Analysis of ‘Reading Lolita in Tehran’ by Azar Nafisi

The real Azar Nafisi

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The real Azar Nafisi

Reading Lolita in Tehran is a book written by Azar Nafisi and negotiations about the battles of a adult female was born in Iran moved to the United States to analyze abroad. She got most of her instruction signifier the US and the UK. She moved back to Iran in the late 1970’s and she found here state was in a revolution and war was everyplace. The book it divided into four parts Lolita, Gatsby, James, and Austen each tells a portion of the narrative and her life. She goes on to explicate what has happened to her state and the instructions that she has done.

Nafisi used to learn at different schools in Iran but the school board found her instructions incorrect and expelled her. She was fed up so she got some of her best pupils and brought them over her house each hebdomad to discourse about all kinds of different books. Everyone at that place used the categories as an flight from world of Iran’s regulations and control because they were able to discus about all they wanted and to allow out what they felt about their dreams wants without anyone judging them, Since they were all adult female and woman’s had no rights in Islam.

One minute I the book that stood out to me in portion one was when Nafisi’s female parent, a individual who is nil like a Muslim adult female marries a proper Muslim adult male they somehow work it out. Her female parent loves to have on a chadar because she feels is something really particular to her. What gave me a daze was when the female parent taught her girl English alternatively of Arabic and that the male parent allows her. Back so adult female weren’t forced to have on a chadar so u can state how much she loved her hubby.

During the clip Nafisi was learning the seven pupils at her house why she was so aghast to see her pupils come out of her shell or in her words “I could non acquire over the daze of seeing them shed their mandatary head coverings and robes and explosion into color” ( Azar Nafisi 5 ) She wanted to learn what the schools deemed incorrect so she got her seven best pupils and used the instructions to let go of all of their thoughts, emotions, and defeats with each other as they discussed books and other literary plants. In the article titled “The book club” by Sam Munson she explains how when Nafisis was learning in the schools the authorities started to make up one’s mind what was allowed and didn’t like what Nafisis was instructions so she got expelled and that is what got her to do this little nine with some of her pupils. Soon each one of here pupils started to open up to each other “Gradually, each one gained an lineation and a form, going her ain inimitable self” ( Azar Nafisi 5 )

In portion two of the book you start to see all the different type of personality’s that her pupils have and how particular they are. It besides shows that Nafisis knew them really good before she picked them. She let her pupils be the justice and jury of the books even though she knew the reply. Even if the pupils didn’t talk for the books she got them to get down believing for themselves and non merely follow person. In Iran they merely allowed plants from Tehran to be read. Nafisis got the books and asked her pupils to measure them based on their authorship and literature they besides focuses a batch of their clip on Gatsby to reexamine and larn from it.

Why was Nafisis holding problem with her matrimony? Her male parent went to imprison so she was left entirely and during that clip she said “I was insecure plenty to get married on the goad of a minute, before my 18th birthday” ( Azar Nafisi 83 ) She married a adult male who “wasn’t like us” ( Azar Nafisi 83 ) she thought of him as he was full of himself and that he was brainsick covetous this prompted Nafisis to desire a divorce with him. The lone manner she could acquire a divorce was to acquire the blessing of her male parent and he agreed when she said she would non action for maintenance. In the article “Lolita in Tehran Author Goes Silent” by Madeline Brand said that Nafisis had suffered all her life. Her female parent died when she was so immature and her male parent was put in gaol. That might be the ground to why she wanted to get married at such a immature age.

Because the writer is from Iran you can see a batch of the connexions made in the narrative. The battles she faces and how she overcomes them and besides when she moved to the United States she sees the universe different since it’s a new topographic point. She so goes back to Iran and it’s under war and she can’t Teach any longer since she got expelled. It is related to the novel in a large manner since she has a batch of experience with her place state and her background of a difficult life, how her ma died when she was immature and her male parent put in gaol. She was left entirely. In the biographic article titled “Azar Nafisi” by Ed. Jeffrey W. Hunter he wrote a fantastic article on her battles and her biographical of her immature age and what she went through.

The tone in the novel is morel like rebellious because the adult female are under subjugation and they want to be free so they try to travel “against the man” most of the clip and it relates a batch with the characters since most of them are female. Nafisi particularly, she teaches at a school so the school no longer allows her to learn at that place because of her content so in order to arise she gets some of her best pupils who are besides female and brings them over to her hosiery for the weekend to discourse the books and subjects that she was discoursing when she was still learning. The article “Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books. ( Arts & A ; Letters ) ” by Christopher Byrd he states “Nafisi convincingly argues, pose an even greater menace to a despotic orthodoxy than any unfastened show of political rebellion.” Showing her rebellious nature, she doesn’t want to experience inferior and the tone of the novel is set around non being oppressed she shows it a batch in the narrative.

The relationship about this novel and the subject of literature is that in the fresh Nafisi Loves to learn and on her first twenty-four hours of school asked if fiction is even of import in literature. The manner it’s related is by how the novel is being presented it’s non merely a narrative it tells the narrative of a individual and the adversities they went thru. The narrative itself is an look of single idea and the feeling of carry throughing from the originative procedure. Writers wish to portion their experiences with their novels and books, their understanding and observations. It’s like doing music you portion what you are experiencing utilizing words in a vocal.

In decision the book Reading Lolita in Tehran was a good read, it talked about the battles Nafisi had in her life how she became a instructor moved to the united provinces so came back to her place town of Iran to happen out it’s at war and she can’t Teach any longer so she starts her ain “club” where she picked some of her best pupils and discussed with them about books. It besides talks about some parts of The Great Gatsby in portion II and the reactions it had with the people from her weekend nine. This book was interesting and I would read it once more if I had to.

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