Analyzing The Frankenstein Novel English Literature Essay

I read the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelly. I ‘ve heard this book was a great pick for the originative head, because of all the scenes and innovations described throughout the novel. The chief ground I chose this book is because of the popularity, besides I have n’t yet read this book so I wanted to see if I ‘d bask it. There besides is a film on this book which I ‘ve now seen, So I can compare the two and indicate out differences.


This book is filled with different locations and scenes, but the chief 1s that show up throughout this novel are Geneva, Ingolstadt, Swiss Alps, England and Scotland. The clip puting this book takes topographic point in is the 18th century, you can state because of the engineering described. Victor Frankenstein is the chief character in this book, this book revolves around Victor. He is originally from Switzerland he so travels to Geneva and surveies about alchemists at a university he goes to. He takes up scientific discipline at this university, and after a twosome old ages he learns all of what his instructors have to offer him. Victor becomes really interested on how life worked and experiments with conveying things to life so finally creates and monster who will shortly set wretchedness into his life. Robert Walton, another star character which has the ability to command Frankenstein more than anyone else. The monster created by Victor was developed by organic structure parts and alien substances ; it came to life by an unknown phenomenon. This animal is abnormally tall and strong, but has the cognition of a kid. This monster was shortly abandoned by his maestro and attempts to suit in with the remainder of the universe.

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Rising action

The lifting action in this novel happens when Victor Frankenstein starts edifice this monster. Shortly after constructing it Victor interacts with his creative activity and this is the chief consequence of the lifting action, because it starts to involvement in the reader into seeing and foretelling what may go on following. Everything that Victor does after the creative activity feeds to the lifting action.


The Climax on this book happens occurs when Victor decides to acquire married. When we find out that the monster was traveling to be with Victor when he gets married added an intense subject to the nuptials dark. Another piece to the flood tide is when Elizabeth is killed which ended the flood tide. Now you start to inquire what the monster will make next, will he harm person else? Or worse commit another slaying.

Falling action

The falling action in this book is after the monster kills Elizabeth and Victor ‘s pa. After that occurs Victor falls apart and everything he one time loved is now gone thanks to his error of making this monster. Now he must command his creative activity before he kills more guiltless people.


Victor Frankenstein is the supporter in this novel, even though he is the 1 who created the atrocious animal. Because Victor was so dying to larn and experiment he got carried off and made a error and now has to set an terminal to it before it ‘s excessively late.


Victor ‘s creative activity is the Antagonist because of the force he causes and the things he does to mankind. Because the human race will non accept him for what he is he gets frustrated and starts to do mayhem. Then the monster sets out to set an terminal to its Godhead ‘s life.


I think the subject of this book Frankenstein is that if we should n’t be experimenting with things such as making a life being, and allow God be the Godhead of life alternatively of utilizing scientific discipline to do unreal life signifiers. This act of scientific discipline is n’t natural and finally ruins Victor ‘s life and brings desperation to all of his loved 1s. Victor ‘s intense hatred towards his creative activity ends up stoping his life, doing Walton to draw back organize his mission. Victor says these words in chapter 3 “ So much has been done, exclaimed the psyche of Frankenstein-more, far more, will I achieve ; trading in the stairss already marked, I will open up a new manner, explore unknown powers, and unfold to the universe the deepest cryptic of creative activity. ” This statement foreshadows the fact that he is fiddling with unsafe things that should be left entirely.


I would urge this book to anyone who has a great imaginativeness and in involvement in straightforward novels. This book is great for about anyone to read in my sentiment ; it ‘s non to disputing to understand nor is it a book merely for kids. The writer uses a batch of boding in this book. Victor helps make the prefiguration by stating things that hint the reader to presume what will go on in the hereafter, Victor besides talks about memories in the yesteryear. This gives the reader something to believe about.

I would non urge this book to kids of a younger age because of the message this book might direct to them, that cognition and wonder are a bad thing and are looked down upon. Mary Shelly uses many similes and metaphors in this book which is a great tool to do a mental image while reading. The tones are sad, disparity, hopelessness, and retribution.

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