Comparative Essay Between Industrial Revolution and Ours Today

Industrial Revolution The industrial revolution began in 1750 in England. It was a time where all sorts of new ideas and machines where being made. The world was beginning to move extremely fast for everyone within it. Machinery started to take over people’s jobs and the factory life was becoming more popular. During this time period, lifestyles, new types of fashion, and transportation have all changed. So when did the revolution end, and has it? How was the industrial revolution in the 18th and 19th century compared to our modern day revolution?

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The industrial revolution in England was a series of events that would forever change everyday life for the common man. The agricultural revolution helped to kick start it by having excess food, labor, and capital. The rich farm owners had lots of money and many of them wanted somewhere to invest it in. The cotton industry was one of the areas that exploded; there were new inventions such as the spinning jenny and power loom. These machines helped to make yarn and weave the yarn into clothes for people to wear.

With machines helping people do all the work, factories got bigger and clothes got more affordable for people to wear. The economy scale had taken over the industry. The next major machinery was the steam engine; it transformed all sorts of industries. It brought along one of the biggest basic industries of its time which was the railroads. The railroad industry needed coal and iron to run, so those industries also became big. The railroad also gave a new way to transport people and goods which made it a lot cheaper.

These new industries created new kind of work that people were not use to, it gave people a steady source of income and fixed hours. So when did this revolution end? The answer is it never really ended, it continued and it will continue on forever as long as the human race has a demand for improvement. There are some differences in our revolution we are more technical now. In my short 20 years of living I’ve experienced all sorts of new technologies and inventions. The DVD player allowed movies to be watched on discs. Pod’s also became popular you can now listen to music and watch movies on a small device that has memory that was unheard of for its time. 3D movies were created, if you showed this to James Watt or Edmund Cartwright they would have no idea what was happening. Now an increasing amount of movies are being made in 3D. Finally how does our revolution compare to that of the 19th century? In comparison we are exactly alike because we are both creating new inventions and ideas.

Once their revolution started, inventors began looking to see how they can improve what others have created by making it faster and better. If you look at today’s inventors they are doing the same thing iPods are smaller with more memory. Cars are faster with better gas mileage. The only difference we have is that our day and age is more sophisticated. In the next decade lifestyle will be even faster. The industrial revolution will never end and we can always be compared to the revolution in the 18th century that started everything that we experience today.

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