Analysis Of Ulysses Lord Tennyson English Literature Essay

1 ) Travel is a important symbol throughout the verse form and it is clear that Ulysses has travelled for the ten old ages old. This can be seen in lines 12-15, where Ulysses informs the reader of the different topographic points he has been with different authoritiess, people, and nutrients. When he returns place to Ithaca, he realises he needs to maintain traveling in order to acquire the most out of life ( Line 6 ) . He compares life as an arch with which the ‘untravelled universe ‘ glows through it. He describes where he intends on going as ‘beyond the sundown ‘ , further illustrating that he wishes to go topographic points he has n’t been earlier.

Another symbol of this verse form is ingestion. Ulysses spends his clip as male monarch of Ithaca feeding and sleeping. He sees his people around him content with feeding and kiping twenty-four hours in twenty-four hours out, mentioning to them as a ‘savage race ‘ and he loses his appetency for nutrient. Ulysses says he will ‘drink / Life to the lees ‘ which shows us that he believes that drink will non take him to acquiring the most out of life. In line 12, we see his existent hungriness is for travel and cognition where he says he has a ‘hungry bosom ‘ .

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The symbolism of animate beings besides features in this verse form, chiefly in respect to the citizens of Ithaca, whom Ulysses refers to as a ‘savage race ‘ , ‘rugged ‘ , and in demand to be ‘subdued ‘ . He depicts his people to ‘feed ‘ alternatively of eat and to ‘hoard ‘ as if meaning to hole up. Ulysses, nevertheless, refuses to stop up like them and see himself as a type of predatory animate being who hungers for larger quarry, or better things in life, ‘roaming ‘ the seas with a ‘hungry bosom ‘ .

2 ) In Tennyson ‘s verse form, facets of the character of Ulysses and narrative from other beginnings are adopted. The character of Ulysses was foremost introduced into literary history by the ancient Greek poet Homer in his plants ‘Iliad ‘ and ‘Odyssey ‘ as the character of Odysseus, the Greek for Ulysses. The character was subsequently used by poets such as Euripides, Horace, Dante, Shakespeare, and Pope. The narrative of Tennyson ‘s verse form peculiarly alludes to the 11th book of Homer ‘s Odyssey, where the prophesier Tiresias foretells that Ulysses will return to Ithaca after a hard ocean trip, so get down a new, cryptic ocean trip, and subsequently decease a peaceable, ‘unwarlike ‘ decease that come mistily ‘from the sea ‘ . Tennyson ‘s verse form ends with Ulysses thought of traveling on a new ocean trip.

However, the narrative of Tennyson ‘s ‘Ulysses ‘ is far more similar to the character of Ulisse from Dante ‘s ‘Inferno ‘ . In the 26th Canto, Ulisse speaks of how he set out with his work forces for one concluding journey of geographic expedition to sail beyond the Pillars of Hercules and into the Western Sea. Ulisse was of the sentiment that work forces were non made to populate like beasts but to follow virtuousness and cognition. Ulisse ‘s ardor for escapade, even at the disbursal of his household, is projected in Ulysses ‘ limitless desire for cognition and travel: ‘And this grey spirit longing in desire / To follow cognition like a sinking star, / Beyond the extreme edge of human idea. ( 30’32 ) ‘ .

Tennyson ‘s verse form may besides touch to Shakespeare ‘s ‘Halmet ‘ , where the reference of a barbarian race ‘that cache, and slumber, and fee, and know non me ‘ is echoed in Hamlet ‘s monologue that states adult male is no more than a animal if all he does is sleep and eat.

Given these literary contexts, it is Dante ‘s Ulisse that fits best with Tennyson ‘s Ulysses. This leads to the decision that Ulysses ‘ full soliloquy is likely him retrieving a portion of his life while in Hell.

3 ) The verse form alludes to merely fabulous historical events which are discussed in the old subdivision on the significance of literary texts in Tennyson ‘s ‘Ulysses ‘ .

4 ) “ Ulysses ” is a seventy-line clean poetry dramatic soliloquy and hence does non incorporate a rhymed strategy. In the verse form, Ulysses reflects on his state of affairs through a dramatic soliloquy. He begins by rejecting his disappointing life he faces on his return to Ithaca, and so he lovingly recalls his heroic yesteryear, recognises his boy, Telemachus, as a good governor of people, and eventually contemplates on programs for another journey.

Tennyson uses a rather simple metre by maintaining with the standard metre of English poesy of iambic pentameter for most of the verse form. An illustration of which can be seen in line 70: ‘To strive, / to seek, / to happen, / and non / to give ‘ . Tennyson besides includes different beats to those of iambic pentameter, such as spondees. In line 36, each pes has two stressed syllables in a row: ‘This la- ‘ , ‘slow pru ‘ , and ‘make mild ‘ . Tennyson besides uses trochees, as seen in in line 7, ‘Life to ‘ , and in line 46 ‘Souls that ‘ , where the beats contain a stressed syllable followed by an unstressed syllable. By non utilizing changeless iambic pentameter, Tennyson makes the verse form more realistic as a dramatic soliloquy, as person really talking.

Tennyson utilises the vowel rhyme, the repeat of vowel sounds, to assist set up the temper of the verse form, as seen in the lines: ‘Matched with an elderly married woman, I mete and dole / Unequal Torahs unto a barbarian race, / That cache, and slumber, and provender, and know non me. ‘ In these lines, the vitamin E sound, which is strongly stressed in the first two lines and becomes a form in the latter portion of the 3rd, absolutely puts across the talkers dissatisfaction with his life in Ithaca.

5 ) In taking into history the symbolism, the literary context, and the signifier of Tennyson ‘s ‘Ulysses ‘ I have gained a greater penetration into the significance of the verse form. In my sentiment, the verse form captures the ideas of a well-travelled adult male who is contemplating on moving on his desire to research farther even though his best old ages are behind him. We get the sense that after a life of disputing himself through his ocean trips, he can non settle into the sedentary life his achievements have earned him. His finding to maintain exploring and seek new things is animating. As is his ability to acknowledge he is non suited to the function of swayer over Ithaca and that his boy is better suited even though they do things otherwise. The stoping of the verse form leaves the reader with an uplifting note of victory as Ulysses and his crew set off on their concluding ocean trip of find together.

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