Gone With The Wind Book Review English Literature Essay

This novel is set in 1861, during spring. Scarlett O’Hara, a immature, beautiful miss, lives on a big plantation named Tara. Her immature head is occupied by the dream of get marrieding Ashley Wilkes, a fine-looking immature adult male. Subsequently, she hears that Ashley is engaged to a immature adult female from Atlanta named Melanie Hamilton. Scarlett so confesses her crush on Ashley at a barbeque on his estate the twenty-four hours after. He tells her that her love is unanswered because Ashley is already get marrieding Melanie. Scarlett retaliates by slapping Ashley, realizes that she is being followed. Rhett Butler has been watched all of this, and regards Scarlett on being so self-generated. As Civil War begins, Charles Hamilton, Melanie ‘s drilling, dull brother, proposes to Scarlett. Two months subsequently, Charles marries Scarlett. Charles subsequently joins the ground forces but sadly dies of the rubeolas. Scarlett learns that she bears his kid, Wade. She becomes unhappy and starts a journey to Atlanta to remain with Melanie and Melanie ‘s aunt. Scarlett starts to see Rhett many times throughout the hebdomad. Rhett begins promoting Scarlett to follow several restrictive demands for the bereavement of Southern widows. Some of these demands are to have on full back apparels all twenty-four hours. As the war continues, nutrient and vesture become rare. After a ghastly conflict, Ashley is captured by his enemy, the Northerners, and set in gaol. As Yankee ground forces onslaughts Atlanta, Scarlett urgently wants to return place to Tara. This is non possible right now because she has promised Ashley she will remain with Melanie, who is pregnant.

One dark, the Northerners eventually capture Atlanta and fire it to the land. On that really dark, Melanie gives birth to her boy, Beau. Rhett helps the flight of Scarlett and Melanie, through the firing streets of Atlanta, but abandons them merely outside the metropolis so he can subscribe up for the Confederate Army because of southern mawkishness. Scarlett begins her drawn-out journey towards Tara. Scarlett finds inexorable intelligence sing her household. Her female parent is dead, and male parent has gone insane. She so discovers the Yankee ground forces has robbed Tara.

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Scarlett is so saddened by the devastation of Tara that she puts herself in charge of reconstructing it. While making this, she had an brush with a stealer from the Northerners, and ended up murdering him, and puts out a little fire as good. Soldiers returning from the lost conflict begins rushing toward the metropolis. Will Benteen is one of them, and bears disgusting intelligence: Jonas Wilkerson, a member of the authorities who used to work at Tara, has raised revenue enhancements. His program is to coerce the O’Hara ‘s to go forth and purchase the plantation himself. Scarlett makes her manner to Atlanta to inquire Rhett to give her three hundred dollars needed for the new revenue enhancements. Rhett has come out of the war with an copiousness of money ; nevertheless, Rhett is in gaol and can non assist. In the hope of acquiring money to salvage Tara, she marries her sister ‘s fellow Frank Kennedy.

After Rhett gets his manner out of prison utilizing blackmail, he gives Scarlett money to purchase a sawmill. Scarlett so becomes a well-known businesswoman by making a logging company. When Scarlett ‘s pa dies, Scarlett goes to his funeral in Tara. In Tara she asks Ashley and Melanie to travel to Atlanta with her and work with the timber concern. Scarlett gives birth to Ella Lorena, her and Frank ‘s first kid later in Atlanta

One twenty-four hours on her manner place from her sawmill, Scarlett gets mugged. That dark, the Ku Klux Klan ( a kin determined to the safety of southern adult female ) went to contend the two muggers. Frank went along for the battle to convey justness to his married woman, Scarlett, but dies in the bash. Rhett subsequently proposes to Scarlett and she hurriedly accepts, seeking non to be a widow one time more. After a epicurean honeymoon in New Orleans, Scarlett and Rhett go back to Atlanta. Scarlett builds an tremendous estate. Once once more, Scarlett becomes pregnant and has another kid, Bonnie Blue Butler. Rhett begins a successful run to reconstruct old imposts in Atlanta to forestall Bonnie from being an castaway like Scarlett. Scarlett and Rhett ‘s matrimony seems happy, but Rhett invariably disregards her. Scarlett ‘s feelings for Ashley have lessenings into a friendly relationship, but Ashley ‘s sister finds them in a friendly, nonmeaningful clinch, and gets word out that they are holding an matter. To the surprise of Scarlett, Melanie takes her side and battles off any haters.

Bonnie subsequently dies in a horse-riding incident, and Rhett loses his head. The matrimony between Scarlett and him worsens even more so. Melanie has a abortion and falls really sick. Surprised, Scarlett races to see her. Melanie asks Scarlett to look after Ashley and Beau. Scarlett realizes that she depends on Melanie and that her relationship with Ashley has been meaningless. When Melanie dies, Scarlett runs to state Rhett her feelings about him. Rhett, nevertheless, says he no longer loves Scarlett, and leaves her. Alone, Scarlett makes up her head to travel back to Tara and to believe of a manner to ground with her old hubby and remarry him.

Major Fictional characters

Scarlett O’Hara: Scarlett is a black-haired, jealous, and the supporter of the novel. Her leading is singular throughout the narrative, like when she persuaded Ashley and Melanie to work at her sawmill. She is various because she develops in the narrative from a spoilt adolescence, to a successful concern adult female. Although she ends up get marrieding many and bearing rather a few childs, Scarlett O’Hara is a great add-on to any metropolis she belongs to.

Rhett Butler: Rhett is dark, good looking and a major character in the narrative. Swift and dramatic Rhett takes chance of the civil war and created his luck on nutrient guess and blockade-running. Rhett ‘s head is lost by the terminal of the book due to the loss of his girl, bonnie, and likely the changeless idea about the old South.

Ashley Wilkes: Ashley Wilkes is blond hairy and rather dashing. He is honest because of his first-class background, but sleazy in the fact that he was gulling Scarlett that he liked her, but so married Melanie. Because he represents the old South, that was lost in the war, Scarlett concludes he is merely a phantasy and non a existent, loving adult male.

Major Subjects

The Transformation of the Southern manner of life: The narrative takes topographic point from the beginning of the civil war 1861, to 1871. During this clip, Southern civilization altered greatly. Before the war, every Lord or affluent individual or successful husbandman would have some black slaves to work for them. After the war, all slaves were freed. Besides, before 1861 adult female were far less important than males. This excessively changed with the war. All in all the passing of this war besides indicated the passing of the old manner roadster siting South and marked the beginning of the modern epoch, or the industrial revolution.

The Importance of Land: Early in the narrative, Scarlett is told that “ Land is the lone thing that amounts to anything. ” This was true because back so they did non hold stocks or portions that we can merchandise today. Land for them was a major portion of their lives, the more you had, the more of import you were. Slaves besides helped command and keep this land so that more can be purchased. At the terminal of the book, Scarlett eventually finds digesting strength in the land of Tara and uses it to actuate her into winning back Rhett.


Capital of georgia: Because Atlanta was burned to the land, so rebuilt, it signifies the reclamation of the South. The new Atlanta serves as a symbol to the new South, being more modern and different.

Literary Devices/ Motifs

Compulsion: In the novel, compulsion can be both positive and negative. It is positive when Scarlett uses it to reconstruct her old repute and Tara, but negative when she is obsessed over Ashley and his false love. When Rhett compulsively tried to win Scarlett it foremost proved good. As some clip went by, Rhett found this relationship to be empty, and likely regretted traveling after Scarlett in the first topographic point.

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