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Angst as described by Yann Martel in What is Stephan Harper Reading? is “ aˆ¦the wretchedness of the head -from within ( that ) will non travel awayaˆ¦.The awful -comes from mindless work ( and ) from gray of urban, where each one of us is no more than a alone cog. “ ( Martel, 82 ) In both novels, Franz Kafka ‘s Metamorphosis and Alexander Solzhenitsyn ‘s One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich the supporters feel angst in several lives. Although both supporters have moved on with their lives, they still are populating in environments which challenge their head. In Franz Kafka ‘s Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa one forenoon gets up and finds out that he has been transformed into a elephantine insect. The household depends on him for its support. Gregor, nevertheless, is now a bug. He is unable to show himself to his household. Gregor Samsa life in a atrocious state of affairs after his metabolism is worried about losing his occupation and his household. In Alexander Solzhenitsyn ‘s One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, Ivan Denisovich ( Shukhov ) lives in a labor cantonment and faces his fright for endurance in terrible cold. Shukhov, the rubric captive of the novel, is a hapless and uneducated adult male. Shukhov ‘s experience illustrates the unfair nature of the Soviet legal system. In the cantonment, characters struggle against arbitrary penalties.

Gregor Samsa awakes one forenoon to happen that he has been inexplicably transformed into a elephantine insect. Although Gregor wakes up as an insect in outward, physical signifier, some of his more internal elements undergo a more gradual metabolism. Gregor Samsa ‘s first fright after his transmutation in Metamorphosis, is non for himself but for losing his occupation, as he is the lone beginning of income to back up his household and their demands. The relationship of male parent and his boy is really complicated and destructive. The salvo of fruit is an unmanageable, natural reaction to the presence of his transformed boy. The male parent is no mind, no philosopher, and has no great spirit. He does non understand the unrecognisable boy and can non truly trust to. His assault of apples is a hapless fury of incomprehension, about pathetic — but however deadly, easy perforating the boy ‘s armor. This has a immense impact on Gregor internally. But as yearss go by he realizes the household is non is much in awful status as he thought. He besides has fright that his household is easy burying him as he no longer means anything to them after his transmutation into a bug. His household about forgets him subsequently in the novel as they “ had fallen into the wont of throwing anything unwanted in there… ” ( Kafka, 103 ) and they removed the furniture and his favorite picture from the room. Gregor isolates himself and fells in his room as no 1 thinks about him any longer. As a consequence, amidst all the tenseness Gregor has in his head his head ca n’t take it any longer and he dies. He was concerned about his household more than his alteration in his organic structure which shows his fondness towards them.

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Shukhov in One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich is imprisoned for the title he has non done and as a penalty he has to work in malice of such a bad conditions. Although the book depicts merely a twenty-four hours of his life, it represents all the yearss he has to pass in his ten old ages of imprisonment. Shukhov ‘s firm attending to nutrient demonstrates how much of a basic battle for endurance his camp life is. Shukhov ‘s battle shows us the provincial ‘s interior aristocracy in the face of debasement. As they are populating in labour cantonments with penalties, working twenty-four hours and dark “ It ‘s the jurisprudence of jungle -fellows. But even here you can populate ” ( Solzhenitsyn, 2 ) to last in malice of penalties, the labor cantonment is their place now which they have to populate in. Shukhov is non religious and does non make activities as a baronial idea but because he knows that he will derive wages. He shows about no fondness for his long-forgotten married woman and girls, no romantic nostalgia for his lost place, and no dreams of a better life elsewhere. His strength in life, eating, and working puts him in control of his universe. For illustration, when Shukhov works on a brick wall, he focuses on it as if he owned every inch of it. In a manner, although he is a slave, he is still the male monarch of his small country of the universe. He is non an blue blood by blood, but inside he is proud, supreme, and untouchable. As the twenty-four hours began Shukhov got up fearing that he and his pack will be sent to the hole, which represents that each twenty-four hours he gets up he will hold the same fright from the determinations taken in the Soviet Labour Camp.

To reason, both the supporter ‘s of the several novels have a feeling of angst from their lives. The feeling of angst is one of the facets of the supporter ‘s manner of looking at their milieus. Gregor Samsa in Metamorphosis has more feeling of angst than Shukhov in One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich. Gregor dies because he ca n’t bare the fortunes any longer and he lets travel of himself. But Shukhov has found positive manner of looking at things, as he knows that he will ne’er come out of the labor cantonment. He finds felicity by making simple things in his life. Both supporter ‘s have a feeling of angst, but both have different manner of looking at it while Gregor Samsa is non satisfied with his life but Shukhov has moved frontward and left his past buttocks in his life.

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