Characterization of the youth with freedom

Young person is frequently characterized by life, desire and a feeling of freedom and indomitability. It is in young person a individual genuinely provides background for what the personality of the individual concerned contains and how it develops harmonizing to peer relationships and a individual ‘s inner ego, and hence the young person is a critical portion of life, but being immature is non ever every bit easy as it sounds because even though freedom is within range, duty and outlooks are right behind you, reminding you of world. It is different from individual to individual how this feeling of freedom is attained ; some people like to travel out in nature to open their heads, and some do drugs to get away from world. This is besides the instance in the short narrative A Gap of Sky by Anna Hope from 2008 that trades with the issues of drugs, freedom and contemplation.

Ellie is a 19 twelvemonth old adolescent who lives in the bosom of London. She is a pupil at an unknown university, and it appears that she lives at a college because she in the beginning of the short narrative has to walk all the manner down the corridor to acquire to the hall lavatory. Ellie is non taking her instruction really earnestly and she even blames her parents that she is making what she calls “ this bloody class ” ( p. 2, l.66 ) . Furthermore, Ellie is making drugs, smoking a cleft pipe etc. and skips talks because she stays up late and parties.

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The short narrative is told with 3rd individual narrative and takes topographic point at her topographic point and in the streets of London ; an urban scene. Though the short narrative is told with 3rd individual narrative, we follow Ellie ‘s point of position and her ideas. Therefore the linguistic communication is preponderantly influenced by the vocabulary of a 19 twelvemonth old, which is to be seen in the text where it says

Coffee plunged, poured, slurped ; hot, fuck that ‘s hot. Anything else? Of class: pressman, pressman ‘s out of ink. Student store excessively. Fine. Time? Ten proceedingss to acquire at that place. Shit. ( p. 1, ll. 35-36 )

This quotation mark gives the reader an penetration in the head of Ellie. We are about literally in her caput, reading her ideas. Throughout the short narrative it is clear that Ellie is tired of instruction, things she has to make and outlooks. She knows that she has to compose the essay in order to remain on the class, but she is non quite certain for whom she is making it. Her life seem to be an ageless hunt for freedom, and it is precisely the word “ freedom ” that is repeated through the narrative. She knows that there is more to life than surveies, responsibilities and to follow with outlooks and demands. Drugs, coffin nails and liquor are greatly preferred when it comes to populating her life to its fullest and to achieve the feeling of freedom.

Harmonizing to the rubric A Gap of Sky it is noticeable that it refers physically to the spread of sky she discovers on her walk through London to happen some ink for her pressman. She notices it because it is an emptiness in the center of the metropolis ; an emptiness she perchance experience indoors. On the other manus, A Gap of Sky is besides likely to mention to the fact that she is in her teenage ; a clip to experience free and to see how great life can be.

In the center of the pandemonium she finds alleviation and support in drugs and parties and that expresses her kind of spread ; a topographic point to be herself. The sky above us is out of clip and infinite and is something intangible which we as worlds merely can woolgather about, and that is what Ellie does. She likes to bury clip and merely populate her life

There is a clock hanging above one of the edifices. ( … ) What a unusual and amusing thing it is, sliting the twenty-four hours, functioning it up ( … ) . ( p. 4, ll. 122-124 )

In the terminal, Ellie is walking in the metropolis, seeking to happen some ink, when she sees a river. She walks through a spread to hold a better expression towards it. This might typify her manner through life ; right now she is placed in a spread but right in front is her contemplation, right at that place in the H2O, a clip to happen out who she truly is. Though she likes the feeling that she gets when she is taking an euphoriant she knows what she has to make ; “ a good thing and the right thing to make ” ( p. 4, l. 132 ) in order to acquire out of the symbolic spread she is in the center of.

Text 4 named Consequences of young person substance maltreatment trades with the issues of immature people who abuse substances. It is written by Anne H. Crowe in 1998 and is a drumhead of Drug Identification and Testing in the Juvenile Justice System. It states that immature people who continually abuse substances will confront serious effects in the signifier of societal, mental and academic disablements for illustration. In the short narrative Ellie is mistreating substances and harmonizing to the US Department this will hold effects sooner or later in life. When come ining the British Museum Ellie ‘s caput throbs intensively after a dark with liquor and drugs, which gives the idea that it likely is right harmonizing to effects.

Picture 1 Frances – Contemplation in H2O by Clarissa Leahy, a exposure from 2008, pictures a immature adult female, most probably a adolescent, who stands in the center of nowhere looking at her ain contemplation. She is non have oning any apparels, except for what might be a bathing suit, that tell anything about her individual and this leads the ideas back to the short narrative where Ellie is looking towards the river. The image is a strong symbolisation in relation to Ellie ‘s hunt for her ain contemplation.


The urban scene in A Gap of Sky plays a great function. The whole narrative is turned on the scene in London where noise, tall edifices and diametrically opposite territories is to be found. Ellie lives in the center of all this and it is obvious that it has an impact on her. She is in contact with drug vending or at least she knows people that are, which is non unusual in urban scenes. On the other manus, urban scene besides gives several chances to detect great things and to acquire inspiration you ne’er thought was possible. For an illustration, Ellie visits the British Museum on her manner which gives juncture for philosophical ideas refering life and decease. Ellie seem to wish the urban scene she lives in, precisely because she is invariably inspired

There are people traveling together, here in this portion of London, traveling with intent, with significance, and Ellie is one of them. ( p. 2, ll. 57-58 )

Another illustration is when she stops at Russell Square ; she discovers a baseball mitt that is put down over the top of one of the spikes, which is a accelerator for several ideas and a feeling of possibility and delectation that all of a sudden strikes her.

In 1903 Claude Monet painted an oil picture called Waterloo Bridge that pictures a beautiful and idyllic span traversing what seems to be a river. The span is conspicuous and is painted in light colorss in contrast to the milieus that are boggy and dimmed. On closer review you see an urban scene in the background with tall edifices and smog. In the foreground H2O base on ballss by in contrast to the busy background, separated by the span as the Centre. Compared to the urban scene in the short narrative it is besides a river that separates Ellie from the busy urban life and the contemplation of herself. In both the short narrative and the oil picture H2O is used as a symbol of peace and contemplation, and is really contrary to urban scene.

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