Burial at Thebes Reflecting on progress

The intent of this assignment is to promote you to take a measure back from your surveies and to measure your ain advancement as a pupil. It is straight related to the larning result that concerns taking duty for your ain acquisition while reacting reflectively to tutor feedback. As with Assignment 02, this assignment aims to develop your consciousness of the manner in which you study and write. It aims to assist you to believe through your work on the class as a whole, at the minute at which you start to believe about what to analyze following. You should get down by looking back over your old assignments and your coach ‘s remarks on these assignments. ( If you do non have Assignment 06 back in clip to take history of it in composing this assignment, there is no demand to be concerned: merely concentrate on Assignments 01 to 05. ) You should so compose a critical reappraisal of up to 750 words, analyzing the manner in which you study and compose your assignments. For illustration, you might see how your accomplishments in reading and taking notes or in planning and composing your essays have developed through the class. How you construction your reappraisal is up to you, but in the class of it, you should make the following five things:

Identify one or more ways in which you have made advancement as a pupil since get downing The Arts Past and Present. ( For illustration, you might depict a accomplishment that you have developed, or a trouble in analyzing that you have resolved. )

Identify one or more ways in which your attack to analyze or your survey accomplishments could be improved.

For at least one of these, place some different beginnings of aid.

Identify one or more strengths that you have as a pupil.

See which topic ( s ) you have most enjoyed perusal, and which subject ( s ) you have got the best Markss for. Has the experience of analyzing the class modified what you thought you would be interested in before you started the class? Do you now have a clearer sense of what you ‘d wish to analyze following?

You should back up what you say with specific illustrations taken from your experiences of working through the class stuffs and composing assignments. You may wish to mention to one or more of your coach ‘s remarks on your assignments.


I think my assessor has been just and merely all through my class and her aid has been priceless in my patterned advance. Her counsel and advice every bit good as support shaped my surveies and gave me a solid foundation to work from. She has helped me to accomplish so much through the last twelvemonth without her I would non hold come this far and achieved the degrees I have.

When I look back to my tma ‘s I can see through the assessor ‘s remarks that I had made some careless errors. E.g. burying to utilize capital letters and burying set dictionary on UK English, these I have tried to repair and hold worked difficult to better on this. My referencing was nonexistent when I started this class and I needed so much work for me to better, but thanks to my assessor ‘s remark ‘s I gained a better understanding what references I can and can non utilize e.g. treatment groups and have changed the referencing in my essays to more suited mentions. In add-on, I needed to work on my paragraphs as I had a inclination to utilize excessively short a paragraph ‘s. This can be seen in the infusion I have selected below from my assessor ‘s remarks.

You`ve made many of these point in your essay, but because you haven`t pull them together in proper paragraphs, the push of your statement is instead dissipated.A A A I would rede that for future assignments you write the essay, and so look at short paragraphs ( if you have any ) and see whether they need to stand entirely or whether they can tidily be combined with another short paragraph to make a new, longer one.A A But don`t go to the opposite extreme and have paragraphs which go on for pages, which is my peculiar mistake and one which my coachs used to kick about! A A You besides need to watch the format for mentions and Bibliography, as I`ve indicated on your book. This is a assuring beginning to the course.A A You have clearly understood what the inquiries required you to make, and have made some good points.A A You merely necessitate to set up your stuff so as to do the best usage of it

“ Myra Cross assessor remarks PT3e Tma 01 ”

As you can garner from the assessor ‘s remarks my work, the paragraphs were so short. However, through larning essay be aftering I shortly learnt how to construction each paragraph to include the right information needed and they started to organize proper paragraphs and became less like slug points. In add-on, one of my other greatest strengths was the fact I could happen the information I needed but my greatest defect was I could non warrant the cardinal points. Therefore, I had to pass a batch of clip seeking to larn how to warrant my cardinal points better and I have to some extent rectified this as can be seen by my lifting classs. I have made usage of information that is included in the assessors ‘ remarks on each tma to analyze what I have been making incorrect and used this information to assist program and better on each subsequent tma.

As to my essay programs they still needs work so I decided on making a 10 point after this class in composing fiction this should give me more pattern before following 60 point class and hopefully by the clip I do the following 60 point class I should hold rectified this job.

After reexamining tma06 I Have found a major country I need to concentrate on In the past essays I have cut stuff to acquire down to the word bound. I have found this is doing my essays non to read or flux right this may work for smaller essays but for larger it effects my classs. I am seeking in the hereafter to set regulations in topographic point that if I exceeded my word bounds by big sum alternatively of cut and past exercising I rework my program and rewrite essay to the new program trusting this resolves this defect.

I have enjoyed this class so much when I started the class it was because I wanted to larn construction and better my composing accomplishments and AA100 was mandatory class for grade I wanted. Now I am about finished I look back and realise I have awakened a love in both humanistic disciplines and history I hope I can utilize these new loves in my books. In add-on, I want to travel into the survey of the history the end for my Masterss is to unite my love of books with my love of history and to research or analyze history of composing throughout the ages.

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