Brave New World Analysis English Literature Essay

In Brave New World, Aldous Huxley depicts how people sacrifice their relationships, specifically household, in order to holding the feeling of felicity. The people merely have a impermanent, egoistic, sort of felicity alternatively of true joy or strong emotions. They do non recognize how much they are losing out, because they have ne’er been around anything different ; they are merely told of the horrors of strong emotions or fond regards and they are conditioned to believe everyone is happy. Today ‘s society is similar in the manner that people are focused on the here and now, feelings, what makes you experience right, what you want. Though everyone is conditioned to some extent, you can be glad that you experience love, existent joy, hurting, or agony, existent emotions, non merely impermanent 1s. You need to take to determinations that will take to true felicity. Learning to cover with the difficult things in life is what allows you to turn, to see true joy, love, and relationships. In Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, word picture and theme lead you to a deeper apprehension of a manufactured universe where everyone puts on a mask, and Teachs you to ne’er give true emotions for unreal 1s.

Henry Foster is one of Lenina ‘s many lovers. “ He expects nice misss to kip about merely as he does ” ( Mitcham 1 ) . He is a absolutely conventional Alpha male, casually discoursing Lenina ‘s organic structure with his coworkers. His success with Lenina, and his insouciant attitude about it, exasperate the covetous Bernard. He is loyal to society and reinforces its unreal life style as he “ explains how the hatchery maps and how the mean citizens are supposed to move ” ( Mitcham 1 ) .

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Brave New World is full of characters who do everything they can to avoid confronting the truth about their ain state of affairss. The about cosmopolitan usage of the drug haoma is likely the most permeant illustration of such wilful self-delusion. Soma clouds the worlds of the present and replaces them with happy hallucinations, and is therefore a tool for advancing societal stableness. But even Shakespeare can be used to avoid confronting the truth, as John demonstrates by his insisting on sing Lenina through the lens of Shakespeare ‘s universe, foremost as a Juliet and subsequently as an “ insolent adulteress. ” Harmonizing to Mustapha Mond, the World State prioritizes felicity at the disbursal of truth by design. He believes that people are better off with felicity than with truth. It seems clear plenty from Mond ‘s statement that felicity refers to the immediate satisfaction of every citizen ‘s desire for nutrient, sex, drugs, nice apparels, and other consumer points. It is less clear what Mond means by truth, or specifically what truths he sees the World State society as covering up. Everyone “ has been conditioned conditioned from the clip they were embryos to accept unquestioningly all the values and beliefs of the carefully ordered society ” ( Themes and Construction: Brave New World 2 ) . From Mond ‘s treatment with John, it is possible to place two chief types of truth that the World State seeks to extinguish. First, as Mond ‘s ain yesteryear indicates, the World State controls and muffles all attempts by citizens to derive any kind of scientific, or empirical truth. Second, the authorities efforts to destruct all sorts of “ human ” truths, such as love, friendly relationship, and personal connexion. The hunt for truth so, besides seems to affect a great trade of single attempt, of endeavoring and contending against odds. The really will to seek for truth is an single desire that the World State, based as it is on namelessness and deficiency of idea, can non let to be. In Brave New World, Huxley warns of the dangers of giving the province control over new and powerful engineerings. One illustration of this subject is the stiff control of reproduction through technological and medical intercession, including the surgical remotion of ovaries, the Bokanovsky Process, and hypnopaedic conditioning.

Bent over their instruments, three hundred fertilisers were plunged as the manager of Hatcheries and conditioning entered the room, in the barely eupneic silence, the absent minded, monologuizing busyness or whistling, of captive concentration.

( Huxley 4 )

Another is the creative activity of complicated amusement machines that generate both harmless leisure and the high degrees of ingestion and production that are the footing of the World State ‘s stableness. Soma is a 3rd illustration of the sort of medical, biological, and psychological engineerings that Brave New World criticizes. “ Adults usage haoma, a tranquillizer to dampen feelings of hurting or passion. Frivolous appliances and high-tech amusement provide distractions ” ( Themes and Construction: Brave New World 2 ) . The province uses scientific discipline as a agency to construct engineering that can make a seamless, happy, superficial universe through things such as the “ feelies. ” The province censors and bounds scientific discipline, nevertheless, since it sees the cardinal footing behind scientific discipline, the hunt for truth, as endangering to the State ‘s control. “ Science and engineering provide the agencies for commanding the lives of the citizens ” ( Themes and Construction: Brave New World 2 ) . The State ‘s focal point on felicity and stableness means that it uses the consequences of scientific research, in every bit much as they contribute to engineerings of control, but does non back up scientific discipline itself. At the bosom of the World State ‘s control of its population is its stiff control over sexual mores and generative rights. Generative rights are controlled through an autocratic system that sterilizes about two-thirds of adult females, requires the remainder to utilize preventives, and surgically removes ovaries when it needs to bring forth new worlds. The act of sex is controlled by a system of societal wagess for promiscuousness and deficiency of committedness. “ Promiscuity is considered healthy and superior to committed, monogamous relationships ” ( Themes and Construction: Brave New World 2 ) . John is tortured by his desire for Lenina and her inability to return his love as such. The struggle between John ‘s desire for love and Lenina ‘s desire for sex illustrates the profound difference in values between the World State and the humanity represented by Shakespeare ‘s plants.

Peoples populating in a happy, problem-free universe is what most of the universe does today. Peoples try to conceal their feelings and emotions from the universe. They try to set on this “ face, ” this happy face that they hope fools the universe that they are happy and without jobs. If they do n’t set on a forepart, they repress their choler, defeat, or resentment. They put up this defensive wall where their attitude is like “ oh, that does n’t trouble oneself me. ” They say it so much that they finally believe it. You can larn from Huxley ‘s society and non do the same error of merely caring for the impermanent things in life or fugitive felicity, but instead you should care for ageless things, and durable relationships, attentions, and duties.

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