A study on wide sargasso sea

The subject individuality is the chief concern in the novel, Wide Sargasso Sea. In this novel, Identity is accentuated and is enhanced by the female character, Antoinette. Antoinette had an stray and alone childhood life. For her, it is a demand and desire to research herself and aim in life that is uninterrupted which is where the inevitableness of the issues of individuality remains consistent throughout clip periods. Here, the subject individuality played a really of import function where Antoinette must digest adversities to happen her position in life. Antoinette is confused by holding her life in isolation and this arrests her development of sense of individuality. With that, racism besides plays an issue in a portion of Antoinette ‘s individuality, where she is caught in a universe of different races. This can be seen clearly non merely to expose her feelings of compromising and secure of no warrant, but besides to corroborate that Antoinette fails to last in that universe of hatred and immorality.

Other than that, Antoinette ‘s life during her childhood is a cogent evidence of colonisation where she was born to extinguish the slave trade and political relations civilization. In this slave trade and political relations civilization, bondage yearns to happen its rights and justness. But nevertheless, in Antoinette ‘s instance, her failing is chiefly stressed as justness for those of Antoinette ‘s race no longer exists. This racial individuality issue is widely presented in this novel to explicate why the Blacks ( the Caribbean people ) and the White persons are widely segregated from each other. This racial tenseness causes Antoinette to be called a ‘white cockroach ‘ by her neighbors ( pg 7 ) and eradicates all hope for her to alter her individuality.

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Besides that, the subject individuality besides revolves around Antoinette ‘s female parent. As her female parent ‘s presence still exists in her life, Antoinette puts her as portion of her life. As for her, her female parent, who isolates herself, represents the garden without life and with decay. Her female parent preferred Antoinette ‘s brother, Pierre more so her. Her female parent was ashamed of Antoinette. Therefore, Antoinette seeks safety in other societal groups. She so seeks for credence by the Black population, but once more she was ever adamantly be non accepted by them. Due to racial individuality issues, Antoinette was forced to differ her individuality so that she can accommodate with her new milieus of isolation from the outside universe. Not merely that, but she besides wishes to cast off the individuality of being the girl of a slave proprietor and wants to be like ‘Christophine ‘ who is wholly a different race from her.

She wants to be accepted and interrupt up all hatred and bitterness between the Blacks and Whites. Because she is non being accepted by a individual she seeks most credence from, her female parent, Antoinette longs urgently to happen other agencies of comfort from people like Christophine. By seeking comfort and solace from her friend Transient ischemic attack when the Blacks set fire to Coulibri, Antoinette recreates an individuality for herself. She was unable to be against the Blacks because Tia comes from that society. Hence, Antoinette tries to go one of them despite their strong reaction towards her. Antoinette non merely seeks to redefine her individuality, but besides longs for security against injury. But nevertheless, by distancing herself from her old individuality, she faces the guilt feeling of abandoning herself and at the terminal, ensuing in isolation from herself and outside universe, merely like her female parent.

This is how the subject individuality is chiefly portrayed in the novel by Antoinette. On the other manus, Rochester has besides played an of import function in portraying this subject. Rochester, who plays the function of Antoinette ‘s hubby, is raised with European values and civilization. White ‘s values are besides known as favoritism values as they frequently discriminate the Black population and do non accept them as one of their society. The issue individuality evolves when Rochester struggles to accommodate with new values after his matrimony with Antoinette, who was raised with Caribbean civilization by Christophine. He besides tried to alter Antoinette ‘s individuality by naming her with a different name that he favours more, ‘Bertha ‘ . By making this, he thought he can alter Antoinette to person else as he does non like the civilization and individuality Antoinette lives in.

Besides, Rochester is largely referred as ‘my hubby ‘ or ‘that adult male ‘ and non by his name in this novel. Therefore, his namelessness enhances himself as a White adult male. For those yearss, the society individuality the White adult male as holding privilege and authorization to confabulate individuality of others. That is why Rochester tried to alter Antoinette into Bertha believing that he has all the rights to alter one ‘s individuality. This is seen in where Antoinette says, ‘My name is non Bertha ; Why do you name me Bertha? As a answer, Rochester says, ‘Because it is a name I ‘m peculiarly fond of. I think of you as Bertha. ‘ .

This is how the subject individuality is presented in relation to Antoinette ‘s and Rochester ‘s characters in the novel.

Question 2

What are society values? In the novel, Wide Sargasso Sea, there ‘s two types of society values widely presented. One is the White ‘s or European civilization and the other one is the Blacks or chiefly the Caribbean civilization. The writer has presented the thought that being at odds with society ‘s values involves hazards but following with those values can besides be harmful. Here, the writer is seeking to show the thought that traveling against the society ‘s values can be hazardous but at the same clip holding and following it can besides be harmful to an person.

There are two chief character who portrays these thoughts ; Rochester and Antoinette. Firstly, I would discourse about Antoinette. She is mentioned in the novel as a white Creole miss. She is lacerate between the Caribbean values and the European values. Antoinette is raised with Caribbean civilization since birth by Christophine. In contrast, she had to accommodate with the European values because of her stepfather and her hubby Rochester, a adult male with the White ‘s values. When her female parent, Annete married Mr. Mason, they ever ate English nutrient. This can be seen in pg 16 when Antoinette says, ‘We ate English nutrient now, beef and mouton, pies and puddings. ‘ At the same clip, she besides says, ‘I was glad to be like an English miss but I missed the gustatory sensation of Chrsitophine ‘s cookery. ‘ This clearly shows that Antoinette is really used to Christophine ‘s values of life including the cookery although she is glad to populate like an English miss.

Other than that, when their house was burnt down by the Black rabble, Antoinette believes that she belongs to the Coulibri society. She lived with Tia, her lone friend and becomes more like her. But it was merely a mere dream when Tia throws a rock towards her as in page 23. Because she was so into the Jamaican values, Antoinette started to believe in superstitious like the beauty of nature even though she had to accommodate herself to the English civilization.

Subsequently on in this novel, Antoinette was changed by all these Caribbean or Jamaican values when she was married with an Englishman, Rochester. She had to larn to bury all her civilizations that goes against the European values. For an blink of an eye, along their manner to their honeymoon topographic point, Rochester felt really irritated and uncomfortable because that environment was unusual and really new to him. This clearly shows that he strongly oppose the civilization Antoinette was raised in.

Besides that, Rochester besides tells the readers that he is non in love with Antoinette in pg 56. This fondness became more obvious when he received a missive from Daniel Cosway, who claimed to be Antoinette ‘s stepbrother. In that missive, he mentioned that everybody was rip offing him, particularly Antoinette who has deceived him. He told narratives on how Antoinette ‘s female parent died and he besides mentioned that she may inherit the same lunacy like her female parent. Since so, Rochester started to avoid Antoinette and he seldom speaks to her. In add-on to that, since Antoinette believed so much in superstitious, she went seeking Christophine and begged her to used her black thaumaturgy. Antoinette ‘s aim of utilizing this Black thaumaturgy is to do Rochester to love her once more ( pg 70 ) . Antoinette said to Christophine, ‘You knew what I wanted every bit shortly as you saw me, and you surely know now. ‘ When Christophine said that she ca n’t make anything, Antoinette said, ‘Yes you can, I know you can. That is what I wish and that is why I came here. You can do people love or detest. Or…or dice. ‘ Again, this whole paragraph shows that Antoinette believes so much about Obeah and is so into the Caribbean civilization, but non the European civilization.

All these shows that both Rochester and Antoinette have troubles in prosecuting and acquiring adapted into each other ‘s values and civilizations. Antoinette was raised with Black or Caribbean civilization and believed so much in the Blacks superstitious and hence she had troubles to bury these values and follow Rochester ‘s European value. At the same clip, Rochester who came from European or English civilization, had a batch of troubles in acquiring adapted with Antoinette ‘s values. He started to detest those values and at the terminal because of this, they had a batch of jobs in their married life. Antoinette tried to convey him into her manner by poisoning him with ‘Obeah drugs ‘ and eventually she became huffy like her female parent when Rochester decided to lock her in a room in England ( her dream topographic point ) . Therefore, the writer ‘s thought that following with these values can be harmful is agreed.

Undertaking 1 ( B )

Creative Response 1: Top 10 List of things I learned from the book.

1. Limited understanding on cultural differences may impact a matrimony life.

2. Egoism and possessiveness to alter a individual to another is incorrect. This

can take to unhappy relationship life.

3. We should ever larn to state the truth to our loved 1s and learn to accept others

as who they are.

4. Racial favoritism should non be inculcated in any person.

5. We should non seek to alter a individual ‘s individuality for our ain benefit and felicity.

6. The boundary and issues of bias between Blacks and Whites should be

eliminated and everyone should larn to portion equal rights to make a harmoniousness and

peaceable life. This should be applied in our day-to-day lifestyle excessively.

7. Lack of parental presence in one ‘s life does non do them individuality but it

makes them a courageous individual in life.





Creative Response 2: Poster publicizing the book.


I have chosen to make a posting to publicize the book, ‘Wide Sargasso Sea ‘ so that person else would desire to read it. The posting that I have created ( above ) has a few elements that I find will pull people particularly pupils to purchase and read it. Personally, I think that images are able to make people out at that place easy than words can make. Based on the posting I have created, I have included few elements that I think makes my poster attract people efficaciously. There are many of import elements that I have included in such as the rubric of the book, the writer ‘s name and even the screen page of the book so that people would happen it easier to happen this narrative book.

Furthermore, I have besides stated that this book is available at their nearest bookstore and it is besides traveling for a sale of 20 % .Just to attracted people who are in my age group, I have said that this is a narrative of a animal love affair. In my point of position I think that this posting will pull people because it looks attractive with colorss, images and short sentences which explains briefly about the book instead than long paragraphs.

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