Contrast In Romeo And Juliet English Literature Essay

This yearss black destiny on more yearss doth depend ; this but begins the suffering others must stop. Love, hatred, destiny, pick, visible radiation, and dark are subjects used in the drama of Romeo and Juliet. William Shakespeare wrote the well-known romantic drama called Romeo and Juliet about the out love between two lovers from different warring households. When the two immature star-crossed lovers die, they bring their feuding households back together. In the drama, Shakespeare uses contrast to add deepness, dramatic effects and metaphor, which makes the drama more gratifying to see. Three of many contrasts that Shakespeare uses in the drama are love versus hatred, light versus dark, and destine versus pick.

Shakespeare uses love and hatred in the drama to add tenseness to the secret plan. In the drama, the two lovers fall in love despite the struggle that is traveling on between their households, cognizing that there will be effects. Unfortunately, they die from their ain passionate love and their households hate. In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare uses many oxymoron, such as “ loving hatred ” , which are two words with really opposite significances. These two passions are the chief subjects in this drama. At the beginning of the drama after Romeo and his friends crashed the Capulet ‘s banquet, Romeo and Juliet learn of each other ‘s line of descent. Juliet says to herself, “ O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art 1000 Romeo? Deny thy male parent and decline thy name ; or if though will non, be but curse my love and I ‘ll no longer be a Capulet ” ( 2.2.30-40 ) . Juliet provinces these words to state him that if he gives up his name, she will decline to being a Capulet merely to be with him because she loves him, which tells us that there will be play and forfeit throughout the drama. In contrast to the love in the drama is the violent hatred. When Tybalt finds out that Romeo crashed the banquet, he challenges him to a affaire d’honneur of which Mercutio dies in. In that sense, Romeo had to demo his hatred for Tybalt by killing him. After the Prince expatriates Romeo from Verona for slaying Tybalt, he returns for Juliet ‘s interest knowing that there will be painful decease towards him. Shakespeare uses the contrast of love and hatred to construct up suspense, which makes the reader fascinated in how the tenseness will be resolved.

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Another contrast that Shakespeare uses in the drama is the light and dark, which helps reflect the beautiful passion of immature love while utilizing metaphor for the spectator ‘s joy. When Romeo sees Juliet at the banquet, he says, “ O she doth learn the torches to fire bright! It seems she hangs upon the cheek of dark like a rich gem in an Ethiop ‘s ear ” ( 1.5.45 ) . Shakespeare uses the contrast of visible radiation and dark to demo Romeo ‘s strong attractive force to Juliet. In contrast to dark is the visible radiation that Romeo and Juliet depict one another with. To Juliet, Romeo is the “ twenty-four hours in dark ” ; to Romeo, Juliet is the Sun lifting from the E. In the celebrated balcony scene, Romeo defines Juliet as the Sun lifting from the E that banishes the “ covetous Moon ” and transforms the dark into twenty-four hours. After the lover ‘s nuptials dark together, Romeo had to go forth for expatriate in the forenoon. Romeo and Juliet, non desiring to go forth each other, tried to feign that it is still dark by take a firm standing that the singing they can hear is n’t coming from the lark, but the Luscinia megarhynchos, which would hold meant that they could pass more clip together. Shakespeare applies visible radiation and dark imagination throughout the tragic love narrative to demo contrast while making temper to the love of Romeo and Juliet.

Last but non least, the contrast of destiny and pick play a major portion in the drama because it fuels the secret plan. Everyone makes picks out of their ain free will. Whether it is a incorrect or a right pick, it will finally take to their determined destiny. This relates to how the star-crossed lovers ‘ picks reflected their ain destiny. When destiny sends Peter to inquire Romeo to assist him read the guest list for the Capulet ‘s banquet, he reads that his first love, Rosaline, will be go toing, which makes him take to travel the party, where he finds his true love, Juliet. If destiny did non direct Peter to inquire Romeo for aid, he would hold likely ne’er met Juliet. Romeo chooses to travel to the Capulet ‘s banquet after holding a dream about traveling to the party will do him his ain decease. From the beginning of the drama, Romeo and Juliet were meant to fall in love and finally decease together for the greater good of Verona as they reunite their households. The characters that died in the drama, get downing with Mercutio and Tybalt and stoping with Paris, Romeo, and Juliet were all fated to decease. The picks that Romeo and Juliet make do them to fall in love with each other which cost them their ain lives because destiny and pick are connected in a manner that can non be described. The contrast of destiny and pick is one of the chief parts in the drama because it extends the secret plan in an attractive manner.

In short, in the drama, Romeo and Juliet, the usage of contrast adds play and thickens the secret plan so that the audience enjoy it. Shakespeare uses the contrast of love and hatred that goes on throughout the drama because of the hate between the Montagues and Capulets. Like the contrast of love and hatred, he uses light and dark to uncover the beauty of the love between Romeo and Juliet. Similarly, he includes destiny and pick in the drama to demo how the picks that were made in the drama, led to Romeo and Juliet ‘s tragic terminal. “ For ne’er was a narrative of more suffering than this of Juliet and her Romeo. ” ( 5.3.310 )

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