Analyzing Nineteen Eighty Four English Literature Essay

Orwells novel, 1984, is seen at by many, as a ratting of where the present civilisation can be bearing. The narrative shows accomplishments likewise to today, for illustration war. There are every bit good similarities wholly dissimilar such as people associations, 1984 identifies to the readers that the civilisation is non ever good. It gives a intimation to the readers about what might go on to the universe in the stopping point to prospect. A sense of war taking topographic point is seen obviously as Julia holds custodies with Winston in this conflict, taking her to steal existent life luxuries java, sugar, staff of life, jam, and tea as a signifier of rebellion.

AO2- Researching the same model by Orwell he drastically changes his narrative technique from 3rd individual to first individual going a instead scenic narration from the same dull, and besotted suburb of London to this alive, active, and about alive rural, and pastoral prairie known as ‘The Golden Country ‘ . The land of liability, which displays contrast to where Winston lives. The state plays a important portion as Winston ‘s love is foreshadowed by this dream-like universe. Winston begins to conceive of of enjoyable occurrences in ‘The Golden Country ‘ where he has sex with Julia for the really first clip altering this stage of Winston ‘s life into a Utopian phantasy. Bing the reader in my eyes ‘The Golden Country ‘ symbolises the yesteryear and has near linkage to history. Winston ‘s dream about his female parent merely shows and expands one thought which is desiring to reconstruct that idyllic freedom that was one time at that place many old ages ago. Describing ‘The Golden Country ‘ as pastoral Winston highlights the fact that he wants to plunge in a metropolis filled with a pastoral life style with no mechanisms. However after waking from his phantasy dream the first word he utters is ‘Shakespeare ‘ . An olden, yet legendary name which was erased old ages ago with his female parent, and sister ‘s memories merely symbolizes one thing that Julia has been foreshadowed by Shakespeare doing us gain a similar novel by Shakespeare himself based on out love. Cleverly a comparing in drawn here as Romeo and Juliet ‘s love narrative was based on meeting in secret, due to household feuds where as in Orwell ‘s novel we see the feud between Party and himself, who will halt sexual intercourse ensuing in alarming, and lifelessly effects if caught together.

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AO4- Looking at the Critical and Cultural Commentary an article based on Robert McCrum – 1984: The novel that killed George Orwell furthers this statement of The Golden Country as researching the article we pick up on information based on Orwell ‘s personal life. Populating life on the Jura was a enjoyable experience for him in comparing to Winston ‘s fantasy universe. All the liability is seen in the manner McCrum describes the passion for traveling ‘fishing, explore the island, and thrower about in the boats. In August, during a enchantment of lovely summer conditions ‘ . ( McCrum: 8 ) McCrum takes us to this Postwar Britain collage where we are given a image of a ‘a sucked orange ‘ although a description of Orwell has been given utilizing a loanblend of antediluvian cultivated beginnings, it merely makes sense after observing the fact that Orwell ‘s life became a citrous fruit fruit turning out-of-doorss carry throughing his military service, plus finishing Animal Farm another celebrated novel. Analyzing Brave New World Huxley avoids the Utopian universe. Therefore looking at the chapter where Winston escapes into ‘The Golden Country ‘ we see a difference in the manner both writer ‘s have written the novels. In 1984 we have a opportunity to peek at gratis, yet unoccupied Utopian society, where as in Huxley ‘s novel we see nil but merely the dystopian society with more, and more coarse plus acrimonious linguistic communication as the chapters pass. However, although Huxley avoids utilizing a scenic collage for a Utopian universe, he includes a great trade of Utopian emotions. For illustration in Chapter 14 when Linda, John barbarian ‘s female parent passes off we see that strong and urgency from John to wake up the world in everyone so he has the opportunity to rekindle his love for AO1 – Linda. “ Every one belongs to every. . . . “ A instead bereaved and depressed stoping has been given to Linda by Huxley to demo the effects of the antidepressant drug Soma. A sense of Utopian looks are passed on to us by the writer when depicting Linda ‘s “ charged with panic ” face, doing it seem like slaying when John tends to experience he is responsible for her decease. Normally we expect our lead heroes of the novels to be sort hearted, and filled with love. Therefore in Brave New World these looks are kept concealed within John turning him into a barbarous beast after the consequence of his female parent ‘s decease. Huxley finally connects Linda to the past linking her to the history of life, and understanding traditional moralss, and honestness. This is seen when she nurtures John, shows him fondness and grants him as her ain boy from her uterus. These Utopian feelings are the lone distraction we get from the brutal and awful interventions of kids, and conditioning. The linguistic communication used in these chapters clearly states a female parent, boy relationship but with that consequence of Soma the decease of Linda becomes superficial, and non a natural decease that would go on in today ‘s clip period in history.

AO2 – Throughout the chapters in Nineteen Eighty Four we see an array of force when Winston undergoes the intervention at the presumptively ‘Ministry of Truth ‘ . In Part 2 Chapter II we see the construction of uninterrupted maltreatment by the Party members. This is seen obviously as the whole chapter goes through without any paragraphs but alternatively as an ageless yarn of ‘fists, sometimes it was nightsticks, sometimes it was steal rods ‘ . This makes the whole experience for Winston every bit alarming as of all time since he has ne’er faced such terrible whippings from the Party. As the thread passes we come across more physical intimidation such as ‘slapped his face, wrung his ears, and pulled his hair ‘ which makes it harder for the readers to go on the novel. Soon after we find Winston accompanied with Ampleforth a civilian whom lets the noun God exist merely to utilize in his poesy. Once once more the subject of subjugation has been used by the gifted writer as the subject of solipsism as besides been explored where Ampleforth can non stay free even inside his ain head composing poesy. Therefore being a statement doing Ampleforth digest the fact that under dictatorship even a author is non apt to travel against the omniscient Big Brother. The usage of construction and linguistic communication used in this portion of the chapter has to be the most deathly handling Winston as an Animal, go forthing him like a fish to writhe but take no action. O’Brien tells Winston that Big Brother can ‘never dice ‘ , therefore competently doing his place in Oceania supreme – typifying many things such as protection, and trust. This becomes an thought of Doublethink as we know that this is non true but O’Brien makes Winston believe this to halt his act of rebellion. We start to see how the Party members or Large Brother are wholly the same as Hitler and Stalin. Stalin being a Communist became a psychotic and insane individual after coming into power of success to Vladimir Lenin. Where as Hitler became communist and leader of Germany, giving promises of occupations to those unemployed he decided to fault the Jews therefore butchering them in topographic points such as concentration cantonments. Such similar properties are seen in Orwell ‘s adversary as the usage of Doublethink becomes exploited when O’Brien forces Winston to believe ‘2 + 2 = 5 ‘ . The usage of Doublethink can be taken to a point where McCrum believes that it is ‘Hypocrisy but with a turn ‘ ( McCrum: 13 ) I wholly agree with his belief of naming Doublethink ‘Hypocrisy ‘ going an fanciful manner to posses, and control people. Therefore McCrum believes Doublethink is a great technique to utilize when in the saloon. ‘Victory Gin ‘ a drink frequently heard of in Nineteen Eighty Four is used by those whom are non associated with the Party known as the Outer Party members. A merchandise by Oceania that is non that hard to happen is in the custodies of Winston Smith towards the terminal of the novel giving up on life, and the battle to do history repetition itself has eventually been finished with guilt. Similarly to the guilt John feels towards the terminal of the novel when he exorcises himself for Linda ‘s decease, and contact with Lenina. The stoping of both novels closes in a instead guilty manner where the crowd conditioned to believe John ‘s onslaught on Lenina ‘Orgy – Porgy ‘ .

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