, every bit good as Mr. Bingley and Ms. Jane ) together for the first clip. It is at this clip and topographic point that Mrs. Bennett makes her first feelings of Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley, both who possess great wealth and power. As expected, Mrs. Bennett life in a Post Colonialism society thinks amazingly high of them, despite non even talking a word to them. Mrs. Bennett thinks of them to be exceeding and notable immature work forces. During the class of the ball nevertheless, it is learned that Mrs. Bennett ‘s position of Mr. Darcy rapidly becomes acrimonious. Mrs. Bennett had hoped that Mr. Darcy would be able to “ colonise ” , so to talk, one of her girls leting them to prosperous, affluent life but we see that she does non believe the same when we read, “ [ Mr. Darcy ] was the proudest, most disagreeable adult male in the universe, and everybody hoped that he would ne’er come at that place once more Amongst the most violent against him was Mrs. Bennet, whose disfavor of his general behavior was sharpened into peculiar bitterness by holding slighted one of her girls ” ( Page 8, Pride and Prejudice ) .

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As mentioned earlier, the ball at Meryton plays a critical function in the construction of the novel. Another illustration of those that meet for the first clip and do first feelings are Mr. Darcy and Ms. Elizabeth. “ ‘Which do you intend? ‘ and turning unit of ammunition, [ Mr. Darcy ] looked for a minute at Elizabeth, boulder clay catching her oculus, he withdrew his ain and in cold blood said, ‘She is tolerable ; but no fine-looking plenty to allure me ‘ ” ( Page 8, Pride and Prejudice ) . Mr. Darcy ‘s apparently ill-mannered behavior towards Ms. Elizabeth in combination with his failure to tie in with her consequences in an immediate disfavor for one another this outright holds him back from happening his manner to Ms. Elizabeth subsequently on in the novel. However, Mr. Darcy ‘s judgement of Ms. Elizabeth alterations throughout the chapters that follow shortly but her sense of him as “ arrogant ” and “ chesty ” remains the same until midway through the fresh Pride and Prejudice. In this state of affairs, Mr. Darcy symbolizes a dominant state that has yet to wholly colonise but is demoing advancement and is described through Mr. Darcy ‘s lecherousness for Ms. Elizabeth ‘s love. One may non see this as a strong illustration of Post Colonialism as the love that unfolds between Mr. Darcy and Ms. Elizabeth is true and pure in its cardinal nature as it is neither about Mr. Darcy ‘s position nor his wealth. Despite Ms. Elizabeth ‘s initial feelings of Mr. Darcy is that he is a adult male who was rich in position and in wealth, she finally is able to look past his stuff and societal benefits and into his personality alternatively. This was where we are able to see the literary theory of Post Colonialism be applied between Mr. Darcy and Ms. Elizabeth and how it ties in with first feelings in the novel. Even though the love between them is true and pure in its kernel, we can see that Mr. Darcy is slightly “ colonising ” , so to talk, Ms. Elizabeth as she symbolizes a low member of the society and in making so creates the acclivity of her power, societal position and wealth.

The other chief agreements of characters who meet at the ball at Meryton are Mr. Bingley and Ms. Jane. Throughout the class of the ball, Mr. Bingley and Ms. Jane acquire along good as if they were absolutely compatible. “ Jane was so admired, nil could be like it. Everybody said how good she looked ; and Mr. Bingley thought her quite beautiful, and danced with her twice ” ( Page 9, Pride and Prejudice ) . They interact effortlessly and this can probably be traced to their mellow attitude ; Mr. Bingley and Ms. Jane in no manner do the obstructions in which the novel topographic points in the manner of their felicity. It ‘s noted that their feelings for one another seem to alter at the smallest of magnitudes and a decision is reached that there is no development of love, but merely the hold of its consummation. In this scenario, Mr. Bingley would stand for the powerful state if we apply the literary theory of Post Colonialism as he is professed of great wealth and position. As a consequence, Ms. Jane becomes “ colonised ” as she basically has a desire for wealth. Smaller states favour to be colonized by a larger and more powerful state as it allows for their independence along with additions in both position and wealth, and besides booming growing under the regulation of a female parent state. Therefore, as Jane is attracted to Mr. Bingley ‘s wealth, it becomes clear that there is a direct correlativity to the procedure of being colonized. This is where one can see a clear illustration of the Post Colonial facet of Ms. Jane ‘s first feeling of Mr. Bingley.

It may look bizarre to compare people to states, but in Jane Austen ‘s fresh Pride and Prejudice we see that this is wholly applicable. During the clip epoch in which Pride and Prejudice was written, the difference in societal categories was so extended that there was no “ in between category ” , and this difference was besides present between female parent states and un-colonized parts. They either were, or were non ; either black or white, no shadiness of Grey. It is rather evident that throughout the class of this novel, the theory of first feelings plays a critical function in sketching the Post Colonial facets of the society at the present clip. The brushs at the Meryton ball in Pride and Prejudice are illustrations of Post Colonialism, every bit good as how first feelings are closely related to this literary theory.

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