Cal By Bernard Maclaverty Analysis English Literature Essay

Cal starts his occupation in a abattoir after he finished school. His male parent works at that place excessively but it makes him nauseating. He quits his occupation and which disappoints his male parent because it was one of the few Catholic occupations. After he has lost his occupation, Cal is excessively lazy to happen a new occupation so he spends his yearss puting on his bed while smoking coffin nails. Crilly, an old school friend, asks Cal to drive a auto while he is making robberies for the IRA. One of his occupations is to drive Crilly to Robert Morton ‘s house, he is a police officer. Crilly kills the adult male all of a sudden. The last thing Robert says is: ‘Marcella! ‘ , she is his married woman.

After this incident hostile letters are send to Cal ‘s house, in which Protestants threaten to fire down their house. Cal acts unaffected but he and his male parent know it will go on one twenty-four hours and they take steps.

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In this period, Cal frequently goes to the library. One twenty-four hours he finds out there is a new employee, Marcella. He starts to see her more often and he finds out that she is a Catholic excessively and that she has a girl named Lucy. He falls in love and he follows her around without her knowing. After he helped her with her food markets one time, they talk one time in a piece.

Cal ‘s male parent finds some work for Cal, he gets some trees so Cal can chop the wood. Cal sells the wood to the Morton household and he hopes to see Marcella. Mrs Morton offers him a occupation at the same farm Marcella lives on. He accepts the offer so he can be close Marcella.

Cal ‘s house burned down, which depressed Cal ‘s male parent. Cal decides non to travel in with his male parent in a new topographic point because it could be insecure.

Cal starts to experience guilty about the slaying because of Marcella and he does n’t desire to drive for the IRA anymore. But he knows he ca n’t discontinue because they will see him as a treasonist and kill him, so he hides in a little hut owned by Marcella ‘s household. At first they do n’t cognize he lives at that place, so there is n’t any H2O or visible radiation. He becomes really foul. Until Marcella ‘s household finds out there is person populating in their hut. They think it ‘s an interloper so they call the armed forces. Then they find out it is Cal who lives at that place, so an offer is made to him. He can remain if he renovates the topographic point, or the military will rupture it down because of its province. Marcella gives Cal some of her hubby ‘s apparels and they improve the hut a small. They speak more frequently now and their relationship gets better.A She is n’t happy with life with her parents-in-law and her relationship with her hubby was n’t really good when he died. In the interim Cal falls deeper in love with her and he feels really guilty about her hubby ‘s decease.

When the Jelly roll mortons are off for a hebdomad, they are together a batch. After a dinner, he kisses her which confuses her because she did non cognize he was in love with her. But subsequently that hebdomad she comes to the bungalow and they have sex.

In the meanwhile Cal ‘s male parent is acquiring worse. He is really down and looks really old. Cal ca n’t see him more frequently because of the IRA. The following clip he wants to see him, his male parent has been put into intervention. When he leaves and goes to the library he bumps into Crilly. Crilly says the IRA is traveling to blow up the library. Crilly merely placed a bomb in a book and so he takes Cal to his foreman. They are angry at him but they are besides nice to him, which gives Cal a unusual feeling. All of a sudden there is a knock on the door, it is the constabulary. Cal is lucky and flights. In a telephone booth he tells the constabulary about the bomb.

Then he goes to Marcella with the experiencing it ‘s traveling to be the last clip because Crilly gave Cal ‘s name to the constabulary. They have sex once more. The following forenoon the constabulary arrests him, which relieves Cal.


The chief character is Cal McCluskey, a 19-year-old Catholic male child. His ma died when he was 8 and he lives with his pa. At first he is really depending on his male parent, but subsequently on he gets more independent. He has a ill compulsion for a adult female, Marcella.

Marcella is a adult female of + 28 old ages old. She was married to the murdered constabulary officer. She is semi-Italian.

Shamie is Cal ‘s male parent. He is depressed at the terminal but before that he loved to work.

The narrative is set in Northern Ireland. Mostly in and around Cal ‘s house and Marcella ‘s house.

It takes topographic point during the 80 ‘s. Ireland is in the civil war and that was in the 80 ‘s. The narrative itself is approximately 6 months long, it starts in the fall and it and around Christmas. The narrative is non told chronologically because the writer uses flashbacks. There are flashbacks about the slaying on Marcella ‘s hubby.

The writer tells the narrative and it is written from a God like position. As he knows precisely what people think and what happened.

The rubric is the name of the chief character.

I think that the writer want you to recognize that all the things you do hold effects and that you should believe about them before you are traveling to make what you wanted to make.

Leesbeleving nut evaluatie

Write a personal rating of your book in which you answer the undermentioned inquiries ( explicate all your replies in item ) :

I liked to read the book, it was n’t excessively long and at that place was a good tenseness throughout the narrative.

Yes, I think they would wish it.

“ Why do n’t you give me everything to me and I ‘ll make it in the machine. ”

“ No. ”

“ Why non? Make you non believe I ‘m a adult female of the universe? ”

“ They’reaˆ¦ ” he paused, looking for the right word. “ They would n’t go through the trial. ”

“ What do you intend? ”

“ This cat I know made up a trial. If you throw your shortss at the wall and they slide down – they ‘ll make you another twenty-four hours. If stick you need clean 1s. ”

This portion show that Marcella and Cal besides have a mental connexion.

Cal ‘s flight before the terminal of the narrative, because the terminal is n’t really of import after that.

Achtergrond informatie nut bronnen

Alleen wanneer je docent dot heeft opgegeven ( havo 4, vwo 4, vwo 6 ) ,

of wanneer je voor je mondeling excess punten wilt verdienen ( havo 5 en vwo 5 ) .

Lever je achtergrond informatie op papier in bij je docent.

Where did you happen your background information? ( School, library, cyberspace: non simply from Wikipedia, non merely lifes. The background information should dwell of several articles from different beginnings. )

Discuss the content of the reappraisal in your ain words. Do you hold or differ with what the critic says?

Finally, approximately how much clip did you pass reading the book?


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