Causes And Effects Of Alienation On Holden And Catherine English Literature Essay

Alienation is present in school, work, and other scenes in life, and is experienced by many people around the universe. It is defined as the province of being an foreigner or the feeling of being isolated from society. This status may be caused for assorted grounds such as hatred toward society, and rejection from others because of one ‘s alone personality. While estranging oneself may look like a solution to the jobs of covering with people, it will turn out harmful in the long tally, taking to feelings of confusion, devastation and hopelessness. Authoritative illustrations of Alienation are present in Holden Caulfield in the novel Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger and Catherine in the drama Proof by David Auburn. Holden and Catherine ‘s changeless pessimism, unsympathetic attitudes, and judgemental ideas are common causes for their disaffection, which led to damaging effects to their mental province.

In both the book and the drama, both characters ‘ negative attitudes and behaviors were causes for their disaffection. For case, Catherine had an unstable and aggressive attitude. When Claire told Catherine, “ The constabulary said you were opprobrious, ” Catherine answers with, “ These cats were bastards, Claire. They would n’t travel awayaˆ¦ ( pg.30 ) ” She was opprobrious to the constabulary even though they were merely reacting to her phone call. This aggressiveness causes others to believe negatively of her, which repels them from prosecuting a friendly relationship with her. Although Holden is non every bit aggressive as Catherine, he is ill-mannered and has an unsympathetic attitude that makes him an raging individual to anyone speaking with him. An illustration of this is shown in his conversation with Carl Luce. Holden alterations to a vulgar topic and asks, “ How ‘s your sex life? ” Carl instantly becomes irritated by this inquiry. This conversation demonstrates Holden ‘s immatureness and deficiency of idea on what he says. The following clip Holden decides to inquire Carl Luce to hold a drink with him, Carl may be loath to travel because of his negative, infantile feeling of Holden. Furthermore, his unneeded and inordinate usage of swear words makes him repulsive in insouciant conversations. When he uses the word, “ goddam ” while talking to one of the adult females he meets in the Lavender room, she gets disquieted, and answers with “ watch your linguistic communication, if you do n’t mind ” ( pg.72 ) . Even when he does desire to suit in, his gratuitous usage of swear words makes him worsening to speak to. Catherine and Holden ‘s unsympathetic attitudes and inappropriate use of profane words make them unattractive to possible friends.

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Holden and Catherine are overly judgemental of the people around them. As Mr. Spencer lectures Holden, Holden Judgess any piece of advice that is given to him. When Mr. Spencer says, “ life is a game, male child. Life is a game that one plays harmonizing to the regulations, ” Holden thought, “ Bet on my buttocks. Some game. If you get on the side where all the hot-shots are, so it ‘s a game. But if you get on the other side, where there are n’t any hot-shots, so what ‘s a game about it? ( pg.8 ) ” Holden insists on his ain positions, and as a consequence, he is unable to do usage of the advice that is give to him. By minimizing other people ‘s positions, he is insulating his ain sentiments from the sentiments of others without any via media. These judgemental ideas were besides apparent in Proof. Catherine instantly arrives at the decision that Hal was stealing Robert ‘s notebooks and demands to seek his back pack. She states steadfastly, “ You trusting to happen something upstairs that you can print, so you can compose your ain ticket ( pg.18 ) . ” Even though Hal denies this, Catherine is positive that Hal stole a notebook, stating, “ Fuck you, Hal. I know you have one of my notebooks ( pg.18 ) . ” Ultimately, she was incorrect about the purposes of Hal. Her unverifiable opinions caused unhappiness and sorrow on her behalf. A similar illustration of headlong opinion was when Holden wakes up, catching Mr. Antolini chucking him on the caput. He narrates, “ I know more damn deviants, at school and all, than anybody you of all time met, and they ‘re ever being perverty when I ‘m around ( pg.192 ) . ” He instantly arrives at the decision that this gesture was sexual and “ perverty ” . Even though Mr. Antolini ‘s act was unusual and inappropriate, there was no grounds that it was a sexual act. Holden ‘s headlong opinion resulted in the loss of regard for of the lone people he looked up to. Holden and Catherine ‘s shallow opinion and their trouble in swearing people cause them to be alienated from many people the wrongly fishy.

Alienation had legion negative effects on the well being of both characters. As a consequence of disaffection, both characters oftentimes experience lonely and confined. For illustration, Holden arrives in New York desiring to speak to person, but finally arrives at the realisation that he has cipher to name. Similarly, Catherine tells her hallucination of Robert that she has no friends to travel out with on her birthday. Friends are a immense portion of our lives ; they cheer us up, do us laugh, and stick with us through rough times. Not acquiring this experience creates a immense hole in their lives. By insulating themselves on their ain island, they lack the company that can merely be achieved by take downing their shield against society. Alienation besides led to abnormal sexual desires ; it was because of solitariness that Holden agrees to engage a cocotte, and it was because of solitariness that Catherine opened up to and kip with Hal. Therefore, it is clear that Holden and Catherine are non genuinely happy when estranged from society.

Holden and Catherine both experience the detrimental effects of disaffection as a consequence of their negative behaviors, unsympathetic attitudes, and false opinions. Alienation consequences in legion negative effects such as solitariness and depression, taking to a impairment of one ‘s mental wellness. It is said that felicity can merely be existent when shared ; lives are non meant to be lived entirely on an island, but shared with others. Holden and Catherine ‘s alone outlook makes them foreigners, but they can do the best out of the given milieus by developing self understanding, allowing spell of the yesteryear, and concentrating on wants and desires.

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