Character Analysis Of Dee And Maggie English Literature Essay

In the short narrative “ Everyday Use ” , Alice Walker crafts the character of the three chief characters in a cagey manner. This was really of import as it is the three characters, Dee, Maggie and Mama who made the narrative to be every bit powerful as it is. The three chief three characters are used really good by Walker to go through the implicit in constructs of the narrative. Dee and Maggie are the two girls of mamma and this paper is traveling to analyse their character differences.

Get downing with the first paragraph of the short narrative, Alice Walker builds a powerful image of Dee. At first she seems to be a really shallow character. However, this alterations as the narrative develops and she becomes more and more complex. Blessed with both beauty and encephalons, Dee immerges as a miss who is still fighting with her heritage and individuality. She is a level character, who many think is selfish and chesty. Through her eyes, one can really notice her egotistic and egocentric nature. She is depicted as a fairly-skinned black miss who thinks that she is better than everybody else because she has a slender waist, good air and educated. In contrast to Dee bad character, Walker builds Maggie as a individual with good character. She is the defender of history and the civilization of her people. The two misss and their female parent with their different characters serve as artistic representations of a scope of facets of African Americans heritage and civilization. In add-on to this, they are the readers ‘ originative usher to groking the individuality struggles faced by the African Americans during this clip.

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As stated above, Dee is portrayed as an egocentric and a selfish individual with a superficial apprehension of her ain heritage and civilization. She epitomizes the misguidance and confusion of immature black Americans in the late sixtiess and 1970s. This type of character is apparent in her exchanges with her sister and female parent. Dee she considers herself as sophisticated, and more than the abased quality of the lives led by her sister and female parent. She brave and makes her feelings clear by trying to “ take ” the comforters that her female parent had promised to Maggie. She says that in existent sense her sister Maggie can non appreciate those comforters as she would likely be old fashioned to set them to mundane usage. She mistakenly believes that by utilizing these comforters for other intents other than their original intended intents, she would be esteeming and continuing her heritage. However, this is non the instance as her desire to set the comforters on show can be construing to being the same as white capitalist cashing in on cultural graphicss. Not merely is she in conformity to the most evil of western ideals, but she is besides disrespecting and rejecting her ain cultural heritage, all under the pretences of protecting it. It is in this position that Dee can be described as the incarnation of the attempts of a consolidative individuality, for the ground that she has non yet come to grok her topographic point in the community as both an American and an African.

In great contrast with the personality of Dee, Maggie is portrayed as a charitable and a simplistic individual. These personalities add a different dimension to the short narrative. She comes out to be a more sympathetic character that is a more likely carrier of tradition and her civilization sacredness and preserves its heritage more than her educated and “ brighter ” sister. Maggie is a bright miss who genuinely comprehends the true value and significance of heritage. As her sister Dee affirms, Maggie is rearward and unworldly to set the comforters promised to her by her female parent to mundane usage. However, what her sister Dee does non do out is that in making so Maggie would be continuing the hereditary significance and importance of the household comforters and this is what is of import. Alice Walker strengthens the cultural importance of Maggie ‘s personality when she steadfastly does non let Dee to hold her manner. She hugs Maggie stopping point to her, drags her to one room. She goes on to snap the comforters from Dee and so dumps them on Maggie ‘s lap. This clearly shows that Maggie with support of her female parent wants to continue and continue a lasting relationship and connexion with her heritage. She represents a big figure of African Americans who value their heritage and they would love the thought of go throughing on that heritage to their off springs without decline between coevalss.

A batch of other things can be said about Alice Walker ‘s “ Everyday Use. ” this is a really compelling short narrative, full of significance and symbolism. However, as this paper has already discussed, it is the contrasting and the alone features of the chief characters that give the narrative its power. Without Dee for illustration, the readers would non be in a place to understand the individuality struggles that was traveling on during this clip. On the other manus, without Maggie no 1 would understand the of import and committedness that some members of the African Americans had in continuing their heritage and civilization.


Deceit in Much Ado about Nothing

Deceit is utile despite its negative intension. This is seen in the application of fraudulence in Shakespeare ‘s drama, “ Much Ado about Nothing ” . In the drama there are assorted cases in which fraudulence is used either to commit positive or negative motivations. Misrepresentation is widely used positively by some characters to assist other people cope up and win in their societal manner of life. The usage of fraudulence as a subject in “ Much Ado About Nothing ” is instrumental in the development of the secret plan. Deceit as a manner helps the characters to accomplish their intended ends and motivations. These motivations are both destructive and constructive, indicating at the positive and negative usage of fraudulence by the characters.

Throughout the drama, fraudulence has been used independently by many characters for different motivations and purposes. Benedick and Beatrice who in their ain inward feelings in secret love each other but use fraudulence of verbal abuses to externally demo that they do non love each other. This manner, fraudulence has been used by characters to progress and carry through their personal involvements. In add-on, Benedick and Beatrice are blindly deceived by Claudio and Hero into believing that each one loves the other. In this manner, they are caught into quarry by Claudio ‘s and Hero ‘s fraudulence which eventually makes them fall into love and thenceforth acquire married. Through these incidences it is clear that fraudulence is good in certain incidences because Claudio ‘s and Hero ‘s fraudulence eventually united Benedick and Beatrice into a happy matrimony.

Shakespeare has utilized a combination of irony, pretence, despicable wit, enviousness and forging to convey out his subject of misrepresentation. Benedict and Beatrice in secret admire each other but engage in unfastened confrontations against each other in effort to conceal their feelings. They are trapped in a web of self-deceit when they hurl abuses at each other, yet in private trusting that the other will detect their true feelings of fondness. This lone makes the cuneus between them to broaden. In seeking to surpass each other in humor, they lose the really thing they desire from each other-love. This is typical of what today ‘s society recommends to adult females that in order to be seen as expensive by the work forces, they need to set up a tough face and non instantly accept any offer of a relationship. Many of them end up losing the really individual they admired to a adult female who is less bigheaded.

At the same clip fraudulence has been used for evil and concealed personal motivations as evidenced through actions of the troublesome Don John. Don John had an inward vindictive motivation against his brother Don Pedro for a military action licking. While Don John tries to carry through his retaliation against his brother Don Pedro, he simply lies to Claudio that his brother Don Pedro is holding an matter with his lover Hero. This is something which angered Claudio really much. Here, fraudulence has been used chiefly for immorality and personal hidden motivations. In add-on, fraudulence is apparent when Don John through his actions of be aftering an evil strategy with Borachio and Hero ‘s servant Margaret. They in secret scheme to interrupt the already planned nuptials between Claudio and Hero on the Eve of their nuptials twenty-four hours through the dressing idiosyncrasy of Margaret in Hero ‘s dressing. This program finally led to Claudio dissing her guiltless love Hero of being an heathen which later disrupted their nuptials. Here, fraudulence has been wickedly used for carry throughing the ailment motivations and desires of characters.

When the brothers Don Jon and Don Pedro go to see their relations in Messina, Don Jon expresses compunction to the metropolis ‘s governor Leonato, for puting ambuscade against his brother in war. However, the truth of the affair is that Don Jon is really acrimonious against Don Pedro for crushing him in war, and has a retaliation mission in topographic point against his brother ( Shakespeare ) . He deceives his brother, at least externally, that everything is all right, whereas his bosom is in convulsion. This symbolizes although to the extreme, the sibling competition that is common among many households today.

Due to jealousy, Don Jon devices a wicked program against Claudio. First, he tries to convert Claudio that his lover Hero, is really in love with Don Pedro. When he fails, he tries to foil programs of their matrimony by impeaching Hero of Adultery. By utilizing fraudulence, he uses his friend Borachio to acquire his guiltless lover Margaret dressed up in Hero ‘s garb and so move as if it were Hero herself chat uping with Borachio. The negative consequence is that Claudio detests Hero, naming her an fornicator. Marriages today go through similar challenges, with the menace of unfaithfulness being cardinal.

In add-on, Leonato and his Alliess use fraudulence of false decease of his girl Hero as a penalty of Claudio ‘s denial and rejection of get marrieding her. Leonato and his friends used this fallacious fast one in order to trip feelings of guilt on Claudio of his workss which led to decease of an guiltless miss. The overall motivation of Leonato was to win favours from Claudio in order to do him stay by whatever he told him. This is an evil manner in which fraudulence has been used for personal hidden dockets diverse from the world.

“ Much Ado About Nothing ” is characterized by inordinate usage of fraudulence to go through across its message. Deceit has been widely used by assorted characters in the drama for fulfilling their involvements and motivations. Many of the cases of fraudulence have involved its application to accomplish selfish and sick motivations. At the same clip the manner fraudulence has been utile in turning other people ‘s societal lives like in matrimony points at its utility. As illustrated in Shakespeare ‘s work misrepresentation and use can be used by its participant ‘s to achieve both positive and negative terminals.

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