Comparing Malcolm X And Martin Luther King English Literature Essay

Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr, although frequently compared, both held different ideals and values despite both being involved in the civil rights motions. When asked about the civil rights motion the first name that comes to mind is Martin Luther King, but when asked about the Islam motion Malcolm x comes to heads. Most people tried to compare the two by stating that they both believe and equal rights for Afro-american.

But what most people do n’t cognize is that their beliefs and the ways of acquiring the freedom were wholly different. Malcolm x believed that Allah was the great God and that freedom was to be obtained by any agencies necessary. Martin on the other manus believed that Jesus Christ was the Lord of all God and that the lone manner to acquire freedom was to be non-violent. Even though they had different ideas and ideals both brought rights to all African – Americans and at that place on manner.

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Malcolm ten was what most people like to name a born leader, while Martin was trained to be a leader. Malcolm Even though he had a unsmooth up conveying he was still able to go an educated, good rounded black Muslims. Martin on the other manus with aid from his Father he become a curate and a cardinal participant in the Civil rights motion.

Bing born to an vocal Baptist curate and a place marker bi-racial female parent Malcolm was a job before he was born. Earl small was his male parent and an devouring protagonist of Black Nationalist leader Marcus gravey. Earl ‘s civil rights activities prompted decease menaces from the white organisation Black Legion, coercing the household to relocate twice earlier Malcolm 4th birthday. Regardless of the Little ‘s attempts to acquire off from the Legion in 1929 their Michigan place was burned to the land. Malcolm says that watching his house burn taught him one of many early lessons about being black in America.

He said that success for inkinesss in Lansing agencies waiting tabular arraies or reflecting places instead than working in a well-thought-of profession and that the bulk of black people are hapless and idle. Two old ages subsequently Earl ‘s organic structure was found lying across the town streetcar paths. Police ruled both incidents as accidents, but the Little ‘s were certain that members of the Black Legion were responsible. Earl ‘s life insurance refused to pay what it owes the household, claiming that Earl ‘s decease was a self-destruction.

Coercing the Little household is forced to trust on public assistance. When Malcolm stole nutrient from a shop public assistance agents blame Louise, naming her loony for rejecting free porc because she wants to adhere to Seventh Day Adventist dietetic limitations. When societal workers send Louise to a mental infirmary, the childs split up and all but the eldest two went to further places.

Malcolm blames the province public assistance bureau for his female parent enduring emotional dislocation. In 1937 Malcolm moved in with the Swerlins a white household in the town where his male parent was killed. Malcolm said he accepted their generousness, but felted more like a “ mascot ” or a pet than a human being equal to those around him. Traveling to an all white school was hard on Malcolm particularly when he was invariably reminding about it. On legion occasions Malcolm recalled when he asked his instructor about the history of black people his instructor replied stating, “ that although the slaves have been freed, black people are still lazy and dense. ”

But what Malcolm truly rer was when he told his favourite instructor Mr. Ostrowski, that he wants to go a attorney, Though Mr. Ostrowski supports the professional aspirations of white pupils who are less intelligent than Malcolm, he tells Malcolm to go a carpenter. Malcolm rapidly comes to resent his white school and place, and realizes that even good intending white people do non see black people as their peers.

In the summer of 1940 Malcolm visits his half sister Ella in Boston, but so decides to go forth his place with the Swerlins and travel in with his sister in her house in Roxbury, a affluent black vicinity in Boston. Malcolm shortly learns that much of the occupation ‘s income really comes from selling intoxicant and marihuana, and moving as a go-between for black procurers and white clients. Malcolm begins to hit snake eyess, drama cards, gamble, imbibe, fume, and usage drugs.

With his the money he makes he buys a first zoot suit, a showy outfit fashionable on the street. He besides started the straighten of the hair with chemicals which be so was called conk, but now is called relaxer. His sister ella got malcolm a occupation as a clerk at a apothecary’s shop in Roxbury Hill.While working at the apothecary’s shop malcolm meets an Dancer name laura but she has a protective grandma, whom she must lie to and battle with in order to travel out dance.

The 2nd clip Malcolm and Laura go dancing, they compete in a danceoff at the Roseland, winning over the crowd and even the bandleader the legendary Duke Ellington. Malcolm mves in with shorty but the hears about how laura life has sporrwed out of control wth her utilizing drugs, going a prostitues, and falling out malcolm blames him self for messing up laura life. Malcolm finally quit his occupation at the apothecary’s shop and Moves to New York where he befriends a procurer called Sammy and moves into a rooming house ran by prostitues.

Macolm with the aid of his friend Sammy he starts selling drugs to wind musicain in New York. At first the occupation was a success but so Malcolm had to get down traveling to avoid the constabulary. In 1948 Malcolm goes to imprison in Norfolk where there is less force and inmates may analyze and debate freely. At the immense library at that place, he immerses himself in topic after topic, including history, faith, literature, biological science.

Malcolm foremost hears about the State of Islam from his household. He gave up porc at his Brother Reginald ‘s petition, subsequently seeing this determination as his first measure toward going a Muslim. Reginald tells him about the State of Islam ‘s religious leader, Elijah Muhammad, who ‘s cardinal instruction is that all white work forces are Satans. While make up one’s minding whether to change over Malcolm thinks of all the white people he has of all time known.

He remembers the societal workers who split up his household, the instructor who discouraged him from going a attorney and his clients when he worked as a porter and a procurer. He besides considers the white police officers, justice, and guards who conspired to lock him off. Every one of these people he reflects has done him injury. He begins to undergo an overpowering alteration and to experience that the wickedness and guilt of his yesteryear have prepared him to accept the truth of Islam. Malcolm accepts the State of Islam ‘s rules. Harmonizing to Elijah Muhammad, the first worlds were black life peacefully under Allah in Mecca. Then, a huffy scientist named Mr. Yacub unleashed an evil race of white people on Europe who conspired to mistreat nonwhites for 6,000 old ages. Elijah Muhammad teaches that black people were stolen from Africa sold into bondageand eventually brainwashed.

White people forced them to follow the names, imposts, myths, and God of their Masterss. Now nevertheless white civilisation is destructing itself. Malcolm writes to Elijah Muhammad every twenty-four hours and begins to pray. Malcolm to better his reading and wrting accomplishments he writes and retrieve the whole dictonary. In August 1952, the prison releases Malcolm on word into the detention of his brother Wilfred. When Malcolm got out of gaol he brought a carpus ticker, bag, and spectacless.

During this period Malcolm replaced his last name with an Ten to stand for the unknown African name he would hold had if his ascendants non been kidnapped and enslaved. Malcolm begins to talk at temple meetings and additions assurance as an speechmaker. Elijah names him as the helper curate at the Detroit temple. In 1956 Malcolm meets his married woman Betty when she joined the New York temple. They finally get married and setteled in Queenss where tey have 4 small misss. Malcolm finally took a trip T Mecca to farther his belief in Islam Malcolm besides said that its really of import that every Muslim should take a trip to Mecca some clip in there life.

At the terminal of the hadj Malcolm wrote letters place that express his changed on racial jobs in the United States. Malcolm met tonss of white people who were non racism which changed his prospective on white people. While over there Malcolm find new name for himself that had deep African roots. Malcolm signed all of his letters “ El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, ” which became his functionary name although the still calls him Malcolm X.

On February 21, 1965 while giving a address in the Manhattan Audubon Ballroom three audience member shot him 15 times near range. Malcolm subsequently was articulating dead at reaching. Police arrest three suspects all were Muslim who are subsequently convicted. It was subsequently said that Malcolm made remarks about person who is more powerful would hold portion in his decease. Haley describes Malcolm funeral was eventful which was attended by 1000s of inkinesss, Whites, Muslims, and non-Muslims. The sheikh ends with a description of the Islamic position of life after the Day of Judgment, thereby suggesting that Malcolm has ascended to paradise. Malcolm was 39 when he died, 8 months after his decease his married woman gave birth to his twin girls.

Born Michael Luther king Jr on January 15, 1929 in his grandparents house in Atlanta, GA ( sparknotes1 ) . His Grandfather was the first in the household to get down the curate motion. Martin grew up in a in-between category household were he go to a unintegrated school, he graduating at 15 year old. Then he go to Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA in 1948 were he, his male parent and gramps attend an received a B.A. Then he go to a 3 yrs school in Pennsylvania were he received his doctor’s degree.

Then in June 18, 1953 he met and married married woman Coretta Scott in Boston. In 1954 he became curate of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama ( Story of Mlk ) . When he moved back to Atlanta he became the caput curate of Ebenezer Baptist church. In 1957 he was elected president of SCLC ( Southern Christian leader conference ) . On December 1, 1955 a black adult female name Rosa Parkss would alter the motion everlastingly. The Bus boycott Group drafted three demands for the coach company that siting be available on a purely first-come, first-served footing that drivers conduct themselves with greater civility to black riders and that black drivers are hired for predominately black routes No 1 would react to their demand so on Monday no African American would sit the coachs. About 20,000 inkinesss boycott the segrated coachs for 1 twelvemonth. King was promise future even though he was 26. The boycott caused tonss of Thursday

After composing his first book Dr. King took a trip over to India to larn more about non- violent maneuver from Ghani. In 1961 King present one of his most powerful addresss during the Marching on Washington which was in coroneted “ I Have A Dream ” . “ I have a dream that one twenty-four hours this state will lift up and populate out the true significance of its credo: “ We hold these truths to be axiomatic: that all work forces are created equal. ”

I have a dream that one twenty-four hours on the ruddy hills of Georgia the boies of former slaves and the boies of former slave proprietors will be able to sit down together at the tabular array of brotherhood.

I have a dream that one twenty-four hours even the province of Mississippi, a province sweltering with the heat of unfairness, sweltering with the heat of subjugation, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justness.

I have a dream that my four small kids will one twenty-four hours populate in a state where they will non be judged by the colour of their tegument but by the content of their character.

I have a dream that one twenty-four hours, down in Alabama, with its barbarous racialists, with its governor holding his lips dripping with the words of interjection and nullification ; one twenty-four hours right at that place in Alabama, small black male childs and black misss will be able to fall in custodies with small white male childs and white misss as sisters and brothers.

I have a dream that one twenty-four hours every vale shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the unsmooth topographic points will be made field, and the crooked topographic points will be made consecutive, and the glorification of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.

This is our hope. This is the religion that I go back to the South with. With this religion we will be able to hew out of the mountain of desperation a rock of hope. With this religion we will be able to transform the jangling strifes of our state into a beautiful symphonic music of brotherhood. With this religion we will be able to work together, to pray together, to fight together, to travel to imprison together, to stand up for freedom together, cognizing that we will be free one twenty-four hours.

This will be the twenty-four hours when all of God ‘s kids will be able to sing with a new significance, “ My state, ‘t is of thee, sweet land of autonomy, of thee I sing. Land where my male parents died, land of the pilgrim ‘s pride, from every versant, allow freedom pealing. ”

And if America is to be a great state this must go true. So let freedom pealing from the colossal brows of New Hampshire. Let freedom pealing from the mighty mountains of New York. Let freedom pealing from the rising Allegheny mountainss of Pennsylvania!

Let freedom pealing from the snowcapped Rockies of Colorado!

Let freedom pealing from the bosomy inclines of California!

But non merely that ; allow freedom pealing from Stone Mountain of Georgia!

Let freedom pealing from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee!

Let freedom pealing from every hill and molehill of Mississippi. From every versant, allow freedom ring.

And when this happens, when we allow freedom to ring, when we let it pealing from every small town and every crossroads, from every province and every metropolis, we will be able to rush up that twenty-four hours when all of God ‘s kids, black work forces and white work forces, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to fall in custodies and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last! “ ( US I Have A Dream ) .

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