Character Study Of William Shakespeares Hamlet English Literature Essay

When talking to Polonius ( Excerpt 1 ) , Ophelia about becomes dense. Although she expresses herself, she does so in an highly laden manner. When asked about Hamlets stamps, Ophelia responds by stating that she doesnt know what to believe. This is an unfastened invitation to Polonius to determine her sentiments in any manner possible. Proof of this is in Polonius response: Marry, I ‘ll learn you: believe yourself a babe By stating this, Polonius wants to pull strings Ophelia. A babe is frequently portrayed as guiltless, un-knowing, fleeceable, and easy influenced. Babies besides absorb about anything they are shown or told, and reiterate these things about precisely the manner they were presented. This is precisely how Ophelia is ; she is dumbed down in her relationship with her male parent. She becomes a topic of his, a figure to make his command. This is non the merely relationship where Ophelia is pushed around.

Ophelias relationship with Claudius is even worse than her relationship with Polonius. Although Polonius uses Ophelia for aid in his Acts of the Apostless of espionage, Claudius uses Ophelia in even more evil commands, such as messing with Hamlets bosom. In Excerpt 2, Ophelia is in the state of affairs where she must deny Hamlet to see his response. This thought was largely formulated by the King to happen the beginning of Hamlets evident insanity. The male monarch, in an attempt to convey more stableness to his life, wants Hamlet to go stable as good. Because of this, he is willing to give the relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia to heighten his ain state of affairs. Claudius asks Ophelia to return Hamlets letters. Ophelia has no pick by to follow and as a consequence destroys her relationship with Hamlet.

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The Queens relationship with Ophelia is similar to the Kings relationship with Ophelia. The Queen is in a really commanding relationship ( as seen in Excerpt 2 ) ( Madam I wish it may ) with Ophelia. But, it is for a different ground. The King controls Ophelia as a device to break his ain state of affairs. The Queen utilizations Ophelia to bring out the jobs with Hamlet ( out of echt attention for Hamlet ) . But, the Queen is highly nescient and fails to recognize that her actions are really aching Hamlet more.

The most interesting and most cryptic relationship is the connexion between Hamlet and Ophelia. Near the beginning of the drama, Ophelia references to Polonius an act of Hamlets that can be interpreted as confidant ( Just predating Excerpt 1 ) . Hamlet seemingly writes infinite letters to Ophelia during this clip, and it isnt until Ophelia ( non by pick ) returns Hamlets letters that their relationship alterations. Ophelia goes from being in love with Hamlet to feel foring him ( O, what a baronial head is here o’erthrown! ( III.i, 163 ) ) . On the other side, Hamlet is amused by the full experience. He to the full realizes what is traveling on with Ophelia, Claudius, and Polonius and he finds it entertaining. From that point on in the book, Hamlet uses Ophelia as some kind of amusement. BUT, deep down, it is evident that Hamlet is still really much in love with Ophelia.

Ophelia has different types of relationships with different characters. The King uses Ophelia for his ain personal addition. Polonius uses Ophelia for aid in his Acts of the Apostless of espionage. The Queen utilizations Ophelia to happen out more about Hamlets issues. And Hamlet uses Ophelia for amusement. But, throughout the book Hamlet remains in love with Ophelia. All of these utilizations for Ophelia make her the biggest tool of Denmark.

The motive of moving: Ophelias function

Throughout the drama, Ophelia is forced into state of affairss of moving to carry through the command of others. The most prevailing of these state of affairss is where she must return Hamlets letters, a statement that she doesnt want/love him. This function of moving is meant to carry through Claudius, Polonius and the Queens purposes, which fit two other motives in the drama: misrepresentation and espionage. Ophelias moving was merely a portion of the larger programs of misrepresentation and espionage. Although Ophelia had literally no influence in the planning of the misrepresentation and espionage, she helped to transport it out, and is hence merely every bit guilty as the other plotters.

Flowers: Ophelias Connection to Flowers


There ‘s rosemary, that ‘s for recollection ; pray,

love, retrieve: and there is Viola tricolor hortensiss. that ‘s for ideas.


A papers in lunacy, ideas and recollection fitted.


There ‘s fennel for you, and aquilegias: there ‘s herb of grace

for you ; and here ‘s some for me: we may name it

herb-grace O ‘ Lord’s daies: O you must have on your herb of grace with

a difference. There ‘s a daisy: I would give you

some violets, but they withered all when my male parent

died: they say he made a good terminal, —

( Sings ) For bonnie sweet Robin is all my joy.

( IV.v, 199-210 )

Ophelia chooses her flowers carefully. In making so she represents each of the characters in their ain manner, uncovering even more who they truly are.

Rosemary/Pansies – Laertes: Remembrance of Polonius, maintain the memory of their male parent alive.

Fennel Claudius: Obsequiousness of Ophelia, reflects their relationship.

Columbine Claudius: Infidelity, non faithful in love for household and others.

Rue Queen/Herself: Grief, mourning

Daisy Queen: Dishonesty, fraudulence ( Queens headlong matrimony )

Violets Hamlet: Fidelity and truthfulness, Hamlet through his ain prevarications has helped destruct their relationship.

This leads me to believe that possibly Ophelia isnt truly insane, possibly shes merely improbably angry and is blinded by her choler. She must hold put an atrocious sum of idea into these flowers, more than any insane individual can take the clip to make. I believe that she merely reached a breakage point ; she no longer wants to be used. The Tool of Denmark has broken.

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