Great Expectations The Novel By Charles Dickens English Literature Essay

Devils shows his composing ability as he develops a secret plan, filled with surprises and events, that contributes to the subject that worlds are all connected in humanity. In the gap scene, on Christmas Eve, Pip encounters an at large inmate at a cemetery. Pip describes him as “ a fearful adult male, all in coarse Grey, with a great Fe on his leg ” ( 2 ) . Magwitch, the inmate, had escaped from a prison ship. He threatens Pip and demands a file and some nutrient, and frightened Pip brings them to him the following twenty-four hours. “ You get me a file. And you get me wittles ” ( 3 ) . The inmate and another runaway are so arrested and sent back to the ship. Pip develops an human bond with the inmate and identifies with him because he was a condemnable for stealing and besides because he had fed him. Pip calls him as “ my fleeting friend ” ( 18 ) . At this phase in the novel, the secret plan of the fresh relies on Pip ‘s ability to keep this early event. Besides, a careful reader would detect that the secret plan ne’er indicated that the inmate had been taken out of the narrative. “ The last I heard of him, I stopped in the mist to listen, and the file was still traveling ” ( 18 ) . The beginning of the secret plan proves the development of the subject of human nexus.

After the debut, when the narrative starts to develop, Pip ‘s uncle Pumblechook sends Pip to Miss Havisham ‘s place, the Satis House. Miss Havisham is a unusual and reserved adult female who lives with her adoptive girl, Estella. The Satis House looks the same as it did many old ages ago, when, on her nuptials twenty-four hours, Miss Havisham was abandoned at the communion table by her lover. “ But, I saw that everything within my position which ought to be white, had been white long ago, and had lost it lustre, and was faded and xanthous. I saw that the bride within the espousal frock had withered like the frock, and like the flowers, and had no brightness left but the brightness of her deep-set eyes ” ( 53 ) . As he spends more clip with these two characters, Pip starts to fall in love with Estella, who ridicules Pip for being a blacksmith ‘s male child. Then comes along Miss Havisham ‘s attorney, Mr. Jaggers, who tells Pip that an unknown individual is paying for Pip to travel to London and unrecorded life as a gentleman. Pip assumes that the helper is Miss Havisham, and that she is seeking to do him worthy of Estella. “ Henceforth, I was for London and illustriousness — non for Smith ‘s work in general and for you! I made my exulting manner to the old battery, and lying down at that place to see the inquiry whether Miss Havisham intended me for Estella ” ( 138 ) . In this portion of the novel, “ the characters in the novel acknowledge their human family with all the people irrespective of category or fortunes ” ( Glancy ) . The secret plan is successful to demo us that regardless of societal category humanity has a connexion.

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While life in London as a gentleman, Pip tries to maintain distance from Joe and the other common mans. He does return to his place to go to his sister ‘s funeral, but otherwise avoids Joe. As the stoping of the 2nd phase comes nearer, Magwitch, the inmate who met Pip at the fens, returns to Pip ‘s life. With his return, the subject of interrelatedness reappears. Mr. Jaggers so reveals to Shoot that Magwitch is his existent helper. “ I have been informed by a individual named Abel Magwitch that he is the helper so long unknown to me ” ( 311 ) . At first Pip is frightened, particularly from the fact that Magwitch is a condemnable and might be caught. As Pip starts caring for Magwitch and supplying him with shelter and nutrient, Pip develops an unidentified relationship with him. Pip besides receives the information that Compeyson, Magwitch ‘s enemy and one time spouse in offense, was the 1 who left Miss Havisham at the communion table and that Molly, Mr. Jaggers ‘s retainer, and Magwitch are the parents of Estella. “ And the adult male we have in concealing down the river is Estella ‘s male parent ” ( 379 ) . The connexion is one time once more seen through the relationships that have been revealed, whether it is an hard-boiled felon, a weak retainer, a proud girl, or a unpatriotic lover.

The program to acquire Magwitch out of England about gets ruined when Pip is about killed by Orlick. Fortunately, Pip is rescued by his friends. The program eventually tkes topographic point as Pip and Herbert row Magwitch to a ship when Compeyson attacks them in a constabulary boat. The two felons wrestle and Compeyson falls and drowns. Magwitch is badly injured and sentenced to decease. Unfortunately, he dies of his hurts.

After passing some old ages in Egypt, Pip returns place to Joe and Biddy, happening them merrily married with a boy, besides named Pip. After, Pip visits the Satis House and wanders about. He so comes across a figure in the shadows, Estella. They begin a conversation, and Estella tells him that she would frequently believe of him. When it was clip to portion, they agreed to stay friends. Pip put his custodies in hers, and “ saw no shadow of another farewell from her ” ( 451 ) . Even though in the beginning Estella did non desire to be a portion of love, she subsequently realizes that Pip and her were meant to be linked by love. The secret plan is successful in supplying us with keys to understand the subject of human interconnection.

Dickens exhaustively develops his characters in an reliable mode, frequently times utilizing all-around characters. “ My male parent ‘s household name being Pirrip, and my Christian name Philip, my infant lingua could do of both names nil longer or more explicit that Pip. So I called myself Pip, and came to be called Pip ” ( 1 ) . Philip Pirrip, the chief character, is an ordinary orphan populating with his sister and her hubby at the fens. Philip, besides known as Pip, easy relates to the readers because he comes from a hapless place. He has a low self-pride the ground being his opprobrious sister. His brother-in-law is a blacksmith and the supplier for income in the house. Pip ‘s actions make up the chief secret plan of the novel.

In the beginning of the novel, Pip was an low male child who looked up to Joe, but when Miss Havisham and Estella entered his life, they changed him wholly. They teach him to be ashamed of his coarse and common life. “ Why, he is a common labouring-boy! ” ( 54 ) . When he moves to London, he wholly ignores his household back place, desiring to acquire out of his old deadening life and come in a sophisticated one. “ Let me squeal precisely with what feelings I looked frontward to Joe ‘s coming. Not with pleasance, though I was bound to him by so many ties ; no ; with considerable perturbation, some chagrin, and a acute sense of incongruousness ” ( 203 ) . He does non value his one time great influence Joe. Pip starts to alter but non for the better.

After a long clip, Pip eventually starts experiencing compassion for person such as Magwitch. After turning Pip ‘s life upside down, Magwitch starts going closer to Pip, and Pip began recognizing the errors he had made. Pip gives him a topographic point to populate and even decides to assist him acquire out of England. “ And you have, and are bound to hold, that tenderness for the life he has risked on your history, that you must salvage him, if possible, from throwing it off. Then you must acquire him out of England before you stir a finger to untangle yourself ” ( 318 ) . In the terminal of the novel, Pip realizes his immatureness and begins populating a responsible and reasonable life.

Dickens gives the narrative a assortment of characters, and one of the most dynamic characters he creates is Estella. Dickens besides characterizes Estella in a different mode to do her base out. Estella, Miss Havisham ‘s girl, is introduced as haughty and arrogant of her wealth. She serves as a unfavorable judgment against working category. Estella is cold, disbelieving, and manipulative. Although being so disrespectful, Pip still falls in love with Estella. Estella, though, could ne’er show her emotions since her female parent destroyed her ability to interact usually with the universe. She is taught to interrupt Pip ‘s bosom and to ne’er love him. “ Well, you can interrupt his bosom ” ( 54 ) . Through out the novel, Estella ‘s attitude towards Pip remains unchanged and her warnings to Pip non to care for her continue. Estella is used by her female parent to seek retaliation on work forces. “ I saw in this that Estella was set to bring Miss Havisham ‘s retaliation on work forces, and that she was non to be given to me until she had gratified it for a term ” ( 282 ) . Later on, Estella decides to acquire married to Drummle, genuinely demoing that she was ne’er touched by Pip ‘s love. Estella is non seen until the last chapter when she meets Pip at the Satis House. He went to the Satis House merely for her interest because he still loved her. Pip had heard about her opprobrious married life and the decease of her hubby. When he met Estella though, he knew that she had changed and wanted to have his love in her life. Estella had learned to love.

Finally, Dickens gives the narrative Miss Havisham, the most bizarre character of Dickens book. Her character is successful to pull the reader in. Miss Havisham, a affluent old adult female who lives in her sign of the zodiac, is the most unusual and incredible characters in the narrative. She serves to be a wicked enchantress of the narrative. Deeply affected by her sorrowful yesteryear of her fiancAA© go forthing her at the communion table on her nuptials twenty-four hours, Miss Havisham still wears her marrying gown, a head covering, one shoe, and her stockings. “ I saw that the bride within the espousal frock had withered like the frock, and like the flowers, and had no brightness left but the brightness of her deep-set eyes ” ( 53 ) . Pip describes her as a life cadaver whose ghostly presence scared many. Miss Havisham lives with her girl, who she seeks to protect from the sorrow and hurting she had one time suffered, the hurting of lost love. Miss Havisham ne’er taught her girl how to love. She alternatively used her girl to hold retaliation on work forces and interrupt their bosom. “ Sending her out to pull and torture and do mischievousness, Miss Havisham sent her with the malicious confidence that she was beyond the range of all supporters, and that all who staked upon the dramatis personae were secured to lose ” ( 282 ) . She uses her money as a arm of power and trains her girl to win where she had failed.

Unfortunately, Miss Havisham suffers the effects. Estella is non merely unable to love work forces, but besides Miss Havisham. Miss Havisham realizes her large error when she sees Pip ‘s deep love for Estella. “ The spectral figure of Miss Havisham, her manus still covering her bosom, seemed all resolved into a ghastly stare of commiseration and compunction ” ( 339 ) . Since it is excessively late for her to work out the job, the lone thing she can make is take duty for her actions. She asks Pip for forgiveness and leaves some money for Herbert ‘s male parent. “ She turned her face to me for the first clip, dropped on her articulatio genuss at my pess, with her folded weaponries raised to me in the mode in which, when her hapless bosom was immature and fresh and whole, they must frequently hold been raised to Heaven from her female parent ‘s side ” ( 370 ) . She dies shortly, but after making what she could make to do other ‘s life better.

Great Expectations is abundant in symbol. From the many, the two most of import symbols are the Satis House and the mists on the fens. The Satis House represents wealth and royalty. It represents the higher category of the category system In a treatment between Pip and Estella, Estella explains that the word Satis in Latin means adequate. “ It meant, when it was given, that whoever had this house would desire nil else ” ( 51 ) . The house besides symbolizes a prison. It ‘s dark and black, and contains many barricaded Windowss. “ Miss Havisham ‘s house, which was of old brick and dismal, and had a great many Fe bars to it. Some of the Windowss had been walled up ; of those that remained, all the lower were rustily barred ” ( 50 ) . The house non merely symbolizes wealth and prison, but besides Miss Havisham. “ It was broad and I dare state had one time been fine-looking, but every discernable thing in it was covered with dust and cast, and dropping to pieces ” ( 77 ) . The house and it ‘s suites are symbolic of Miss Havisham because, merely like the house, Miss Havisham is drab on the outside and foul in the interior.

Similarly, the mists on the fens symbolizes danger and uncertainness. The mist is seen foremost when Pip brings the inmate some nutrient and a file. “ The mist was heavier yet when I got out upon the fens, so that alternatively of my running at everything, everything seemed to run at me ” ( 14 ) . The mist is besides present when Pip watches the inmate run off, allowing the readers know that something is traveling to go on in the hereafter. “ The last I heard of him, I stopped in the mist to listen, and the file was still traveling ” ( 18 ) . Later in the narrative, when Pip is kidnapped and about murdered by Orlick, Pip once more encounters the mist. “ In a few proceedingss she ( Moon ) had ascended out of that clear field, in among the piled mountains of cloud. There was a melancholic air current, and the fens were really blue ” ( 392 ) . Last, the mist played it ‘s function when he was go forthing town to travel to London after having his luck. “ And the mists had all solemnly risen now, and the universe lay spread before me ” ( 149 ) . The reader might detect that this positive journey in his life has unsafe effects.

After observing the inside informations in secret plan and subject, word picture, and symbols, the reader leaves Great Expectations with great regard for Charles Dickens as a author of fictional literature. Early in the novel, Pip develops outlooks to be worthy of Estella, but when those start to melt away, Pip ‘s outlook is to acquire Magwitch safely out of England. When that is unsuccessful, Pip goes to Joe and Biddy to inquire for forgiveness and receives what he wanted. In the terminal, though, Pip realizes that true love and company are beyond outlooks.

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