Examining The Violent Wind In The Sky English Literature Essay

The winter sky was non as bland today. Violet liked it ; she could play with the clouds all twenty-four hours, transforming them into unusual animate beings that have yet to be discovered. Violet was non lonely when she was with the clouds. The cold air current blew strictly as usual but a sudden blast put Violet off balance and she lost control of the clouds for a minute, they swirled around the sky like java commixture in a cup of milk so settled in another formation. Violet thought the clouds were playing fast ones on her, she could non see any animate beings tittuping in the sky alternatively the fixed, stiff form of a adult male ‘s face. Mother said she should disregard male aliens but the velvety clouds that formed thick furrows around his face seemed so friendly and harmless.

The hustle of the metropolis streets brought Violet back to world and the adult male ‘s face was gone every bit rapidly as it came. She ne’er liked the metropolis streets. She felt lonely and lost even though see was surrounded by familiar faces and was walking the same way she walked every twenty-four hours. Violet acknowledged the familiar faces that rushed past her with an unreal smiling, female parent told her it was polite but she ne’er truly understood it. There were so many people busily hotfooting through the metropolis streets, they all seemed to be in such a haste even when they were non traveling anyplace. “ What makes these people so busy ” Violet thought, Mother said she would larn when she grows up. Violet did non desire to turn up, she hated being busy. The hustle of the streets was doing her to travel dizzy ; she was acquiring lost amongst the multitudes of people, everything became a deformed haze. Mother said it was merely safe to walk the streets during the twenty-four hours ; it did non do sense to Violet. At dark no 1 was on the streets but during the twenty-four hours she felt intimidated by the people hotfooting past her. She must hold looked like a lost kid ; standing still, engrossed in her ideas, in her ain small universe. Violet felt herself smothering in the metropolis streets, she about passed out before she realised she had to go forth. As she walked hurriedly to the beach she tried to happen the adult male ‘s face among the clouds but the sky was gray and bland once more. No 1 of all time went to the beach, it was ever excessively blowy. Nor were at that place many houses by the beach, the barbarous air current blew the sand everyplace. Violet liked the beach. She loved the feeling of the air current threw her hair and how all her concerns were swept out of her with a individual blast, the air current breathed life into Violet.

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A sudden blast put Violet off balance as she walked down the beach, as she stood unsloped and looked at few houses along the beach she saw a adult male ‘s face. Siting at an old wooden tabular array outside an old house was a adult male. There was a glass filled with something unfamiliar to Violet and another glass face-to-face him every bit good. He was gazing straight across the tabular array as if there was person else sitting opposite him ; he seemed like a unusual old adult male. He had furrows fixed for good on his face doing his eyes look old and sad, he seemed friendly ; to Violet. The adult male looked at Violet and so looked back at the empty infinite opposite him. Violet thought he wanted her to travel and sit opposite him, so she did. She sat down easy in the chair opposite him ; it was the perfect size for her. The glass in forepart of her was empty ; she did non inquire who it was for. “ You like the beach excessively? ” the adult male said in his old beefy voice, that sounded as though he had non talked to anybody in rather some clip, “ No, I merely do n’t wish the metropolis streetsaˆ¦ ” said Violet in a flimsy tone. She enjoyed the company of the adult male but felt nervous about something ; she did non cognize what it was nevertheless. Violet looked back out to the beach, she wondered what the clip was but she felt she could non go forth the hapless old adult male. She was non scared, she did nevertheless inquire why he looked at her so intensely. She pretended non to detect as she looked out to watch the moving ridge ‘s clang gently onto the sand. Violet relaxed as she fell back into her ain universe once more.

It took her some clip before she realised that the she had seen this adult male before, she could non retrieve where but he looked familiar to her. She thought about the faces in the metropolis streets she saw earlier but she could non retrieve any old adult male, merely as she remembered the clouds she saw today the old adult male placed his manus gently on Violets arm that was rested on the tabular array. Violet was frightened back into world, but looking at the adult male ‘s face she thought he was merely weak and lonely, looking for some company. Violet smiled hesitatingly to feign she did non mind, female parent said it was polite to smile. Violet was seeking to loosen up but the old adult male ‘s grip rapidly tightened and Violet jumped in her place, he was strong for person who looked so weak. His tight appreciation began to ache her arm and she let out a call of hurting. He ignored her calls and stood up still keeping her arm, “ why do n’t we travel indoors? ” he said gently with a smirk concealed beneath his thick furrows. As he forced Violet up out of her chair she knocked the empty glass off the tabular array and it hit the land shattering into bantam pieces. Violet was scared now ; the old adult male was take a breathing to a great extent and was looking at the sherds of glass. Violet knew what he was traveling to make to her now so she began to shout. She looked up at the old adult male merely to happen he excessively had cryings running down his face, they ran between his furrows like watercourses through great vales after a long drouth. His weaponries were agitating and he became weak at the articulatio genuss, his appreciation of Violets arm was released and he fell to the land by the broken glass, “ This was her glass! ” he cried out in hurting. He was a broken old adult male. Violet knew she should hold ne’er come here, “ I’maˆ¦sorry ” she mumbled and ran away to the metropolis streets where she would be safe. “ Mother said I should disregard aliens ” Violet remembered as she made her manner place. “ Mother was right ” thought Violet.

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