How Canterbury Tales Relates To Chaucers Society English Literature Essay

I would wish to get down by stating that I truly enjoyed reading The Canterbury Tales because of the singularity of the narratives and how easy and humourous they were to read. I had no thought that people had any sense of wit during the Middle Ages like Geoffrey Chaucer. It seems to me that he sort of used his position of different types of people and his ain personal sense of wit to hammer his work into a literary work of art. Now, I want to advert a small spot about Geoffrey Chaucer himself and how he set up and reflects himself in his work.

Geoffrey Chaucer was one of the greatest authors of the Middle Ages. As stated in the talk his was considered to be 2nd merely to Dante. He received a batch of inspiration for his work from his clip in Italy. Besides, as we learned from the talk, Chaucer was a “ well-read ” person. In his Hagiographas he shows acquaintance with many great authors such as Dante. The scene of The Canterbury Tales is taken from his place land of England. Chaucer organized the narrative so that each narrative told by assorted characters jointly tells about the pilgrim’s journey to Canterbury. In the talk it states that, “ like Shakespeare, Chaucer adapted non-original stuff and create original works with it. ” I believe the intent of Chaucer making this was to mime an facet of Shakespeare ‘s manner, seeing as Shakespeare was an tremendously successful author himself. Each character in The Canterbury Tales is straight related to types of people that made up Chaucer ‘s society. In the talk it is said that some of these characters were based on existent persons. I believe that Chaucer ‘s model for the narrative was truly interesting in that he represented many different types of Medieval fiction. This could hold been because Chaucer was such a multi-talented individual and wanted to turn out himself to the remainder of society as besides being a multi-purpose author. This is portion of the ground I enjoyed his work so much. The reader can see Chaucer ‘s good story and free spirited personality in the flow of the assorted narrations in The Canterbury Tales. As said in the talk Chaucer set the flow of the narrative up the manner he did to state the narratives for the amusement of his readers and to satirically portray society. It is rather obvious that Chaucer is non taking his work to earnestly, he is holding fun making it and desiring his readers to hold merriment reading it. I believe that is the biggest connexion between Chaucer and his work. I truly like what was said in the talk about the importance of Chaucer ‘s work is that “ it shows life of 14th century England, the diverse characters that make up the society of the age, and a great position of the human experience. ” I could non perchance hold more with that statement.

I would now like to associate the subdivisions of The Canterbury Tales that we have read and discussed to 14th century English society. In the general prologue, the reader is introduced to the overall secret plan of the work. There are pilgrims that come from many of the common professions that people held during the Middle Ages such as ; a Miller, a Wife, a Pardoner, ECT. They are going to Canterbury from London and make up one’s mind to take bends trading narratives to go through the clip. During this clip there were non any wirelesss or cell phones to go through the clip of a trip like there are today. So, the relation of narratives was non merely a manner for people in this society to go through the clip, but besides a signifier of amusement. I think that the pilgrims were besides utilizing the storytelling to go closer since the journey would take a piece. During this clip people would construct relationships by discoursing with each other and playing games, which is what the storytelling was all about since the individual with the best narrative got a meal courtesy of the other pilgrims.

The Miller ‘s narrative had a few mentions to society that I would wish to advert. The whole thing with the immature pupil seeking to acquire with the landlords married woman seems to be something that I have heard go oning a batch during this clip. You would hold the immature miss married to a rich old adult male and a immature adult male seeking to steal her off from her hubby. Besides, the manner the landlord reacts to Nicholas ( the pupil ) stating him that the 2nd inundation is coming. He freaks out and fells in a bath hanging from the ceiling. Peoples in that society seemed to be a batch more superstitious and believe anything that anyone told them about Biblical calamities such as this. I besides think that the promiscuity of the immature married woman is besides common in the society of Chaucer ‘s clip. Even back so there were immature misss get marrieding older work forces for their money merely to be unfaithful and pass all their luck.

The married woman of bath ‘s whole narrative is straight related to 14th century English society in my sentiment. The whole mention to the clip of King Arthur ‘s clip and the quest that the knight has to travel on is something that everyone in that society could associate to. Peoples during Chaucer ‘s clip were ever romanticising and stating narratives about Arthur and his knights and their escapades for both amusement and for things such as learning immature kids about life lessons.

The Pardoner ‘s narrative besides had a twosome of mentions to 14th century English society. The whole portion about learning a moral was truly of import to people ; ethical motives were something that was expected of everyone. When he mentions that “ money is evil ” sort of goes back to what I said earlier about people in this society being fleeceable. They hear that money is evil and they give it up to acquire rid of their immorality. He starts to speak about the male childs who go out in hunt of Death to kill him, but so they all try to rip off each other out of gold and stop up all deceasing. This is what he told the other pilgrims to acquire his point across ( moral ) that money. People merely found things like this of import during this clip period.

That is how I believe that The Canterbury Tales relate to writer, Geoffrey Chaucer and the remainder of 14th century English society.

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