Friar Lawrences Role As A Father Figure English Literature Essay

In the drama, Romeo and Juliet, Friar Lawrence is a monastic in Verona. He vowed himself to poverty, celibacy, and obeisance. A monastic shows kindness and attempts to give people Godly advice in assisting with jobs that may happen. These properties are clearly seen in Romeo and Juliet. When Friar Lawrence begins to portion his first advice to Romeo about Rosaline ; Romeo keeps coming back for more. Soon, Romeo depends on Friar Lawrence more than he depends on his ain male parent. As one sees in the drama, Friar Lawrence gets deeper and deeper into the lives of both Romeo and Juliet. Friar Lawrence ‘s influence on them can best be described as sort hearted and making whatever it takes to do both of them happy together. Within Romeo and Juliet, Friar Lawrence played an of import function in both Romeo and Juliet ‘s lives by being non merely a friend but besides a male parent figure.

Friar Lawrence helps Romeo out in a twosome of ways. He helps Romeo by concealing him in his cell for a piece after he was banished from Verona. Friar Lawrence keeps Romeo there for a piece, so Romeo can see Juliet for the last clip until they meet once more. Second, the mendicant goes out of his manner to acquire a missive to Romeo, and maintain him informed about what is go oning in Verona. When Friar Lawrence realizes that the missive was non delivered, he hurries to acquire the missive on clip. If Friar Lawrence would hold non cared about Romeo seeing Juliet or Romeo in general, the missive would hold ne’er been delivered.

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In add-on to Romeo, Friar Lawrence helps Juliet throughout the drama. First, we see Juliet ‘s household does non listen to Juliet, so she finds another manner to speak to person. So, she goes to Friar Lawrence to speak to him. Friar Lawrence speaks to her of good advice and more significantly listens to what she has to state. Juliet now starts to depend on Friar Lawrence more than her ain parents. Just like Romeo, she is now seeing the mendicant as a male parent figure in her life. Second, Friar Lawrence gives the kiping potion to Juliet. He gives the potion to her, because he understands that Juliet does non desire to get married Paris. Besides, he knows that Juliet loves Romeo more than anything in the universe, and like a male parent he wants his childs to be happy. Again, this shows Friar Lawrence ‘s good fatherly characteristic of caring.

In Romeo and Juliet, Friar Lawrence speaks to Romeo and Juliet as if they were his ain kids. Romeo negotiations frequently to Friar Lawrence throughout the drama. Whenever Romeo sees the Friar he says “ Good forenoon male parent ” ( Ellis, 706 ) . Meaning that, when Romeo sees Friar Lawrence, he is glad to see him and refers to him as a male parent. Another quotation mark struck me while I was reading. Friar Lawrence gets of import intelligence from an unknown beginning. Romeo hears of it and says “ Father what intelligence ” ( Ellis, 730 ) . Again, Romeo is mentioning to Friar Lawrence as male parent.

Though Juliet ne’er refers to the mendicant as “ male parent, ” Friar Lawrence speaks to her as if she were his girl. In the quotation mark “ Hold, girl ” ( Ellis, 749 ) Friar Lawrence refers to her as a girl. He is stating her to halt, because he cares for her non to acquire hurt. Another quotation mark demoing that Friar Lawrence is mentioning to Juliet as a girl is “ Romeo shall thank thee, girl, for us both ” ( Ellis, 716 ) . It is in these two quotation marks Friar Lawrence is demoing yet once more the fatherlike trait of caring as if she were his ain.

Friar Lawrence besides speaks to Romeo in a male parent to son sense. The mendicant is concerned that Romeo is angry, so he says to Romeo “ Young boy, it argues a distempered caput So shortly to offer good morrow to thy bed ” ( Ellis, 706 ) . In this, he is stating Romeo to put aside his choler and move on in his life. This is a fatherlike property of giving good advice. Friar Lawrence makes another concern towards Romeo. He says to him “ Be field, good boy, and homely in thy impetus. ‘ Riddling confession discoveries but riddling shrift ” ( Ellis, 706 ) . This means that Friar Lawrence is stating Romeo, merely, to remain out of problem and be good. Even though Friar Lawrence ‘s advice did non maintain Romeo out of problem, his advice was fatherly and should hold been taken with regard. Last, the mendicant makes a statement to Romeo demoing that he is happy to see him but concerned to where he had been. Friar Lawrence provinces in the followers: “ That ‘s my good boy! ‘ But where hast 1000 been so? ” ( Ellis, 706 ) . Friar Lawrence cares a batch about Romeo and Juliet. In fact, He cares so much that he refers to Romeo and Juliet as boy and girl.

Friar Lawrence had an astronomical influence on Romeo and Juliet. He played the Key function in both of their lives. It meant a great trade to them both that the mendicant was ever at that place to assist them with whatever jobs would originate in their lives. I see this in comparing with God and “ we ” the people. Whenever we need assist or somebody to speak to, we turn to God for his counsel and so he helps us to repair the job. If Friar Lawrence would non hold been at that place to assist Romeo and Juliet, they would hold ne’er excelled every bit far as they did.

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