Attraction Based On Appearance And Personality Or Wealth English Literature Essay

In society many people base their attractive force with others on the visual aspect and personality of that individual. Some nevertheless base their attractive force on the wealth or position of the other. In Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, the Bennet household includes five single adult females and no male to inherit the estate. The female parent of the five adult females is Mrs. Bennet, who is despairing to see them all married. Mrs. Bennet ‘s lone involvement and end with her girls pertains to their matrimony to a affluent adult male of proper position. Elizabeth, the 2nd oldest of the five, meets Mr.Darcy at a ball and although they show displeasure at first the two will subsequently fall in love with each other. The lovers must get the better of great faltering blocks, get downing with the tensenesss caused by the each other ‘s ain personal differences. Austen shows the effects of a matrimony based on position and wealth with the character of Charlotte Lucas. She marries Mr. Collins for his money because of her malaise over her societal connexions and yearns for improved societal connexions and this interferes with the twosomes love. In Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth ‘s experiences with Mr. Darcy and the matrimony of Charlotte Lucas with Mr. Collins show that true love and a successful relationship is independent of societal forces and can merely be attained if an person is able to disregard the beliefs of a position based society.

Merely as the two are impeded by each other ‘s personal qualities they are besides obstructed by the people around them and the rumours distributing about. Mr. Darcy finds himself falling for Elizabeth, so one twenty-four hours Mr. Darcy proposes to Elizabeth and he says, “ In vain I have struggled. It will non make. My feelings will non be repressed. You must let me to state you how ardently I admire and love you ” ( Austen 181 ) . Darcy ‘s proposal of matrimony to Elizabeth shows how his feelings have changed from the past neglect of her. Elizabeth aggressively rejects his proposal because all that she can believe of is his haughtiness at the ball, how he stops Bingley ‘s proposal to Jane, and a rumour that he allegedly mistreated Wickham. Elizabeth subsequently believes that Wickham is a prevaricator because she is told by Darcy ‘s amahs of the true incident and that Mr. Darcy had merely tried to halt Mr. Bingley from suggesting because he did non believe that Jane ‘s motivations were wholly known and truthfully sincere. Mr. Darcy one time once more proposes but this clip Elizabeth accepts and she can non happen the words she wants to state in order to show her love and credence. After Darcy asks her to get married him and, “ Elizabeth experiencing all the more than common clumsiness and anxiousness of his state of affairs, now forced herself to talk ; and instantly, though non really fluently, gave him to understand, that her sentiments had undergone so material a alteration ” ( Austen ) . Elizabeth and Darcy were hindered by the people they lived with and by the rumours that were started but love finally prevailed and the two had a great long lasting relationship.

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Austen besides uses the matrimony between Charlotte Lucas and Mr. Collins to demo that love and a successful relationship can non be attained by giving in to social force per unit area and get marrieding based on position. Elizabeth ‘s and Darcy ‘s true love for each other is based on their personality, but the brotherhood between Charlotte and Mr. Collins is merely based on their position and visual aspect. With this plagued brotherhood they can non prolong a successful relationship. Charlotte negotiations with Elizabeth and she states “ I am non romantic, you know ; I ne’er was. I ask merely a comfy place ; and sing Mr. Collins ‘s character, connexion, and state of affairs in life, I am convinced that my opportunity of felicity with him is every bit just as most people can tout on come ining the matrimony province ” ( Austen 57 ) . Charlotte shows that the bosom can non ever order a matrimony but because Charlotte bases her relationship on money and looks the relationship is doomed to neglect. Once they can no longer see the physical qualities, the one time strong relationship will slowly decay. Through their relationship Jane Austen shows that matrimonies based on superficial qualities leads to unhappiness. Michael Stasio and Kathryn Duncan believe that “ the actions of the characters in Pride and Prejudice can be explained via societal concerns and the Torahs of Austen ‘s epoch ” ( 1 ) . Womans in the clip period did non hold many occupations so many married affluent work forces in order to prolong themselves. The relationship between Charlotte and Mr. Collins is based on hapless qualities such as visual aspect and wealth, taking the two into an unsuccessful matrimony and into a mercenary love.

The experiences between Elizabeth and Darcy and the faulty relationship of Charlotte and Mr. Collins demonstrates that true love and an first-class matrimony is uninvolved with societal forces and can be achieved by overlooking the beliefs of a position based society. The single properties of Elizabeth and Darcy and the rumours contained within a society impede the love between Elizabeth and Darcy. An understanding signifiers a foundation for their relationship and will finally take them to a peaceable and long matrimony. In the terminal, Elizabeth feels merely pure love, while Charlotte and Mr. Collin ‘s matrimony demonstrates a bad matrimony based on visual aspects, good expressions, and wealth. The relationship has a black hereafter with small opportunity of success. Society must grok the importance of understanding one ‘s spouse before marrying and that true love is based on the personality of their spouse and non the mercenary objects or visual aspects that can alter through life. If people can make this so many will take long virtuous matrimonies.

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