An Environmental Analysis Of Malaysia

The official name for Malaysia is the Federation of Malaysia which is a signifier of federated constitutional monarchy under the Supreme Head of State of Malaysia, His Majesty, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. The Yang di-Pertuan Agong will elect who is the going Prime Minister and with the Prime Minster advice, besides elect the cabinets ( Malaya: Political Structure 2009 ) . As the constitutional sovereign is concern, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong will holds office for five old ages after being elected by the conference of Rulers ( Politics in Malaysia 2000 ) . A few political parties can be found in Malaysia but the chief political party is the National Front ( Barisan National ) . It is a multiracial party which consists of 14 parties with the largest being the United Malays National Organization ( UMNO ) . As for the House of Representatives ( Dewan Rakyat ) , they have 192 members and are the legislative authorization of Malaysia. These representatives are elected by popular ballot for the footings of five old ages ( Politics in Malaysia 2000 ) .

Harmonizing to Prime Minister, Najib Razak, since presuming office on April 3, 2009, he has wasted no clip implementing the alterations he says that are needed to better the fighting economic system and prepare Malaysia to carry through developed state position by 2020 ( Malaya: Political Constraints Slow Economic Reform 2009 ) . This shows that the authorities is seeking their best to better and it is proven when ‘The Tehran Time ( August 26, 2009 ) reported that Malaysia ‘s economic system is recovery from slack. ‘ Apart from that ‘The New Politikler ( June 8, 2009 ) besides reported that the states are really satisfied with the Prime Minister ‘s public presentation toward bettering the state development. ‘ Thought this satisfaction and retrieving phases that the authorities is doing, this may give Harvard University ‘s an chance to prove their concern venture at that place.

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As reference by the former Secretary of State Christopher ( 1995 ) , Malaysia ‘s committedness to instruction reflects its historic function as a hamlets of civilization and commercialism. And today, Malaysia has become one of the top 10 states that supply foreign pupils to the United States and now the United State are doing a really important part in Malaysia. Through this good relationship in managing instruction between the United State and the Malaysia may give an advantage for United State University like Harvard University to spread out their concern or educational degree to Malaysia.

In Malaysia, in order to set up a private instruction establishment, companies are required to subject a enrollment application to the Department of Private Education of the Ministry of Education and Department of Private Education of the Ministry of Higher Education ( License and Permit n.d. ) . Therefore, if Harvard University wishes to use their operation to the Malaysia market, foremost, they have to make full up the application signifiers and subject it to the Department of Private Education of the Ministry of Education and Department of Private Education of the Ministry of Higher Education for blessing. After the licence blessing, they can continue with the other applications like land application and edifices.

3.2 Economic Analysis of Malaya

This twelvemonth ( 2009 ) , it is believed that the ringgit is expected to weaken against the US dollar as macroeconomic conditions in Malaysia deteriorate. The exchange rate against the US dollar has been fickle in recent months ( Malaysia: Currency Forecast 2009 ) . This motion might be caused by the fluctuations in the US dollar. A weaker ringgit might assist the US trade fight. If Harvard University would come into the Malaysia market, it could be an advantage for them since the local currency is lower than theirs. However, harmonizing to them every bit good, the ringgit will be expected to beef up against the US dollar in 2010 when the economic system picks up important impulse compared with the US ( Malaysia: Currency Forecast 2009 ) . This could be a menace for them when the Malaysia currency begins to lift. Higher investing is needed and might be an issue for them in the hereafter.

Harmonizing to Firch prognosis, this twelvemonth ( 2009 ) , Malayan economic system will turn up to 1.5 % better than South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore ( Chong 2009 ) . Since that turning economic system can convey benefits like more occupation chances and more growing, this can convey benefits for Harvard University every bit good when they enter the Malaysia market. As for the unemployment rate for Malaysia, harmonizing to ‘The Star ( 2009 ) , the International Trade and Industry Deputy Minister, Datuk Mukhriz Tun Mahathir stated that the domestic unemployment rate may lift to 4.5 % by year-end from 3.7 % last twelvemonth and is the highest unemployment rate of all time for the state. ‘ Since that this is a truly high figure of unemployment rate in Malaysia, when Harvard University enters the Malaysia market, this could be strength for both parties. First, Harvard will acquire to hold cheaper labour cost for both skilled and unskilled employees and secondly, Malaysia can diminish their high unemployment rate.

For foreign investors to come in the Malayan market, there are some inducements given by the Malayan authorities. Harmonizing to ‘Bernama ( 2008 ) , Malayan authorities continue to give revenue enhancement alleviation to heighten private investors, inducements to pull foreign direct investings every bit good as provide more financess to hike regional economic corridors despite tough economic conditions. ‘ Since that Harvard University is a US trade name University, they could acquire revenue enhancement alleviation and some inducements from the Malayan authorities upon puting in the state. ‘Bernama ( 2008 ) besides stated that the authorities has allocated an extra RM300 million under the Strategic Investment Fund to foster beef up private investing. This fund will include the execution of instruction industry in Malaysia. In this instance, besides merely revenue enhancement alleviation, since Harvard University is an instruction industry, they could besides acquire financess from the authorities in covering with their operations. ‘

3.3 Cultural Analysis of Malaya

Harmonizing to Almeida ( 2007 ) , Malaysia represents a alone merger of Malay, Indian and Chinese traditions, making a multicultural and pluralistic state that has its character strongly rooted in societal harmoniousness, faith and pride in its hereditary background. She besides added that today, Malaysia offers a alone blend of old traditional civilization and new technological inventions. Since Malaysia is a multicultural state with different races and faith around the corner, for Harvard University to come in the Malaysia market that could non be difficult due to the higher degree of credence from the state towards different civilizations and faiths.

In Malaysia, the official linguistic communication of Malaysia is Bahasa Malaysia but English is really widely spoken by the states. There are other major linguistic communications every bit good that are being used in the state such as Chinese linguistic communication and Tamil linguistic communication. The other portion of Malayan singularity is that most of the Malayan can talk more than one linguistic communications and many others idioms excessively ( The Malaysia Page for Tourists, Kids and Teachers 1997 ) . This could be strength for Harvard University to come in the Malaysia market although Harvard University is a US trade name university that uses English as their chief linguistic communication, they could be no job in come ining the Malayan market as the states can talk quit good English. In fact, most of the states in Malaysia receive English linguistic communication instruction every bit early as preschool.

Malaysia is a state of Bolshevism. It depends much on the aid from other states. However, a survey found that people from a collectivized state like Malaysia and Singapore has more strongly correlated independent and mutualist self-concepts than people from individualist states like the US and the Australia ( Lee and Kacen 1999 ) . In this instance, since Malaysia is a collectivized state and the US is an individualist state, difference might happen between these two states if they where to unify together. Harmonizing to Parboteeach, Bronson and Cullen ( 2005 ) , collectivized civilization does non convey injuries to others and a collectivized civilization was positively related to a willingness to warrant ethically fishy behaviour. Although so, but the difference in civilization might can still convey difference towards each other. This could be a menace for Harvard University if they would desire to venture into Malaysia market. Malaysia is a high-octane distance state with low uncertainness turning away and moderate measure of maleness ( Geert Hofstede Cultural Dimensions 2009 ) . Believing this, Harvard University may non tape into consumers who have low life criterions, but they can still aim those who can afford.

3.4 Technology Analysis of Malaysia

Malaysia is an emerging Asiatic economic system draw a bead oning to travel towards a technology-driven and hi-tech production-base form of development ( Mun and Su 2004 ) . In fact, Malaysia has been categorized in a group of states that has the possible to develop their ain engineering ( Mani and Bartzokas 2002 ) . Few old ages back, former Deputy Prime Minister Sri Najib Tun Razak which is presently the Prime Minster announced that Malaysia had used a new remote feeling engineering to observe illegal logging and forest fires in the state ( Malaysia Adopts New Remote Sensing Technology to Detect Illegal Forest Burning 2006 ) . This shows how good prepared is the state to used new engineerings as their solutions to their current state of affairss. This proves that Malaysia has the possible to supply the best engineering equipment that might profit Harvard University as they on-going their operation in the state.

Harmonizing to Khosrowpour ( 1998 ) , the well usage of information engineering in a concern enables to smooth an organisation. Presently, the state has assorted types of installations for communicating. They have telecommunication installations such as telephones, facsimile and electronic mails in the state. This will be an advantage for Harvard University if Harvard University will spread out into Malaya market because whenever they have jobs or enquiries, they can merely pass on through the installations that have been provided by the authorities of Malaysia. Apart from that, the progress in telecommunication can besides salvage the cost of going. For case, if meeting is needed, staff can utilize video conferencing as their tools to pass on alternatively of taking a plane and travel for 10 hours merely for a twenty-four hours meeting.

Besides telecommunication, Malaysia is besides progress in transit. They have transit like planes, autos, trucks and other sorts of transit available in the state that can convey one from topographic points to topographic points. This will do easy for Harvard University in developing their staff if they need to direct them over to the US for preparation intents, they can go by plane to their finish. Apart from that, the usage of transit like planes can assist Harvard University which will be located in East Malaysia, Kota Kinabalu being attracted by pupils outside that peculiar province or even outside the state itself. They could either travel by air or by sea. This will be another advantage for Harvard University if they will spread out their operation to the Malaysia market.

3.5 Environmental Analysis of Malaya

Malaysia is a state that is made up of two parts. The Peninsular Malaysia which lies between Singapore and Thailand and East Malaysia across the South China Sea on the island of Borneo which has a entire land of 330, 400 sq kilometer ( Geography and Climate 2009 ) . From clip to clip, the population of this state keeps increasing. It is proven when in twelvemonth 1991, the entire populations are 175, 63.400, twelvemonth 2000, the entire populations are 23, 274.700 and twelvemonth 2005, the entire populations are 26, 127.700 ( Saw 2007 ) . In this instance, to compare twelvemonth 2000 and 2005, there is an addition of a sum of 2, 853.000 people which will be something good to Harvard University if Harvard University would spread out their operation to Malaysia market as there will be a demand on instruction by these increasing populations.

As for the clime of the state, Malaysia is a state where it is warm throughout the twelvemonth with temperature ranges from 20A°C to 30A°C on an norm ( Climate of Malaysia n.d. ) . This shows that Malaysia basically observes tropical conditions but it is believed that it is ne’er excessively hot. In this instance, this could be strength for the staff of Harvard University which will be based in Malaysia as back than in the US, they have 4 seasons while in Malaysia, merely one season throughout the twelvemonth. Since the American tends to love summer, tropical conditions like Malaysia will non be a hard topographic point for them to suit in.

Harmonizing to Lau ( 2009 ) , Malayan mean income in a month is around RM 3, 686 per month which has non been deducted for public-service corporations measures and all. After tax write-off, nil much left. As Harvard University which is already well-known for its criterion, the monetary value of come ining that peculiar university is non inexpensive and this could be a menace for Harvard University when they enter into the Malayan market as they can non pull a batch of pupils from the state itself. However, by mentioning to appendix 1, the average wage of occupation as a lector is at around RM44, 277 a twelvemonth with less than RM4, 000 a month ( Salary Survey for Country: Malaysia 2009 ) . This could be an advantage for Harvard University if they enter the market as the wage rate for lectors are low.

3.6 Competitive Audited account

Having probed into the competitory environment, it is really obvious that in Malaysia market, there are already a few competitions for Harvard University. In the past few old ages, Malaysia has offered MBA classs in partnership with foreign universities. Those foreign universities are as follows:

Asiatic Institute of Management, Philippines

Charles Sturt University, Australia

Cranfield University, UK

Henley Management College, UK

Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK

European University of Ireland

New Castle Australia

Nottingham Trent University, UK in association with Financial Time Management

Southern Cross Australia

Staffordshire University, UK

The American University of Hawaii, USA

The University of Hull, UK

University of Bath, UK

University of Dubuque, Iowa, USA

University of Lincolnshire & A ; Humbershire, UK

University of Reading, UK

University of South Australia

University of Strathclyde, UK ( Malaysia ‘s Master in Business Administration 2001 ) .

This could convey menaces to Harvard University as at that place have already discontinue a figure of private universities that offered MBA plans in Malaysia. Apart from the above, the Malaysia local universities does besides offered MBA plan but merely limits to few authorities universities merely. Those universities are such as:

Malaysia Multimedia University

Malayan University

University of Malaysia Duilasa

University of Putrajaya Malaysia

International Islamic University of Malaysia

Malaysia Technology University

University of Malaya ( Malaysia ‘s Master in Business Administration 2001 ) .

Although the Malaysia authorities does besides supply MBA plan in their local universities, nevertheless, these universities can merely be entered by the Malayan themselves. It is a no for the non-Malaysian. Thus, even there are a few local universities in Malaysia that offers MBA plans, Harvard University that comes with criterions and reputes can still catch a base in the Malaysia market.

There is a research found that parents tend to exchange their kids to private universities from the authorities 1s ( Sennholz 2003 ) . This could be strength for Harvard University. Although Harvard University merely offers MBA plans, if parents have this sort of mentally of traveling into private universities alternatively of their local 1s, kids might turn up with this sort of outlook as good. For case, if a pupil has studied all the manner in private schools, there is a large chance that this pupil might come in to a private university like Harvard University to go on with a Master. Therefore, although Harvard University might confront competition with the local universities, but there are still some people out at that place that will prefer private universities particularly like Harvard University which is already well-known of their criterions and reputes.

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