Chronicles Of Death Foretold Importance Of Virginity English Literature Essay

However, in Like Water for Chocolate, alternatively of Mama Elena seeking to protect her girls virginity, she alternatively ends the female parent and girl relation with Gertrudis. Whilst Garcia Marquez criticizes the characters actions of losing their virginity, Esquivel finds it natural for a adult female non to be a virgin before her matrimony. Life still goes on even though a character is non a virgin. This is supported by Gertrudis ‘s action when she is taken off and loses her virginity with the captain she fled with. Nevertheless, when Gertrudis ‘s female parent finds out that she is non a virgin any longer and ran off, firing off her heat with Juan, Mama Elena burns “ Gertrudis ‘s birth certification and all of her images and said she did n’t desire to hear her name mentioned of all time once more ” ( 55 ) . Burning the birth certification shows their terminal in female parent and girl relation. Unlike the Chronicles of Death Foretold, Esquivel does non see the significance of faith in the Latin American and Mexican society. This implies how Esquivel does non take spiritual affairs earnestly like Garcia Marquez who illustrates the effects of disregarding a spiritual jurisprudence.

Another ironical facet in the Chronicle of Death Foretold is how the adult females ‘s know that being a virgin in the Latin American civilization is of import before they marry, but in the novel, Angela and her friends discourse how to “ forge virginity ” ( 91 ) . Garcia Marquez criticizes the adult females ‘s actions on how they are lead oning their tradition and people. Another ironical facet is how the cocottes are viewed in this novel. For illustration, when Prostitute Maria Alejandrina sleeps with both the storyteller and Santiago Nasar is non a job in this town even though she is non a virgin, the society does non see it as an unnatural action and does non look down on them even though she is n’t a virgin. Women ‘s virginity is besides criticized through spiritual affairs. Garcia Marques mocks on the construct of virginity when a slug hits the statue of Virgin Mary. In the Latin American civilization Virgin Mary is a symbol of virginity and pureness.

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Even though, Garcia Marquez implies the significance of faith in his novel, nevertheless, in the novel, Like Water for Chocolate, a adult females ‘s virgin is viewed from a different position through the character ‘s development. After the incident where Chencha is raped she says, “ You all know how work forces are, they wo n’t eat off a home base that is n’t clean. ” This was her position about work forces ‘s behaviour, that they are willing to get married a adult female who is a virgin, person who is “ clean ” . She thought that she could non conceive of a content matrimony after being treated so dreadfully and envisioned one like Tita ‘s ; a alone life, where she is non able to get married the individual she loves. However, it was a surprise when Chencha came back to the small town with her new hubby, even though she was non a virgin. The storyteller states that “ It did n’t count to him that Chencha was n’t a virgin ; he married her right off, ” even though “ Chencha ‘s common people had been categorically opposed to their matrimony ” . This implies Esquivel ‘s position on how true love can be overcome by any obstructions ; in this instance, deficiency of virginity, a adult female ‘s pureness is non of import.

Chiefly through the usage of sarcasm, Garcia Marquez criticizes adult females ‘s virginity in the Latin American society ; where in her fresh virginity holds a higher value than in Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel. Esquivel, through the characters implies that life can go on even if the adult female is non a virgin, such as Chencha and Gertrudis ‘s action. Compared to the yesteryear, in the western societies presents, being a virgin or non a virgin does non keep a great significance in their civilization, like get marrieding a adult female with a kid. In contrast, in the Asiatic societies, it is less acceptable for a adult female to non be a virgin before her matrimony, as parents do non let their kid to kip with another individual ; they find it unethical to make so.

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“ Angela dared put on the head covering and the orange flower without being a virgin would be interpreted afterwards as a desecration of symbols of pureness ” ( 41 ) , orange flower promotes the feeling of artlessness, ageless love, matrimony and fecundity. ( Narrator speaking about the town ‘s sentiments of Angela ‘s nuptials and loss of virginity ) This shows that although work forces are allowed to hold sex before matrimony in the faith, it is considered a “ desecration of the symbols of pureness ” if a adult female has sex before matrimony and so wears a head covering when acquiring married. Although “ everyone is created equal in God ‘s eyes ” , the adult females are clearly held at a dual criterion in this respect.

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