An Analysis Of Woman Hollering Creek English Literature Essay

Thesis: Sandra Cisneros ‘s Woman Hollering Creek is an first-class illustration of a struggle with a household that has to digest a household member is abuse. This short narrative begins with vision of Cleofilas Father desire his lone girl to get married and be happy for the remainder of her life. Although she is discerning to get down what she thinks will be a happy, successful life, her male parent is far more sensible about his girl ‘s hubby. He reminds Cleofilas that he is her male parent and that he will ne’er throw away her. This is his manner of allowing her know that she will ever be able to come place.

Woman Hollering Creek

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An analysis of Sandra Cisneros ‘s Woman Hollering Creek is non frequently that a individual is given an assignment that reflects many similar insufficiencies of their ain households. After reading Woman Hollering Creek it was immediately clear that this would be an interesting narrative to compose approximately. Therefore, without cognizing which manner this narrative would travel or even what way it would even head in or even to understand how it would impact your relationship with your household members.

In the narrative “ Woman Hollering Creek ” Sandra Cisneros discusses the issues of populating life as a married adult female through her character Cleofilas ; this character married a adult male who was really physically and mentally opprobrious. Cisneros ‘s will uncover within her composing how work forces are more dominate so adult females within the Latino civilization. In most of Cisneros ‘s authorship she has been good known for her Hagiographas about the Latino civilization and how they treat there adult females ; she explain what the adult females have to travel through during there childhood, adolescent and even when they get married ; the adult females are ever dominated by work forces because of the manner the civilization is they has to merely to that return of life. “ Woman Hollering Creek ” is one of the most first-class illustrations, to where a character has to populate without a female parent that ca n’t give any direct or advice about mundane life or even how to be a married woman and female parent. This is a great narrative ; it will give supply you with graphic item of the life of a Mexican immigrants it ‘s non merely about their battle to do a better life for themselves but besides about at that place civilization in how it do it possible for this type of awful life.

In reading Women Hollering Creek there is no manner for the reading non to understand and experience for Cleofilas and sympathize with her state of affairs, praying she would happen a manner to get away from her bad matrimony.

The character Cleofilas is base on a household of a six brothers and a pa and without a ma, to portion her most intimacy secrets. Although, there is favoritism and struggle in this narrative instead than love and it is there manner of life. However, within her character as Cleofilas she found a manner to derive cognition of her feminine properties, through watching telecasting, and dreaming of a life as she in vision on telecasting, which she watched sacredly.

In this narrative there can be many manner to see how you can develop compassion with the victim of domestic force. We can see how the life of Cleofilas has unfolds, the readers will larn about the isolation, hopeless and denial of person who is in an opprobrious relationship. The reader will appreciated the educational factors of immigrate will include deepness to the reader ‘s blessing of the obstruction of this belittling life manner. In the Latino cultural it is know that immature miss marry at an early age and Cleofilas state of affairs is no difference. However, for Cleofilas to go forth and get married a adult male she barely know every bit good as she thinks she dose, earlier or subsequently she will happen out that her life is nil like telecasting. In the average clip the adult male she will get married will be began to hit her and go even more opprobrious and as clip goes on. The reader in this narrative will detect how Cleofilas, will go forth her surrounding that she has know for many old ages to get married a complete alien. Cleofilas imaged her life to be like the soap operas she watches, and she so recognize she would has to confront a life of poorness, maltreatment, and an alcohol addiction hubby. The narrative ‘s chief character, Cleofilas, is normally an illustration of Latina adult females, and how non-Latinos acknowledge them. They are raised and groomed, in families chiefly controlled by work forces their male parents and brothers, with the expectancy that they may someday happen the right work forces who would make up one’s mind to take them as a married womans. In the Latina universe adult females are ever consideration to be merely person ‘s married woman and with barely a opportunity to state no. However, she discovered that life in the new universe with her new hubby was unlike the romantic secret plan of fiction truth set in instantly when she had to care for her boy, their place that ever seemed to be in demand of fix, and her hubby, who wants to be served on manus and pes.

However, within the narrative there is a batch of maltreatment that plays a major function on the household ‘s relationship and how it has affected on her life. It is frequently that you find this type of behaviour within this Spanish cultural most adult females in this type of state of affairs truly hold no manner out other so to run off. Cleofilas had to cover with the hurting and agony in a patriarchal universe and a male dominated, society. The issues of gender and bias are present in the narrative, from the beginning, as Cleofilas decides to go forth her town to carry through her dreams of a better life style. Her apprehension of images on Television gave her the feeling that here, life is much better and would possibly unbrace her from the conventions of the universe she grew up in.

The concluding declaration in this narrative is left to the reader ‘s imaginativeness. It does non province what happened to Cleofilas and her hubby after she attempted to go forth her hubby. The life that Cleofilas had was faced with many experienced and all types of adversities, Cleofilas thought her life would be like that, of the telenovela, merely now the episode got sadder and sadder to believe that she could remain no affair what happens she started to recognize what the most of import thing in life.

Work Cited

Cisneros, Sandra. Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories. New York: Random House, 1991.



The narrative is been narrator in the three individual.

Cleofilas is the chief ground for the narrative. Her male parent wants her to get married Juan Pedro Martinez Sanchez.

The supporter in this state of affairs would be Cleofilas. The adversaries would be her Father and her Husband.


The narrative is about a male parent desiring his girl to acquire married and the struggle of the narrative is the maltreatment that she went through and seeking to happen a manner out.

Cleofilas vs. Father

Cleofilas V. Husband

Cleofilas vs. Family

Cleofilas vs. Friends


Cleofilas biggest obstruction in this narrative is the maltreatment she went through with her hubby and she try to happen a manner out this matrimony in wish she thought it would be the matrimony of her life.


The early portion of the narrative provides scene and debut about the characters, and it creates an ambiance and describes the scene. In this narrative it Cleofilas believes she is about to marriage the adult male of her dream with her male parent consent to marriage Juan Pedro.

The clip has come for her to go forth her male parent and her six brothers in Mexico to travel to El otro lado with Juan Pedro and, get down a new life as his married woman in a little bond. Cleofilas would shortly happen out that the life she knew with her and her brothers would be over as she knew it.

The new life she was to supposed to hold that was to be filled with passion as she seen on Television, as she watches the soap operas. While been married to Juan Pedro, she had two kids and was seeking to conceal her contusions from her opprobrious matrimony. She was looking for off out. She did n’t even talk English and she was cut off from her household. The concluding portion of this narrative is to make full the reader imaginativeness.


The narrative ‘s chief character is Cleofilas and she is a representation of Latino adult females and how non-Latinos, perceive them, more Hispanic adult females are raised in preponderantly controlled by work forces.

Sheet 4- Puting

Place- The topographic point in this narrative was really of import. It was the way of the narrative to make it to Cleofilas. It was a long route there and everything that happened along the manner had significance.

Time- Woman Hollering Creek is the centre of the border district in which the narrative unfolds. Cleofilas Mexican “ town of chitchats. . . of dust and desperation ” on the one side is non so different from Seguin, Texas, another town of “ chitchats on the other side, except that in her male parent ‘s town she is safe from physical injury.

Mood- was sort of emotional. The bulk of the clip Cleofilas was sad. She was maltreatment and tired and she was looking for some she could swear.

Sheet 5 Symbolism

Cisneros employs much symbolism in the characters she chooses. Particularly, Cleofilas ‘ the neighbours on both side of her are widowed adult females named Dolores and Soledad. Cleofilas ‘s name is clarified by a friend of hers, who tries to explicate it to Felice over the phone: The Mexican civilization Reveres adult females who suffer, as Cleofilas admires the anguished psyches on the telenovelas.

Sheet 6-Theme

It seen as if it is clearly an issue of gender and maltreatment in this narrative, Cleofilas decides to go forth her place town and acquire matrimony to carry through her dreams of a more wonder life manner in the United States. Cleofilas had this images of what her life would be like from watching the soap operas on Television, and it gave her this feeling of life.

The adult male she would marriage would be the ticket out of a bad state of affairs or to a new life. While populating in Mexico she had household and friend she could turn to once she travel she would non hold that anymore.

Sheet 7

I found the most interesting facet of the narrative to be the behaviour of how Hispanic ‘s adult females are treated.

1. I am your male parent, I will ne’er abandon you. Cisneros-43

2. And without even a mamma to rede her on things like her nuptials dark. 45

3. How could Cleofilas explicate to a adult female like this why the Woman Hollering Creek fascinated her? 46

4. But how could she travel back at that place? 50

5. And her household all in Mexico. 54

6. Cleofilas thought her life would hold to be like that, like a telenovela, merely now the episodes of sadder and sadder.


Cisneros states “ You or No One ” Has experienced all types of adversities, but believes that remaining sort and loving no affair what happens is the most of import thing in life. ( Cisneros 45 )

Note: You are no 1 and you will ne’er be anyone.

Cisneros states “ What do you desire to cognize for? ” ( Cisneros 46 )

Note: Why should I state you anything, you do n’t desire to cognize anyhow?

Cisneros suggested “ Did you of all time notice… how nil about here is named after a adult female? Truly. Unless she ‘s virgin. I guess you ‘re merely celebrated if you ‘re virgin ” ( Cisneros 55 )

Cisneros states “ the minute came, and he slapped her one time, and so once more, once more, until the lip split and bled an orchid of blood ” ( Cisneros 50 )

Cisneros offers her reader this thought “ Sometimes she thinks of her male parent ‘s house. But how could she travel back at that place? ” ( Cisneros 50 )

Work Cited

Cisneros, Sandra ( 1991 ) , Woman Hollering Creek and Other Narratives, New York: Random House.

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