Analysing the business environment in Russia

The chief aim of this study is to analyze the concern environment in Russia, urge MYOB whether it should come in Russian IT industry and measure the entry scheme for MYOB Ltd to come in into Russia.

The industry analysis states the growing and size of Russian IT industry. The market is predicted to turn to US $ 18.3bn in 2011.The cardinal location for MYOB is St. Petersburg which is analysed in item in the study. The function of authorities in Russia is of much importance and attempts are on rise by the Russian authorities to promote the IT industry.

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The market analysis provinces that Russia is going a major package market in the universe. The relevant section for MYOB is the SMEs engaged in the retail sector as it is a turning sector in Russia. The current state of affairs and the hereafter market prognosiss are analysed in this subdivision.

The rival ‘s analysis states the cardinal rivals of MYOB in Russia and relevancy to MYOB. The degree of competition is bit by bit intensifying as the effects of GFC are drying up. Hence, this market seems to be attractive for MYOB in the close hereafter.

The scheme suited for MYOB would be International Strategy ( i.e. place reproduction ) . MYOB should come in with low hazard and low return scheme. The entry manner suggested is through exporting so that the capital committedness would be less and there is clip to cognize the market without doing a strategic committedness. The human resources, selling and fiscal issues are besides highlighted in the study.

Our recommendation to MYOB Ltd is that this is a great chance for them to construct their name in the Russian IT market. The current state of affairs might curtail the opportunities to spread out strategically, but in a period of 5 old ages, after the effects of GFC have dried up, Russian IT industry is decidedly for here to remain and it has all the possible to develop as the major IT hub globally.



MYOB ( Mind Your Own Business ) Ltd was founded by Craig Winkler and Brad Shofer in 1991 to provide customised concern direction systems to SME. In 1997 it included specific solutions for accounting patterns in its concern. It is supplying accounting support and services to more than 500000 concerns and 10000 accounting patterns worldwide. It is listed in Australian Stock exchange and operates in states like Australia, New Zealand, US, UK, Ireland, China, Malaysia and Singapore.


This study analyses concern environment in Russia for MYOB i.e. industry, market and rival ‘s analysis, placing strengths, failing, menaces and chances for MYOB, developing schemes, controls and consequently the entry manner for MYOB into Russia and future prognosiss.


Obtained information is from secondary informations like publications, articles, e-books, industry web sites and Deakin University Library Database. The facts and figures are from good accredited web sites and diaries.


Some of the informations collected may be dated because latest statistics were non available in many subjects. Other information which was relevant to describe had costs associated ; hence they could non be accessed.

Industry Analysis


MYOB develops and delivers concern direction package, services and support to concerns worldwide. The past growing of Russia indicates being of possible market for MYOB – particularly the accounting services. MYOBs ‘ possible clients would be retail trade companies trusting on IT for integrating of their concerns.


( Beginning: The Market Survey on Russian Export Software Market 2005: RUSSOFT )

From the graph it can be concluded that package trade in Russia is increasing at good rate every twelvemonth. Hence MYOB can profit from the fortunes consequently.

Although Russia has 5th highest package buccaneering rate in the universe ( 87 % ) , BMI expects to hike IT market to US $ 2.6bn by 2010. BMI besides expects to register a CAGR of 14 % over 2011, while entire size of the IT market is predicted to increase from US $ 9.6bn in 2005 to US $ 18.3bn in 2011. Furthermore, services and package history for around 36 % of the budget. The disbursement of authorities ‘s per capita is likely to increase from US $ 107 to US $ 190 in 2010-2014 ( Russia Information Technology Report 2010 ) .


The major metropoliss for get downing concern in Russia are Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk. Analysis of the present and future scenario with regard to political, economic, legal, socio-cultural and fiscal factors proved good in doing informed determinations. Harmonizing to this analysis, St. Petersburg could be a good option for MYOB because it offers assorted competitory advantages which are elaborated further in the study ( Toloraya n.d. ) .


The little concern market is emerging as the chief conflict land in Russian market, with local companies disputing the multinationals. While market leaders SAP and Oracle focal point on big Russian organisations, rise of local companies such as 1C has been fuelled more by concentrating on smaller Russian concerns. Now SAP in peculiar is get downing to develop an involvement in the little concern market.


The authorities has significantly increased the disbursement on IT per capita and plans to present revenue enhancement discounts for houses therefore promoting FDI influxs in this sector ( EU Business 2008 ) .

Russian authorities programs to open 4 province funded ‘Technoparks ‘ by 2010 with each park acquiring a province support of $ 80- $ 100million for making necessary substructure. Companies in this locality will have revenue enhancement benefits and besides extra revenue enhancement interruptions. The revenue enhancement processs will be simplified and societal security revenue enhancement will be reduced to 14 % from the old 26 % ( Online Extra 2006 ) .


The IT sector is quickly turning because of the active domestic demand, new technological services and merchandises. It has been less dependent on the Soviet period as its outgrowth has been in the past few decennaries. The IT sector has been playing an of import function in the overall integrating of the Russian economic system with globalised webs ( RUSSOFT Association and Outsourcing-Russia 2009 ) .

Russia is going the major market for package in Europe. It is the fastest turning sectors with an mean growing of 18 % per twelvemonth. The growing of the Russian package is forecasted to hold possible market in the universe and continue in the coming old ages ( Global Research and Data Services 2009 ) .

Russia has most of its IT gross generated by PSEs accounting to two tierces of the gross earned due to which most of the merchandises and services are proposed to public sector ( CompuBase 2009 ) .

Russia ‘s most of the IT service industry is developed in Moscow as it has better substructure to back up these industries and been a Hub for the large participants.


The IT industry in Russia has suffered to a great extent due to the GFC, with companies pressurised to convey down their investings. The industry has seen a diminution of 18 % in 2009 first One-fourth with major diminution in hardware gross revenues followed by package and IT services severally, the chief ground being the GFC.

In February 2009, 65 % of the IT market experienced downswing in engineering and gross revenues. Hence, Russian companies are confronting the crunch in budgeting ensuing in many IT undertakings acquiring virtually dead. The IT industry at present is more determined by low investing and speedy payback.

The market has seen a diminution in the execution of accounting package undertakings like ERP. Hence, the companies have significantly brought a cut in the package and labour market of ERP system and a bead in package purchases ( Russia Information Technology Blog n.d. ) .


The Russian IT industry is forecasted to turn US $ 15.0bn by 2010. This growing is due to the on-going authorities ICT undertakings and turning computing machine incursion. Huge disbursement through traditional industry could drive an addition in per capita by US $ 107 in 2010 to US $ 190 by 2014.



Most of the services and fabrication industries are situated in Moscow and therefore farther development is limited. Other parts like St. Petersburg have more development chances and are attractive finish to make concern.

St. Petersburg generates around 25-30 % of all income from offshore programming with the figure of the package developers functioning international client being more than 3000. The entire gross earned is approx 60000000-100000000 USD per twelvemonth.

Foreign Investment in St. Petersburg

The foreign investing has seen a important growing in recent old ages and appears to be an attractive finish for states like Great Britain, China, and USA etc. Opportunities for growing are still increasing.

( Beginning: Doing Business in St. Petersburg ( Russia ) 2009 )


The most relevant section for MYOB to aim at this point would be the Retail Trade sector in SME as it accounts for more than 47 % in the entire market portion. Hence there is a immense potency market and chances for MYOB to derive net incomes ( Making concern in St. Petersburg ( Russia ) 2008 ) .

( Beginning: Doing concern in St. Petersburg ( Russia ) 2008 )

Market Saturation and Attractiveness of Retail Sector

In St. Petersburg, the market impregnation of retail sector histories for merely 51 % with the market attraction of 58 % saying that the market is rather possible and still has tonss of range and chance for farther growing.

( Beginning: The Global Retail Development Index 2009 )

Growth of the Market

The market growing of the retail sector has been consistent and less volatile. There has been a steady addition in the growing form of this industry.

Growth of Retail houses in St. Petersburg

( Beginning: Government of St. Petersburg 2008 )

Employee turnover of retail mercantile establishments

( Beginning: Government of St. Petersburg 2008 )

Retail merchandises

( Beginning: MYOB Pty Ltd 2010 )


The Retail trade sector has the largest coverage of 47 % compared to other industries which covers fringy part in overall market portion. The stableness and volatility in the growing form has been rather consistent than other industries with the turnover and employment generated besides being rather high.

Rival Analysis


There are over 100 companies in Russia that provide more than 300 merchandises from simple accounting to complex fiscal package with more than 500 houses in the IT sector. The accounting package market marked the first measure towards package development and since so it has developed quickly.

Since there is a great difference between Russian and western accounting system, people prefer locally produced package. The undermentioned package ‘s are in great demand and can turn out to be competition for MYOB in Russia:

“ Book Keeping ” by 1C

“ Kvestor ” by Microbyte

“ Balance in 5 proceedingss ” by Akvilon

Assorted packages produced by Monolit-Info.

There are many local makers that provide locally developed package ‘s and databases every bit good ( IT Landscape in Nations Around the World 1997 )


( Beginning: 1C Enterprise8 n.d. )

( Beginning: EPAM Systems 2010 )

( Beginning: Reksoft 2010 )

( Refer Appendix 1 )


Many experts believe that IT industry in Russia is extremely competitory but extra escalation is expected ( Russian IT Quarterly 2010 ) .

A mix of CRM, ERP and accounting package solutions is the demand of the twenty-four hours non merely by big houses but besides SMEs.

The Software developers cater to SMEs as many local companies are disputing the multinationals. Up till now, 1C is the major participant but bit by bit the multinationals like SAP are acquiring attracted towards SMEs. Besides 1C, other package companies like EPAM systems, RekSoft, Luxsoft, Actis, IBS group, Diasoft and PhysTechSoft besides caters the same market, thereby escalating the competition degree ( The Russia Information Technology Report n.d. ) .


Inspite of the fiscal convulsion, the growing rate of 25 % attracts a batch of foreign investors in the industry ( Pavlotsky 2008 ) .

The Russian Software market is considered extremely possible and the roar is expected to go on for the following few old ages ( Lahti 2009 ) .

The domestic package market is expected US $ 3.2mn. With Russian authorities giving IT a higher topographic point in its policies, offering assorted revenue enhancement and other inducements, it can pull strings the worldwide industry developments. Russian IT market is expected to register a CAGR of 14 % by 2011 ; the entire size of IT market will turn by US $ 18.3bn in 2011, wherein package histories for 36 % of the disbursement ( The Russia Information Technology Report n.d. ) .


( Beginning: Russia Information Technology Report 2010 )



As pointed out, MYOB will provide to the retail trade sector which has batch of possible for development. Since MYOB has assorted merchandises for this section like MYOB Retail Basics, MYOB Retail Ready, MYOB Retail director etc, it does non necessitate to develop any merchandise. However, few customizations will be needed sing the degree of competition and to battle the after effects of The GFC.

The location most suited for MYOB is St. Petersburg because of its high denseness of concern activity and immense population. The ground behind this location is assorted competitory advantages it offers like stopping point location to European markets, good developed substructure, extremely developed instruction system and low operational costs. The figure of companies in St. Petersburg is less compared to Moscow but addition is expected well. While Moscow specializes in providing big scale organisation, St. Petersburg caters to SMEs i.e. mark section of MYOB. The tabular array below illustrates the SMEs utilizing IT services every bit good as the outgo increasing at a fast gait.

The IT merchandises and Services in St. Petersburg

( Beginning: Lappeenranta University of Technology 2005 )


The scheme best suited for MYOB is ‘International Strategy ‘ besides called ‘Home Replication ‘ i.e. Low Hazard in the start. This scheme involves taking the domestic merchandises internationally with minimal customization to run into the local demands. ( Dowling, Leisch, Hill and Gray 2009 )

MYOB should utilize this scheme to come in Russian market. Few Minimal customizations such as linguistic communication and proficient know-how demand alteration harmonizing to the Russian Culture of the SMEs. Besides accounting system of Russia is different compared to International Accounting Standards but many houses have started altering their traditional patterns and following IAS.

This scheme makes sense when the cost force per unit areas are low. In the current scenario, there are cost force per unit areas due to the after effects of GFC but these force per unit areas will cut down in future. The turning demand of IT services in St. Petersburg will maintain per unit cost of the merchandises to its lower limit.

Another feature of this scheme is low force per unit area for local reactivity. MYOB does non necessitate alteration to a greater extent because they are accommodating the demands of this sector. A few customizations do non exercise excessively much force per unit area for local reactivity ( Dowling, Leisch, Gray & A ; Hill 2009 )


Articulated tactics to accomplish this scheme includes staffing, compensation, hiring, calling waies, distribution and logistics. MYOB will follow ‘geocentric ‘ attack towards staffing, engaging on endowments, compensation harmonizing to regulations and ordinances and looking into career waies of employees by deporting them so they can see in working different civilizations. Pre-departure preparation would be given to all exiles.


Few factors need to be considered to choose the optimal entry manner.

Type of market – Presently, Russia is less desirable because of political instability and a assorted economic system with lower degrees of adoptions. However, betterment is expected in close hereafter under the Putin ‘s leading.

Timing of Entry – MYOB is non an early entry into Russian market because several rivals exist ; hence it will non acquire the first mover advantage.

Scale of Entry – MYOB should see little graduated table entry than strategic committedness to larn about the Russian market bit by bit and analyze its credence and growing in close hereafter.

Core Competencies – MYOB ‘s nucleus competences is technological know-how and hence licensing and joint venture are non logical options.

Entry Mode – Exporting

Exporting seems executable for MYOB for the first 2/3years as it avoids the initial immense cost of bring forthing in Russia. Our distributer would be Mont. ( Refer to Appendix 2 ) . Initially, the purpose would be to aim all SME ‘s and providing their demands with the overall focal point of understanding the Russian market. Exporting will assist to understand the market reactivity and after 2/3years traveling towards puting up the fabrication unit. It will besides assist understanding the gradual enlargement towards more locations. By this clip MYOB would hold established a foundational base. Later on, after understanding the market scenario and the range of growing, the following measure would be to set up a entirely owned subordinate ( FDI ) utilizing Greenfield scheme.

In Russia, the accounting criterions are different at present. Very few companies have adopted International Accounting Standard ( IAS ) but the tendency is expected to alter in close hereafter. Currently MYOB is following IAS and this would be easy for them to perforate into the market.

Cost of entry manner

AvailableA office facilitiesA

Lease rates

Lease pattern

( Beginning: Doing Business in St. Petersburg ( Russia ) 2010 )

Why non others?

Turnkey undertakings are common in pharmaceuticals, chemicals and refinement industries. Furthermore, it involves managing the inside informations of undertaking to the foreign client. This would be hazardous for MYOB as it requires unwraping their nucleus competences with other company. So is the instance with licensing & A ; franchising. With this, possible information of company and forte of the merchandise will be lost. Even joint venture is non a suited option as it increases the hazard of giving control of its engineering to its spouse which leads to struggles and conflicts due to civilization clang. Acquisition incurs immense cost and includes sharing the nucleus competences which is non a fruitful option.



Since MYOB is exporting the package on a little graduated table ab initio, a stiff uninterrupted control is required to tap the market. This requires Personal control i.e. control by uninterrupted personal contact with the subsidiaries in Russia. It helps feeling the market move, tapping the growing and planning schemes consequently.

MYOB will hold bureaucratic control in footings of budget and capital disbursement. It is of import to hold a system of regulations and processs which directs the action of program in Russia.

Since its overall success depends on public presentation of the importation company, a characteristic of end product control is required. MYOB will carry through the demand of the merchandises demanded for which end product control is indispensable.

Another control step would be incentive to employees in order to acquire the best end product.

Since MYOB is into accounting package, it needs to maintain control and follow the states Torahs to run into the demand of local ordinance. It should maintain abreast of fiscal issues across both the houses.

Controls linked to MYOB ‘s public presentation:

Corporate: The concern degree scheme involves wholly acquiring into the market with Market incursion scheme. Keeping low cost ab initio would be helpful in capturing the market.

Operational: This is the nucleus country where stiff control on the quality of the package is of import. Control has to be ensured on distributer in footings of gross revenues so that the vision of being client focused is non diversified.



IHRM includes factors like staffing, compensation, labour dealingss, developing etc. The staffing policy MYOB should follow would be the Geocentric Approach i.e. make fulling places on endowment regardless of nationality. It helps the work force to work efficaciously in different civilizations. The exiles transferred from Australia to Russia should be given pre-departure preparation of concern civilization in Russia which prevents civilization daze in existent scenario. Compensation and Remuneration would be harmonizing the labor Torahs applicable in Russia.


Marketing Mix

Merchandise: The chief merchandise MYOB would be selling is accounting and concern direction package to the retail sector. It would be the domestic merchandises like Retail Basics, Retail Manager, Retail Ready, Retail Enterprise etc. Alternatively of any tailored made merchandises.

Monetary value: Initially, focal point is non on net incomes but on turnover. Price of the merchandises would be low compared to Australia because of the effects of GFC on the budgets of Russian IT industry. It can be advantageous ab initio against some rivals assisting in geting some market portion.

Topographic point: MYOB should be based in St. Petersburg than Moscow, the IT hub because IT market in Moscow is on impregnation and does non keep much range. Contrary, St. Petersburg is a turning topographic point for SMEs, the mark market of MYOB. Hence, it will supply much more operational efficiencies.

Promotion: MYOB could do usage of electronic medium to advance its entry into Russian market because the incursion of Personal computers and cyberspace is huge in Russia. Besides, publishing little advertizements in newspapers, out-of-door publicity is a sensible investing to advance.


( Refer Appendix 3 )


On the footing of the market, industry and rivals analysis, MYOB should come in Russia as package exporter for accounting and concern direction solutions to retail sector in St. Petersburg. The ground for taking exporting as an entry manner is that the company should take its clip to cognize the Russian civilization and reactivity of the market. However the company should non anticipate immediate net incomes in the first 2-3years. The first 2-3years would be struggle because Russians are orthodox in their ways and hence prefer purchasing from the old local suppliers. After 2-3years, when MYOB has a important Russian patronage, it can open a entirely owned subordinate i.e. Greenfield investing in Russia for long term chances. Hence these 3 old ages would be important for MYOB to make up one’s mind their long term success.


After carry oning a systematic analysis and foregrounding the potency of growing, we recommend MYOB Ltd to venture into Russia by the terminal of 2010 as an exporter. It should catch the available chances offered due to the uninterrupted growing and demand of the IT sector. However it should non believe about any strategic committedness until 3 old ages. Subsequently on, if the company is good established and has a loyal and constant/ turning client base, so it will hold to rethink its scheme to spread out. At that clip, a entirely owned subordinate would a good option since the conditions would be really much economically and politically stable.



List of few rivals for MYOB in Russia

Name of the house










Digital Design

St. Petersburg

Kanar Software





St. Petersburg




St. Petersburg

STAR Software

St. Petersburg


Nizhny Novgorod




St Petersburg





Fort Dialog



St. Petersburg









Ronda limited


Elite Software


Exigen Servicess

St. Petersburg

ABI Soft

St. Petersburg




St. Petersburg


St. Petersburg

Backup IT


( Beginning: RUSSOFT 2009 )


We have chosen MONT has our partnering distributer for our package in Russian Market. The MONT has been one of the largest distributers of the package in Russia. MONT has its regional presence in all the parts of the Russia. Mont has more than 4000 administrations covered under its web.

The chief credibleness of the MONT has been its “ Distribution with a human face ” , full-right partnership directed to work outing the trader ‘s jobs. The company has the individualistic attack with all its spouses which helps in the changeless growing of the company.

MONT has its office and warehouse located in the same edifice which enables them to accomplish high efficiency and better distribution of the goods.

The chief Suppliers of the company are:

ABBYY, Acronis, Adobe Systems, Agnitum, ASPA Linux, Autodesk, CA, CheckA Point, CorelA Corporation, DrWEB, Embarcadero Technologies, Entensys, ESET, IBM, KasperskyA Lab, McAfee, Microsoft, Oracle, Parallels, PROMT, RSAA Security, Smart-Soft, Symantec, TrendA Micro, VMware, Ascon etc.

( Beginning: 2010 )

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