Come Of Age What Does It Mean English Literature Essay

Coming of age is the alteration of a immature individual from childhood to maturity. There is a fluctuation of age at which the alteration occurs in the society. Childhood is a period of growing from birth to teenage. Childhood is divided into three phases of development viz. ; toddlerhood, early childhood, in-between childhood and adolescence. Toddlerhood is a preliminary phase of growing. This is when a kid is larning to walk and happens at the age of one. In early childhood, the kid begins to play, speak and get down larning to walk entirely unaided. The dependance on aid for basic demands besides goes down. Harmonizing to some associations, it is believed that this phase of development goes up to age eight. When the kid reaches in-between childhood, it is the clip to travel to school. Adolescence, besides known as teenage or pubescence Begins at the age of 13 old ages and is believed to stop at 19. However, in some persons, it may widen to age twenty two.

At this phase of development, both sexes begin to see profound alterations in their organic structures. Both sexes Begin to see growing of pubic hair in their private parts and the outgrowth of hickeies in their faces. In misss, they begin to see catamenial flow, which occurs, after every 20 eight yearss. Their chests besides begin to enlarge. The boys Begin to see wet dreams at dark, and their voices deepen. They besides grow face funguss. The terminal of this phase of adolescence and get downing maturity varies by map and state. Some states have different age bounds at which an person is considered mature to be entrusted with certain undertakings. Harmonizing to modern-day constructs of childhood, some people believe that kids should non worry or work. Life should be stress free to them.

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Qualities of a mature individual

A mature individual is responsible. In each action, he is set abouting he should be accountable to it. He should hold the humbleness to accept other people ‘s sentiments and errors. Whenever he is incorrect, he should be speedy to acknowledge the error and avoid faulting other people. Maturity besides comprises of a individual ready to larn and take in new thoughts. A spirit that is docile and willingness to listen should be abundant for one to larn. He should besides hold a broad head that accepts to be counseled and have a response to call on the carpet.

Integrity is besides a cardinal feature of a mature individual. He should be committed to stating the truth regardless of how much it hurts. Even if the truth is so demeaning and difficult to bear, one should non fear because stating the truth sets one free. Stating a prevarication will do one unrecorded ever with a guilty scruples. A mature individual should besides be available at any clip. He should be ready to be interrupted and value the clip he spends with people. These features show that a individual is mature and can digest the challenges of life. Harmonizing to “ Catcher in the Rye ” by Salinger, it is immature for Holden to run off from place after being expelled from school. He did non desire to state his parents the truth that he had been chased as a consequence of hapless classs. When Holden visited Mr. Antolini the English instructor, he advised him that stronger adult male lives meekly for what he believes in. The instructor brings in the quality of a mature individual when he told Holden to be low for what he believed in which rebuked him from being a backstop in the rye ( Salinger, 2007 ) .

We besides find a positive facet of Holden ‘s behaviour. When he told his sister of his programs to travel out west, the sister decided to travel with him. He refused, and the sister got annoyed. Here, adulthood is depicted in that he did non desire his sister to confront rough life. At last, Holden decides to travel place and narrate to his parents what had happened. This shows adulthood. He now chooses to state the truth to his parents. Harmonizing to this book, Holden is in the phase of adolescence. His actions portray quandary. In “ The last image show ” , Duane and Sonny are friends populating in Texas. Duane has a girlfriend called Jacey who ails from a rich household. Other people are traveling to Texas to happen better occupations go forthing Texas, but the two male childs are got between traveling, like the other folks, or remaining on to inherit the film house. They subsequently learned that love was complex ( Larry, 1999 ) .

Role of parents.

Parents have a decisive function in the life of a kid. Their work is to back up and advance societal, emotional, physical and rational development of a kid from childhood to maturity. In human existences, this is done by female parent and male parent of the kid. The society and authorities play a function every bit good. Government builds schools and employs instructors to learn the kids. If the kids are orphaned, the authorities legalizes the procedure of acceptance to those who wish to take attention of the orphaned. The parent protects the kid from physical injury and imparts them with cultural values and accomplishments. The parent ensures that the kid gets nutrient, shelter and vesture. When a kid becomes ill, it is the duty of the parent to take him to the infirmary.

It is besides the responsibility of the parent to make necessary conditions for physical development of the kid. When the kid is immature ; the parent gives the necessary exercising and develop wellness wonts.

The parent besides teaches the kid how to act and the moral deductions of ethical behaviour in the society. Some kids have some negative facets. This remains the responsibility of the parent to guarantee that the kid develops positive attitude in life. Whenever a kid commits a error, he should be punished. This instills subject on them. Parents besides guarantee that they pay school fees for their kids. Education ensures that ignorance is eliminated from the kid ‘s head. This is achieved through a corporate attempt of both the parent and the authorities. The authorities builds schools where the kids learn. They make certain that there are equal schoolrooms for the kids to larn. After accomplishing the necessary instruction, one can acquire a occupation.

Nada ” by Carmen Laforet, looks at war impact on household. Family secrets have been illustrated through their violent effusions. This explains the maturity of human life. Juan is married to Gloria and, Angustina, Andrea ‘s aunt is being controlled by Roman. In this phase of growing, we find out struggles that occur. Juan ‘s married woman Gloria does a portion clip occupation as a gambler. This makes Juan battle with a alien, possibly the alien wanted to snap his married woman as a consequence of the association they had in chancing. Angustina is a young person who engages in a love matter with a married adult male. This is revealed by the opprobrious Juan ( Carmen, 2008 ) .

Harmonizing to this novel, Andrea is immature and alone. She lacks parental attention and puts on lacerate apparels. She is bitten by cold since her apparels are in rags. Cipher concentrates on her. The household has its ain quarrels. This portrays the challenges a kid goes through before going an grownup. Family wrangles destabilise kids and can non acquire their basic demands.

Love and sex

This is besides an highly critical phase of growing. After the phase of adolescence, one becomes a immature grownup. One can now acquire married in this phase. The ground for acquiring married is to supply company. It besides ensures continuity of life through reproduction. After prosecuting in lawful sex, the married twosome will gestate. The birth of a kid ensures that life is an ongoing procedure.

Fantasy and world

In “ House of Mist ” by Maria Luisa Bombal, Helga is an orphaned kid brought up by her aunts and uncles. She grows up to be a pretty immature adult female but unquestionably controversial and unrealistic. Her asleep female parent had left a great bequest. Helga grew up, fell in love and got married. She did non esteem her matrimony and flirted with other work forces. This ruined her matrimony. She did non acknowledge that she had a hubby. At dark she could mouse out to see other work forces. She became involved in dirts that caused the slaying of many people. Helga lived in a phantasy. Nothing appeared to be existent in her life. She appears to hold missed an highly critical phase in her life ( Bombal, 2008 ) .

Parents have a terrific occupation of learning their kids. Most of them assume that the kids know some things yet in the existent sense they do n’t cognize. Since grownups know what is existent and what is non, they should be in a place to explicate it to their kids. When watching films, parents should explicate to the kids since they might non understand that some scenes are pure phantasy. If a kid is left without accounts, his/her heads will be deceived.


When 1 has finished in-between age, old age sets in. It is characterized by the inability to execute any other undertaking. Death becomes the last phase of growing.

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